The best kitchens for children in the UK 2023

Buying a children's kitchen can be a daunting task: with all the models available, it's not easy to find the perfect design, quality and all the features for fun and immersive play. To help you, read this guide, where we offer a selection of kitchens for children. The best of the moment.

Leomark - Cuisine Exclusive Royal-pink 1

Best value for money

Leomark - Cuisine Exclusive Royal-pink

The best kids' kitchen in 2021

If you're looking for a kitchen that can grow with your child, the Exclusive Royale-Pink is for you. With its sturdy wood, utensils, oven, burner tray and removable cutting board.

120 £ on Amazon
Ecoiffier - French Cuisine 2 modules 1621 2

Best value for money

Ecoiffier - French Cuisine 2 modules 1621

The best entry-level kids' kitchen

If you are looking for a small compact kitchen made in the UK, the Ecoiffier French kitchen 2 modules will satisfy you. It has beautiful colors, good accessories and will be suitable for your child from the age of 18 months.

15,99 £ on Cdiscount

The French Cuisine 2 modules is a kitchen for children made in the UK. It is sturdy, safe, aesthetic and easy to assemble. It consists of two parts: one module with a cooking plate, an oven and a shelf with kitchen utensils. The second module with the sink, a dishwasher and some accessories (without shelf). With this kitchen, you will have the choice between two layouts: either align the two modules or make it a corner kitchen.

This children's kitchen is suitable for a child from 18 months (up to 10 years). It is ideal to help your child develop fine motor skills, especially with the light and easy to handle plastic utensils. He can also learn to store, sort and stack...

KidKraft-Uptown Elite Cuisine en Bois 3

Best value for money

KidKraft-Uptown Elite Cuisine en Bois

The best high-end kids' kitchen

The KidKraft Uptown Elite is a state-of-the-art, innovative children's kitchen that is very realistic. Sturdy and safe, it's easy to handle and is built with EZ Kraft assembly technology to reduce assembly time by 40%.

200 £ on Amazon
Klein - Miele Large Wooden Kitchen 9459 4


Klein - Miele Large Wooden Kitchen 9459

The best alternative kitchen

This large wooden children's kitchen is a perfect replica of a Miele brand kitchen. With its oven, microwave, espresso machine, modern refrigerator and much more.

95,96 £ on Amazon

Your apprentice chef will have the time of his life in this luxurious Miele wood kitchen. It's equipped with an oven, stovetop, microwave, and refrigerator. After inventing tasty dishes, your child can then wash the dishes in the removable sink that can be filled with water and then emptied without difficulty. They can even enjoy a delicious espresso with you after dinner and chores are done.

With this kids' kitchen, your budding cook's motor skills and creativity will be put to good use, especially with its many accessories. The Miele 9459 kitchen also comes with a refrigerator. It measures 87 cm x 32 cm x 93.5 cm and is suitable for children aged 3 and up.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best children's kitchen

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The best kids' kitchen in 2021

The best entry-level kids' kitchen

The best high-end kids' kitchen

The best alternative kitchen

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Comparison table of the best kitchens for children

Leomark - Cuisine Exclusive Royal-pink 5
Ecoiffier - French Cuisine 2 modules 1621 6
KidKraft-Uptown Elite Cuisine en Bois 7
Klein - Miele Large Wooden Kitchen 9459 8
Leomark - Cuisine Exclusive Royal-pink
Ecoiffier - French Cuisine 2 modules 1621
KidKraft-Uptown Elite Cuisine en Bois
Klein - Miele Large Wooden Kitchen 9459
If you're looking for a kitchen that can grow with your child, the Exclusive Royale-Pink is for you. With its sturdy wood, utensils, oven, burner tray and removable cutting board.
If you are looking for a small compact kitchen made in the UK, the Ecoiffier French kitchen 2 modules will satisfy you. It has beautiful colors, good accessories and will be suitable for your child from the age of 18 months.
The KidKraft Uptown Elite is a state-of-the-art, innovative children's kitchen that is very realistic. Sturdy and safe, it's easy to handle and is built with EZ Kraft assembly technology to reduce assembly time by 40%.
This large wooden children's kitchen is a perfect replica of a Miele brand kitchen. With its oven, microwave, espresso machine, modern refrigerator and much more.
106x32x109 cm
59 x 19 x 76.5 cm
97.79 x 34.8 x 102.36 cm
87 cm x 32 cm x 93.5 cm
A pan and a pot with lid, wooden utensils.
Plastic utensils, a casserole dish, an oven, a dishwasher and a sink
Refrigerator, microwave, cooktop, grill and removable sink
Kitchen utensils, cooktop, traditional oven, microwave, refrigerator and removable sink
Rose and White
Blue and grey
MDF wood + plastic
Ease of assembly

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Buying guide - children's kitchen

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How to choose your children's kitchen

#1 - Educational value

Children learn through role-playing and imitating real-life kitchen tasks such as preparing food, cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry and putting away food and equipment. Some kitchens go further, with clocks included to help them learn to tell time, recycling bins to encourage good habits, and charts to write shopping lists and recipes.

