The best make-up remover oils in the UK 2023

Are you looking for a gentle and effective product to cleanse your face and remove your makeup? Makeup remover oil is the ideal solution that not only cleanses all traces but also helps to achieve a better effigy. Don't hesitate, find the best makeup remover oil that will excel your beauty routine with our buying guide.

Huile Démaquillante Bio Avril 1

Editor's Choice

Huile Démaquillante Bio Avril

Best makeup remover oil of the year

We have selected for you the best make-up remover oil of the year, produced by a reference brand in terms of cosmetics and well-being: Avril make-up remover oil to serve you.

8,47 £ on Amazon
Marilou Bio 2

Best value

Marilou Bio

Best entry-level makeup remover oil

Effective and affordable, Marilou oil cleans, nourishes and soothes thanks to sweet almond and vitamin E. This product will certainly satisfy you through its ethics advocating the well-being of the person and the preservation of the planet.

6,88 £ on Amazon

Certified organic by the Ecocert label, Marilou Bio makeup remover oil puts the virtues of nature to work for your skin. Indeed, its rich formula based on organic sweet almond oil, sesame and a dose of Vitamin E causes nourishing and soothing effects on the skin of your face. This oil make-up remover can undoubtedly be part of your daily care products without risk of skin aggression.

This makeup remover oil will allow you to effectively clean the eye, lip and face areas. Moreover, it is versatile because this oil make-up remover is particularly suitable for the dry skins but also for those which have the little mixed. Regain the radiance of your face after rinsing!

Veld's Clean 3

Best premium

Veld's Clean

Best high-end makeup remover oil

Veld's Clean Makeup Remover Oil thoroughly cleanses makeup from all skin types. Extremely rich in vitamin C, it creates a sensation of freshness and provides a total rebalancing of the skin.

102 £ on Amazon

Marula is the main active ingredient in this top-of-the-line makeup remover oil, giving it a very high vitamin C content. The combination with rooibos is a promise of undeniable effectiveness: this is how Veld's Clean makeup remover oil brings total balance to your facial skin.

Veld's Clean is distinguished by its antioxidant virtue, providing softness and freshness in addition to keeping your skin well hydrated. The rich composition helps fight free radicals and leaves your face clean and radiant. This makeup remover oil is suitable for all skin types, another guarantee of quality that sets it apart from many others.

Melvita Rose Nectar 4

Excellent vegan formula

Melvita Rose Nectar

Best vegan makeup remover oil

Melvita Nectar de roses oil contains 35 years of expertise and is even suitable for vegans thanks to its natural composition. Nourish your face with this milky makeup remover oil.

9,92 £ on Amazon

Melvita products are generally known for their proven effectiveness: this Melvita Nectar de roses cleansing oil is no exception to the rule. The particular vegan composition is a particularity appreciated and much sought after by a clientele that is gradually turning to naturalist cosmetics: 100% organic. Indeed, the various ingredients, including an infusion of wild roses, come from a sustainable supply.

Melvita Nectar de roses cleansing milk oil has a particularly delicate texture that makes the product soft and pleasant to use. Its specificity: it has been manufactured to deeply moisturize the skin for 48 hours. Do not try to identify your skin type because it is suitable for all types: dry or normal.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cleansing oil

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Best makeup remover oil of the year

Best entry-level makeup remover oil

Best high-end makeup remover oil

Best vegan makeup remover oil

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Comparison table of the best make-up remover oils

