The best jackets in the UK 2023

Do you need a warm and comfortable garment to get you through the winter or for your mountain activities? Why not choose a down jacket for men: down jackets have an incomparable insulating capacity, they are also light and comfortable. Down jackets for men are the ideal warm clothing to protect you in all circumstances.

Trespass Blustery Men (XL) 1

Best value for money

Trespass Blustery Men (XL)

The best men's down jacket in 2021

If you're planning to brave the cold this winter, the Blustery Men's Down Jacket is sure to keep you warm on a chilly day. Very stylish and sturdy, it has 100% polyester padding for a great value.

64,77 £ on Amazon

The Trespass Blustery Men's Down Jacket was designed with Coldheat technology: a layer of padding works to store the heat your body naturally loses over time so you stay comfortably warm the entire time you wear the jacket. In addition to its high-performance insulating capability, it also features an adjustable hood that can be removed if necessary with a simple zipper, elasticated handles for a snug fit, and a drawstring hem to help lock in the cold.

It's also perfectly finished: the main zippers are discreet, while the two zippered side pockets offer easy storage and the chest pocket is also perfect for stashing essentials. The Blustery down jacket is also available in black for those who like discreet colors, and in apple green for those who need a lot of visibility. It will be perfect for long winter walks, mountain hikes and city trips.

Columbia Powder Lite 2

Best value for money

Columbia Powder Lite

The best cheap men's down jacket in 2021

This ultra light down jacket is suitable for city and mountain sports: light, very compact, it offers protection against low temperatures thanks to the inclusion of a thermal lining.

51,18 £ on Amazon

Colombia's ultralight down jacket was designed with the Omni-Heat system, an advanced thermo-reflective technology that allows the down jacket to retain body heat without compromising breathability. This makes it ideal for prolonged exposure in cold environments. And it's even better because the outer layer and sealed seams prevent water or liquids from penetrating.

It is made of 100% polyester. It has two side pockets to keep your hands warm and a zippered security pocket to protect your personal items. This down jacket is perfect for mountain activities that require freedom of movement. Plus, it has Omni-Shield water repellent fabric to keep you dry and protected in wet or snowy conditions. Finally, the Powder Lite has a discreet zipper and elasticated handles for maximum protection.

RAB Electron Pro Jacket 3

Best value for money

RAB Electron Pro Jacket

The best high-end men's down jacket in 2021

The RAB Electron Pro Jacket is a mid-weight down jacket that offers a perfect blend of comfort and protection. It is suitable for all activities that will expose you to sub-zero temperatures.

240 £ on Amazon

This technical down jacket has a very lofty goose down padding (800FP) and an array of features: it is perfect for mountain activities in very cold weather. It is nevertheless quite light, and leaves you a great freedom of movement, even if it is quite bulky. Its down is ethically sourced and treated with a Nikwax® hydrophobic finish for better resistance.

The outer fabric is made of Pertex Quantum Pro 20D ripstop nylon with a DWR coating, so the jacket is perfectly waterproof and windproof. Its compartmentalized construction with large and small zones and through seams eliminate cold spots and improve its ability to retain body heat. This down jacket features stretch panel handles, two YKK® zippered hand pockets and a hood.


The alternative


The best alternative

If you're looking for a down jacket with warm, highly compressible down padding, Pantagonia's M's Down Jacket is what you need.

144 £ on Amazon

In true Patagonia fashion, the M's down jacket uses responsibly sourced down and the eco-friendly fabric is made entirely from recycled materials. It is stuffed with 100% down from geese (800-fill) that have never been force-fed or plucked alive. This down jacket offers an excellent insulating capacity, while being perfectly compressible and not bulky.

