46 erotic novels to give for Christmas

Awakening desire and passion, erotic novels reflect vivid and detailed metaphors. Romantic scenes and scenarios that convey pleasure, desire and sensuality through words. With the Christmas season approaching, giving an erotic novel would be an original gift idea. Here is a selection of the 46 best erotic novels to give for Christmas.

Beautiful bastard (Pocket) 1

Beautiful bastard (Pocket)

6,08 £ on Amazon

Beautiful Bastard is an erotic novel about a sensual love duel in the corporate world. A combination of sex, daring and feeling, it also evokes romance and humor in a relationship between an intern and his boss. Two people who hate each other, but who feel for each other a mutual, inexorable and obsessive attraction.

Ugly Love (Paperback) 2

Ugly Love (Paperback)

13,60 £ on Amazon

Nothing but hot sex with the expectation of a story without attachment. Ugly Love tells a story between two people who live a relationship of sexual passion by setting rules with no future. But the couple forgets the details of a heart that cannot control itself when love is stronger than promises. Will they break their rules to live a lasting relationship?

Histoire d'O, followed by Retour à Roissy (Pocket) 3

Histoire d'O, followed by Retour à Roissy (Pocket)

5,92 £ on Amazon

Histoire d'O is an erotic novel written by Pauline Réage, a collection about an independent and sexually free woman who wants to become a slave of her own free will. Including a part of realism, this novel describes a scenario in a sadomasochistic castle where the heroine of the story hopes to live her pleasure in the fact of being submissive despite the intense and violent scenes that will be present.

The virgin next door (Paperback) 4

The virgin next door (Paperback)

14,34 £ on Amazon

A really spicy three-way romance. The Virgin Next Door presents a collection about a girl, a bit of a tomboy, inviting two guys, including a playboy and an ex-con, into her home to ... The two men unsure of what to expect crash in not knowing if they are headed to heaven or hell.

A fleur de chair (Paperback) 5

A fleur de chair (Paperback)

13,60 £ on Amazon

Love, jealousy, sexuality and female emancipation are the themes of this novel. À fleur de chair is an erotic collection of the story of a middle-class couple from Bordeaux where the husband leads a double life to the knowledge of his wife. Discovering an affair of her husband with a submissive, the wife tries to discover the sexual surrender of one and the completeness of the other.

No Tears for You (Pocket) 6

No Tears for You (Pocket)

6 £ on Amazon

A passion that can't be forgotten on a night of love full of sensuality. No Tears for You tells the story of a night of unrequited love when two strangers promise to leave everything behind if they ever meet again. A drunken promise that comes true when they meet again in New York. There, everything changes!

Dark Romance: Beyond the Forbidden (Pocket) 7

Dark Romance: Beyond the Forbidden (Pocket)

6,80 £ on Amazon

New Adult, Dark Romance is a captivating, intense and sexy dark romance. In this collection, she narrates with a good setting the fantasies of a young girl on a Play boy who makes all the girls of her community shiver but who has never given a single glance on her. She detects a darkness in him that troubles her!

Dark Desire: The sequel to Dark Romance (Pocket) 8

Dark Desire: The sequel to Dark Romance (Pocket)

6,80 £ on Amazon

Even more intense than Dark Romance, Penelope Douglas follows up her novel with a perfect balance of emotion and drama, sex and danger, love and hate. Stemming from a fantasy-induced game, the author develops the stalking in "Dark Desire" while evoking the same fascination with danger and secrecy.

Hate to love: a totally addictive New Adult novel (Paperback) 9

Hate to love: a totally addictive New Adult novel (Paperback)

12,72 £ on Amazon

Hate To Love is about a sexy romance in a high school environment where young people allow themselves anything and everything. The story begins with two young people, Misha and Ryen, who write letters to each other in which they confide in each other, tell each other and support each other with the only rule being that they do not want to see each other. But ironically, Misha meets a girl matching Ryen's profile at a party. Is it really her or another one?

