The best face care in the UK 2023

A smooth, luminous face with faded signs of aging is what everyone dreams of. And cosmetics manufacturers are going out of their way to meet consumers' demands. They do it well, because now you have the embarrassment of choice of facial care. Natural care or not, home-made recipe... Among this large choice, you will have to find the most adapted facial care. Our little guide.

Cosmedica Skincare HA_2 1

The best facial for Women

Cosmedica Skincare HA_2

The best facial for Women

Cosmedica Skincare has concentrated hyaluronic acid in this serum in high concentration to give your skin a new youthfulness and at the same time, delay the appearance of wrinkles. It has highly moisturizing properties, unifies the complexion and makes it glow with health.

20,72 £ on Amazon

The main ingredient of the Anti-Aging Serum is pure hyaluronic acid. Thanks to this, the serum retains the water of the epidermis up to 1000 times its volume, thus ensuring an intense hydration of the skin. It is plumped up and becomes clearer. The water balance is improved, you will see fine lines and age spots fade away. Recommended for mature skin, Cosmedica Skincar's anti-aging serum is also indicated to fight skin dryness.

The anti-aging serum is hypoallergenic and can be used on all skin types. It is used morning and evening on a perfectly cleaned and toned skin. Apply one to two drops on the face and neckline and proceed with tapping movements to make the product absorb. Optimize the action of the anti-aging serum by completing the treatment with a day or night moisturizer. Cosmedica Skincare's anti-aging serum is a vegan product and does not contain parabens.

Nice picture JOJ 2

The best facial for Men and Women

Nice picture JOJ

The best facial for Men and Women

Jojoba oil is renowned for its many benefits to the skin and hair. Cold-pressed, it retains all its properties to offer you daily skin care. 100% natural, it contains no paraben, no preservatives, no perfume.

7,99 £ on Amazon

Jojoba oil is a dry oil, or more precisely, a liquid wax that acts favorably on oily and acne-prone skin by regulating sebum and clearing pimples. It is also an effective solution to alleviate skin irritations, and preserves it from drying out thanks to the unsaturated fatty acids included in its composition. Finally, it is also attributed nourishing and anti-aging properties.

The action of Jojoba oil on the hair is also beneficial. It softens and revitalizes them. The hair becomes supple, soft, shiny and easy to comb. Damaged or greasy hair will find it the ideal care. To use Jojoba oil for the body or face, simply pour a few drops on your liquid soap; a few drops applied to the hair before shampooing will give it shine and suppleness.

Brickell Men's Products Care Kit 3

The best facial for Men

Brickell Men's Products Care Kit

The best facial kit for Men

We present you this set of skincare products for men. It includes all the products your face needs on a daily basis. Young and old alike can enjoy it. Note that Brickell Men's Products Routine II is suitable for dry, sensitive or normal skin.

67,26 £ on Amazon

The Activated Charcoal Face Wash is rich in vitamins and moisturizing extracts. It gently cleanses the face of all impurities accumulated during the day. The Scrub is used once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and restore moisture to the skin. The Scrub also breaks down hard facial hair, making shaving easier. The Moisturizing Face Cream is applied morning and night to perfectly cleansed skin to protect it from external aggressions.

Each of these products is of natural origin and certified organic. They contain no sulfates, parabens or other chemicals. The active ingredients are Jojoba oil, Aloe vera, olive oil, shea butter, green tea, and activated charcoal. They are scented with a blend of essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass.

OUATE box for children 4

Facials for kids

OUATE box for children

The best facial for kids

Children's skin is radiantly fresh and has an extremely soft texture. To preserve this softness, it must be protected and cared for daily. That's why OUATE has created the Mes Soins à Bisous set.

See price

This is a discovery box, a great gift idea, because it contains the essential products for the daily hygiene of your child's face. You will find a 30 ml moisturizer, My Kissing Potion, as well as a 150 ml facial cleanser, My Gentle Cleanser. In order to initiate children from the age of 4 to skin care gestures, the bottle of My Gentle Cleanser is equipped with a dosing device to obtain in a single gesture the necessary dose to carry out the cleaning. Your child will then be able to learn and imitate grown-ups.

After cleansing the skin with the Gentle Cleanser, apply a dose of My Kissing Potion morning and night. This range of cosmetics dedicated to children from 4 to 11 years old is composed of natural vegan and allergen-free products. They are tested under dermatological control and do not contain any allergens.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best facial care

Any specific needs?

