The best depilatory waxes in the UK 2023

An ally of women who like to have smooth skin, waxing is the most effective solution to annoying hair. Which depilatory wax should I choose? Is a specific product needed for sensitive areas? We tell you everything in this buying guide on the best depilatory waxes.

Dermawax Premium Aloe Vera Wax Beads 1

Editor's Choice

Dermawax Premium Aloe Vera Wax Beads

The best body and face depilatory wax

The particularity of this aloe vera-based depilatory wax lies in its compatibility with all areas of the body: face, underarms, bikini line, legs and back.

15,99 £ on Amazon

Investing in the same depilatory wax that can be used on the entire body and face is an option worth considering. In fact, this package containing 1 kg of wax in pellets contains aloe vera extract, a plant with multiple virtues and which is well known for its dermoprotective, healing and moisturizing functions. Thanks to this ingredient, the depilatory wax is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

What we like about this depilatory wax, besides its benefits on the skin, is the ease of use. It melts at a low temperature, in fact, it should be lukewarm. After checking the temperature, you can directly apply a thin layer on the area to be depilated with any wooden or silicone rod or spatula. After a few seconds, you remove the wax without using strips. Complete your waxing with the oil you have at home: sweet almond, olive, coconut...

Veet Easy-Gel for sensitive skin 2

Best cheapest

Veet Easy-Gel for sensitive skin

The best cheap face depilatory wax

Because cold wax is recommended for the face, wax your downy hair, cheeks and eyebrows with these vitamin E-enriched wax monobands.

7,10 £ on Amazon

Already well known for its hair removal products, the Veet brand offers this cold face wax that seems to make many happy. Each of the 40 strips contained in this box contains a depilatory wax with a gel texture to facilitate adhesion to fine and short hairs. Before each use, after preparing your skin, cut the strip according to the size of the area to be depilated to make the task easier.

Users are unanimous on this point: hair removal with this inexpensive cold wax is painful. This is probably the price to pay for its singular effectiveness and long-lasting results up to 28 days. The brand recommends rubbing the strip lightly before use to warm up the wax and reduce the pain a little. After waxing, soothe your skin with the sweet almond oil enriched wipes that are already included in the purchase.

EpilWax Complete Solo Hair Removal Kit 3

Best high end

EpilWax Complete Solo Hair Removal Kit

The best high-end professional depilatory wax

A true professional tool for home use, this waxing kit includes 4 cartridges of honey wax, a wax heater, strips and post-waxing oil.

21,56 £ on Amazon

All the elements are there for you to have a result worthy of the institutes at home. With this waxing kit, you will have 4 cartridges of hot honey wax to insert into a 30 W electric wax heater. This device comes with a heat-sensitive ring that automatically turns it off once the wax has reached the right temperature. You can also see the level of wax remaining in the cartridges thanks to a skylight provided for this purpose.

The application of this depilatory wax is very easy. Each cartridge has a wide roll-on tip, suitable for legs, bikini line, underarms and back. The kit includes 100 non-woven strips that allow you to easily remove wax and hair within seconds of application. If wax residue remains on your skin or if you feel tingling or even if you just want to take care of your freshly waxed skin, a 250 ml bottle of post-wax oil is also provided.

Veet Oriental Wax 4

Best oriental wax

Veet Oriental Wax

The best oriental wax with essential oils

Enjoy the benefits of oriental wax with this kit signed Veet. A natural solution for hair removal, this wax is suitable for all skin types and is suitable for all areas of the body and face.

12,71 £ on Amazon

If you don't feel like making your own oriental wax, opt for this Veet product that is enriched with essential oils and scented with vanilla. With such a composition, it goes without saying that this depilatory wax can be used on all skin types and on all areas of your body, including the face (but it must be warm). This depilatory wax comes in a 250 ml jar that you can warm up in the microwave before each use.

