The best traffic rules books in the UK 2023

In 2020, the pass rate for the Highway Code was 72%; a feat that is the result of both the courses provided by driving schools and the efforts made by candidates. If you too want to pass your exam on the first try, then the best way to do so is to buy a driving test book. Our guide will help you find the perfect book to review and practice.

Code Rousseau de la route B 2020 - Codes Rousseau 1

Best value for money

Code Rousseau de la route B 2020 - Codes Rousseau

The best road code book in 2021

Unanimously, the book Code Rousseau de la route B 2020 is the number one ally of future drivers to prepare properly for the exam and pass with flying colors!

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Enriched with clear and concise content, the Code Rousseau de la route B 2020 book is the reason for the success of most candidates who took the test this year! Meticulously designed by Highway Code professionals, it is open to a wide audience and explains in detail the 10 topics selected for the test. In addition to an index containing key words, the information to remember and the summary of each lesson are framed in color.

In addition, the book is full of diagrams and illustrations that make it even easier to understand and remember the essential points. However, it does not contain any tests or exercises, only the necessary lessons. To have access to it, you will need to purchase the book Test Rousseau de la route B 2020 in addition to this one, or access it with a code via the Exatest website.

Highway Code 2020 - Activ Permis 2

Best value for money

Highway Code 2020 - Activ Permis

The best entry-level road code book

Cheap and affordable, the book Code de la route 2020 - Activ Permis is intended for small budgets. It also offers access to the website so you can test your knowledge.

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Despite its affordable price, the book Code de la route 2020 - Activ Permis is well supplied with learning material, especially since it has been corrected and updated. The 10 topics that will be tested on the day of the exam are explicitly covered in the book. The book also includes tests to evaluate yourself and to simulate the exam in order to be better prepared.

Another advantage, and not the least, is that this book respects the conditions required at all levels. It is therefore aimed at a wide audience, and let's not forget that its real targets are driving schools and driving license candidates. The website, which is accessible through the book, allows you to take a quick test.

Code de la route 2020 - Michelin 3

A great choice

Code de la route 2020 - Michelin

The most relevant road code book

A new, updated and fully illustrated edition to make taking the Highway Code exam a breeze! Safety videos are available via QR codes.

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The new book Code de la route 2020 - Michelin is a mine of information and lessons par excellence! With this manual as a support for the theory courses, it is impossible to fail the exam. It includes, among other things, all the topics of the exam, the list of official signs, new regulations, advice from Macif and safety videos that you can easily consult online via a QR code.

To simplify the lessons, Michelin has decided on a fully illustrated manual, with an easy-to-remember visual and excellent quality. On the other hand, more than 1000 exam questions are available online once you purchase the book. No need to buy another book, this edition is the most complete and relevant of the year!

Highway code 2020 in free candidate - Activ Permis 4

Very good

Highway code 2020 in free candidate - Activ Permis

The best self-study road code book

It's decided, you're taking the road test as a free candidate? The book Code de la route 2020 en candidat libre - Activ Permis is the best way to pass on the first try!

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Don't have enough time to enroll in a driving school? Do you want to save money and succeed on your own? The book Code de la route 2020 en candidat libre - Activ Permis is without a doubt, the baggage you need to take up the challenge! In doing so, you are investing in a manual that guides you from A to Z...

More than 300 pages and an access to the Activ Permis website are available, so that you don't miss anything: completeness of the topics, rules related to road safety, deciphering of the signs, exercises, tests, method and registration steps, etc. It seems that attending courses is not necessarily the only way to be educated and to succeed!

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Highway code book

Any specific needs?

The best road code book in 2021

The best entry-level road code book

The most relevant road code book

The best self-study road code book

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Comparison table of the best traffic rules books

Code Rousseau de la route B 2020 - Codes Rousseau 5
Highway Code 2020 - Activ Permis 6
Code de la route 2020 - Michelin 7
Highway code 2020 in free candidate - Activ Permis 8
Code Rousseau de la route B 2020 - Codes Rousseau
Highway Code 2020 - Activ Permis
Code de la route 2020 - Michelin
Highway code 2020 in free candidate - Activ Permis
Unanimously, the book Code Rousseau de la route B 2020 is the number one ally of future drivers to prepare properly for the exam and pass with flying colors!
Cheap and affordable, the book Code de la route 2020 - Activ Permis is intended for small budgets. It also offers access to the website so you can test your knowledge.
A new, updated and fully illustrated edition to make taking the Highway Code exam a breeze! Safety videos are available via QR codes.
It's decided, you're taking the road test as a free candidate? The book Code de la route 2020 en candidat libre - Activ Permis is the best way to pass on the first try!
Excellent value for money
Not expensive
Updated (new regulations and embedded technologies, new equipment)
Comprehensive enough to be self-sufficient
Relevant content
Explicit content for a wide audience
Self-study and self-assessment for preparation
Suitable for all levels
Self-learning and self-assessment
Complete and relevant
Precise, easy-to-understand text

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Buying guide - Highway code book

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How to choose your Highway code book

It's decided, you're going to buy a book of highway code to compensate for the courses you take at driving school! This is an excellent decision, because in order to succeed, you might as well put yourself in the right conditions and fit into the mould completely. The only drawback is that you can't find the book you need, given the thousands of books on the market. Of course, the theoretical lessons are all the same... Nevertheless, use the advice below to find the rare pearl and benefit from a very well supplied edition.