Best value for money Best value for money Best value for money Excellent
Huile Démaquillante Bio Avril 5
Marilou Bio 6
Veld's Clean 7
Melvita Rose Nectar 8
Huile Démaquillante Bio Avril
Marilou Bio
Veld's Clean
Melvita Rose Nectar
We have selected for you the best make-up remover oil of the year, produced by a reference brand in terms of cosmetics and well-being: Avril make-up remover oil to serve you.
Effective and affordable, Marilou oil cleans, nourishes and soothes thanks to sweet almond and vitamin E. This product will certainly satisfy you through its ethics advocating the well-being of the person and the preservation of the planet.
Veld's Clean Makeup Remover Oil thoroughly cleanses makeup from all skin types. Extremely rich in vitamin C, it creates a sensation of freshness and provides a total rebalancing of the skin.
Melvita Nectar de roses oil contains 35 years of expertise and is even suitable for vegans thanks to its natural composition. Nourish your face with this milky makeup remover oil.
Active ingredient
Made with organic sesame and sweet almond
With sweet almond and sesame
With marula and rooibos
With organic wild roses and rose floral water
For dry skin
For dry to combination skin
For all skin types
For dry or normal skin
100 ml bottle
100 ml bottle
100 ml bottle
145 ml pump bottle
Purifying and soothing makeup remover
Make-up remover, nourishing and soothing
Make-up remover, moisturizer and refresher
Make-up remover and moisturizer
Certified organic by the Ecocert label
Certified organic by the Ecocert label
With anti-aging properties
Vegan formula

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Buying guide - cleansing oil

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How to choose your cleansing oil

To avoid making a mistake when choosing your make-up remover oil, remember the following criteria.

#1 - Skin type

Each skin type requires delicate care to avoid damaging it. This rule also applies when purchasing a makeup remover oil. Keep in mind the following compositions to refine your choice.

  • Combination to oily skin: find a light vegetable oil (jojoba or carrot based) to maintain a suitable level of sebum.
  • Dry skin : choose nourishing oils (with avocado, sweet almond or rose) for good hydration.
  • Extremely sensitive skin : avoid makeup remover oils containing coconut oil or borage oil.

Remember to take care of your skin at its true value and it will keep a radiant and perfect complexion.

#2 - The ingredients

As far as possible, we recommend you to favor every time a natural composition for all your cosmetic products. Thus, do not rely on mineral makeup remover oils (from petroleum refining): these are likely to cause pimples or other forms of skin irritation because they do not provide proper hydration to the entire face.

On the other hand, vegetable makeup remover oils have more enriching properties adapted to this part of the body where the skin is extremely delicate. Check the list of ingredients carefully before buying a makeup remover oil. Also, make sure that the ingredients have not undergone treatments that have caused them to lose their natural benefits (such as petrochemicals).

#3 - Efficiency

Be aware that makeup removers are greasy traces. So, to get an effective reaction on the fatty acids in the makeup, you need to opt for a makeup remover oil with a good fatty texture as well. This might seem paradoxical, but choosing a dry makeup remover oil will only bring unnecessary results.

With an oil makeup remover, you will easily get rid of all types of makeup, even the one with the waterproof mention. In addition, the makeup remover oil is relatively economical because a few drops are enough to clean the face completely to leave no trace of mascara, nor foundation, nor eyeshadow, nor lipstick.

#4 - The extraction method

Between many makeup remover oils that prove to be reliable, we still distinguish those that have better properties. To recognize a quality makeup remover oil, the method of extraction constitutes a determining parameter: the first cold pressure remains the best option because it contributes to necessarily preserve the beneficial properties of the components.

If, in addition to this cold pressure, the label indicates the mention "virgin", you can be happy with this other guarantee of quality. Among other things, beware of makeup remover oils that may contain hydrogenated fat. We clearly recommend a cold-pressed, virgin makeup remover oil.

#5 - The container

This criterion might not catch your eye, but it's still essential. Indeed, the quality of the container is a factor that determines the conditions of conservation of the makeup remover oil. If you buy a makeup remover oil in an iron tube, for example, the risk of oxidation is imminent. The benefits of the cleansing oil are degraded, making it ineffective.

In terms of quantity, prefer a small-volume container, which is more reliable, if you have chosen a natural and preservative-free makeup remover oil. You may be surprised to find a makeup remover oil in a small but relatively expensive bottle: in this case, just a hint of oil will be enough to remove your makeup completely. Also check that the closure is well sealed.

