The best self-knowledge books in the UK 2023

Self-awareness is an important concept in personal development today. It has a direct impact on happiness, productivity and the ability to realize oneself as a person. There is no shortage of books on self-knowledge. But be careful not to choose just any old book! For you, we have searched for the best self-awareness books.

Transformer votre vie ! 1

Best value for money

Transformer votre vie !

The best self-awareness book in 2021

This book tells in a very obvious way your difficulties and weaknesses. At the same time, it provides clear, simple, but not simplistic teachings to help you get rid of your limitations.

7,99 £ on Amazon

Take the time to get to know yourself better in order to discover and realize your true path and bring your light to the world. This is what Julie Guerrière Pacifique advocates in her book. The book perfectly reflects the small daily concerns that block us and prevent us from moving forward. The stories are so precise and concrete that it becomes impossible not to identify with them.

The book also includes many exercises that make the reading very entertaining. The reading becomes very fluid and the exercises are easy to assimilate. The author has juggled the words well to make them easy to understand, but at the same time full of depth. This book is conducive to increasing self-esteem, but also in the quest for self. In addition, everyone can adapt the exercises that they find relevant and leave the others behind.

Free yourself from the known 2

Best value for money

Free yourself from the known

The best entry-level self-awareness book

This book by the late Jiddu Krishnamurti contains accessible initiations and philosophy that helps you grow. You may find some answers to your questions.

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The author of this book was an avid researcher and meditator. His interests lay mainly in the psychological revolution. For him, in order for an individual to realize his full potential, he must first go through a revolution in his psyche. Such a revolution cannot be brought about by any external entity, be it religious, political or social. Hence the importance of self-knowledge.

Freeing Yourself from the Known is a book that can help you to free yourself from your "self", to find yourself completely. The author emphasizes that what limits an individual is not what surrounds him, but the individual himself. To do this, he must free himself from his dogma, his conformist thoughts and his illusory shadows. In order to achieve this, the book shows the steps to follow: to know oneself, to overcome fear, to discover silence and plenitude little by little.

Votre chemin de vie : Une méthode pour en découvrir le but 3

Best premium value for money

Votre chemin de vie : Une méthode pour en découvrir le but

The best high-end self-awareness book

This book is amazing! The description reflects well the different types of personalities. In times of questioning, it sheds light on the obstacles of daily life.

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This book should help you achieve self-knowledge. Indeed, Dan Millman explains that everyone can find his or her life path from his or her birth number. Yes, the author relies on an ancient Greek method, which is based on numerology. It is a method that sees in numbers the principles of all things.

Dan Millman asserts that everyone will find the challenges, opportunities, and specific laws, the application of which will lead them to the fulfillment of their destiny, in the numbers. In order for each person to approach the ultimate goal of his or her life with courage and determination, Dan Millman describes with simplicity and ease of understanding the methods he puts forward for an individual to become a "peaceful warrior" as he so aptly puts it.

Tout sur moi 4


Tout sur moi

The best self-awareness book for introspection

In this book, the hero is you! And thanks to its 3,500 questions, as funny as they are indiscreet, you will get to know yourself, where you are and what you aspire to.

6,32 £ on Amazon

Sometimes, habits are a hindrance to forget who you are. Because of routine, we end up forgetting what we want and what we are worth in life. Through this book, the author wants to push the reader to go back to the different stages of his life to help him remember his dreams, his projects and to encourage him to take stock of his life.

The book contains 3,500 questions that will help you look back on your childhood, your favorite restaurants, your children, your nieces and nephews, and your sexuality. Be careful, some of the questions are very, very intrusive. And given some of the topics covered, it will only be suitable for informed adults. We feel it is important to point this out, as the playfulness of the book can be confusing.

