The best electric heaters in the UK 2023

Electric heating is essential to guarantee well-being and thermal comfort in a home. Many models with different technologies are available on the market, but which one to choose? Read all you need to know to choose your electric heater in this guide. You can also find a selection of the best products currently available.

Jarpa 49590 1

Best value for money

Jarpa 49590

The best electric heater in 2021

The Jarpa 49590 electric heater is the most popular supplementary heating solution during the cold winter months. It provides excellent thermal insulation ideal for your home.

87,92 £ on Amazon
Cayenne 49682 2

Best value for money

Cayenne 49682

The best electric heater in 2021

The Cayenne 49682 electric heater is very elegant with a discreet design with a very modern aesthetic. This electric heater can be integrated without difficulty in any room of your house.

55,92 £ on Amazon

The Cayenne 49682 electric heater is armed with 1000 W of power. It ensures a fast rise in temperature and diffuses soft heat. This electric heater is equipped with a control panel that makes it very easy to regulate and program for all users. This means that this electric heater is easy to use. But also, it is equipped with an LCD screen for an increased visibility of the data necessary to the daily life.

In addition, the Cayenne 49682 is also equipped with a thermostat that makes it simple to adjust the temperature according to the needs of each room in your home. It is very safe, as it adapts to all consumers. This electric heater is also equipped with a timer to make personalized settings. It is a reliable electric heater. This means you have nothing to worry about when using it.


Best value for money


The best electric heater in 2021

The OPRANIC PRO electric heater takes you into a new era of heating. It has an incredibly elegant design and higher safety standards, ideal for everyone.

279 £ on Amazon

The OPRANIC PRO electric heater is very economical and suitable for use in humid areas, as it is IPX4 certified and therefore highly resistant to moisture. This electric heater is an infrared radiant heater that converts up to 96% of energy directly into heat. This means that it guarantees you technological advantages and the lowest possible energy bill. It has 5 power levels and you can place it indoors or outdoors, as its power can be from 1400 W to 2300 W depending on your needs.

Moreover, you can use it anywhere in the garden, on your terrace, basement or balcony, there is no limit. It is also perfectly suited for commercial use in restaurants, hotels, etc. It has an incredible lifespan, as it can work up to 10,000 hours and with a 2-year warranty. So this electric heater is ideal for continuous use. This OPRANIC PRO electric heater comes with a remote control. It is very light and incredibly versatile, very ideal for any use.

Cayenne 49613 Jarpa 4

A great choice

Cayenne 49613 Jarpa

The best electric heater in 2021

The Cayenne 49613 Jarpa electric heater is the heater that can guarantee optimal comfort and a good room temperature in your home with its outstanding form, capacity and performance.

173 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric heating

Any specific needs?

The best electric heater in 2021

The best electric heater in 2021

The best electric heater in 2021

The best electric heater in 2021

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Comparison table of the best electric heaters

Jarpa 49590 5
Cayenne 49682 6
Cayenne 49613 Jarpa 8
Jarpa 49590
Cayenne 49682
Cayenne 49613 Jarpa
The Jarpa 49590 electric heater is the most popular supplementary heating solution during the cold winter months. It provides excellent thermal insulation ideal for your home.
The Cayenne 49682 electric heater is very elegant with a discreet design with a very modern aesthetic. This electric heater can be integrated without difficulty in any room of your house.
The OPRANIC PRO electric heater takes you into a new era of heating. It has an incredibly elegant design and higher safety standards, ideal for everyone.
The Cayenne 49613 Jarpa electric heater is the heater that can guarantee optimal comfort and a good room temperature in your home with its outstanding form, capacity and performance.
Superb 1000W electric heater
1000 W
From 1400 W to 2300 W
2000 W
both economical and environmentally friendly
Raising quickly and providing gentle heat
With 5 power levels
Powered with single-phase current 230V - 50hz
With a customizable weekly programming mode
Timer included
Can run up to 10000 hours with 2 year warranty
has an LCD screen
9 kg
8 kg
2 kg
9 kg
30 days
1 year
2 years
1 year