How do you properly apply your makeup remover oil?


Having a good makeup remover oil is one thing, taking care to use it properly is another. Since makeup removal is one of the essential steps in a beauty routine, you need to get into the habit of using your makeup remover oil properly. To do this, you have a choice of methods: opt for the one that seems easiest to you.


In general, this accessory is never separated from the makeup basics: for any cleanup or for blush that spills, you need to have cotton at your disposal. The disc shape is more suitable for makeup. So, you can simply soak the cotton pad in your makeup remover oil and rub it into your face. For easy application, soak your cotton pad in a little warm water before adding the makeup remover oil.

The Sponge

For some reason, some people prefer the sponge to cotton. That's okay, the mechanism works the same way as with cotton. Just remember to set aside a piece of sponge (or why not a blender) that will be specially dedicated to your makeup removal. After each use, it is important to grind it for a few minutes in warm water and then dry it as a cleaning.

The Fingers

You are completely free to choose neither the sponge nor the cotton pad to apply your makeup remover oil. Simply pour a few drops onto your fingertips and then gently rub in. Regardless of the method you choose to use your makeup remover oil, the key is to make sure your face has been thoroughly removed. To end your ritual favorably you can add a few dabs of moisturizing lotion to your face.

Cleansing oil or micellar water?

Cleansing oil

The use of make-up removal oil is a purely traditional method that is very popular because of its immediate effectiveness. After removing make-up with oil, the face should be gently rinsed or sponged off so that no shiny greasy impression is left.

The oil makeup remover is suitable for all skin types, various compositions are adapted to each specificity of the face. It is necessary that you remain vigilant on your eyes, the oil make-up remover sometimes leaves grease which can become irritating if they are sensitive. If you have done a voluminous makeup, the makeup removing oil is a quick and efficient alternative to return to the natural state.

Micellar water

Micellar water has recently seen a remarkable profusion in the cosmetic field. In addition to being an excellent make-up remover, it is also known for its cleansing properties. It generally contains gentle substances that contribute to a surface and deep cleansing of make-up-affected skin.

In addition, micellar water does not contain any aggressive components and is extremely gentle on the skin without any risk of intolerance. Its neutral consistency is perfectly suited to all skin types, even the most sensitive. However, its action is limited on rather light make-up.


The choice between makeup remover oil and micellar water depends on the frequency of use and the intensity of makeup. Makeup removal oil is an indispensable ally for makeup fanatics because of its immediate effectiveness, its economic and ecological character.

Micellar water, on the other hand, can be a second-rate alternative that is used especially to gently cleanse the face.

5 benefits of cleansing oil

1- Its soft texture

Make-up removal oil has a soft, warm consistency that is very pleasant for the face when applied. This feeling of well-being is already a motivation to use make-up remover oil. Depending on the variety, some of them also give off a light attractive fragrance that will only reinforce the softness of the product.

2- Its effective action

Are you tired, do you need to free yourself from everything that bothers you? Makeup remover oil relieves you of that heavy makeup you've been wearing all day, no matter how stubborn it is (which we know as "waterproof"). It removes both the impurities that have stuck to your face, as well as excess oil. The make-up remover oil gives you a fresh and dazzling complexion.

3- Its natural composition

In general, makeup removal oil is a natural care for your skin. In fact, this cosmetic product highlights natural resources: you will find makeup remover oils with 100% natural ingredients such as avocado, jojoba, sweet almond or argan. By choosing this type of ingredients, you will maintain your skin and avoid allergies that could cause you harm in the long term.

4- Its economical side

Not only can you get makeup remover oil at affordable prices, but the quantity at each application also guarantees that your bottle will last a long time. That's why we attest to its economical practicality. Moreover, by getting a makeup remover oil, you get a cleansing and moisturizing product at the same time, so you can do without moisturizing lotions.