For the application, nothing could be easier! You use the spatula already included in the package to spread the wax evenly over the area to be waxed. This spatula has a temperature indicator for safe use. In addition to the usual techniques for removing hot wax (with or without strips), the wax will also leave in contact with water, which makes your job much easier. Note that this depilatory wax is effective on hair up to 5 mm in length.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best depilatory wax

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The best body and face depilatory wax

The best cheap face depilatory wax

The best high-end professional depilatory wax

The best oriental wax with essential oils

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Comparison table of the best depilatory waxes

Top Inexpensive Top of the line Oriental wax
Dermawax Premium Aloe Vera Wax Beads 5
Veet Easy-Gel for sensitive skin 6
EpilWax Complete Solo Hair Removal Kit 7
Veet Oriental Wax 8
Dermawax Premium Aloe Vera Wax Beads
Veet Easy-Gel for sensitive skin
EpilWax Complete Solo Hair Removal Kit
Veet Oriental Wax
The particularity of this aloe vera-based depilatory wax lies in its compatibility with all areas of the body: face, underarms, bikini line, legs and back.
Because cold wax is recommended for the face, wax your downy hair, cheeks and eyebrows with these vitamin E-enriched wax monobands.
A true professional tool for home use, this waxing kit includes 4 cartridges of honey wax, a wax heater, strips and post-waxing oil.
Enjoy the benefits of oriental wax with this kit signed Veet. A natural solution for hair removal, this wax is suitable for all skin types and is suitable for all areas of the body and face.
Type of depilatory waxes
Warm/hot wax
Cold wax
Hot wax
Oriental wax
Thin layer (tool not included)
Strips to apply to hair
Thin layer (spatula included)
Body and face
Bikini, legs, arms, back
Body and face
1 kg
40 strips
4 cartridges
250 ml
Post-waxing wipes
Wax heater, strips, post-waxing oil

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Buying guide - depilatory wax

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How to choose your depilatory wax

Depilatory waxes come in different types. To choose the right one, refine your search according to the following criteria.

#1 - The skin

For this first criterion, it is essential to determine the health of your skin. You should already know that it is strongly advised against using the depilatory wax on an area where you have acne. It may cause a wound on your skin, so you will have to go around the pimples.

If you have blood vessel problems, such as varicose veins or other conditions, this should be taken into account when choosing a wax. In fact, you should avoid hot waxing in areas where these problems are visible (such as the legs for those who suffer from varicose veins). On the other hand, stretch marks in no way prevent the use of a depilatory wax.

#2 - The type of wax to be removed

There are three main types of depilatory waxes:

  • Hot wax is more suitable for professional use. This wax is recommended for legs and arms, but nothing prevents you from using it for bikini waxing. Be careful, because if you don't control the temperature, it can cause skin burns.
  • Cold wax is known for its effectiveness against hair in stable areas of the body such as the legs or down. In fact, it is the recommended wax for the face.
  • Oriental wax is a purely natural solution: it consists of lemon juice, water, honey and sugar. In addition to being effective on any length of hair, this depilatory wax also has exfoliating properties.

#3 - The length of the hair

Most depilatory waxes are effective on all hair lengths, this is the case for hot wax and oriental wax, among others, which leave nothing in their wake but perfectly smooth skin. In the specific case of cold waxes, they are more recommended for long hairs. The only short, fine hairs they can effectively treat are on the face.

#4 - The area to be removed

Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others: this is the case for example for the armpits, the lower part of the bikini line and certain areas of the face. For underarms, nothing beats a good hot wax to remove with strips. It is effective on all hair lengths and thicknesses.

For the bikini area, ideally use an oriental wax that can be slightly warmed. A hot wax is also suitable, but be careful with the temperature, especially in the area around your private parts.

For the face, beauticians worthy of the name will recommend cold wax, or even slightly warm. You'll notice its effectiveness on downy hair, eyebrows and cheeks if you have hair there.