Buttons and lace (Paperback) 10

Buttons and lace (Paperback)

13,50 £ on Amazon

To pay her debt, she must submit to the darkest, cruelest and most seductive man she has ever known. A debt that cannot be paid in money or favors. She will have to surrender herself completely, receiving a reward for every action. Will she be able to fulfill her desire and win her freedom?

Bloody Black Pearl (Paperback) 11

Bloody Black Pearl (Paperback)

15,92 £ on Amazon

Sultry scenes and flowery language in a New Adult romantic comedy! Bloody Black Pearl is a novel by Laurence Chevalier that puts Sex, Love and Rock'n Roll in the story. The story begins in a Parisian pub with rock music where Tony, a cashier and bartender, meets Max, an airline pilot with a tidy life.

Bound by Secrecy: A Dark Romance of Suspense (Paperback) 12

Bound by Secrecy: A Dark Romance of Suspense (Paperback)

12 £ on Amazon

"Bound by Secrecy" tells the story of a young woman, "Beth", who inadvertently witnesses a murder that turns her life upside down when she meets the murderer, "Stephen". A dark romance with suspense where to silence Beth, Stephen seduces her using all means to submit to his conditions. Beth, on the other hand, will have to fight at the risk of losing herself in the meanders of her feelings for him.

Unhealthy Agreements (Paperback) 13

Unhealthy Agreements (Paperback)

15,19 £ on Amazon

An extremely dark novel of public sex. Chloe, a young girl ready to do anything to join the best E-Sports team. Ryan, a young pervert who likes to share his conquests with his friends. In this story, Ryan takes advantage of Chloe and her determination to make a deal by forcing her to sleep with all her teammates. Through her desires, Chloe finds herself in abusive, dark and dangerous circumstances.

The virgin and the beast (Paperback) 14

The virgin and the beast (Paperback)

13,50 £ on Amazon

With this novel, the author shows explicit sex scenes with a slightly dark atmosphere. The virgin and the beast reflect a dark romance of the fairy tale "the beauty and the beast". A perfect, wise, independent and strong young woman subjected to a really dark man.

THE CASERNE 91: Resilience (Paperback) 15

THE CASERNE 91: Resilience (Paperback)

15,19 £ on Amazon

Barracks 91: Resilience puts in narrative the rules of hate to love. Cassandra, femme fatale with the body of dream: to sleep only once without never of continuation. William, a fireman, with a physique of Apollo with irresistible charm. They live a bubbling chemistry full of anger with fiery and endless verbal jousts. Under these conditions, will they risk living a reciprocal relationship and break their own principles?

Sold to the highest bidder (Paperback) 16

Sold to the highest bidder (Paperback)

10,98 £ on Amazon

Sold to the highest bidder is an erotic novel about a young woman on vacation in a Mexican paradise hotel who is kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder. Falling under the hands of a mysterious man, as powerful as dangerous, she does everything to escape him. But succumbing under expert hands, she lives a suspenseful life between unavowed desires and hidden feelings. Will she still want to escape?

Hurt me (Paperback) 17

Hurt me (Paperback)

12,65 £ on Amazon

"I want him to do me good by hurting me! Fais-moi mal is an erotic collection telling the story of a woman who lives a love relationship with a man who abstains from what he wants to do to her. But on the other hand, his companion is only waiting for the monster in him to give life to his most illicit fantasies.

Initiation With My Enemy (Paperback) 18

Initiation With My Enemy (Paperback)

11,92 £ on Amazon

As a journalist for a London magazine, Galiane has to write articles about sex to keep her super promotion. Still a virgin, her brother's friend Sedge offers to help her by introducing her to the field. Reluctant to the idea, she is forced to do so in order not to lose her place. Hating Sedge since ever, she will start to burn with desire for him, a situation she did not see coming and which was not foreseen.

Teach me desire (Paperback) 19

Teach me desire (Paperback)

12,72 £ on Amazon

A romantic and spicy story of a man who has just lost his wife. Widowed and single, Jeremy is rebuilding his life in the mountains of Montana to live a quiet life and take control of his life. But one day, a woman wanders into his domain, beautiful and full of love with a zany and desirable side but who has everything to learn and discover. He welcomes her into his home and succumbs to temptation.