Focus on kiddie kitchens that have the features that will allow you to do role-playing with your child later on. That allow you to push him to practice counting and adding, problem solving, creativity, vocabulary building, planning and organizing.

#2 - Countertop size and height

First, make sure you measure the space where you plan to set up the play kitchen. While they usually don't take up too much space, it's best to check so your child can get the most out of their little kitchen.

When it comes to finding the right size play kitchen for your child, it's hard to go wrong: even bigger kids will still enjoy playing with smaller play kitchen sets. And smaller children will have time to grow with their toys. But if you really want to find the perfect size, opt for a play kitchen with countertops at about your child's hip height.

#3 - Material

Most kids' kitchens are made of wood or plastic. Plastic kitchens are often offered at a lower price, but often at the expense of quality. Wooden kids kitchens tend to last longer, look more realistic to your children. Wooden kids kitchens will also look better in your home.

#4 - Design

Kids kitchens are usually available in different styles: modern, traditional or retro. Modern style kids kitchens can potentially be installed in (or just outside) your own kitchen so that you and your child can cook together. It will be easier for him to copy what you usually do in your kitchen. On the other hand, if he's more independent and likes to play in his room or playroom, a kitchen of any design will do.

#5 - Assembly

Assembling a child's kitchen can be a lot more difficult than it seems at first. To avoid problems when assembling, choose a simple kitchen that doesn't have hundreds of small parts. Or at least choose one that comes with easily understandable instructions. Be careful, a poorly assembled kitchen can cause accidents.

#6 - Features and budget

For a more immersive experience for kids, some kids' kitchens come with features like lighted cooktops and boiling sounds. It's up to you whether you prefer a basic, budget-friendly play kitchen, a high-end model with impressive extras, or a mid-range model.

The benefits of playing with a children's kitchen

Playing with a kitchen can help children become interested in food from a young age. It is also the best way to teach them to eat healthy, to be careful about what they eat, to reconcile them with vegetables. They are more likely to eat healthy, but also to share family moments, to contribute around the house. It can also teach them how to plan and make choices, but more importantly, it can help them develop a life skill, expand their understanding of how life works on a daily basis.

It can also help them academically. Indeed, deciphering and understanding a recipe (even a fake one) can help them improve their reading comprehension, and why not the principles of chemistry through the process of cooking food. In addition, "shopping" helps explain where food comes from and why we shouldn't waste it. Recipe selection educates about culture and develops curiosity. While cooking itself provides a basic but important life skill.

It is therefore important not to stop at "cooking for fun" with toys: continuing the learning process by cooking for real with mom and dad, or by taking cooking classes with other children, can only be good for your child.

The different types of kitchens for children

At the moment, there are two types of kitchens for children:

Wooden kitchen for children

If you are looking for an elegant and durable children's kitchen, one that will be passed down from generation to generation, this is the category you should look in. Of course, it will also depend on the type of wood used: you can't expect a kitchen made of very fine pine to be as elegant as one made of solid oak. But generally, all it takes is good maintenance, and this kind of children's kitchen will have a good longevity without losing its beauty.

Note that they are heavier, so they will be more difficult to move. Remember to choose the right location for the wooden children's kitchen to avoid hassles in the future.

Plastic kitchen for children

Plastic children's kitchens are easy to assemble, especially when the units are designed with a click and lock mechanism. They are also very easy to move, so it's ideal if you live more of a mobile lifestyle.

Plastic children's kitchens are not as durable as their wooden counterparts, but they are available in a wider variety of designs: from realistic to whimsical. Plastic children's kitchens may not be very realistic, but it will help stimulate your child's imagination.

Children's kitchen or dinette?

Children's kitchen

Children's kitchens offer the child the opportunity to simulate the entire process of cooking: from choosing a recipe, the ingredients, to the final preparation. This type of toy requires a great investment from the child. It also offers more stimulation for his imagination. A kitchen for children is also a very playful toy, as it will teach them the basic knowledge needed for everyday life.

This type of toy is however much more expensive than a simple dinette.

The dinette

The dinette is a toy made up of a set of miniature dishes: plates and cups in miniature, not forgetting the forks, spoons and knives. These are designed to be safe for a child. This is the most common type of kitchen toy on the market. The dinette is also very affordable and will fit any budget. They will allow your child to organize breakfasts or dinners with their friends. Or even invite imaginary friends, etc.

Unfortunately, dinettes are not as advanced as children's kitchens, and while they can be used to gently teach the art of table manners, they will not allow your child to learn other skills.


Children's kitchen or dinette, the choice is yours. However, if you want a toy that is complete, fun and educational at the same time, and if you have the budget, a kids' kitchen will suit you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a much more affordable toy, but just as much fun, although less playful, look at the dinette.