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Buying guide - electric heating

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How to choose your electric heating

It is important to choose the right electric heater for your home and the choice is made according to your comfort needs, your budget and your consumption forecasts. Therefore, take into account these few criteria:

#1 - The surface of the dwelling

It is important to have a more precise idea of the volume to be heated to be able to choose your electric heater properly, because an electric heater with the right power and size can guarantee optimal comfort and energy savings on a daily basis. To do this, multiply the floor area by the ceiling height to measure the surface area of the home to be heated. For example, for a standard ceiling height of 2.5 meters, you need an electric heater of about 70 to 100 W per m², provided that the room is well insulated. So for a room of 25 m², an electric heater of 2500 W is perfect. And for a large room, it is advisable to install at least 2 heaters.

#2 - The material of the electric heating

It is also necessary to take into account the material of the electric heater if it is aluminum, steel or cast iron, because each material does not transport heat in the same way. But to save a little bit, it's best to choose an inertia material, as it stores heat and continues to radiate it once the radiator is turned off. Cast iron has this power and offers a very appreciable thermal comfort. Aluminum electric heaters are very fast to heat and are especially less expensive on the market. For the steel heaters, they are especially of an incredible design, discreet and also affordable.

#3 - The cost of the purchase

It is also essential to be attentive to the price at purchase and installation for the choice of electric heating. Because the choice varies from one heater to another. The electric convector and the radiant panel are among the cheapest on the market. And it is possible to install them in any dwelling whether it is new or old.

#4 - The control of the electric heaters

There are several types of control for electric heaters. They have an automatic control, when they are equipped with a programmable thermostat or a heating programmer that controls the radiators in the house and programs their operation according to your needs. But they can be set manually too.

#5 - The electric consumption

The electrical consumption of a heater is also very important. The inertia radiator and the storage radiator are known to be very economical electric heaters. For the inertia radiator, its energy storage capacity allows you to enjoy the heat even when it is turned off. And for the storage heater, the price is higher at the time of purchase, but it offers an appreciable thermal comfort and allows to realize energy savings.

Installing an electric heater
Indeed, it is possible to install an electric heater yourself, but you must meet certain conditions. Radiators and convectors are the easiest to install. But the installation requires a basic knowledge of electricity, electrical safety, and you must also know how to fix the brackets to the wall, because it is you who must make the electrical connection of the heater.
For electric heaters with storage systems, electric floor heating systems or radiant ceilings, the installation will be much more complicated, because it requires an intervention at the board. It is best to leave the task to professionals. This is not really expensive in general, but when it comes to installing many heating systems in a large house, the price can increase depending on the complexity of the work.

The different types of electric heaters

There are several types of electric heaters that spread heat in different ways. For this there are:

Electric radiant panel heating

This type of radiator is also known as radiant radiator which works by combining two actions. The electromagnetic radiation by infrared and conviction. Its electric resistance heats a plate that has a strong radiating power. Hence its name electric radiant panel heater. It can also heat an entire room evenly. But you must be careful not to place an object in front of the radiant panel, because it can disrupt its proper functioning. This type of radiator is not recommended in bathrooms or in a room with many large windows.

Electric storage heating

It is considered the ancestor of the inertia radiator. Its functioning is based on the same principle, which allows to store the heat produced by the electric resistance during the off-peak hours to diffuse them then according to the needs of the household, during the day. Even if its regulation is less precise, it ensures a homogeneous distribution of heat in the home.

Electric inertia heating

It is also called the electric radiator with soft heat, which works thanks to a solid heating body such as cast iron, refractory brick, aluminum or liquid fluid or heat transfer. This heating body retains the heat and releases it into the room to be heated at the appropriate time. This type of electric heater offers a heat that spreads evenly and quickly, ensuring a pleasant and stable temperature in the room for a long time without drying the air. But also, it allows a reliable and optimal regulation that ensures a great comfort.

