The best cocktail glasses in the UK 2023

Most bars and restaurants in the country are closed or have limited capacity, so why not brighten up your parties or evenings by investing in some appropriate cocktail glasses? You and your guests can enjoy your margarita, daiquiri or blue lagoon as if you were at your favorite bar. Read our guide to find the best cocktail glass selections right now.

Krosno Grande Pina Colada Cocktail 1

Best value for money

Krosno Grande Pina Colada Cocktail

The best cocktail glasses in 2021

Serve your Pina Colada with this European made crystal glass. This 6-piece set will enhance every cocktail you make.

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Opt for this set of 6 glasses made with clear crystalline glass, ideal to see and appreciate the texture of the pina colada before you even taste it. These models are guaranteed against tarnishing and cracking. Used mainly for serving cocktails, they will also work well for serving fruit juices.

These tulip glasses by Krosno have a capacity of 300 ml and a height of 19 cm. The slender shape on a short stem will enhance the color, flavor and aroma of the drinks served. These glasses are dishwasher safe.

Set of 6 Hurricane cocktail glasses 480 ml Sendez 2

Best low cost

Set of 6 Hurricane cocktail glasses 480 ml Sendez

The best entry-level cocktail glasses

Choose hurricane glasses to enhance the presentation of your cocktails. This set of 6 glasses signed Sendez will allow you to fully appreciate the beautiful exotic colors of your favorite cocktails.

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The hurricane glass evokes summer and the tropical atmosphere under the shade of palm trees. If you want to experience this kind of atmosphere with each of your cocktails, enjoy them with these glasses signed Sendez. This set of 6 pieces includes long drink glasses of about 480 ml. With a height of 19.5 cm, they have a transparent color and are placed on a short foot.

Mai tai, Touch Down, Sex on the beach, Tequila Sunrise, you will fully appreciate these types of cocktails with this set of glasses. To fully enjoy your tasting, garnish your drink with exotic fruits and a cocktail umbrella for a better effect.

Martini and Cocktail Krosno glasses 3

Best high end

Martini and Cocktail Krosno glasses

The best high-end cocktail glasses

Bring a touch of glamour to your cocktails with this Martini glass by Krosno. This set of 6 transparent glasses is part of the Elite collection.

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Krosno Martini glasses are known for their sturdiness, resistance and elegance. With a cut edge, this model has a sober, fine and delicate design that will allow you to use it for both special occasions and everyday use. Martini glasses are perfect for serving a martini, margarita, mojito or vodka mint, depending on your taste.

This model of glass has a capacity of 150 ml for a height of 16.7 cm. For cleaning, no worries, it resists perfectly to the passage in the dishwasher.

Mojito glasses Sables&Reflets 4


Mojito glasses Sables&Reflets

The best mojito glasses

With this set of 6 glasses signed Sable & Reflets, you can serve or enjoy your mojitos or your pina coladas.

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Choose this set of 6 mojito glasses with a capacity of 32 cl. You will have a set of glasses suitable for all types of cocktails. These are professional quality glasses that are highly appreciated by a large number of bartenders. They are perfectly compatible with the dishwasher.

With these Gin colored cocktail glasses, the designers and engineers of Sables & Reflets have created modern, functional and original items. Through its creations, this company promotes family spirit, conviviality, and lively parties.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cocktail glasses

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The best cocktail glasses in 2021

The best entry-level cocktail glasses

The best high-end cocktail glasses

The best mojito glasses

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Comparison table of the best cocktail glasses