In addition, the recycled riptop outer fabric is an excellent windbreaker and has a waterproof finish that will protect you from cold, rain and snow. It has two secure front handwarmer pockets with zippers. Comfortable elastic cuffs retain heat so you can enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. Finally, it has a classic, stylish fit, so this comfortable, rugged down jacket will last you for years.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best down jacket

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The best men's down jacket in 2021

The best cheap men's down jacket in 2021

The best high-end men's down jacket in 2021

The best alternative

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Comparison table of the best jackets

Trespass Blustery Men (XL) 5
Columbia Powder Lite 6
RAB Electron Pro Jacket 7
Trespass Blustery Men (XL)
Columbia Powder Lite
RAB Electron Pro Jacket
If you're planning to brave the cold this winter, the Blustery Men's Down Jacket is sure to keep you warm on a chilly day. Very stylish and sturdy, it has 100% polyester padding for a great value.
This ultra light down jacket is suitable for city and mountain sports: light, very compact, it offers protection against low temperatures thanks to the inclusion of a thermal lining.
The RAB Electron Pro Jacket is a mid-weight down jacket that offers a perfect blend of comfort and protection. It is suitable for all activities that will expose you to sub-zero temperatures.
If you're looking for a down jacket with warm, highly compressible down padding, Pantagonia's M's Down Jacket is what you need.
Type of down jacket
Down jacket-pullover
Daily use, hiking, etc.
For sports activities
Mountaineering, mountain activities
For climbing, hiking, and skiing
100% Polyester
100% polyester
100% goose down
100% goose down (which has never been force-fed or live-plucked)
Outer fabric (shell)
Omni-Shield 100% polyester taffeta Lustre DP
20D Pertex Quantum Pro nylon with DRW (Durable Water Repellent) finish)
Ripstop recycled (windproof and waterproof)
Insulation capacity

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How to choose your down jacket

#1 - The padding

For padding, your choices basically come down to down insulation versus synthetic insulation. Some down jackets use a mix of down and synthetic fibers, but the majority of jackets on the market use primarily down or synthetic padding.

  • Down: Down offers unparalleled insulation, this material offers the best warmth to weight ratio of all common materials. This is why it is generally chosen for the warmest (and most expensive) down jackets. The insulating capacity of down is usually expressed in fill power (FP), which is a measure of the down's ability to inflate or trap air. The fill power ranges from 550FP (entry level) to 700FP (mid-range) to 850FP+ (high-end).
  • Synthetic filling: This type of filling is generally made of polyester filaments that recreate the loft of down. The insulating capacity of the synthetic filling will depend on the quantity used, a quantity which will be measured in density. The higher the density, the more the down jacket will protect you. The density generally ranges from 40g/m2 to 80g/m2 (entry-level) to 80g/m2 to 120g/m2 (mid-range) to 850FP+ (high-end).

Be sure to check the brand of the synthetic padding AND the brand of the down jacket

At the time of your purchase, remember to check that the brand you have chosen uses good quality synthetic padding. For example, among the different types of synthetic padding available on the market, the best brands that often come up are Primaloft, Coreloft or Polartec Alpha, etc.

#2 - The outer fabric

Padding is only one part of the down jacket's construction. The choice of fabric is particularly important, as water will impair the insulation performance of the padding. So it's best to choose an outer fabric that is at least water resistant, although waterproof is better.

You usually have a choice between nylon and polyester fabric. Although nylon fabric is lighter, more comfortable and at the same time offers very good water resistance, it snags easily reducing the overall durability of the jacket. A polyester fabric will be stronger and more durable, and if you choose a breakaway or waterproof polyester fabric, it will also offer excellent protection from moisture.

#3 - The features

  • The hood: A hood provides extra warmth while protecting your head from wind and weather. Some down jackets include an adjustable hood, which has a drawstring. But a hood can add extra bulk to your down jacket, which could make it harder to carry.
  • Elastics: Most men's down jackets have elastics at the cuffs and waist to keep cold air out of the jacket and help you stay warm longer.
  • Pockets: Some, but not all, men's down jackets have fleece-lined pockets. This may not seem necessary if you're wearing gloves, but if you're going to be outside for long periods of time, the pockets can make all the difference.
  • The size: Choose a down jacket that fits well (without being too tight), this will keep you warm and longer. For a men's down jacket, the torso should fit snugly without being too tight. Leave enough room to layer clothing underneath. For a flattering fit, the waist of the jacket should be slightly constricted. Armholes should be wide enough so you can move your arms easily.