Electric or gas heating

Electric heating

The advantage of electric heaters is that they are equipped with an adjustable thermostat that operates automatically or manually. Also, the cost of installation and maintenance of these heaters are relatively low. And with these electric heaters, the environmental impact is low if you are subscribed to a clean and local electricity contract. But its disadvantage is that the price per KWh is higher. In addition, they can produce heat that can dry out the air around you. They are also more expensive to purchase.

Gas heating

The first advantage of gas heating is that they are cheaper per KWh. Also, they diffuse heat more comfortably and the diffusion is equal in the dwelling. Gas heaters also help in the acquisition of a condensing boiler. The disadvantage with these heaters is that the initial cost of installation and the cost of maintenance are higher. In addition, the carbon footprint of these heaters is heavy except for gas condensing boilers.


The choice between electric or gas heating will depend on your initial budget, the size of the rooms to be heated, the good insulation of your house and the pre-existing heating installations. But if you have a tight budget, choose gas heating. On the other hand, if you have a large budget, opt for electric heating.

Why buy an electric heater?

It allows you to make savings

Indeed, electricity offers you a better profitability than gas or oil heating, because all the energy consumed is transformed into calories. But also, the efficiency of the modules of an electric heating does not decrease with time. And they have an incredible lifespan which allows you to make energy savings in the long term.

It adapts to all installations

Yes, it adapts easily to all configurations in renovation or construction, in a second home or in a main house. But also, you can without hesitation have them installed as part of an extension or if you wish to heat additional rooms. They have all the necessary qualities to be part of your project.

It is easy to use and install

The installation of an electric heater is done by a team of experienced installers, because with these teams, its location is carefully chosen, and secured. But also, the fixings are solid. The installation of an electric heater saves you a lot of inconvenience.

It meets your specific needs

There is a wide variety of models to meet all your needs. And this is necessary to ensure your comfort while allowing you to save money. They come in different powers, depending on the size of the room, you can choose between several powers, from 800 to 3000 Watts. And in different models, because they are designed to fit easily into any room.

It is adapted to different uses

It is sometimes equipped with wheels, so you can take it anywhere you want. Because an electric heater can be fixed or mobile. It offers you tailored efficiency, no matter where you place it, indoors or outdoors. For commercial or home use, it's an additional source of heat.


Heat to the right temperature

An overheated home is harmful to health because it dries out the air, which causes the skin and mucous membranes to dry out. It is therefore energy consuming. But the ideal temperatures recommended for electric heating are 19° for living rooms and 17° for bedrooms.

Close your blinds and shutters

It can help you reduce heat loss and your electricity bill if in winter you close the blinds or shutters in your room.

Insulate your home

Insulating the house is still the most effective solution to lower your heating bill. It is therefore advisable to do so if you don't want to increase your bill.

Only turn on the heat in the rooms you are in

This is obvious, as there is no point in heating a room that will not be used in the coming hours or days. But it's not a matter of turning off the heat in these rooms for good, but of heating them to a very low temperature of 7° to 10°, for example, having taken care to close their door.

Program your heaters

Most electric heaters on the market are equipped with programmable thermostats. If this is the case for yours, don't hesitate to take advantage of this comfort to automatically increase or decrease your heating temperature depending on the time of day.


What is the best electric heater?

The best electric heater depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

What to do to lower your heating bills?

When it comes to saving energy, small everyday gestures can be useful, such as lowering the overall temperature of your heating by just one degree can save you 7% on your heating bill. Or, respect a maximum of 3 degrees between the different rooms of your home to fluidify the energy consumption.

How to navigate the programmable thermostat? How do I clean my electric heater? Why doesn't the thermostat display anything?

To do this, turn the wheel to the right or to the left to navigate between the different functions located in the menu on the right of the screen.

A little dust can settle over time on the heaters. If necessary therefore, it is advisable to clean them gently with a microfiber cloth. But don't use anything abrasive, as this can damage it.

The thermostat may not display anything if the batteries are out of order. So you can replace them simply by lifting the cover of the case, then changing each battery alternately.


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