Krosno Grande Pina Colada Cocktail 5
Set of 6 Hurricane cocktail glasses 480 ml Sendez 6
Martini and Cocktail Krosno glasses 7
Mojito glasses Sables&Reflets 8
Krosno Grande Pina Colada Cocktail
Set of 6 Hurricane cocktail glasses 480 ml Sendez
Martini and Cocktail Krosno glasses
Mojito glasses Sables&Reflets
Serve your Pina Colada with this European made crystal glass. This 6-piece set will enhance every cocktail you make.
Choose hurricane glasses to enhance the presentation of your cocktails. This set of 6 glasses signed Sendez will allow you to fully appreciate the beautiful exotic colors of your favorite cocktails.
Bring a touch of glamour to your cocktails with this Martini glass by Krosno. This set of 6 transparent glasses is part of the Elite collection.
With this set of 6 glasses signed Sable & Reflets, you can serve or enjoy your mojitos or your pina coladas.
Capacity 300 ml
480 ml capacity
150 ml capacity
32 cl capacity
European manufacturing
EU manufacturing
Sleek and elegant design
Professional quality glasses
Dishwasher and microwave safe
Long drink glasses
Dishwasher safe
Dishwasher safe

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Buying guide - cocktail glasses

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How to choose your cocktail glasses

The glass is not only used to contain the cocktail, it must also enhance it. Choosing the right glass is not a trivial task. Here are the parameters to take into account when choosing the right glass for you:

#1 - the type of cocktail

This first criterion is the most important. Indeed, there are as many cocktail glasses as there are cocktails themselves. Each cocktail must be served in the corresponding glass, especially if you have to serve a clientele. For a more private use, you can allow yourself a few liberties, but this may diminish the magic of the thing. So, if you are entertaining and want to be authentic, to serve non-alcoholic spirits, use a highball especially for this purpose. For mojito or martini cocktails, go for an old-fashioned. But if you're just with family or close friends and don't want to mess around, shot glasses, tumblers or highballs will do just fine.

#2 - quality and strength

The strength and sturdiness of the glass are among the most important criteria when choosing one. Indeed, it is a fragile object used in circumstances where one can lack lucidity.On the market, you have some for all tastes. Crystal models are the most common, followed closely by plastic glasses. You'll also find some very nice ones made of wood, copper, or stainless steel.

#3 - ergonomics

Ergonomics are key to the grip of the glass. The design features also make it suitable for use. For example, a martini glass often requires a stem to warm the alcohol without using your hands. On the other hand, a rounded shape is designed primarily to concentrate the aromas. This type of glass is used for cocktails with strong alcohol.

#4 - appearance

Aside from

its function as a container, the cocktail glass also plays a role of stimulant through its aesthetics. Indeed, it is customary to say that one eats first with the eyes. For example, if you serve a cocktail in an old fashioned glass, you expect a strong and vintage mixture, while a collins means a refreshing drink. It should be noted that most professionals agree that colored glasses are not recommended.

#5 - capacity

You should always keep in mind that each category of alcohol has its own specific glass. It is customary to serve strong cocktails in a small-capacity glass and weaker ones in a larger glass. It goes without saying that the cocktail remains the same, regardless of the type of glass. However, the difference is in the taste experience.

Do I need a cocktail glass to enjoy a cocktail?

The addition of tequila+lemon+salt inevitably results in a margarita, as well as other cocktail recipes. It is legitimate to wonder about the necessity to use such kind of glass to drink such kind of drink. However, it is important to know that these glasses are the result of several centuries of research aimed at giving us a better experience when sipping a mojito or a cosmopolitan.

Cocktails enjoyed at the right temperature give a better feeling. Moreover, these glasses are designed to stimulate our imagination and project us in a pleasant and intoxicating atmosphere. In short, if we want to fully appreciate our daiquiri, our blue lagoon or our homemade cocktails, let's not hesitate to taste them with the glass that is intended for them. If you have never done it, try it once, you will feel a big difference from the first sip.

The different types of cocktail glasses

For each category of cocktail, there is a specific glass. To help you distinguish between each model, we present the 3 most common types of cocktail glasses.


The highball is a long and thin glass with a capacity of 240 to 350 ml. It is also called collins or Tumbler. The history of this glass goes back to the end of the 19th century in England with the invention of Soda. At that time when alcohol was drunk dry, a customer ordered a mixture of scotch and soda from a popular bartender

. This mixture spawned a line of cocktails that became very popular in the United States, but especially in Japan.

Since then, the name highball has come to describe the straight glasses used to serve long cocktails such as soda-flavored vodka. We can also mention tequila with grapefruit juice, without forgetting the mojitos. The Sables&Reflets Mojito glasses fall into this category.