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Best self-knowledge book

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The best self-awareness book in 2021

The best entry-level self-awareness book

The best high-end self-awareness book

The best self-awareness book for introspection

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Comparison table of the best self-knowledge books

Transformer votre vie ! 5
Free yourself from the known 6
Votre chemin de vie : Une méthode pour en découvrir le but 7
Tout sur moi 8
Transformer votre vie !
Free yourself from the known
Votre chemin de vie : Une méthode pour en découvrir le but
Tout sur moi
This book tells in a very obvious way your difficulties and weaknesses. At the same time, it provides clear, simple, but not simplistic teachings to help you get rid of your limitations.
This book by the late Jiddu Krishnamurti contains accessible initiations and philosophy that helps you grow. You may find some answers to your questions.
This book is amazing! The description reflects well the different types of personalities. In times of questioning, it sheds light on the obstacles of daily life.
In this book, the hero is you! And thanks to its 3,500 questions, as funny as they are indiscreet, you will get to know yourself, where you are and what you aspire to.
Perfectly reflects the reality of everyday life
Pocket book
The description of the book reflects well the different types of personality
The book has a simple language, it is very well structured
Clear, non-simplistic lessons
Main interest of the book: self-knowledge
The method used is close to numerology
It is a truly introspective book
Accurate, concrete writing
Presence of accessible initiations and philosophy that makes one grow
The interest of the book lies in the accomplishment of each one of his ultimate goal in life
Drilled and zany

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How to choose your self-knowledge book

Choosing a self-knowledge book is more complex than it might seem at first glance. Indeed, it is exactly like choosing an ordinary book: you have to take into account certain factors.

#1 - Your tastes

This is an essential criterion: if you buy a self-knowledge book at random and it doesn't catch your attention, it will be money lost, the book will be of no use to you. So take the time to look for what you like, what usually holds your attention. Do you like slow, detailed stories? Why not look at books that are more philosophical in nature? Do you like adventure stories, more exciting and lively stories? If you're more of a light reader, you'll also find fun self-awareness books on the market. There's something for everyone, so feel free to choose a book that suits you.

#2 - The author's style

Writing style is the voice and tone a writer uses to convey a story or express an idea. Each writer has his or her own writing style based on the way they use words, the type of literary device they prefer, their sentence structure, and their overall approach to the art of writing. Writers spend their entire careers learning to express themselves in their own way, and in the best case scenario, the results can be a classic novel with a writing style unlike anything readers have seen before. Or a finely crafted psychology book.

#3 - The dialogue of the book

For scientifically researched books such as self-awareness books, the dialogue is established between the author and her reader. Through his lines, the author will try by all means to establish a contact between him and his target reader. To this end, good psychology books are filled with clear and constructive dialogues for the readers. Best sellers contain dialogue that demonstrates personalities and adds texture to the readers' story world. Great writers know how to make each character's word choice, syntax, and sentence structure sound completely unique so that the reader feels as if the words are meant for them.

#4 - Well-established research


a reader picks up a psychology book, they want to be guided, advised, and instructed by good research. From the enumeration of problems seen in everyday life to the false solutions sometimes adopted by those concerned, a great technique keeps the reader engaged from the first page. Tips and tricks don't happen by accident: experts often spend countless hours describing, diagramming, and properly establishing the fruits of their research, so they know the page numbers on which certain topics occur before they even start writing. Determining the structure of the expert's research techniques ahead of time can ensure that your book is compelling throughout. Outlining ahead of time can also help you get used to the pace of the advice given, ensuring that the steps don't move too fast or too slow.

#5 - Refine your options


the cover first. It's often said that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but in fact it's a good way to narrow down your search. And even librarians do it, for the record. Go to a bookstore, library or your favorite online store and browse. Do you like the cover of a book? Great, now read the inside flap, what do you think of the description? If you like it, you've found your self-awareness book.

How to take care of your books?

Books are precious, here's how to take care of them when you read:

  1. Read with clean hands.
  2. Keep your book close to you.
  3. Turn the pages carefully so you don't tear them.
  4. Don't color in a line or lines you like.
  5. Use a bookmark (don't fold the pages)!
  6. Carry the book properly (this usually means closed, with both hands).
  7. Do not eat or drink with a book in front of you.
  8. Keep the book out of reach of pets and babies.
  9. Keep your book in your backpack or purse when not reading (don't take it outside, especially in the rain or snow)!
  10. Cover your book to avoid tears.

The book is not everything

Self-knowledge is a long-term process that requires months and months of work on oneself. It is therefore not true that after reading a book on self-knowledge, you will be able to correct your shortcomings.

Self-knowledge book or self-confidence book?

Self-awareness book

The self-awareness book makes you aware of your own mental states, processes and dispositions. Most agree that this involves an ability to understand the representational properties of mental states and their role in shaping behavior.