Strong Addiction (Paperback) 20

Strong Addiction (Paperback)

13,52 £ on Amazon

When a man suffering from a sex addiction decides to do an experimental therapy with a psychologist: what happens? This is where the story begins, when he surrenders himself to a young psychologist called Jade where the latter will have difficulty controlling herself and resisting this experience.

The Dominant (Paperback) 21

The Dominant (Paperback)

13,52 £ on Amazon

Determined, sure of himself, dominant, irresistible but insolent, Gabriel is a man who has never lost to the women he desires. To possess them for one night and savor each victory. But against Sophia, he'll take on a much tougher challenge and bring him down into a molten heart. The Dominant is a novel by Anna Scott with a book full of spice, testosterone and desire.

Sex Trip - The Complete Series: No Limit (Paperback) 22

Sex Trip - The Complete Series: No Limit (Paperback)

11,92 £ on Amazon

He loves women but hates the forbidden. Jeffrey, 30 years old, is a subject of Her Majesty the Great. He is a businessman who works in the automobile industry. Perverse and very sure of himself with a great success with women, he meets an extremely shy woman who is devoid of any experience. What will he discover?

Becoming Sienna (Paperback) 23

Becoming Sienna (Paperback)

14,40 £ on Amazon

In an adulterous relationship, a man seeking a relationship of power and abandonment, a woman wanting a spicy sex life. A strongly BDSM affair, the two lovers see each other in an endearing relationship while nurturing an unconventional complicity in a corporate environment.

Beautiful Beloved (7) by Christina Lauren (Pocket) 24

Beautiful Beloved (7) by Christina Lauren (Pocket)

3,96 £ on Amazon

This book is the continuation of the series initiated by Beautiful Bastards. Sara and Max, the hottest couple on Wall Street, give birth to a little girl who lights up their lives. Dilemma, should they give up their sensual life? How to reconcile their new life as parents with their lustful inclination? Buddies!

Beautiful Secret (8) by Christina Lauren (Pocket) 25

Beautiful Secret (8) by Christina Lauren (Pocket)

5,56 £ on Amazon

It is also one of the sequels to the beautiful Bastards series by Christina Hobbes and Lauren Billing. This book tells the story of Ruby, a gifted intern in love with the handsome Niall, the number two man in the company. During a joint business trip, this rather secretive and reserved young Briton will discover his desires and fantasies, driven by Ruby's audacity.

Unknown Desires: Volume 1: Captive Desire by Ayleen Night (Paperback) 26

Unknown Desires: Volume 1: Captive Desire by Ayleen Night (Paperback)

6,33 £ on Amazon

This book tells the story of two brothers who make a living by robbing travelers and rich merchants. Never arrested, the two young men see their luck run out when they arrive on the lands of the Duke of Kerrouan, who loves men in a world where sex is punishable by death. To save his brother, Renald bends to the Duke's wishes, bringing forth unknown desires that he fights with all his might.

Feeling Good by Fleur Hana ( Pocket) 27

Feeling Good by Fleur Hana ( Pocket)

6,08 £ on Amazon

At thirty, Sarah Jones is a young feminist who refuses to be reduced to her impulses. Between modernity and freedom, she leads her life as she wishes. But everything changes when Sandro bursts into her life. Between sensuality and a dangerously sexy situation, the woman sees her single life completely turned upside down. This sentimental and modern comedy is the spicy love story of a generation.

After we rise tome 4( Pocket) 28

After we rise tome 4( Pocket)

6,56 £ on Amazon

After we rise by Anna Tod tells the story of the tumultuous relationship between Tessa and Hardin. An incorrigible bad boy with a tortured mind who finds peace in the arms of his beautiful wife. Between arguments and reconciliation through sex, Tessa will fight the hardest battles of her life to save her couple from the failure predicted by her entourage.

