The best suitcases for children in the UK 2023

Summer is fast approaching, and the French are already looking forward to it! In 2018, nearly 66% of English people went on vacation, and that's not about to change this year. Despite the current health circumstances, many families are still planning to take time off to enjoy the good weather. Are you going away with your toddlers and looking for the best kids' luggage? This guide will help you in every detail: design, capacity, size, weight... Let's go!

Trunki suitcase for children with wheels to ride on 1

Best value for money

Trunki suitcase for children with wheels to ride on

The best hard-sided suitcase for kids in 2021

Specially designed for children, Trunki suitcases are solid, large and fun. Discover fun and resistant suitcases for the happiness of the little ones!

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From the red ladybug to the red fire truck, the orange tiger, the white cow, the black pirate and the hello kitty, the Trunki suitcases are completely in line with a childish universe. We also find plain colors in the same collection, for a more sober but still playful design. Suitable for cabin or hold, the Trunki suitcase measures 47 x 32 x 21 cm, with a capacity of 18 L. Its rigid shell made of extremely strong and waterproof plastic keeps your little one's belongings safe from shocks and humidity. Plus, if you're looking for a way to keep your toddlers busy at the train station or airport while waiting for departure, nothing beats this Trunki stroller! A fun travel companion, it has a size that allows the child to sit on it and be pulled along by the multi-functional strap with 4 wheels.

Cooldot Rolling Backpack 2

Best value for money

Cooldot Rolling Backpack

The best entry-level suitcase for kids

The Cooldot rolling backpack is the best ally for parents and young children! It is intended for any use: for school, weekends at grandma and grandpa's and long trips.

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Designed for toddlers from 3 to 5 years old and especially for little boys, the Cooldot rolling backpack adopts a multifunctional and practical design. It is the kind of accessory that a child could use in any circumstance: at school, at the park or on a trip. It has a large main compartment that can hold everything your little one needs to have at hand: small toys, notebooks and drawing supplies, snacks and water bottle, handkerchief and comforter... This backpack for children can perfectly act as a small suitcase in the cabin and can be worn in different ways. Indeed, your little one will be able to use either the straps placed in the back, or the strap or the retractable handle and its removable wheels. Made of high quality cotton and polyester and equipped with a detachable plush, it is easy to wash and maintain.

Valise trolley pour enfant Lässig 3

A great choice

Valise trolley pour enfant Lässig

The best hybrid suitcase for kids

Are you going on a long family trip and are looking for a child's suitcase to suit your needs? Discover the Lässig children's trolley suitcase, ideal for tidy storage and large quantities of belongings.

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In a simple yet childlike design, this Lässig trolley case has everything your child needs to travel well equipped. Made of polyester, it has a hybrid shell that makes it tough enough to withstand anything: bumps, sharp objects, rambunctious children, etc. You'll especially appreciate the large main compartment with elastic straps to hold it in place, as well as the additional zippered compartment in the front. There's nothing more practical than keeping your belongings and clothes organized. There's also a separate shoe bag to keep things organized. Finally, when it comes to transporting your luggage, you can simply pull on the trolley system combined with the wheels to avoid getting tired under the weight of the suitcase.

Valise pour fille Madison 4

Very good choice

Valise pour fille Madison

The best hard-sided suitcase for teens

Looking for a trendy, sturdy and practical suitcase for a teenage girl? Make room for this Madison hard-sided carry-on with plenty of storage capacity!

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Skip the too-childish designs for teenagers, and opt for a much more fashionable and expressive illustration like the one found on this Madison girl's suitcase. Trendy and fashionable, the prints are placed on a hard shell entirely designed in ABS and polycarbonate of 46 x 32 x 20 cm. We find robust materials and large dimensions, but let's not forget its main asset which is none other than its storage capacity of 30 L perfectly adapted to young people. The interior has 2 pockets as well as 2 compartments, the first of which is equipped with elastic straps and the other with a zipper allowing to close it practically. As for transporting it, all you have to do is pull on the trolley bar combined with the wheels and it's done!

Buying guide • November 2023

Best suitcase for children

Any specific needs?

