The best car cup holders in the UK 2023

Are you always struggling to find the right place for your drinks when you are in the car? Suction cup, seat-mounted, integrated into the dashboard or glove compartment..., the cup holder is the best solution for safely storing bottles, cans and any other container inside the vehicle. Choose the best model for you with our guide.

Thlevel 2X Universal 1

Best value for money

Thlevel 2X Universal

Best car cup holder in 2021

Sturdy Thlevel cup holders with good capacity, these accessories are made to last. Designed with well-chosen materials, they can hold bottles, cups, cans of 75 mm.

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Thlevel offers an efficient and practical solution to put your containers such as a bottle, a cup, a small thermos inside your car. Made of thick ABS plastic, it is waterproof and easy to clean. It can be installed on the dashboard or on the console between the two front seats thanks to the stainless steel attachments.

Versatile, it can be adapted to all types of cars, whether it is a utility, family, or pleasure car. These cup holders are foldable and take up little space in your vehicle. You can adjust it according to the container you want to put on the cup holders. You will appreciate the durability of this device.

Herbert Richter 10511701 2

Best value for money

Herbert Richter 10511701

Best entry-level car cup holder

You won't find cup holders at the best price anywhere else! This Herbert Richrer model is the most affordable option if you're looking for a stable, durable and completely self-contained product.

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Simple and easy to assemble, this cup holder is designed to hold a bottle or can up to 0.5 L. Its well thought-out design eliminates any annoying noise and makes it a real ally during long journeys. It is placed on the ventilation grid with the help of a clip. This way, your beverages will stay cool during the warm seasons and will be warmed up during the winter periods.

It can be oriented vertically or horizontally once installed on the ventilation slats. This Herbert Richter cup holder secures your drinks so you can better concentrate on driving. It is suitable for all vehicles with a central ventilation grille.

ISSYZONE Cup holder for Fortwo 3

Best value for money

ISSYZONE Cup holder for Fortwo

Best premium car cup holder

Similar to the design of the integrated cup holders, the Issyzone cup holder has the particularity of wrapping the containers for more stability. It is easy to install.

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Buy, install and set up! This Issyzone cup holder for Fortwo is a practical way to install two containers at once. Its sober and refined look makes it a perfect decorative object for the interior of a vehicle. Universal, it installs quickly on the center console. The non-slip bottom keeps your bottles, cups or cans perfectly balanced while driving.

Thanks to its raised shape, you no longer have to worry about spilling your drinks on the road. You can also use it as a universal tray. This cup holder is made of a very strong and light material. It is completely removable, so you can take it with you in case you change cars.

EEEKit 2-Pack Universal 4

A great choice

EEEKit 2-Pack Universal

Best standard folding cup holder

This cup holder is ideal for holding your bottles, glasses and cups upright. A space saving accessory, it is fully collapsible and can be attached to any vertical flat surface.

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If you struggle to find a place for your bottles and other containers when you're in the car, this adjustable cup holder can help. Minimalist in design, but extremely durable, it can be placed on your door, the sides of the center console, or the back of the front seats. Foldable, it's virtually unnoticeable when closed.

This cup holder attaches with double-sided tape and stainless steel fasteners. It also detaches easily and leaves no visible marks on the surface to which it is attached. Made entirely of plastic, it is waterproof and can be cleaned with a simple wipe.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best car cup holders

Any specific needs?

Best car cup holder in 2021

Best entry-level car cup holder

Best premium car cup holder

Best standard folding cup holder

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Comparison table of the best car cup holders

Thlevel 2X Universal 5
Herbert Richter 10511701 6
ISSYZONE Cup holder for Fortwo 7
EEEKit 2-Pack Universal 8
Thlevel 2X Universal
Herbert Richter 10511701
ISSYZONE Cup holder for Fortwo
EEEKit 2-Pack Universal
Sturdy Thlevel cup holders with good capacity, these accessories are made to last. Designed with well-chosen materials, they can hold bottles, cups, cans of 75 mm.
You won't find cup holders at the best price anywhere else! This Herbert Richrer model is the most affordable option if you're looking for a stable, durable and completely self-contained product.
Similar to the design of the integrated cup holders, the Issyzone cup holder has the particularity of wrapping the containers for more stability. It is easy to install.
This cup holder is ideal for holding your bottles, glasses and cups upright. A space saving accessory, it is fully collapsible and can be attached to any vertical flat surface.
Accommodates 75mm containers
Noise and vibration dampened
Holds 2 drinks
Foldable for space savings
Elevated design
Made of high quality material
With multiple ventilation slots
Easy installation
Made of waterproof plastic

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Buying guide - car cup holders

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How to choose your car cup holders

Choosing a cup holder is not an easy task as the purchase depends on what you are going to put on it. But there are some criteria that are essential to get an initial idea of what you really want.

#1 - The size

Size is the first thing to consider before choosing a cup holder. The stability of your drink inside the car depends on it. Choose a standard item that is neither too small nor too large. The number of cup holders you can install is also very important. It is best to choose one that is efficient and allows you to drive in a comfortable manner. This allows you to purchase other options that may be of use.

#2 - The material

A cup holder helps stabilize the drink, but it also needs to have a minimum of aesthetics since it will be an integral part of the car. Always choose cup holders designed with durable, lightweight materials. Avoid those made of plastic or rubber, as these materials can quickly lose their effectiveness.

#3 - The features

Many recent models offer additional features such as extra compartments, an extendable arm or an organizer...To tell you that choosing a cup holder that can be used for other purposes is a more profitable investment, rather than opting for a simple accessory whose only attribute is to accommodate your drinks.