Troubled Desires by Stephanie R. Dante (Paperback) 29

Troubled Desires by Stephanie R. Dante (Paperback)

10,39 £ on Amazon

This book tells the story of the romance between Mike, a self-made man busy running his business, and Allisson, a vivacious young woman who has just landed her first job. What started out as a one-night stand turns into a cat-and-mouse game. Indeed, after this night where Allison discovers the unexpected pleasures of BDSM, they can no longer deny their mutual attraction.

The day I was confined with my gay roommate by Aurelie Chateaux-Martin (Paperback) 30

The day I was confined with my gay roommate by Aurelie Chateaux-Martin (Paperback)

11,99 £ on Amazon

In Bordeaux, the lockdown has been going on for a week and a straight man starts to feel a sexual attraction for Denis, his gay roommate. This story is funny, full of humor, tenderness, tolerance, love and very current in these times.

Game of Innocence by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Paperback) 31

Game of Innocence by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Paperback)

11,12 £ on Amazon

This book by Jennifer L. Armentrout, translated by Cécile Tasson, tells the story of Tess, a dancer destined for a promising career who is stunted by an injury. Deciding to move on to plan B, college, she meets Jase, her brother's best friend who inspires her to have increasingly unconfessed fantasies. A very good novel not to be missed.

Attraction by Helen Hardt (Paperback) 32

Attraction by Helen Hardt (Paperback)

10,13 £ on Amazon

Abandoned at the foot of the Altar, Jade Robert goes to lick her wounds at her best friend's ranch in western Colorado. She never expected to fall for her friend's introverted brother, a cowboy traumatized by terrible events in his past. This novel by Helen Hardt translated by Diane Hamilton and Paule Duverger will take you into a world of dark secrets and fiery love.

For a burst of light by Sara Agnes (Paperback) 33

For a burst of light by Sara Agnes (Paperback)

11,06 £ on Amazon

This novel by Sara Agnes tells the story of Mia, a young woman who has been kidnapped and raped. Imprisoned in a room isolated from everything and at the mercy of a masked man, her nightmare alternates punishment and pleasure through unhealthy sexual games. Lost in a whirlwind of sensations, she has no choice but to give in to hope to regain her freedom.

L'Emprise: Erotic romance inspired by real events by Alexandre Contart (Paperback) 34

L'Emprise: Erotic romance inspired by real events by Alexandre Contart (Paperback)

15,60 £ on Amazon

Enter the intimacy of Alexandre Contart through an initiatory journey that mixes luxury and lust. You will travel through the old town of Lille and discover social evenings where champagne flows freely and where relationships of domination and submission are the order of the day. L'emprise is an overwhelming romance where the coming and going of bodies gradually gives way to the coming and going of hearts.

Ace by Lily Hana (Paperback) 35

Ace by Lily Hana (Paperback)

13,20 £ on Amazon

This novel by Lily Hana tells the story of Chrissy who was sold for a bundle of money at just 15 years old by her prostitute mother. Her older brother takes her out of her sad life by offering her to join the world of Hell's Wings. Chrissy dreams of being part of this great family, but she falls off her cloud, because the little prince of Hell's Wings, Asher, keeps reminding her that her place was behind the bar.

Fucking Love, Tome 5 : For Us by Amélie C.Astier (Paperback) 36

Fucking Love, Tome 5 : For Us by Amélie C.Astier (Paperback)

12 £ on Amazon

Enter a romance between two raw X-actors who, after 10 years of conflict, decide to make peace. Now, Zane and Mason are officially a couple and partners in a pornographic label. The two young men will soon discover that life is cruel to those who are given a second chance.

A New World The Unification of Tessa Nauvel (Paperback) 37

A New World The Unification of Tessa Nauvel (Paperback)

17,60 £ on Amazon

This book written by Tessa Nauvel is a novel that wonderfully combines eroticism with science fiction. Aliens have taken over the blue planet while the legitimate natives now live together in a territory that once encompassed several continents, including the USA. After decades, a program is launched to unify the 2 civilizations, a rapprochement that is both necessary and beneficial.

