The best covers for MacBook pro 13 inches in the UK 2023

Now there's not a minute that goes by that you don't need your MacBook pro. At home or at work, on the road, in the city or in the country, it has to go everywhere with you. But its screen and components are particularly fragile. So you need protection for your MacBook, so you can take it anywhere safely. Read our guide to choosing the best case for a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

JETech 3731- 1

The best in 2021

JETech 3731-

The best case for macbook pro 13 inch in 2021

Need a sleeve for your MacBook Air computer or your iPad 13,3'', JETech answers your needs, and offers you a light and waterproof sleeve to protect your equipment. With a nice grey color, this case can also be used as a briefcase for transportation during travel.

14,32 £ on Amazon

The JETech 13.3" sleeve is suitable for the optimal protection of a MacBook Air laptop or an iPad of this size. Made of polyurethane and measuring 34.5 x 26.5 x 4 centimeters, it is a thin, light and easy to carry case. It can also fit in a briefcase, suitcase, backpack or satchel. Its resistance results from the design system integrating foam pads inside, so as to fully protect your machine from dust, scratches, shocks and falls.

Thanks to its front pocket, this JETech case can easily accommodate other useful objects at work, such as pens, chargers, cell phones, cables, batteries and external hard drives. Its main advantage is its exterior, which is highly waterproof against splashes. Besides, the cover is easy to clean, so as to preserve its impeccable condition in the long run.

Lacdo B1A91C1 2

The best at low cost

Lacdo B1A91C1

The best case for macbook pro 13 inch cheap

Lacdo has a new offer for optimal protection of your 13" laptop. Lacdo has developed a particularly interesting model for 12.5" to 13" laptops. It is made of a soft, yet waterproof and light material.

13,59 £ on Amazon

Lacdo has chosen a water-repellent canvas material for the manufacturing of the sleeve, and prioritizes quality. This design results in a waterproof sleeve compatible with several brands of laptops (MacBook, Delle, HP or iPad, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo), ensuring total protection during transport. Benefiting from an antistatic system, this case is made of soft and supple anti-splash interior fabric, equipped in addition with an anti-shock material in the middle. This allows the case to absorb any shocks and impacts to avoid any external aggressions.

The water-repellent case integrates additional pockets to optimize the storage of accessories and other items, including cell phones, various cables, tablets, memory cards, external hard drive, pens, mouse ... Better yet, it can easily fit into a backpack or suitcase when traveling. Elegant and resistant at the same time, this sleeve represents a stylish accessory guaranteeing the safety of a laptop. Lacdo has particularly thought about the optimal protection against scratches and shocks at the same time.

Woolnut WNUT-MBP13-S-102-BK 3

The best at high end

Woolnut WNUT-MBP13-S-102-BK

The best case for macbook pro 13 inch high end

Woolnut, the brand from Sweden, takes care of your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 13 inch laptops. Its new leather and wool sleeve has been designed specifically for these models to offer optimal protection for your precious equipment.

83,90 £ on Amazon

Woolnut's leather and wool cover is dedicated to MacBook Pro 13 with Thunderbolt 3, or MacBook Air 13 with Retina Display. The basic materials have the advantage of being both durable and resistant. Even better, they can be cleaned, although cleaning requires some specific methods. Indeed, it is a full grain leather from Scandinavia, as well as a natural German wool felt. Over time, the leather develops a beautiful patina to bring even more elegance to the cover.

Woolnut dedicates a collection of high-end leather protection to Apple devices. The brand also focuses on quality by combining vegetable-tanned leather and natural wool felt. The cover has a luxurious yet discreet touch, and the modern design is also timeless, so it will last for a long time. Its main advantage lies in its optimal functionality, allowing it to charge your laptop without removing the sleeve.

Native Union STOW-MBS-GRY-FB-13 4

Magnetic closure

Native Union STOW-MBS-GRY-FB-13

MacBook Premium Case with Magnetic Closure

Want to have an elegant and refined sleeve at the same time, Native Union thought of you! The Stow Slim Premium is for those who want the best protection for their 13" MacBook Pro laptop.

55,99 £ on Amazon

Native Union has created the MacBook Premium case for the discerning. The brand focuses on high quality manufacturing, resulting in a case designed to mimic the techniques of leather goods and the Stow technique. This accessory embodies a refined design that reflects an elaborate and minimalist concept, specific to the mobile style. On the other hand, incorporating a magnetic closure, this cover is easily accessible while providing optimal protection.

Native Union has adopted a highly durable composite material for the design of the MacBook Premium Retina case. In addition, it has protection from all angles, thanks to a padded interior. In addition, a coated canvas finish is built in for even more protection. The external pocket that the case is equipped with allows it to accommodate other useful items for work. Cables, cell phones, accessories, chargers and pens can all be stored in this accessible and practical compartment.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cover for MacBook pro 13 inch

Any specific needs?