#1 - Your needs

Although all candidates take the same test, it is important that you know that no two candidates have the same needs. So, to find the traffic code book that meets yours, start by determining them. The first step is to define the type of book you really need. Are you looking for a textbook that only offers lessons and instructions related to topics that may come up on the test? Or are you looking for a book that allows you to learn and practice at the same time, as a support for your lessons? Now that you have a little idea of what kind of traffic school book you need, look for the little extras that you can find in it. A large number of books offer tips for reviewing and memorizing the codes. Other editions allow you to go further by accessing corrected exercises (MCQs for example) as well as online sample exams.

#2 - Your level

The Highway Code exam is open to everyone, so you should know that there are many Highway Code books adapted to each level. Some serve as review and practice manuals, while others get to the heart of the matter with in-depth, provided lessons. To make sure you select the edition that's right for you, look primarily at those that match your learning stage. Are you a beginner, intermediate or professional? Most of the time, the latter two categories register for exams to renew their driver's license or even for a refresher course (updating to new technologies).

#3 - Your availability

There's no point in buying a traffic code book if you don't think you'll have the time to ponder what's in it, or even to leaf through it. In this case, tutoring at a driving school will be more than enough to train you before the test date. However, remember that these group sessions are not necessarily as thorough as you would like... All the more reason to buy a book on the Highway Code! The best thing to do would be to choose it according to the time you have available. A few days before the exam, a manual with corrected exercises and brief reviews will do the trick. This advice is also appropriate for stay-at-home moms, students, and people who are busy with many daily tasks. On the other hand, if you have the chance to read every day, opt for a version containing useful information related to all the topics mentioned in the Highway Code.

#4 - The format of the book

According to

your habits and uses, the format of the book is an important criterion to take into account for ease of portability and handiness. While many copies come in a small format to accompany you in your bag wherever you are, others are large and imposing to be more simplified handling and of course, reading. In addition, digital versions are also invading the market and transforming traditional bookstores into e-books, accessible to everyone at any time and any place. Unless you are a fan of digital books, it is imperative that you choose a driving code book that aligns with your habits and that can accompany you everywhere, especially if you leave your home frequently.

#5 - The content of the book

Habitually, books dedicated to learning the Highway Code are based on the same themes and teachings. However, to be sure to choose the right one, do not hesitate to consult the summary that is normally raised in the product's notice. This should preferably be mentioned:

  • Traffic regulations
  • Driver's responsibilities
  • Penalties
  • The meaning and purpose of all traffic signs

In addition, prefer recent versions, that is, editions published in the last five years, so as to be in line with new regulations. You should also favour manuals that contain illustrations and whose text is not necessarily long in order to save time in your revisions and to speed up the comprehension process.

Book of Highway Code: what is it for?

It is clear that even if it is only a few minutes test, the Highway Code test is not necessarily easy to pass for everyone. Indeed, some candidates feel more apt to take the driving test rather than the theory test since the latter requires a good memorization. In order to make this test easier for both beginners and advanced drivers, many authors specialized in the world of road safety have developed books on the Highway Code.

The purpose of these manuals is to serve as a support for the candidates' learning courses. This is especially true of the summary editions, which contain basic information and lessons to complement the knowledge acquired. On the other hand, many authors have tried to add value, even if it means meeting the expectations of candidates more effectively: advice, tips, practical revision sheets, corrected support exercises, sample tests, DVDs... If you wish to present yourself as a self-taught student or to reinforce the lessons that seemed complicated to you, the Highway Code books are the best choice.

Moreover, in the academic context, driving school instructors can also use them to enrich their courses. In fact, almost all of these books contain the ten main topics required for the driving test.

Paper or digital driving test book?

Book of traffic rules on paper

If you like to read and you haven't yet been hit by the "internet" virus, the paper book of the highway code is for you. It offers an emotion, a feeling and it is always a joy to leaf through it. Currently, publishers of books of highway code do their best to complete their works to the maximum. Some even have internet access codes that allow you to view videos or digitized lessons.

But being a physical object, it has a limited lifespan and is quite expensive. While PDFs and other versions are all the rage on the web, the paper book of the Highway Code is stagnating on the shelves of bookstores. This means that sometimes the information can be outdated.