Secret Affair: Leave Her by Lisa Sausy edited by Cherry Publishing (Paperback) 38

Secret Affair: Leave Her by Lisa Sausy edited by Cherry Publishing (Paperback)

15,19 £ on Amazon

In this book, Lisa Sausy describes the life of Penelope Jolival, a young graduate who dreams of conquering the world of Parisian event management. Starting out in a large agency in the capital, she meets Tony, a cold, authoritarian and incredibly sexy boss. As the weeks go by, the young woman feels an irresistible attraction to her boss, an attraction that is all the more problematic since he is a married man.

You. Me. And the Stars of Nelly Weaver (Paperback) 39

You. Me. And the Stars of Nelly Weaver (Paperback)

13,60 £ on Amazon

In this book, Nelly Weaver describes Livie's life as she slowly recovers from a near fatal accident with Ethan and his friends. Planning to rebuild her life with Livie, Ethan soon realizes that his girlfriend's old habits are not yet behind her. This one tries to reconnect with her tormentor, by all means, who is none other than her brother. Can we fight the ties of blood that run through our veins?

Mrs. Queen, Stanford: Lesbian Romance by Kyrian Moore (Paperback) 40

Mrs. Queen, Stanford: Lesbian Romance by Kyrian Moore (Paperback)

13,52 £ on Amazon

Ms. Queen is a brilliant New York lawyer who decides to return to San Francisco to teach law. At the forefront of her students is Danielle Banks, the daughter of the Madam Prosecutor herself. Ambitious, she hopes to earn her master's degree and join her professor's firm. Laudable, but motivated by thoughts other than professional. Indeed, she sets herself as a subsidiary mission to conquer the heart of her professor.

CASERNE 91: REDEMPTION by Flora Stark (Paperback) 41

CASERNE 91: REDEMPTION by Flora Stark (Paperback)

15,19 £ on Amazon

This novel by Flora Stark tells the story of Elizabeth Riley, an outspoken journalist. After a difficult love affair, she has decided to leave men behind. But this was without counting on Lieutenant Mathias Wilson, a member of the elite unit of the 91 barracks. Impossible to resist this tortured and mysterious man with his dreamy plastic and his dark look.

Small Luxuries: Intimate Stories by Simon Frankart (Bound) 42

Small Luxuries: Intimate Stories by Simon Frankart (Bound)

12 £ on Amazon

Simon Frankart has compiled 50 intimate stories from 50 people around the world. This novel opens the way to a new and uncomplicated mode of fantasy and eroticism in order to free the gaze on sexuality. The details as well as the images are of great beauty. To give to your lover or a friend.

Just once to try by Elodie Garnier (Paperback) 43

Just once to try by Elodie Garnier (Paperback)

14,40 £ on Amazon

In this novel, Élodie Garnier describes the encounter between Élodie, a Parisian student who leaves everything behind to find refuge with her grandmother in the center of France, and Sara, a thirty-year-old woman with a well-ordered life who is about to get married. One evening, Élodie confides in her that she wants her, even though she had never felt the slightest desire for a woman.

Venus erotica by Anaïs Nin (Pocket) 44

Venus erotica by Anaïs Nin (Pocket)

6,16 £ on Amazon

Anaïs Nin is an American writer of French-Cuban origin. She owes her fame to the publication of diaries spanning several decades, as well as to this book. Since its publication, this book has not ceased to be among the bestsellers, the critics having welcomed it with enthusiasm thanks in particular to the novelistic talent of its author.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L.James (Paperback) 45

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L.James (Paperback)

13,60 £ on Amazon

Fifty Shades of Grey is "The" essential book of erotic literature. Author E.L. James describes a passionate romance between Anastasia Steele, a student of literature, and Christian Grey, a young and wealthy businessman tormented by his inner demons. Liberating, romantic and addictive, this novel will obsess, possess and scar you.

The Eleven Thousand Yards (Paperback) 46

The Eleven Thousand Yards (Paperback)

4,86 £ on Amazon

In this work, Guillaume Apollinaire, writer, critic and art theorist, tells us about the adventures of Prince Mony who faces the realization of his increasingly immoral desires. He mixes all kinds of practices totally contrary to the morals such as incest, scatophilia, pedophilia, to name only them.


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