#5 - With or without strips

The use of depilatory waxes differs depending on whether they come with or without strips. Traditional hot wax is applied with a spatula to the hair, then removed with waxing strips. Cold waxes, on the other hand, generally come in the form of several strips that are applied directly to the area to be waxed. Of course, these cold wax strips cannot be reused. Oriental waxes are applied in a thin layer on the hair and are removed by hand, without any other tool.

How to prepare your skin before using a wax?

Before waxing, you must prepare your skin. This preliminary step is even more important if you are using a depilatory wax for the first time or if your hair has hardened due to frequent shaving.

Moisturizing before using a wax

If you're not used to using a moisturizing cream or lotion, acquire this ritual in the morning or at night before going to bed, a few days before waxing. This will help cleanse the skin and increase its elasticity. This way, there will be little chance that waxing will harm your skin.


Scrubbing before waxing

Before using a wax, do a light moisturizing scrub to remove dead skin and properly expose pores. For the face and bikini area, we recommend a gentle exfoliator. You can even stick to exfoliating shower gels, which will do the trick. Do the same with the legs, but know that on these so-called "stable" and not very sensitive parts, you can use a scrub with coarse salt or sugar, but without rubbing.

Pain-free waxing: talcum powder!

There's a simple, yet oh-so-effective technique for pain when using a wax. Basically, all you have to do is put a little talcum powder on the area to be waxed just before waxing. This does not erase the pain, but it will be tolerable. As you know, this powder draws in moisture to optimize wax adhesion and facilitate hair extraction.

How to switch from razor to waxing

Hair used to shaving becomes tougher and more robust, which may make waxing more difficult. Wait at least a good 10 days after a shave to use waxing.

The different types of depilatory waxes

Depilatory waxes are differentiated by their temperature and application methods.

Hot depilatory wax

This first type of wax is synonymous with versatility, as it can be used on almost the entire body. Basically, it is a viscous substance that is heated and applied directly to the hair to be removed. Sometimes it comes in grains and pellets that melt at low temperatures. Its heat will open the pores and facilitate the extraction of the hair, thus reducing the risks of having ingrown hairs at the time of the regrowth.

Hot wax is particularly effective on all hair lengths and areas. With this type of wax, hair removal from the legs, even the whole body, can be done quickly. However, care must be taken, as the temperature must be controlled. If the wax is too hot, it may cause burns to the skin. This is why the use of a hot wax is only recommended in a safe setting, such as a beauty salon.

The advantages of hot wax:

  • Quality hair removal: very few hairs are resistant to it.
  • Can cover a large area: the fastest solution for hair removal from legs, arms and back.

Disadvantages of this wax:

  • Not suitable for people with blood vessel or circulation problems.
  • May require the use of a soothing cream after hair removal.

Cold depilatory wax

This second type of depilatory wax is labeled as the home solution to troublesome hair. Because cold wax is not subject to any temperature constraints, it can be used by anyone. Generally, it comes in the form of strips that can be cut up or used as is, depending on the size of the area to be waxed. For your comfort, rub each strip between your hands to slightly cool the wax inside.

Cold wax is recommended for facial waxing: cheeks, downy hair and eyebrows. Of course, you can always apply it to other areas, such as legs or arms. It should be noted, however, that this type of depilatory wax can leave three or four fine hairs on the skin. In this case, you can refine the work with tweezers.

The advantages of cold wax:

  • No risk of burning: can therefore be used at home.
  • Slower regrowth: up to 15 days, but this varies according to individual hair type.
  • Suitable for the face

Disadvantages of this depilatory wax:

  • It sometimes leaves a few fine, short hairs on the skin, especially on mobile areas (bikini line or underarms). A finish with tweezers is necessary in this case.