The best facial for Women

The best facial for Men and Women

The best facial kit for Men

The best facial for kids

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Comparison table of the best face care

Excellent Facial for Women Facial for Men and Women Facial Kit for Men KIDS CARE PACKAGE
Cosmedica Skincare HA_2 5
Nice picture JOJ 6
Brickell Men's Products Care Kit 7
OUATE box for children 8
Cosmedica Skincare HA_2
Nice picture JOJ
Brickell Men's Products Care Kit
OUATE box for children
Cosmedica Skincare has concentrated hyaluronic acid in this serum in high concentration to give your skin a new youthfulness and at the same time, delay the appearance of wrinkles. It has highly moisturizing properties, unifies the complexion and makes it glow with health.
Jojoba oil is renowned for its many benefits to the skin and hair. Cold-pressed, it retains all its properties to offer you daily skin care. 100% natural, it contains no paraben, no preservatives, no perfume.
We present you this set of skincare products for men. It includes all the products your face needs on a daily basis. Young and old alike can enjoy it. Note that Brickell Men's Products Routine II is suitable for dry, sensitive or normal skin.
Children's skin is radiantly fresh and has an extremely soft texture. To preserve this softness, it must be protected and cared for daily. That's why OUATE has created the Mes Soins à Bisous set.
Lotion, cream
Skin type
Greasy, Combination, Dry
sensitive, dry and normal
60 ml
100 ml
118 ml and 237 ml,
30 ml, 150 ml
Face and body, hair
purifying charcoal
hyaluronic acid, Non-fat, paraben-free
cleansing, moisturizing,
aqua, propanediol, , glycerides, isopentyldiol, betaine, sodium pca, citric acid,
moisturizing, softening, smoothing
Hydrating, Cleansing
Man, Woman

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Buying guide - facial care

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How to choose your facial care

#1 - The type of skin

Each skin type has its own facial care. Normal, oily, dry or combination skin, each one will have to find a skin care product that is best suited to it. Some skins will need a more thorough care, while others will be satisfied with a regular moisturizing.

#2 - Choose according to age

The skin's needs in care are different according to age. Also, we will not choose the same face cream for a young child and a teenager. In the same way, a 20 year old person will not use an anti-wrinkle face cream.

#3 - The composition

We rarely look at the components of a face cream. And yet, it's from the list of ingredients that you can assess whether the skin care product contains all the vitamins your skin needs. Also, some skincare products that may be very pleasant to the skin are not necessarily environmentally friendly.

#4 - A face care according to your needs

There are standard facials, of course, but your skin may have more specific needs. Sensitive skin, for example, will need a soothing treatment, while if fatigue is reflected directly on your face, you'll benefit from using an anti-fatigue treatment to revive your complexion.

#5 - A care according to the seasons

The skin of the face is the part of the body most exposed to all climatic and seasonal effects. Also, according to the seasons, if you are brought to stay in the open air, protect it against the sunstrokes, but also the cold and windstrokes with the adequate care.

The steps of a facial


The cleanup

It consists of ridding the facial skin of impurities it may have collected during the day, as well as sebum that has accumulated at night. Cleansing is ideally done morning and night with a cleansing milk or foaming cleanser depending on the skin type.

The wash

It is after the makeup removal that we proceed to the washing with a soap preferably special face, especially if you have an oily or acne-prone skin. In this case, black soap is very recommended.

The tonic lotion

After deep cleansing, facial skin may feel tightness or dryness. Apply the right toner for your face to restore its Ph. It can be applied with a cotton ball, or better yet, with a spray bottle.

The moisturizer

The cleansed and cared-for skin is ready to receive the day or night cream, which will moisturize the epidermis and provide all the nutrients necessary for good health. The cream will also act as a screen against external aggressions.

The scrub

The scrub is a treatment that is performed once or twice a week, no more. It helps exfoliate dead skin cells on the face and gives it a smooth, glowing appearance. Thanks to the scrub, the application of moisturizer is easier and it penetrates more deeply.

The mask

The mask is applied systematically after the scrub and closes its beneficial effect. Like the scrub, it is applied once or twice a week and will constitute a moment of relaxation and pleasure for you.