5- Its protective virtue

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and natural fatty acids, makeup removal oil provides effective protection for your skin. This is the property that the skin of the face mainly needs. Instead of finding other products that will act as a protector, your makeup remover oil will do the trick.

The best brands of make-up remover oils

In our opinion, the best brands of make-up remover oils in 2022 are :

Marilou Bio
L’Oréal Paris

A pioneer in organic cosmetics since 1983, the etymology of this French brand is ideally suited to its principle: the riches of the Earth for the benefit of its living. This ethic has enhanced the authenticity of the brand's products for just under forty years now.

The Japanese brand creates high quality cosmetic products. However, it does not neglect the virtues of Mother Nature, including the valuable properties of olive oil. It combines natural potentials with the latest scientific innovations to satisfy the demands of its countless followers around the world.

Only 10 years old, this French brand has quickly found its place in the world of organic cosmetics thanks to its effective and pleasant to use products. It has convinced its customers through well-founded values such as the use of natural products, well-being and pleasure of use, accessibility as well as the ban on animal testing.

With a century of experience and even more innovation than ever, this German brand continues to develop its expertise in the development of beauty products of all kinds. "Different skins, different needs": with this adage, which says a lot about its ethics, Nivea continues to lead the way in developing formulas that are carefully adapted to all needs.

Everyone knows about L'Oréal Paris beauty products: you will find them in all ranges, i.e. make-up, skin and hair care, colouring, etc. Their mission is to promote the well-being of the person and the planet. Its hundred years of experience play a major role in the reputation of its products.

What is the price for a cleansing oil

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


For an effective application

To ensure the effectiveness of your makeup remover oil, you need to make sure that your hands and even your face are dry at the time of application. This is because moisture at these levels will corrupt the action of the makeup remover oil and you will be making unnecessary efforts.

For a better result

When using your makeup remover oil, you should take the time to gently massage all the affected areas, especially around the eyes and lashes. If your makeup is somewhat stubborn or waterproof, the removal time will be relatively longer. This will save you from having to use several products at once.

For effective rinsing

In general, rinsing with water is always recommended after using a makeup remover oil. But for a better reach, we suggest you use a wet washcloth with warm water: this technique better removes excess oil on the face and keeps the skin properly moisturized.

Promote blood circulation

The movements you make when applying your makeup remover oil cause beneficial impacts on the blood circulation of your face. Among other things, in addition to removing your makeup with oil, you can simultaneously perform a quick and soothing facial massage.

Protect your skin

In general, makeup removing oils are made from natural ingredients with a thousand virtues such as sweet almond, castor oil, argan, avocado or jojoba. Choose from these ingredients as the main composition of your makeup remover oil to help protect your facial skin.


How do I use make-up remover oil?

To begin with, you need to make sure your hands are dry. Then, pour your makeup remover oil into the palm of your hands and gently massage it into all the areas you want to remove. Pay particular attention to the eye area to achieve a perfect clean. You can also incorporate a little water to work deeply on the impurities between the pores. Finally, don't forget to rinse your face.

How does the cleansing oil work?

Make-up remover oil works on the principle of oil dissolving oil. Oil has lighter properties than water. This means that the make-up remover oil disperses and penetrates easily into the skin of the face. It then picks up traces of make-up and other impurities and brings them to the surface, making them easier to remove when rinsing.

What are the limits of make-up remover oil?

Even if theoil make-up remover removes easily the make-up, its time of use can sometimes seem longer compared to that of a micellar water or a simple lotion. Moreover, you must be sure of your skin type before making your choice: if you are not very vigilant on this point, your face will quickly show irritations due to intolerance.

When should I use make-up remover oil?

You'll probably say "when you remove your makeup", which is not entirely untrue. However, it is important to know how often you can use a product so that it does not have bad consequences. As far as the make-up remover oil is concerned, you can use it every day since its soft texture does not cause any aggressive action on the skin.


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Huile Démaquillante Bio Avril
Marilou Bio 10
Marilou Bio
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Veld's Clean
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Melvita Rose Nectar


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