Oriental depilatory wax

DIY depilatory wax or natural wax? It is the oriental wax! It is used more and more in professional structures as well as in homes. Indeed, it can be prepared at home. All you have to do is to gather and heat water, fresh lemon juice, honey and sugar. When it is warm, you must spread it in a thin layer on the hairs to be removed, wait for the wax to harden slightly and remove it in the opposite direction of the hairs.

This type of depilatory wax is halfway between hot and cold wax, combining their benefits and bypassing their drawbacks. In addition to being suitable for all skin types, Oriental wax hair removal has an exfoliating effect, thus considerably reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.

The advantages of cold wax :

  • Exfoliated and waxed skin.
  • Waxing is not painful.
  • No tools needed, even after waxing, just clean the area with a hot towel.

Disadvantages of this wax:

  • It takes a lot of practice to learn how to use Oriental wax properly. When it is too hot, it does not stick to the hair. On the contrary, when it is too cold, it is difficult to knead.

Depilatory wax or cream?

Whether you use a wax or a cream, your goal is the same: to get rid of the hair that bothers you. However, wax and cream work differently. So, what should you choose?

Depilatory wax

Depilatory wax is a sticky substance that is applied to the hair to remove it down to its roots. Whether the wax is hot, cold, or warm, the same principle is followed in order to benefit from the main advantages of waxing: perfectly smooth skin, long-lasting results (15 days or more), and thinner growth.

To speak of pain-free waxing would be utopian, especially during the first attempts. However, the application of a warm compress and the use of warm or hot wax will be enough to reduce the pain. As the skin becomes accustomed to this technique, the sensation of pain will be reduced.

It should also be noted that the use of a depilatory wax may sometimes require the application of a soothing cream or oil. The simplest solution is to soothe the waxed area with a layer of plain yogurt.

Depilatory cream

The use of a depilatory cream could not be simpler: you spread a generous layer of cream on all the areas to be depilated, you wait a few minutes (3 to 6 minutes depending on the brand), then you remove the cream. The hair will be gone immediately. With this technique, you can take care of all the parts of your body at the same time, there will be no temperature control and the skin is left smooth and hydrated after the operation.

However, there is one note to be made: unlike depilatory wax, where the hair is extracted down to its roots, depilatory cream cuts it off at the epidermis, just like a razor. As a result, regrowth will appear much faster than with waxing. At least the process is exclusively painless!


Pain tolerance, the search for lasting results, ease of use; all these elements differentiate depilatory wax from depilatory cream. It all depends on you, on the criteria that you feel take precedence over the others: if you want to delay hair growth as long as possible, nothing beats depilatory wax. On the other hand, if you're used to shaving and don't want to be in pain, you should choose cream hair removal.

Why buy a good depilatory wax?

Waxing is time consuming, the use of a wax can be painful, so why do millions of women around the world persist on this path? Simply because the short- and long-term results are well worth the small sacrifices.

A very satisfying smooth result

Depilatory waxing leaves the skin perfectly smooth, free of all annoying and unsightly hairs. What's more, a single pass is usually enough to clean an area. However, in case of stubborn hair, you can finish the job with a few strokes of the tweezers. You have to try it to appreciate the clean, smooth skin you get with a good depilatory wax.

Thinner hair growth

Unlike shaving, where hair is cut off at the outer layer of the skin, depilatory wax extracts it down to its roots. Basically, the regrowth will be new, young hair that is thinner and less visible. With a razor, even if you follow certain techniques, the cut hair becomes darker as it matures because you're just cutting it.

A lasting result

Let's remember how depilatory wax works: thanks to its sticky texture, it adheres to the hair. When you remove the wax, the hairs are extracted at the same time, right down to the root. In order for hair to appear again, the hair follicle must start the initial phase again, which leaves you a few weeks (or days, depending on your hairiness) to see hair appear on the surface again.

A technique that respects the skin

Depilatory wax is designed to adapt to your skin type and to the sensitivity of the area to be cleaned. That's why it comes in hot, cold, warm and 100% natural versions. No more razor burns that can cause severe skin dryness! Sure, you may get a few pimples or feel a tingling sensation, but a little plain yogurt will take care of the problem.