#4 - The weight

In addition to protecting you from the cold, your down jacket also needs to be lightweight and compressible, this is to make it easier to carry (for travel, especially). So make sure the down jacket you want to buy doesn't have too thick a fabric, awkward zippers, etc.

#5 - The activity

Which down jacket for which activity? This is a crucial question, because not all down jackets have the same construction, not the same sturdiness, not the same capacity to resist humidity (rain or body moisture), they don't even have the same insulating capacity.

This down jacket that you wear to do your shopping in town or to go to school does not have the same properties as the down jacket suitable for mountain climbing or skiing, etc. And vice versa, these down jackets are not the same as the down jackets that you wear to go to school. And vice versa, those sturdy, bulky and durable down jackets that you can wear for everyday life or for walks in the woods may not be suitable for travel, intense physical activities, etc., because they will be very difficult to compress (and therefore to carry), and they will impede your movements.

Washing and care

Here are 8 tips for maintaining the loft and insulation of your down jacket:

  1. Wash frequency: A down jacket is not a normal warm garment, it is a bit fragile, because of the padding. The more you put it in the machine, the more the padding will stretch. Washing once a season is a good rule of thumb, although the frequency of washing will vary depending on the user.
  2. Before washing: Before washing, always fasten the buttons, snaps and close the zippers. Then, before doing anything else, check the manufacturer's instructions (either on the label or on the company's website.) Not all down jackets wash the same way, so take the time to check.
  3. Detergent: It's best to use a special down detergent such as Gear Aid ReviveX, Nikwax or Granger Down Wash, as they are specifically designed to revitalize water resistance and clean without harming the padding.
  4. Removing Stains: For stains, use a little water or mild soap and dab the area with a sponge or cloth. To wash the entire garment, you can hand wash it or use a front-loading machine. Don't use a top-loading machine, their agitators are too harsh and can harm the comforter.
  5. Drying: comforter are generally compatible with drying in a dryer, just use the lowest heat setting. Accompany the comforter with a tennis ball or two to revitalize the fuzz and check every 20-30 minutes to make sure it's not overheating.
  6. Storage: just as you shouldn't store a folded sleeping bag in a storage bag, the same rule applies with a down jacket. This is because the padding is likely to clump inside your down jacket, resulting in uneven insulation and cold spots. Instead, leave the jacket hanging and let it breathe.
  7. Rain: down jackets can be worn in the rain if they have a waterproof outer fabric or if they have a shell. It is best to never expose them directly to prolonged moisture, as this can cause the padding to clump together and lose its warmth. Keep this in mind for wet hikes and body perspiration as well.
  8. Rips: As warm as down jackets are, they are just as delicate. They are not designed to be worn through brush or trees. They're best for overnight around a good campfire where there's less chance of coming into contact with thorny objects. But in case of a tear, there is a specific nylon repair tape that will fix things. A regular strip of tape can also work.

The different types of jackets

Sweater coats

This type of down jacket tends to offer good strength and durability. They are also the most common down jackets on the market. You can wear them day in and day out, for all your activities, whether it's a simple trip around town or a long walk. If you're looking for a down jacket for cold weather hiking, the sweater down jacket is a viable option.

These are the kind of versatile down jackets that many travelers and outdoor enthusiasts find appealing. Performance can vary widely in terms of warmth and technical specifications, but in general, they are perfect for temperatures above freezing.

Ultra-light coats

These days, ultralight down jackets are more popular than ever. What is the purpose of an ultralight down jacket? Basically, if you intend to play any sport while wearing your down jacket, this is the category you need. The best lightweight down jacket for mountaineering and mountain activities is one that compresses and folds up to fit in your backpack until you need it, without taking up space. It's also one that is extremely comfortable and conducive to movement.