The different types of face care

Protective facial care

In the morning, the face is exposed to various factors that can more or less attack it. The most frequent are the sun, pollution, dust and wind. Skin care creams will have a moisturizing effect or a shielding effect on the skin. To help your skin defend itself against external aggressions, we apply daily or weekly care products, such as day creams for the face, a serum and possibly an eye contour. A night cream is particularly important as it not only protects the skin but also allows it to regenerate during the night.

To complete the protective care of the face, the regular application of a facial scrub completes the daily protective care by eliminating dead cells, thus giving the skin the possibility to reoxygenate.

Cleansing care

Care not to be neglected under any circumstances. During the day, the skin accumulates impurities, dust and perspiration. Even more so if it is made up: it is imperative to clean it deeply in the evening and to give it the necessary care to rebalance and revitalize it. In the morning, on the other hand, you will have to eliminate the traces of sebum accumulated during the night.

This category of care includes cleansing milks and lotions, but also different soaps, cleansing gels or other micellar waters. Products are chosen according to the type of skin and its degree of sensitivity. Complete your cleansing care with a mask to eliminate traces of fatigue, and especially to transform your care sessions into a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

Aging care

Even with a good lifestyle, fine lines and wrinkles appear on the face, and we want to delay them as much as possible. The progress of science has been able to offer us a large number of adapted treatments. Thus, many are the daily care creams to be adapted to each age group, the market is full of different anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams and serums.

To go further, anti-aging facial care goes as far as cosmetic surgery with regular wrinkle-filling injections, Botox injections or even laser wrinkle treatment. Whatever the choice of anti-aging treatment, it is interesting to note that the treatment sessions are moments of relaxation that benefit not only the face, but also the entire body.

Industrial facials or homemade facials

Industrial facials

The industrial facials have been developed and tested for many years in laboratories. The dosage of each component has been carefully calculated for an optimal effect with a minimum of risks. The effectiveness of the product is well proven and perfectly meets the needs of the skin concerned.

However, the multiple laboratory researches have a cost which is reflected in the selling prices. And now that the consumer trend is towards naturalness, the waste and environmental effects of packaging are often decried. But the worst part is that chemicals and fragrances are still part of the facial care composition.

Homemade facials

We are more and more encouraged to consume homemade products, even for face care. We take a real pleasure in composing our own little recipe! But the big advantage of a homemade care is that it is ecological, and by composing it, you can personalize your formula.

Although composed of natural products, the homemade facial has not been tested in a laboratory. It does contain the necessary ingredients for your face, but the allergenic products, for example, have not been extracted. In addition, the dosage of some of the active products is also random.


It is very interesting to use a homemade facial to clean or moisturize a healthy skin. But for anti-wrinkle care or care of sensitive areas, such as around the eyes, it is more interesting to use an industrial care.

The 5 reasons why you should adopt a facial

Keeping your face healthy

Well-cleansed, well-moisturized skin is healthy skin. And this health will also reflect on your general health. Daily cleansing frees your face from pollutants and makeup and allows it to breathe better. A good nourishing cream gives it all the nutrients it needs to glow.

To protect the face against external aggressions

Pollution, UV rays and dust are just a few of the factors your skin is exposed to when you're outside. Many creams, such as sunscreens, are specifically designed for this protection. And some creams are designed for particularly sensitive skin.

To delay the appearance of wrinkles

With age, the skin on the face loses its elasticity. Anti-wrinkle care provides hyaluronic acid and collagen to maintain this elasticity. Antioxidant care is also part of the race and is known to delay the aging of the skin.

For the beauty and comfort of your skin

At one time or another, we have all felt discomfort on our facial skin when it is too cold or when dust settles on our face. A treatment, a cream applied to the face brings freshness and comfort for the whole day. Admit it, with a face that has benefited from adequate daily care, you feel it right away!

For the pleasure!

That's right! Pampering your skin should become a ritual that lasts a few minutes a day, and possibly a good half hour a week. It's an opportunity to give your skin a new lease on life, but also to relax by giving it the care it needs for its health and yours.

The best brands of face care

In our opinion, the best brands of face care in 2022 are :

Brickell Men's Products
Cosmedica Skincare
Yves Rocher

L'Oreal is one of the most popular brands on the market. And it is well worth it, since after 50 years of presence, it now offers facial care products for women and men, for all skin types. L'Oreal was one of the pioneers in developing customized facials for every age group: young skin, mature skin etc.