Digital Highway Code Book

Digital driving code books are the pocket books of the modern age. In fact, all you need is a smartphone to get the training you'll need to pass the exam with flying colors. They are constantly updated and their version evolves according to the web trend.

Just like the paper book, even though there is a regular update, the digital world is evolving at a fast pace. Thus, a digital Highway Code book from 2018 might not be readable with a basic e-reader in 2020. Another disadvantage is that if you lose your mobile device, for example, you will have no archive of your book, unless you have a backup on a computer. But a computer can also fail you.


Are you hesitating between buying a paper and a digital driving test book, especially since the latter is more accessible than the former in terms of price, portability and scope? These alternatives are both practical and effective if your goal is to pass and excel at your driving test. To simplify things, ask yourself what interest and place you have in books.

Why should I buy a book of traffic rules?

To review at any time

The first advantage of having a Highway Code book is that you can access the content of the course anywhere, at any time. It is a kind of mobile learning medium that you can easily access as you wish, in the office, on the subway, at home, etc. For example, you can study at home at any time of the day or night, depending on your availability. At the same time, you are in no way obliged to submit to a specific learning schedule. It offers you the unique privilege of being completely free in your learning process.

To progress at your own pace

Apart from the chance to revise wherever you are, a Highway Code book offers you the opportunity to set up the learning rhythm that best suits your ability to assimilate. In other words, it is one of the best knowledge supports that allow you to follow the code course at your own pace. With this in mind, it is up to you to choose the course or section you wish to learn each day. A series of tests adapted to all levels (beginner, amateur, professional), lessons, practical exercises, is at your disposal. Everything is already in the code. You can then learn them one by one without any time constraint, without any financial concern, etc.

To help you learn the part that seems difficult

There is nothing to stop you from dwelling on the lessons that are difficult for you. The goal is to assimilate them, to understand them, so that they do not become a major obstacle to your success in the theoretical part of the driving test. In short, revising with your Highway Code book means learning its content according to your level and your desires.

To have a small taste of what awaits you at the exams

A Highway Code book has everything you need to guide you in your learning and revision, so that you can progress quickly and in particular to guarantee you success in the theory test on the first try. Having a book helps you to get used to the test so that when the test comes around you know in advance what types of questions you will be asked.

To save money

Preparing for and taking the driving test can be expensive. For this reason, you look for ways to reduce the expenses incurred throughout these various phases. Having a driver's license book allows you to save money during the preparation of the exam. Often, these books come with online courses that you can have for free or download apps on your mobile. This is a great advantage!


No need to spend a fortune

You don't have to buy the most expensive book to pass your exam! Although it is indeed a material that will allow you to pass your driver's license with ease, we advise you to favor the practical side over the budgetary one. Find a textbook that truly fits your needs as well as your level and you will be sure to meet the challenge successfully.

Continue to attend classes


you have previously enrolled in a driving school before buying a traffic code book, it is crucial to continue attending classes rather than just reading and missing out on learning. Remember, these textbooks serve primarily as a support to reinforce what you've learned.



you already have some driving knowledge, don't minimize practice to understand the Highway Code more thoroughly. Without taking risks, a few minutes behind the wheel of an insured vehicle will help you decipher the codes.

Focus on theoretical exercises

Thanks to

a specialized book on the Highway Code, you will be able to access theoretical exercises similar to those you might be given on D-day. Lean imperatively for this kind of edition in order to prepare you at best.

Beware of pressure


pressure, manage your time calmly. Stress being man's worst enemy, avoid at all costs getting caught up and keep in mind the revisions and exercises you've done over the past few weeks. A word of advice: don't look at your book the day before the exam for fear of recording too much information that will end up increasing your stress when the time comes.


What is the best traffic book?

The best driving school book depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Is a Highway Code book essential for success?

The use and reading of a Highway Code book is not a requirement for either candidates or fitters. Rather, it is an added value that will allow you to perfect your knowledge and broaden your skills. There is therefore no harm in having one to increase your chances of success.

How can I train effectively on the codes?

To train effectively on the codes, nothing beats the practical driving exercises and theory exercises available online or in specialized textbooks. When doing the exercises, remember to time them exactly as you would for the test, to make sure you are on time on the day. A word of advice: avoid stressing and take the time to concentrate.

Will the reviewer ask questions related to the content of the book?

Although the content of the books is largely similar, they have been written to meet the specific needs of the candidates. In doing so, they do not cover the topics in the same way and differ mainly in their approach. Their content will not necessarily be covered by the examiner, but it is likely that your reading will relate to one or more of the questions asked.

Do I have to register in a driving school if I have a book of driving rules?

If you were already enrolled before you bought a book, we recommend that you continue to take the course and kill two birds with one stone. If not, you can take the exams as an independent candidate and use the book and lots of practice to pass.


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Code Rousseau de la route B 2020 - Codes Rousseau
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Highway Code 2020 - Activ Permis
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Code de la route 2020 - Michelin
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