This type of down jacket is great if you want to stay warm without being bulky, but they certainly won't be as durable or long-lasting as a midweight down jacket. Ultralight down jackets are made of a material that sacrifices toughness for weight savings. But if you just want the best lightweight down jacket for traveling, an ultralight down jacket might be the way to go.

Mid-weight coats

Midweight down jackets are the warmest down jackets on the market. They offer much more warmth and comfort for extreme cold and activities like high altitude mountaineering. They are made with sometimes twice the amount of down needed for an ultralight down jacket. The result is a much heavier, much warmer jacket.

Because they contain more down, they are also much more puffy. This means that you will notice their presence in your backpack. For this reason, they are only meant to be used when very cold weather demands it. Planning a trip to the Himalayas, the Rockies or the Alps during the cold months? Then this type of down jacket might be the perfect outfit for you: no other will do when temperatures drop below zero and you're up a mountain making a climb. But if you're planning to buy one down jacket to meet all your needs in life, it's not the answer.

down or synthetic padding ?

Down padding

Contrary to popular belief, down is not a feather and has no quills. Down is actually the soft feathers found under the feathers of waterfowl like ducks and geese. It is a light, fluffy mass of natural fibers that provide an extra layer of insulation for the bird it is on. Down is ultra-light, so it has an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio due to its unique three-dimensional shape. The arrangement of the down filaments creates air spaces that trap body heat.

Because it is so light and fluffy, down can be compressed to a fraction of its original size, allowing you to fit a down jacket into any small corner of your bag. Once removed from the bag, it will quickly regain its loft and insulating capacity. You can repeat this cycle of compression and inflation with minimal damage to the down fibers. This means that down has a very long shelf life, provided you take good care of it. However, it tends to be more expensive. In addition, down is very resistant to moisture.

Synthetic padding

Synthetic insulation is designed to mimic the qualities of down, it uses polyester fibers that are woven together to form heat-trapping air pockets similar to those found naturally in down. Synthetic insulation can be mass-produced, which often makes it much less expensive than down.

And unlike down, synthetic fibers are much more resistant to moisture and heat: it won't easily lose its loft and insulating capacity (keeps you warm even when wet). This is a must if you are hiking in areas where rainy conditions are common. The biggest disadvantage of this type of padding, however, is that it still doesn't have the insulating capacity of down.


Ultimately, synthetic or down filling, it will depend on your preferences. If you like comfort and are not afraid of the constraints of maintenance or the price to obtain it, then down comforters will suit you. On the other hand, if you prioritize practicality and economy, it is better to look at synthetic down jackets.

5 good reasons to buy a down jacket

The features of down jackets are so universally appealing that you could use them in almost any situation. Here, we list five reasons to buy a down jacket:

  1. To stay warm, even while traveling. Whether you're traveling by plane, train or car, doing so with a down jacket can make things a little better. Put it on to stay warm in fluctuating conditions. When you don't need it anymore, simply stow it in your carry-on luggage. You'll also have an instant travel pillow. Simply ball it up and enjoy its cloud-like comfort.
  2. To accompany you on your winter runs. The lightweight nature of down and synthetic down jackets allows you to stay warm while shopping without looking too bulky. That's handy when you're running from store to store in winter... If you need to take it off, you can easily store your down jacket in a shopping bag until you need it again. Just make sure you take a lightweight down jacket.
  3. But also for your outdoor adventures. Down jackets, whether they are made of down or synthetic, are an outdoor adventurer's best friend. The warming power of these jackets makes them ideal for staying warm while camping, skiing, etc. And if you choose an ultralight down jacket, it won't weigh you down at all.
  4. How about for going out at night? Anyone who lives in a cold climate can attest to the difficulty of going out with friends in the winter. What do you think would be better? Bulking up with a down jacket or a chilly walk to and from the car? If you like to look stylish for any occasion, there are trendy down jackets on the market.
  5. To get to the gym. Getting to and from the gym in winter isn't easy, you need extra warm clothing. Instead of layering, opt for a down jacket that's easy to put on for travel and store in a gym bag during your workout.