5 good reasons to buy a children's kitchen

The kids' kitchen is amazing, and for many reasons:

  1. It's a toy that can grow with your child: even if you buy him or her a kid's kitchen at age 2, he or she will still find interest in it 10 years later. Remember to choose a sturdy kitchen, with colors that don't fade easily or that can be refreshed from time to time, and you're all set.
  2. Excellent for vocabulary building: you can help your child become familiar with nouns (plate, spoon, kitchen, fork, cup, glass, etc.), verbs (cut, pour, wash, pour, stir, etc.As your child grows up with this toy, his vocabulary will expand, and food vocabulary will no longer hold any secrets for him.
  3. Excellent for stimulating fine motor skills: manipulating small objects such as small vegetables or fruits will improve the development of touch in younger children. Thanks to the cabinets and drawers of the kitchen for children, they can discover, learn to sort, stack, put things in their place, recognize shapes and colors, etc.
  4. Perfect for stimulating the imagination: your child will be able to create dishes, invent friends, organize dinners, receptions, etc.
  5. Great for developing social skills: Playing with a children's kitchen can help your little one develop social skills. Even if he doesn't play with other kids, he can learn empathy. This is because he can create a character himself, an imaginary playmate, which also teaches him to put himself in someone else's shoes and begin to imagine how other people think and feel.

The best brands of kitchens for children

In our opinion, the best brands of kitchens for children in 2022 are :

Janod belongs to Krakpol company, it is a Polish producer of wooden toys with more than 60 years of tradition. It is known for its high quality products offered to its customers and its customer services. It was chosen to represent the items in this comparison because of this customer consideration. In addition, its stock levels are "live".

The company was established in 1924 and specializes in plastic toys as of 2009. The factory is located in Lavans les St Claude, France and is committed to giving its customers creativity, quality and optimal finishing for complete playful comfort. That's actually why, the brand is introduced in this comparison.

It's been nearly 50 years since KidKraft started with the idea of inspiring imaginative play with children's toys and furniture, including award-winning dollhouses and play kitchens. Today, the brand sells its products in more than 90 countries through more than 28,000 salespeople worldwide. And this unparalleled reputation earns it the top spot in this comparison.

Theo Klein Gmbh is a German company located along the "Südliche Weinstraße" (southern wine route). It is active internationally and has been offering quality and approved educational toys for 70 years to satisfied customers. And it is this specialization that guarantees the quality of its products.

Louis Janod created the company Janod in Orgelet in 1970. The company's activities focused on the creation and sale of traditional wooden toys (including spinning tops, yo-yos and skittles). It is a well-known French brand that has since gained notoriety.

What is the price for a children's kitchen

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Always consider the age of your child

Each toy kitchen has an age recommendation. You'll notice that those for younger children have a lower counter height. This can allow an older child to grow out of it quickly. Also, toy kitchens with removable parts are considered choking hazards, so always check the warnings on the labels.

Think about cleaning your child's kitchen after each use

Although it's a big item, cleaning a kids' kitchen doesn't have to be a difficult task, especially if you keep it clean with a quick wipe down on a regular basis. However, a kids' kitchen usually comes with lots of accessories and lots of little bits of food to get dirty, so cleaning these items from time to time will help keep everything sparkling.

Think about getting your child more involved in cleaning his or her toy kitchen

Involving your toddler in cleaning his toy kitchen after each use is already teaching him the concept of cleanliness. It will also teach him how to wipe down his kitchen surfaces, showing him how to get into corners and clean behind faucets is great fun. It will also show him that cleaning his toy will keep it sparkling like new.

Make sure your child gets the most use out of his or her toy kitchen

Imaginary play is a great way to encourage independence and build a child's confidence. Having their own kitchen, with their own cupboards to organize and appliances to maintain, will foster independence. Discovering that they can entertain themselves is a great way to build a child's independence and confidence.

Incourage your child to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle

Pretending to play is a great way for children to begin developing similar skills. Not only sharing, turn taking, and teamwork, but playing with a toy kitchen will also help learn other skills such as setting a table, washing dishes, and how and why we need to make healthy food choices.


Is the toy kitchen good for kids?

Play kitchens stimulate fine motor skills. If your toddler also likes to sort and stack, the play kitchen offers tons of pretend dishes and plates that she can move from one drawer to another. Pure heaven.

How does a kids' kitchen help a child's development?

Play kitchens encourage little ones to play with other children, which improves their social development. They create discussions about who will play what role, what they should cook, and how they will do it.

What type of kids' kitchen offers more functionality?

The big kitchen is a bigger upgrade to a brand of play sets. It comes with a host of premium features that make it an ideal play set for an older child but also for toddlers.

How to choose a play kitchen?

It is true that finding the best play kitchen for your child can be difficult. Over and over again you will wonder what options to consider. To help you, it is advisable to always see comparisons or buying guide to make the task easier.


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Leomark - Cuisine Exclusive Royal-pink 9
Leomark - Cuisine Exclusive Royal-pink
Ecoiffier - French Cuisine 2 modules 1621 10
Ecoiffier - French Cuisine 2 modules 1621
KidKraft-Uptown Elite Cuisine en Bois 11
KidKraft-Uptown Elite Cuisine en Bois
Klein - Miele Large Wooden Kitchen 9459 12
Klein - Miele Large Wooden Kitchen 9459


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