Possibilities for pain-free hair removal

Don't be fooled: strictly pain-free waxing is almost impossible, unless you use a local anesthetic. However, you can reduce the pain by opening the pores with a warm compress and spreading talcum powder on the skin before applying the wax.

The best brands of depilatory waxes

In our opinion, the best brands of depilatory waxes in 2022 are :

Bella Donna

Veet is a world-renowned brand in the world of hair removal. It designs and sells creams, strips and depilatory waxes that preserve the epidermis while being particularly effective against hair.

Dermawax designs a wide range of depilatory waxes using specific natural extracts: aloe vera, rose, honey, etc. We appreciate the fact that its waxes are versatile and can be used on all parts of the body.

EpilWax intends to revolutionize the way we wax by designing depilatory waxes, depilatory strips and creams that offer a professional result, but whose use is within the reach of everyone. The brand charges a higher price, but the quality of its depilatory waxes is more than worth it.

Nair is a household name in the world of cosmetics, especially hair removal. Its depilatory waxes stand out for their inexpensive aspects, especially its cold wax strips, which are among the most affordable.

Bella Donna is a brand that touches on everything related to beauty for women. Makeup products, fashion accessories, body and face care, and of course, depilatory waxes that appeal to more than one.

What is the price for a depilatory wax

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

7 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 25 £
more than 25 £
Price range diagram


Remove wax residue from the skin

It is not uncommon for residue to remain on the skin after waxing. To remove the remaining wax easily, use baby oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil or any edible oil. You can also buy post-waxing wipes directly. In fact, most cold waxes come with them.

Use a strip-free wax

Oriental wax, like some types of hot or warm waxes, is used without strips. You just need to apply a layer of wax to the hair and remove it after a few seconds of pause, while the hair adheres well to the wax. Always remember to go against the direction of the hair for best results.

Waxing techniques for legs

To wax your legs, you should first wash them and then exfoliate them with a gentle or coarse scrub, as long as you don't rub them. Rinse your legs well with warm water to open the pores and then dry them. You can apply a little talcum powder on them before applying the wax, it will ease the pain.

Learn how to wax your eyebrows

Cold wax and oriental wax are recommended for waxing eyebrows. If you have cold wax strips, cut them to the desired shape of the eyebrows. Be precise so as not to remove too much. If you use Oriental wax, it will be easier: you just follow the shape of your eyebrows with the strip when you apply the wax.

Attenuate the tingling after waxing

Pull out several hairs to their roots and in one go: it's normal that it tingles a little. To relieve this sensation and the pain you feel after using a wax, apply a soothing (alcohol-free) cream or lotion to the area. If you're waxing at home, plain yogurt will do the trick.


How to wax your bikini line?

Before waxing the bikini area, first prepare your skin: wash and apply a gentle facial scrub. Apply the wax to the hair and pull in a single stroke in the opposite direction of the growth. Whenever possible, use Oriental wax, especially around the lips; the bikini area can be waxed with cold wax strips.

How to clean wax? How to wax with hot wax? How to make your own wax?

After using depilatory wax, residue may remain on the skin. To remove them, use post-waxing wipes or towels, edible oil or cosmetic oil. For sensitive areas of your body, such as the bikini line or face, prefer sweet almond oil, which has soothing and moisturizing properties.

Among the different types of depilatory waxes, hot wax is the one that requires the most caution. Always keep an eye on the temperature of the wax, because if it is too hot, it will cause relatively severe burns. Next, apply the wax directly to the hair, place the waxing strip on it, and pull in the opposite direction of the hair.

You can make oriental wax at home. In a saucepan, mix water, lemon juice, honey and sugar. When you get the consistency of a depilatory wax, remove from heat and let it cool. If you don't want to go to the trouble, you can find ready-made waxes in our comparison.


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