The best brands of jackets

In our opinion, the best brands of jackets in 2022 are :

Geographical Norway

Columbia is an American brand of sports and leisure clothing created in 1938. It enjoys an excellent reputation: its products are still today impregnated with the perfectionism of its creator (Gert Boyle). Columbia men's down jackets are robust, practical and extremely comfortable.

Rab is an English brand created in 1981 by Rab Carrington. It was first known for its sleeping bags for mountain activities, before also dealing with sportswear, backpacks for travel and mountain activities. Its down jackets for them are particularly appreciated for their quality and sturdiness.

Patagonia is an American designer of outdoor clothing and equipment for climbing, surfing, skiing and snowboarding, as well as fly fishing and trail running. The brand designs products that are functional, comfortable, repairable and therefore perfectly durable. The brand tries to create the best possible products without inflicting unnecessary harm on nature and the environment.

JOTT or (Just Over The Top) is a French brand, from Marseille to be precise, created in 2010. It is known for the quality of its down jackets that are as comfortable as they are stylish. The brand offers down jackets for men, but also other types of jackets that will suit all occasions and activities: ultra-light, bombers or windproof.

Geographical Norway is a brand of the French company Artextyl. Since 1995, this brand has been offering men's down jackets with well-designed and very neat designs, sturdy, yet affordable materials.

What is the price for a down jacket

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 70 £
70 £ to 150 £
more than 150 £
Price range diagram


Use a tennis ball or two during machine washing and/or drying

Put your down jacket in the dryer with a tennis ball or two: these balls will pat the jacket so that the padding will not form a ball, it will stay perfectly puffy, and dry evenly. Without this trick, the padding will dry like a big hairball. The problem is that even though the outside of your jacket may look dry, the inside may be damp and bacterial molds may start to grow. Tennis balls will help break up the balls while the dryer will fluff it up.

Rolled socks work too

And if you don't have tennis balls on hand, you can always fluff up your comforter in the dryer using rolled socks instead.

Clean stains with mild products

It's important to get rid of stains, as long as you use the right cleaning products. Stick to mild, bleach-free formulas or use a diluted hand soap mixture for sensitive skin.

Choose a 3-in-1 design

A 3-in-1 down jacket has a built-in middle layer and outer shell that close together or attach via a few tabs. The beauty of this configuration is that it allows you to wear the mid-layer alone, the outer shell alone, or both pieces together, hence the 3 options. The great thing about this type of down jacket is that you'll have a down jacket that's suitable for all occasions: the mid-layer will make a light down jacket for fall and the outer shell will provide a durable or waterproof and breathable cover, ideal for mountain outings.

Accord importance to seams

To ensure better heat distribution, the partitioning of the down jacket is stitched differently. Thus, you have the transverse seam that pierces the down jacket on its different layers of fabric, making it much thinner. You also have down jackets with H-seams like the Michelin man, they are bulkier, but warmer.


Should a down jacket be dry cleaned? Can I sew up my torn down jacket? Will my down jacket lose its warmth over time? Can I re-inflate my down jacket after washing?

Most down jackets are machine washable. You would only need a dry cleaner for the most delicate down jackets, especially those with a silk shell. Just be sure to use the delicate cycle and dry it on a gentle temperature and you'll be fine.

Stitching it up might be a little difficult, but you can repair it with specific products. For example, nylon repair tape, you can also use Mylar or self-adhesive spinnaker cloth. Stick a piece of it on the torn part and you're done.

It's possible. It all depends on the quality of the down jacket and how well you take care of it. If you clean it regularly and properly, a quality down jacket (whether it has down or synthetic padding) can last ten years or more. Just note that synthetic fill is more durable than down fill.

Yes. After washing, the comforter tends to flatten out. To bring it back to its full fluffy look, let the comforter dry completely. Once dry, you can also pat your comforter like you would a pillow to fluff it up. Also, leave it spread out while it dries to allow the stuffing to breathe and dry better. But if you use the tennis ball trick during washing, it will be even better.


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