The best case for macbook pro 13 inch in 2021

The best case for macbook pro 13 inch cheap

The best case for macbook pro 13 inch high end

MacBook Premium Case with Magnetic Closure

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Comparison table of the best covers for MacBook pro 13 inches

Editor's Choice Inexpensive top of the line Excellent
JETech 3731- 5
Lacdo B1A91C1 6
Woolnut WNUT-MBP13-S-102-BK 7
Native Union STOW-MBS-GRY-FB-13 8
JETech 3731-
Lacdo B1A91C1
Woolnut WNUT-MBP13-S-102-BK
Native Union STOW-MBS-GRY-FB-13
Need a sleeve for your MacBook Air computer or your iPad 13,3'', JETech answers your needs, and offers you a light and waterproof sleeve to protect your equipment. With a nice grey color, this case can also be used as a briefcase for transportation during travel.
Lacdo has a new offer for optimal protection of your 13" laptop. Lacdo has developed a particularly interesting model for 12.5" to 13" laptops. It is made of a soft, yet waterproof and light material.
Woolnut, the brand from Sweden, takes care of your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 13 inch laptops. Its new leather and wool sleeve has been designed specifically for these models to offer optimal protection for your precious equipment.
Want to have an elegant and refined sleeve at the same time, Native Union thought of you! The Stow Slim Premium is for those who want the best protection for their 13" MacBook Pro laptop.
Wool, Leather
Laptops/tablets up to 13.3 inches, including MacBook Pro 13" thin 2012-2015 and MacBook Air, Surface Pro 12.3" 3/4/5/6, Surface Laptop 2017/2018, MacBook Pro 13" 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 (A1706/A1708/A1989/A2159), MacBook Air 13" 2018/2019/2020(A1932/A2179)
MacBook Pro M1 A2338 A2251 A2289 A2159 A1989 A1706, 13" New MacBook Air M1 A2337 A2179 A1932, 12.9" New iPad Pro 2021-2018
MacBook Pro 13 (with Thunderbolt 3) MacBook Air 13 (with retina display)
Macbook Air 13" 2021,MacBook Pro 13" (2016-2019) and MacBook Air 13" (Retina)
Other storage
Front pocket
Extra Two front pockets
Special feature
Waterproof, Lightweight
Waterproof, Lightweight

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Buying guide - cover for MacBook pro 13 inch

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How to choose your cover for MacBook pro 13 inch

#1 - Your business

If you need to move around a lot during the day or if you need to carry other equipment for your activities, then you might as well opt for a multi-storage bag. All your equipment will be stored in the same bag, within easy reach. If, on the other hand, you're more of a sedentary person, and everything you need is in your MacBook pro, then a case or sleeve will be more than enough.

#2 - Check the internal dimensions

If you've opted for a case or sleeve, make sure that the internal dimensions of the case match those of your MacBook. Don't hesitate to take it out to try it on different models. But the best way to make sure you don't get it wrong is to choose the cases that are designed specifically for your 13-inch MacBook pro.

#3 - Determine the level of protection you want

Some cases are particularly reinforced and have anti-projection protections, others don't. In case your 13-inch MacBook pro is often exposed to bumps, scratches or splashes, it's best to choose an effective protection. If, on the other hand, you need a cover for portability, a soft, foldable sleeve will do the trick.

#4 - The design

A very important criterion in your choice of cover, but also very difficult. With the many models available on the market, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the cover that suits you. You will find the classic and functional models, but colors, patterns and themes are also part of the game. You can even have your cover customized. So, take your time before making your choice.

#5 - The price

Actually, covers for MacBook pro 13 inch are offered in a wide range of prices. Whatever your budget, you will surely find one that will suit you. Of course, dedicated MacBook cases will carry a higher price tag, as they are made of high quality materials.

What is a MacBook Pro?


Laptop computer from Apple, MacBook Pro is a powerful and versatile model aimed at functional equipment freaks.

MacBook Pro, a single operating system

Apple sets itself apart from other manufacturers by having its own Mac OS Big Sur operating system. This aspect allows the brand's laptops to form a world of their own, more stable and more intuitive. In addition to this, regarding particularly the MacBook Pro, it is quality equipment enjoying an impeccable finish.

With its refined industrial design and aluminum finishes, MacBook Pro is positioned in the high-end category among the MacBook family.

Unique features

For your information, a MacBook Pro also benefits from the availability of several sizes, including, among others, the version in 13 or 16 inches. In terms of screen, this type of Apple laptop embeds a Retina display of great precision, with 2560 x 1600 pixels for the 13'', and 2880 x 1800 pixels for the 16''.

