The best cabin bags in the UK 2023

The vacations are coming and it is advisable to be well organized for these next family trips. That said, it is important to choose the right suitcase to ensure that air travel is done in the best conditions. But, among so many models on the market, which ones to choose? In this article, in our buying guide, we will present you the best cabin suitcases to help you choose.

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Alex spree set 3 suitcases 1

Editor's Choice

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Alex spree set 3 suitcases

The best carry-on suitcase in 2021

The HAUPTSTADTKOFFER suitcase set of 3 is our first choice. With the design, practicality and especially very secure, they are ideal to spend a very good vacation.

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The cases that are compromised in this set HAUPTSTADTKOFFER are very robust while being very light because they are made with a mixture of polycarbonate and ABS. With a total weight of 12 kilos and white color, the finish is well done. Also, it is very comfortable and more elegant because all its interior part is equipped with a lining. It is also equipped with two straps in the shape of a cross to protect the things inside. This is very convenient because it often happens that the suitcases are turned upside down in airports or train stations etc.

Plus, it has resin pockets so you can store the things you like to have on hand like your smartphone, passport and all that. With built-in internal dividers, you can also sort your stuff, so you don't have to mix it up. The type of lock is the TSA keyless combination lock. Cabin suitcases HAUPTSTADTKOFFER is the perfect hard-sided suitcase for your family vacation.

Flight Knight ABS 3 sizes 2

The best cheap

Flight Knight ABS 3 sizes

The best carry-on suitcase in 2021

The Flight Knight ABS 3 size cabin suitcase is an airline compatible suitcase. Very practical, with its very light weight, it is perfect for your travels.

23,99 £ on Amazon

Flight Knight ABS 3 sizes is a very light suitcase with a weight of 4,1 Kg, it is compatible with more than 100 airlines operating in the UK and worldwide. It has a rigid, waterproof and scratch-resistant exterior and is made of solid ABS, which contributes effectively to the protection of its contents. Also, it has an adjustable handle and can be unfolded 3 times with a button that allows an easy and comfortable movement.

In addition, this Flight Knight carry-on case has multiple zippered compartments that allow you quick access to your essentials. It also has 8 heavy-duty wheels that allow for easy, quiet and stable 360 degree movement. It is therefore very easy to move. And finally, in case a manufacturing defect appears, it comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can have it replaced. Whether it's a trip for work or a vacation, this carry-on suitcase will be your ideal companion.

Amazonbasics 3 pack 3

The best high end

Amazonbasics 3 pack

The best carry-on suitcase in 2021

Amazonbasics is a range of solid and shock-resistant cases in different sizes, very practical for any kind of travel.

172 £ on Amazon

The Amazonbasics 3-piece suitcase set consists of 3 suitcases in sizes S, M and L. This allows you to choose the right size depending on the length of your trip. The compromised suitcase in this set is very durable as it is made of extra thick ABS shells with a scratch resistant finish. So you don't have to worry about protecting your fragile items after a fall or a shock. The top compartment of this case is equipped with a zippered divider to allow you to store your personal belongings like shoes or a beauty kit.

Plus, for optimum security, the S and M size cases have a strong zipper and TSA combination lock, ensuring your luggage is protected. This set of 3 suitcases is designed to be moved easily, as each suitcase has 4 wheels that ensure great maneuverability and stability in any location. This batch of cabin suitcases is thus composed of very robust suitcases to ensure the protection of your luggage during your various travels.

Spacewalker Jet Spinner 4

The best excellent choice

Spacewalker Jet Spinner

The Spacewalker Jet Spinner cabin suitcase is a simple and modern design. It will accompany you in your business and private travels.

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best cabin suitcase

Any specific needs?