#4 - Ergonomics

By ergonomics, we mean the ease of installation and adaptation to the interior of the vehicle. If for any reason you have to change cars, as a removable object, a cup holder follows you everywhere. If it takes too much time to install, it is best to choose another model. It should also be easy to clean and, most importantly, space-saving.

#5 - The fastening system

The attachment of a cup holder varies depending on the model. It can be clip-on, suction cup, screw, or hanging. The choice depends mainly on the need and also the interior of the car. Note that each holder has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is important to remember that glue or adhesive devices are difficult to use.

The different types of car cup holders

Today, all cars that come from the factory have cup holders, but sometimes the driver wants an additional accessory. There are many different types of cup holders depending on the vehicle's interior and model. Here are a few of them.

Cup holder adapter

A cup holder adapter, better known as a cup holder insert, is a standard product that fits in any type of car. It allows you to put many containers in a stable way. Some models can even be adjusted so that you can put other objects like a phone, a notepad, a second ashtray, etc.

Console-type cup holders


type of cup holder is versatile since it can be installed on the floor of the car, on all the seats inside, on the vents, ... All you have to do is fix it well and you can start using it. It is the ideal product if you are many or if you travel with your family. This way, everyone will have their own cup holder.

Mounted cup holders


mounted cup holder should always be attached to the dashboard with a suction cup or a stable mounting system such as adhesive. However, if the adhesive is too stubborn, it could damage the substrate the cup holder is attached to. Still, it is very convenient, especially for those in the front seats.

Hanging cup holders

It's the cheapest device on the market. If you want to have a functional cup holder, without any gimmicks, this is the accessory for you. Easy to install, it mounts on the doors or on the back of the front seats. However, it is not very stable, especially if you often drive on a rough road.

Removable or integrated cup holder?

Removable cup holders

The removable cup holder is a very effective option, as it is not only stable, thicker, but can also be detached for easy cleaning. It is the most accessible option for holding all kinds of drinks. It is also deeper to accommodate a bottle of medium proportion.

But you have to choose your removable cup holder carefully, depending on your needs and habits, so that you can ride safely. Sometimes the cup holder is not suitable for the car's interior.

Integrated cup holders

A built-in cup holder requires no installation as it is already placed in the car. It can often be stored either in the glove compartment or between the two front seats, or on the dashboard. The advantage is that it does not need any additional space.

However, it cannot hold all the drinks because of its depth. Since it is part of the car, it must be small. Therefore, it will be difficult to keep a drink stable inside.


If you don't need any extra storage or don't usually carry a bottle in your car, the built-in cup holders will suffice. However, if you are used to travelling a lot, it will be difficult to secure your drinks without these small removable cup holders.

The advantages of a car cup holder

We spend a lot of time in our cars. With traffic jams, and other hazards that force us to stay inside longer than expected, we need to stay hydrated, so we need to find a way to hold our usual drinks in a stable way. More than an object, the cup holder is our best ally during this time.

It is above all an accessory that allows you to secure your drinks, especially if they are hot. You will be more concentrated at the wheel, you will not risk to be burned and you will avoid accidents. It is also more stable compared to the integrated cup holders which are less deep.

A cup holder is a practical storage space, especially if it has an organizer option so you can put the things you need on a daily basis: glasses, smartphone, card holder, etc.

On the other hand, a cup holder is especially essential if you don't want your car to be stained by the spillage of one of your favorite drinks. It keeps the interior clean and reduces the risk of persistent bad smells. If you happen to spill a drink, you can easily clean it up because the cup holder is completely self-contained.


Choose the right size cup holder

Since you will be using it constantly, the cup holder must be able to hold your favorite drinks. If it's too small, you'll be forced to choose bottles or cups accordingly. On the other hand, if it's too big, you risk spilling the contents all over the interior of the car.

Choose cup holders with several options

Certainly, the

role of a cup holder is to hold your drinks, but some models offer other options such as a phone holder or expandable bases so you can be more comfortable when you want to drink. There are also height-adjustable cup holders that prevent you from bending over to pick up the cup or bottle.

Choose cup holders that are easy to assemble


a cup holder is useful, sometimes it can also be a problem. This is because some models are difficult to mount and detach, especially those that attach to the dashboard. This accessory should be comfortable and easy to use. It should also be easy to clean and maintain.

Buy thick cup holders


thicker a cup holder is, the longer it will


Choose materials like PVC, which provides stability during your trips and is very easy to maintain.

An old sock to clean the cup holder


throw away old socks from now on, as they can be used to give your cup holder a nice shine. Put them inside while soaking them with window cleaner, then scrub a few times and you will see that your cup holders will look like new.


What is the best car cup holder?

The best car cup holder depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Why opt for an extra cup holder?

But if you already have a cup holder in your car, it's best to buy a replacement. It is more stable and can hold all bottles and cups, unlike the built-in cup holder which is often too small for some containers. This way, you won't be distracted by a sudden splash.

How to maintain a car cup holder?

Cleaning depends mainly on the material your cup holder is made of. Some are easy to maintain, while others require a more specific treatment. But most often, you can clean it with soap and water. You can also scrub the outside with white vinegar to preserve the colour.

When did the first car cup holder appear on the market?

The first car cup holder appeared in 1983, at the same time as the minivans. It was first installed in a Dodge car, but it wasn't until several years later that it became a requirement for all cars.

Can I put a water bottle in a cup holder?

A standard self-contained cup holder can hold a bottle of water up to 1 L. There are models that can hold a larger bottle, but they are rare and can sometimes clutter the cabin.


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Thlevel 2X Universal 9
Thlevel 2X Universal
Herbert Richter 10511701 10
Herbert Richter 10511701
ISSYZONE Cup holder for Fortwo 11
ISSYZONE Cup holder for Fortwo
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EEEKit 2-Pack Universal


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