Other than that, MacBook Pro features an Apple M1 processor, 8GB or 16GB of RAM depending on the model, as well as 512GB or 1TB of SSD storage.

Accessible features

MacBook Pro is a model designed to optimize the use of laptops by all categories of people. In this case, it is also aimed at people with disabilities. This is because it has accessibility features that compensate for all kinds of impairments, whether visual, hearing, mobility or learning. Also, every user can use it to make and create various virtual objects or simply to play.

The different types of covers for MacBook pro 13 inches

Hard case

The hard case or shell is made especially for the 13-inch MacBook pro, so it fits perfectly and covers it completely to protect it from scratches and scuffs. The hard case can be made of neoprene, a strong material such as neoprene or polycarbonate. The best hard cases are lined with leather, giving your MacBook a distinguished design.

The hard case also protects your MacBook from various shocks and moisture. But it is also natural that the hard case or the shell of your MacBook becomes a fashion accessory to highlight it, but also to emphasize your style. You'll find many models in all colors and patterns, others are customizable with your company's image or your own.

With multiple storage compartments

You're a particularly mobile person and you have a whole arsenal of tools - including your 13-inch MacBook pro - to take with you. In that case, the multi-storage bag is the best solution.

Available as a backpack, briefcase or satchel, the bag always has a reinforced, soft-touch compartment designed specifically to hold a laptop or your MacBook pro up to 15 inches. In the front, you will have a double pocket to store your various accessories, while your documents can be placed in the large compartment.

In a word, everything you need for your working day will find its place in this case and will be protected from dust, and especially from projections and humidity. Very easy to carry, whether on foot, in the car or on two wheels.

The case for MacBook pro 13 inch

You're a minimalist, but you want to give your 13-inch MacBook pro the best protection: the case allows you to move around with it while protecting it from dust and possible shocks. The exterior of the case is waterproof and flexible. The inside has a soft lining to protect the screen from scratches.

In addition to the 13-inch MacBook pro, the case can also hold at least its essential accessories, such as the cable, mouse or charger. The case has the advantage of being light and flexible, which makes it easy to carry. Flexible and foldable, the case is easy to store and takes up little space.

MacBook case or MacBook shell

MacBook case

The MacBook sleeve is an accessory that provides optimal protection for Apple laptops. As a rule, it is a plastic or nylon sleeve, the size of which is adjusted to that of the equipment. A sleeve is used, among other things, to provide a barrier against dust and moisture for the MacBook laptop. In addition, it is used to prevent impacts from shocks and falls, and this by opting for quality materials.

The price of a MacBook sleeve is often higher than that of another brand. In case of unknown brand, the protection is often not up to expectations, regarding waterproofness or resistance level.

MacBook case

Opting for a MacBook case provides optimal protection for your equipment. The design of a MacBook case is very modern, elegant and refined. Using a case allows you to charge your equipment without taking it out. A case is more convenient to effectively protect the device from possible splashes and spills of liquids. It is also easier to connect the equipment to its accessories (keyboard, mouse). Finally, it is a very easy to clean accessory.

This type of protection is often more bulky. Besides that, it is prone to impact marks, given the hard material it is made of.


In short, the choice between a case and a shell for a MacBook is easier since a shell is suitable for occasional use, while a case is suitable for long-term use in all circumstances (travel, transport, office).

5 good reasons to buy a 13-inch Macbook pro cover

  1. The protection
    A laptop is thin and fragile, and the data it contains is precious. And you have to take it everywhere, in any weather. So protecting your work tool from shocks, splashes and moisture with all your data is paramount.
  2. Extend the life of your MacBook
    Well protected in its sleeve, the MacBook's shell is safe from scratches and marks, which keeps it clean and like new for a long time. The life of your computer will be extended. This is especially true when some cases often don't need to be removed when using the laptop.
  3. Portability
    A protective sleeve allows you to carry your MacBook anywhere easily and safely. Wrapped in a protective sleeve, it can be carried around without you having to protect it with your hands. Armed with handles or a shoulder strap, the case makes it even easier to carry your MacBook around and leaves your hands free.
  4. The Fun
    Let's face it, a MacBook Pro case is now more than just a protective cover. For those who like to look good, the cover will become a real fashion accessory, a way to highlight your personality! You can choose several of them to match the colors according to your mood or circumstances.
  5. Functionality
    If you opt for a backpack or a bag with extra storage, your 13" MacBook Pro case will be a real workspace for all the equipment you need to accomplish your daily tasks.