The best carry-on suitcase in 2021

The best carry-on suitcase in 2021

The best carry-on suitcase in 2021

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Comparison table of the best cabin bags

The best Inexpensive Highest quality Excellent choice
HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Alex spree set 3 suitcases 5
Flight Knight ABS 3 sizes 6
Amazonbasics 3 pack 7
Spacewalker Jet Spinner 8
HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Alex spree set 3 suitcases
Flight Knight ABS 3 sizes
Amazonbasics 3 pack
Spacewalker Jet Spinner
The HAUPTSTADTKOFFER suitcase set of 3 is our first choice. With the design, practicality and especially very secure, they are ideal to spend a very good vacation.
The Flight Knight ABS 3 size cabin suitcase is an airline compatible suitcase. Very practical, with its very light weight, it is perfect for your travels.
Amazonbasics is a range of solid and shock-resistant cases in different sizes, very practical for any kind of travel.
The Spacewalker Jet Spinner cabin suitcase is a simple and modern design. It will accompany you in your business and private travels.
12 kilos in total
4.1 Kg
2.4 Kg
Made of a mixture of polycarbonate and ABS
made from solid ABS
extra thick ABS shells
made from at least 30% recycled material
has a resin pocket
quiet and stable at 360 degrees
with a solid zipper and TSA combination lock
equipped with a retractable strap

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Buying guide - cabin suitcase

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How to choose your cabin suitcase

Which carry-on suitcase is the most ideal? To answer this question, you need to take into account these few criteria to help you make the right choice. For this there are :

#1 - The size

This is the first thing you need to consider when buying a suitcase. You must choose a suitcase that is appropriate for your trip. More precisely, to find the ideal size, it is advisable to first determine the duration of your stay because the longer it will be, the more voluminous a suitcase you will need. And it is even better to take a margin and always leave a small space so that you can put some extra things like souvenirs for example. If your stay lasts less than a week, a 60 cm suitcase can do the trick. On the other hand, if it's more than a week, the ideal is to opt for a suitcase of 70 cm or more.

#2 - The material

Thematerial is also one of the most important criteria not to be neglected because it conditions both the strength, design and lightness of the suitcase. On the market, there are so many cabin suitcases but the ones that combine these three quality features are ABS or polycarbonate cabin suitcases. You can choose different styles and colors of suitcases of this kind because they are very light, waterproof and resistant to shocks and scratches.

#3 - The handling

Toenjoy the vacation, there is nothing better than a nice luggage to carry. You need to choose very light suitcases that offer you comfort in use and optimal practicality. For this, opt for a model with 4 rotating wheels because it is more manageable and stable. But also, the choice of suitcase provided with combination lock is also a very good idea because you will be less encumbered with the absence of key.

#4 - The price

It isimportant to think about the cost that it can make when you are going to buy a cabin suitcase. But don't worry, if you are on a tight budget, there are so many quality and stylish design carry-on suitcases with an affordable price that you can flash on the market. That said, you can have an ABS suitcase with telescopic handle starting at 39 euros. And if you have a large budget, the cost can vary from 100 euros and more.

#5 - The storage

When it comes tochoosing a suitcase, the most reliable ones are those that allow for better organization of belongings. Therefore, it is strictly advisable to make sure that the equipment has a clever interior space equipped with a shoe compartment, holding strap and a separation net. But also, it is even better when the luggage is provided with an external zipped pocket because it allows you to put your things within reach, it is very practical.

Cabin baggage standards for air travel

At the airport, the requirements for luggage are strict, so it is important to check the authorized dimensions because if the luggage exceeds these dimensions, it will be checked in the hold. This is imposed by the airlines and a certain rule must be respected, so we will see:

Objects and accessories forbidden in the cabin

Once you have chosen your cabin baggage for your next vacation, you should not forget to check the list of objects and products that are forbidden on the plane. For example, with Air France, carry-on luggage must not contain dangerous goods such as matches, knives including small pocket knives and other Swiss Army knives, firearms, lighters or toxic or dangerous materials.

The different types of cabin bags

Cabin suitcases are always successful in the market, this is due to their robust characteristics and their qualities to ensure that personal effects are always safe. Therefore, we can distinguish three types of cabin suitcases that we will see below.

Soft-sided luggage

These types of cabin suitcases are more flexible than robust, so we are talking about flexibility rather than robustness, but they are still endowed with a certain resistance. They are characterized by the presence of materials such as fabrics or nylon. These assets are especially recognized by their lightness and pleasant to handle for their users.