Most of these books demonstrate why we tend to deny who we are and lose this ability to know ourselves. Thus, to regain this ability, experts write in self-knowledge books the necessary steps that one must take. They also inform how these steps must be taken to bring the necessary results.

Self-confidence book

The self-confidence book is about your attitude towards your skills and abilities. It wants you to understand that you have to accept the stages of your life and that you have a sense of control over your life. Generally speaking, this type of book posits that if you have low self-confidence, it can make you feel full of self-doubt, passive or submissive, or have difficulty trusting others. You may feel inferior, unloved, or susceptible to criticism.

So, tips and tricks to develop this self-confidence will be offered to you in this kind of book. These tips will show you that self-confidence can depend on the situation you are in. For example, you may feel very confident in some areas, such as academics, but lack confidence in others, such as relationships.


Thus, the book of self-knowledge makes you discover who you really are in front of others, according to your reality and not according to the reality of others. It also makes you discover what you can accomplish and what you cannot. On the other hand, the self-confidence book makes you understand that you need a certain attitude to deal with those skills that you will discover with the self-knowledge book.

The two books are complementary, and if we were to give you an advice it would be to read a self-knowledge book first, once you discover yourself, you can easily understand and put into practice the advice given in the self-confidence books. You have to proceed step by step. But of course the choice is entirely yours.


Discover your reading tastes in self-knowledge

Do you like fast-paced therapies or do you prefer to let them take you at your own pace? Are you a fan of self-criticism, self-assessment and self-improvement? Do you want a book that makes you independent and confident or one that makes you too dependent to let go? Your advice, do you want it all prepared with solutions to back it up or do you want it to let you discover for yourself what's right for you?

Find out what kind of person you are


way to narrow down your reading options is to determine which genres sum up your attractions. Most people have a pretty solid understanding of well-known genres. For example, there are people who want advice that solves their problems as quickly as possible. Or people who like to take things step by step. There are also people who like to write in a straightforward way. And along with that, people who like the announcement of things in a soft way also exist, not to mention those who like to get acquainted with the trends of the moment.

Ask around

Please ask

questions to your acquaintances, don't hesitate to ask around about the best self-awareness books of the moment. Also think of consulting specialized sites to have opinions on the books that you will have found and to discover others. This will allow you to refine your research as you go along.

Enjoy your reading


you go to the shelves that talk about self-awareness (if they are audio books), take 10 to 15 minutes to read the summaries or a few lines on the first page. If that doesn't ring a bell then, move on and select something better suited to my reading tastes. Rather enjoy your reading than wear yourself out reading a book that doesn't interest you.


What is the best self-awareness book?

The best self-awareness book depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

What is the purpose of the self-knowledge book?

No one else can know you better than you do, but we seem to be masters of avoidance when it comes to facing the truths about ourselves. We actually exert a good amount of energy in avoiding self-knowledge! Supposedly, this is because if we find ourselves short (in our own estimation), it forces us to do something. But imagine the freedom of really knowing and understanding yourself, imagine how much relief it would give you to be guided in every type of decision or prioritization you will have to make in your life. And therein lies the usefulness of the self-awareness book.

How can you get to know yourself better?

There are simple questions you can ask yourself at different times in your life and in different circumstances. The answers may or may not surprise you, but they will be useful guideposts on your journey to self-knowledge. These questions can be found in entire books, courses, and assessment instruments written and developed to tell us how to gain self-knowledge, and many of them have great value, depending on the type of introspection you are seeking.

What is self-knowledge and why should I care?

Self-awareness is not just about how you see yourself. It is also about being aware of how you encounter others. Only then will you be able to form an accurate and complete picture of who you are. This is something to be concerned about, because it helps you to do self-reflection and self-improvement. Because a self-assessment on yourself will help you to strengthen your self-esteem and to perform in your daily life as well as in your professional life.

How to become more self-aware?

For this question, the answers are not in the books, but in you. But there are aids and practical guides in the books so that you can give the answer to this question. The more you read such books, the more clarity you will get. Series of questions about what you want, what you want to be and what is holding you back in your life will be offered in these books. The purpose of these books is to encourage you to answer the above question for yourself.


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Transformer votre vie !
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Free yourself from the known
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