The best brands of covers for MacBook pro 13 inches

In our opinion, the best brands of covers for MacBook pro 13 inches in 2022 are :

Amazon Basics
Native Union

Lacdo is an innovative brand in the design of laptop sleeves and cases. It favors the combination of technology and fashion while paying attention to the design. When it comes to protecting digital equipment, it prioritizes quality, functionality and elegance. Its products are equipped with cutting-edge technology to give it a leading title in cross-border e-commerce.

JETech is a brand from the international company JETech Global Corp. It specializes in the manufacture of mobile accessories, to name a few cases and covers for computer devices. Its products are compatible with many famous brands, including Apple and Samsung. In addition to covers, it also manufactures screen protectors, cables and adapters.

Amazon Basics is a private label range of the distributor Amazon. The brand was born in 2009, with simple and inexpensive products, but with a wide range, including electronic items, batteries, or even cables. The selling principle of this brand lies in the profitability, as for the price for the consumers.

Woolnut is a brand that appeared in 2012, and specializes in the creation and production of covers and cases specifically for Apple products. The brand focuses on originality, authenticity and elegance, while ensuring functionality and style. Most of the raw materials are sourced from Germany to ensure the highest quality. Woolnut folios are as waterproof as they are minimalist.

Brand that emerged from the partnership of Igor Duc and John Brunner, Native Union appeared in 2009. Their creation justifies their passion for quality products, and good design. The brand specializes in the design of functional, modern and stylish technological accessories. Refinement is also a principle governing the items produced by Native Union.

What is the price for a cover for MacBook pro 13 inch

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 90 £
more than 90 £
Price range diagram


Cleaning your MacBook

Before cleaning, always turn off your computer. If you use your MacBook every day, it is recommended to clean it once a month. Start by cleaning the screen with a cleaning kit. The keyboard can be cleaned with a toothbrush or a cotton swab. Dust the shell with a dry microfiber cloth; then wipe with a slightly damp cloth to finish the cleaning.

Choosing the size of the case for your MacBook

To make sure your MacBook fits in the case, always choose a case with dimensions slightly larger than the size of your computer. Avoid the size being too small, but you don't want it to float around in its compartment either.

Providing extra storage

You're not just carrying your computer, but possibly its accessories, or even your phone. It would be wise to choose a case where you could place them as well.

How to replace the outer shell of your MacBook Pro?

The outer shell of a computer and the one that protects its vital parts. When you take it off, even for a few moments, you expose your computer to any danger. So, if for various reasons you have to remove the shell of your MacBook, call a professional who already has the necessary skills for this operation.

How to choose between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

For professional use where you will have to do intense graphic tasks, the MacBook Pro is the most appropriate. If your budget is limited, or if you're looking for the lightest thing, then turn to the MacBook Air.


How do I know if it's a 13-inch screen?

Once in a store where many screens are spread out on the shelves, it is difficult to know the exact size of the screen. So, to be sure of the 13-inch screen size, simply measure the equipment diagonally, starting from a lower corner of the screen to an upper corner. Once the exact measurement is obtained, it remains to convert the measurement in centimeters to inches, in that 1 inch is equivalent to 2.54 cm, so a 13-inch screen measures 33.02 cm diagonally.

What are the different laptop sizes?

Laptops come in several sizes to optimize their use according to the needs.
A 10" laptop is suitable for a woman to fit into her purse without weighing too much.
An 11" laptop is for a businessman who is often on the road. It allows the consultation of social networks, or light files given their low-power hardware.
Basic tasks can be done on a 12'' or 13'' laptop, whether in an office or on a trip.
A 14'' or 15'' laptop is intended for work on the move or in a fixed location. It allows to edit photos, to watch videos, to play games or to read emails.
A 16'' or 17'' laptop allows you to do office work, play video games or read emails.

How do I know if it's a real MacBook?

The verification of a branded equipment in general represents a real pain. Indeed, the authenticity of a piece of equipment guarantees its performance, hence the importance of making sure. To be sure you are buying a real MacBook, it is important to identify the serial number, which should be on the surface of the product, via a barcode. Otherwise, when opening the MacBook, simply go to About This Mac in the Apple menu.

How do I know what year my MacBook Pro is?

In Mac equipment in general, and in the MacBook Pro in particular, model identification rhymes with the year of production. Regulatory markings appear with the serial number printed on the bottom of the hardware, along with the barcode. This data can be entered into the Apple website to find out the year of manufacture.
For this purpose, the tool provided by the manufacturer can be found in the About this Mac section, from the Apple menu, located at the top left corner of the screen.
Alternatively, it is also possible to find out the year of the MacBook Pro by using the System Information application, then the section Find out how to use these tools.


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JETech 3731- 9
JETech 3731-
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Lacdo B1A91C1
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Woolnut WNUT-MBP13-S-102-BK
Native Union STOW-MBS-GRY-FB-13 12
Native Union STOW-MBS-GRY-FB-13


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