Hard-sided luggage

Thesetypes of suitcases are characterized by their great robustness. A quality very much appreciated by users because it can withstand accidental shocks on a daily basis. Moreover, it is the most common on the market. But the disadvantage with these types of suitcases is that they can be more or less heavy so difficult to carry.

Semi-rigid luggage

Thesetypes of suitcases are mostly cabin suitcases that are both half soft and half hard. They offer a good compromise between the two types of materials. They are therefore both light and strong carry-on suitcases.

Carry-on suitcase or backpack

Carry-on suitcase

The cabin suitcase is a model of suitcase specially designed to be placed in the cabin. The strong point of this type of suitcase is first of all its usefulness, because despite their small size, they are particularly useful. They can store up to 12 kg of personal belongings and 15 kg for some, which allows you to travel light. Secondly, it is very practical, the use of a carry-on suitcase allows users to focus only on the useful things they need at hand such as passport, bank cards, pens, cell phone etc. Its disadvantage is that you have to comply with the security standards of the plane, which means that you can't take everything you want with you.


The backpack is also practical if you want to travel light. Its main advantage is that it is multi-purpose because it can be used for travel as well as during hikes. Also, it can be more resistant with the hard shell models. And it can hold as many things as a suitcase. The downside is that it's harder to find the right size and model that fits you well for a trip. Secondly, they can be expensive, especially for large backpacks. And finally, it's much harder to organize your belongings in a backpack than in a suitcase. It is not as strong.


You can opt for the cabin suitcase if you travel by car. It is also suitable for trips to resorts. It can work in a number of situations. As for backpacks, they are useful when you have a diverse and complex travel itinerary. But the choice depends on your preference, but in any case, both are convenient for going on a trip.


Always remember to weigh all your luggage before you hit the road

This is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises or to avoid being disappointed because if your luggage exceeds the authorized weight, you will have to send your cabin bag to the hold. And this is really not very pleasant. So think about weighing your luggage with a luggage weighing hook system for example.

Don't carry too many liquids

This isrecommended for shorter trips and that your luggage stays light. So for your products, such as shampoos and all that, we recommend you use small shower gel or hotel shampoo style bottles and fill them with your shampoo. This allows you to not overload your suitcase with a large bottle and you can enjoy a quality product that you are used to for your personal hygiene.

Optimize all empty spaces

Preparing a carry-on suitcase can be a little more complicated than you might think. And the idea in preparing a carry-on suitcase is to fill all the necessary spaces. If you feel you have filled your suitcase, you can always use the trick of socks and shoes. One of them will allow you to slip in your breakable objects. You can therefore be reassured that they will not be destroyed.

Gather your high-tech belongings

Tablet, e-reader, computer, smartphone are often with us no matter where we travel. So think about storing them in a single pouch to protect them while saving the maximum space in your carry-on. That way, they won't get dirty or broken at all and they'll be safe.

Store heavy items

Theyhave a special place in the carry-on. For that, they should be stored at the very bottom preferably on the side of the wheels of the cabin suitcase. And in order not to have to put heavy clothes in the suitcase, we advise you to carry them with you. This will allow you to have a light and comfortable cabin suitcase.


What is the best carry-on suitcase?

The best carry-on suitcase depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

What is the weight of a carry-on suitcase?

Ingeneral, carry-on suitcases weigh less than 3kg. But it depends on your choice, as there are heavier cabin suitcases on the market.

What type of wheels are the quietest for carry-on suitcases?

Ifyou want to buy a cabin suitcase with 2 or 4 wheels that are quieter, go for the wheels that are made of rubber .

What is forbidden in a carry-on suitcase?

Liquid products that are larger than a 100ml bottle are forbidden. Dangerous weapons too of course.

How to choose the size of a suitcase?

Thechoice of the size of your cabin suitcase will depend on its capacity. The only condition to respect is the 158 cm limit.


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HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Alex spree set 3 suitcases 9
HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Alex spree set 3 suitcases
Flight Knight ABS 3 sizes 10
Flight Knight ABS 3 sizes
Amazonbasics 3 pack 11
Amazonbasics 3 pack
Spacewalker Jet Spinner 12
Spacewalker Jet Spinner


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