Appearing in 2014, the brand Brickell Men's Products evolves in the manufacture of skin care products for skin and grooming. Originating from Portland (USA), it is a men's grooming brand with products specifically designed for hair and skin. This brand focuses on healthy cosmetic products made from natural, organic and quality ingredients to take care of the male gender.

Cosmetic brand specifically designed for children, Ouate offers skincare products for children, especially from 4 to 11 years old. Products made from natural ingredients, they include face wash, body and hair wash, sun mist or moisturizing gel. It should be noted that the products of this brand correspond mainly to a range of high-end products.

Cosmedica Skincare is a brand evolving in the manufacturing of cosmetic products intended for skin care. Each product of this brand is based on natural products aimed at optimizing the health of the skin, as far as they are nourishing and moisturizing products. Apart from that, these products are paraben-free and exclusively plant-based, for the health of users and nature.

When the face requires specific care, we very often turn to ROC products sold in pharmacies. The brand proves to be an anti-aging expert and offers a wide range of facial care products, such as anti-wrinkle, plumping or smoothing creams, serums and various lotions.

Nature lovers are turning more and more to the Yves Rocher brand. A specialist in plant-based cosmetics, it extracts the best that plants have to offer for your beauty. It has a whole range of face care products, from makeup remover to day cream, through soaps or lotions.

The brand has two objectives. The first one is to offer you face care products that combine efficiency and naturalness. The second objective is the use of natural products in the total respect of nature. Thus, according to the needs of your skin, Weleda offers entire ranges based on natural ingredients aiming to give your face all the attention it deserves.

The brand with the blue pot is already over 100 years old and not a single wrinkle. After producing essential facial care products, Nivéa launched into the anti-aging battle and we see it running at the head of the pack in the production of anti-aging care products containing Q10, then hyaluronic acid. It can be considered a leader in mature skin care.

What is the price for a facial care

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


A natural tip for an anti-wrinkle mask: green tea

You don't have to break the bank to pamper your face. Mix a green tea bag with two tablespoons of honey and use the mixture to gently massage your face. Green tea, as well as honey both have moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties.

Your face serum, another use

If you know the benefits of a facial serum, here's a tip that will do you a favor. To get an even more even effect from your foundation, dilute it with a drop of serum before applying it to your face.

Face and eye contour, the treatments are different

In a rush, you might be tempted to use the same face and eye care products. And yet, the skin around the eyes is thinner, and requires a completely different kind of care. Also, always start your facial with the eye area.

A good lifestyle

Youthfulness on your face starts with a healthy lifestyle, including a good night's sleep. Similarly, diet plays a big role in facial health. It is therefore recommended to limit fast sugars such as candy, soda or cookies and favor fruits and vegetables, but especially opt for a varied diet.

An infallible anti-dark circle remedy

To perfect the effect of your anti-dark circles product, a small massage on the orbital region is a tip that will produce two results: lymphatic drainage at the level of the eyes and the elimination of the areas of tension responsible for the tired eyes effect.


How to do a facial with lemon?

Rich in Vitamin C, lemons used in their natural state have antioxidant and healing properties. To clear up your acne, cleanse your face at night with lemon juice mixed with a little water. Lemon juice is also effective for cleaning oily skin. Mixed with a few drops of olive oil, lemon juice will be an excellent anti-wrinkle treatment.

When to do a facial?

Face care should be done morning and night by following the steps, i.e. conscientious cleansing before applying any cream. This ritual is the minimum to do for the health of your face. Ideally, you should complete the daily care with a scrub and a mask once or twice a week. These weekly treatments allow the epidermis to be more receptive to the daily treatments.

Why to do a facial in an institute?

Even if you have learned the right gestures and have all the products at home, it is useful to do facials in an institute. First of all, you will be taken in hand by professionals who will know how to pamper you, but who will also give you tips that you could apply at home. You will also have the opportunity to do a new health check-up of your face and eventually, to consider new treatments.

How to do a good facial?

Pollution, dust and impurities accumulated during the day, as well as make-up, must be cleaned with a cleansing milk. It is after all these impurities are removed that you can proceed with washing. Skin cleansing is also recommended to remove excess sebum accumulated at night. Simply use a special facial soap or a cleansing foam to do it thoroughly.


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Cosmedica Skincare HA_2
Nice picture JOJ 10
Nice picture JOJ
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Brickell Men's Products Care Kit
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