Martini glass


martini glass is one of the most popular models. Much appreciated for its glamour, it is a stemmed glass whose primary purpose is to keep the drink safe from the heat generated by the hands. Indeed, to enjoy a martini, you must necessarily take the glass by the foot, because the body heat tends to affect the flavor.

Also called a coupe glass or simply a cocktail glass

, it is recommended for serving a short drink, frappé or frozen. It is particularly used to sip the martini, the metropolitan, the blue lagoon or the daiquiri. Martini and Cocktail Krosno glasses are part of the category.

Margarita glass


margarita glass takes its name from the Mexican cocktail of the same name. With a capacity of 24 cl, it is distinguished in particular by the large upper surface of the edges. This allows you to inhale the bright and tangy flavors of lime and tequila. Its rims are also used to frost the salt, a key ingredient of this recipe that originated in 1948 in Acapulco.

The margarita glass is mainly used to serve the cocktail of the same name and its variations, or Jack cactus. During the elaboration of the drink, be careful not to pour salt or anything else into the glass, you will risk strongly altering the flavor.

Cocktail glass or balloon glass?

Cocktail glass

The cocktail glass is designed to drink cocktails depending on the composition of the cocktail. There are models adapted to long drinks and others used to sip mixtures composed of strong alcohols. Cocktail glasses are exclusively reserved for the tasting of this type of drink, unlike the balloon glass which is versatile.

Balloon glass

The balloon glass is mainly used for wine, as its rounded shape is perfect for enjoying the fragrance. This type of glass is also suitable for serving cocktails or beer. There are models with short stems specially designed for serving cognac. This type of glass appeals because of its versatility. However, it is not suitable for serving cocktails whose flavour may be affected by body heat, such as martinis.


It all depends on the type of drink you want to serve or serve yourself. If you want to enjoy the full flavor of a martini or daiquiri, a cocktail glass would be more suitable. If you want to have versatile glasses, choose the balloon glass. If you want to have an exceptional taste experience with every drink you consume, it would be best to have both types of glass.


Be careful during icing

You don't want your frosting to get inside the glass. When you frost it is to hold the glass at a right angle to the salt or sugar and gently tap the edge of the glass on the topping. Then turn the glass slightly and repeat the process. These actions will help maintain the taste of the drink.

For an unstirred martini

Be aware

that shaking a martini in a shaker can damage the mixture. In fact, this process makes it cloudy, you get a frothy texture more suitable for some cocktails like the Piña Colada. Instead, use a cocktail spoon to lower the temperature of your elixir without changing the texture. This way, you will create a perfectly clear and smooth Martini.

Use dry ice


the recipe of frozen cocktails, it is necessary to use dry ice. If it is wet, it means that it is too hot and it will melt completely before the drink has cooled down.

For a tiered cocktail party


make a layered cocktail, pour the sweetest, most alcoholic liquid into the bottom of the glass. Before pouring, let your ingredients sit so they become denser: they will be easier to layer! Use a pouring spout, going very slowly, and pour the liquid over the back of a cocktail spoon to allow the liquid to be gently distributed in the glass.

Get several types of cocktail glasses

It's a

good idea to have several categories of glass. This will serve you well if you're entertaining or in good company. And even if you are drinking alone, you will vary the pleasures by changing the glass according to the drink.


What is the best cocktail glass?

The best cocktail glass depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

What are the best brands of cocktail glasses?

The best brands of cocktail glasses are Leonardo, Durobor, Riedel and Krosno.

Where to buy a reliable cocktail glass?

Go to a store that specializes in bar equipment. But if you want to have access to a wider choice without having to go from store to store, prefer online stores like Amazon or Cdiscount.

How much does a cocktail glass cost?

The price of a cocktail glass varies from 10 to 50 euros.

Are there unbreakable cocktail glasses?

Yes, there are plastic, wood, copper and stainless steel glasses.


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Krosno Grande Pina Colada Cocktail
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Set of 6 Hurricane cocktail glasses 480 ml Sendez
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Martini and Cocktail Krosno glasses
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