The best hard-sided suitcase for kids in 2021

The best entry-level suitcase for kids

The best hybrid suitcase for kids

The best hard-sided suitcase for teens

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Comparison table of the best suitcases for children

Trunki suitcase for children with wheels to ride on 5
Cooldot Rolling Backpack 6
Valise trolley pour enfant Lässig 7
Valise pour fille Madison 8
Trunki suitcase for children with wheels to ride on
Cooldot Rolling Backpack
Valise trolley pour enfant Lässig
Valise pour fille Madison
Specially designed for children, Trunki suitcases are solid, large and fun. Discover fun and resistant suitcases for the happiness of the little ones!
The Cooldot rolling backpack is the best ally for parents and young children! It is intended for any use: for school, weekends at grandma and grandpa's and long trips.
Are you going on a long family trip and are looking for a child's suitcase to suit your needs? Discover the Lässig children's trolley suitcase, ideal for tidy storage and large quantities of belongings.
Looking for a trendy, sturdy and practical suitcase for a teenage girl? Make room for this Madison hard-sided carry-on with plenty of storage capacity!
Excellent value for money
Easy to carry
Sturdy and waterproof
Solid and waterproof
Practical and multifunctional
Fashionable and trendy design
Fun and funny design
Tough, easy-care fabric
Good storage capacity
Easy to carry
Easy to carry
Small storage capacity
Additional compartment and bag
Excellent storage capacity
Medium storage capacity
Not waterproof
Classic design
Can be heavy when filled

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Buying guide - suitcase for children

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How to choose your suitcase for children

This year, as in previous years, there is no question of skipping the summer holidays! It's confirmed, more and more English people are going on holiday. For this occasion, you are planning to travel with your family and are looking for a suitcase for children so that your little one is well equipped? Discover our advice to make the right choice!

#1 - the use

If your little one is old enough to have his or her own luggage, start by defining the use of it before buying a suitcase for children. Everyone has different needs, and children have many more than adults! Think about the length of your stay in order to have an idea of the amount of stuff to carry. Usually, French families opt for a 15-day stay, which implies the choice of a large size and capacity suitcase for children. Moreover, the choice of a suitcase for children also depends on the type of trip you are planning: camping in the middle of nowhere, vacation in a different country, cruises, vacation in the water... Likewise, your means of transportation is a decisive parameter (plane, car, train, boat, bus...). Don't forget that some luggage is more robust, while others are more waterproof. For this reason, choose a model adapted to your destination and your lifestyle once you're there.

#2 - the design

While parents focus mainly on the sturdiness and practicality of the product, little ones are more interested in the appearance of the luggage. Don't overlook this criterion if you want to please your little one and combine quality with design. Colors, illustrations, shapes and patterns are a must, however, this will depend on the age and gender of your child. Think of a playful, funny and illustrated design for the youngest, aged 3 to 6 years. On the other hand, at 7 years old, your little one will not need a design that is too childish. We therefore advise you to choose a solid-colored or patterned suitcase for children from this age.

#3 - the materials

It's hard to choose between a fabric or plastic suitcase! No one is without knowing that children have an energetic and turbulent temperament at an age like another that is why the choice of materials should not be taken lightly. Therefore, select a solid material that is able to withstand shocks, whether during the ride or during handling. On the one hand, you can opt for a soft, light and good quality children's suitcase that can be either polyester, canvas or nylon. On the other hand, you also have the option of leaning towards an extremely sturdy and durable hard-sided child's suitcase that can either be made of polycarbonate, polypropylene or ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

#4 - the capacity


ensure that your child has everything they need with them during your trip, the capacity of their suitcase should not be allowed to come at the expense of other criteria. More than just a matter of size, capacity also includes the number of compartments and pockets available. Make sure that the suitcase that catches your eye can accommodate the necessities. Many models offer several interior and exterior storage compartments so that clothes and accessories can be organized according to needs (everyday clothes, beach clothes, pajamas, shoes, toiletry kit, toys, books, blankets, etc.). The best would be to take a suitcase for children with a capacity of 15 to 30 L

, a size suitable for small.

#5 - dimensions and weight

Complimentary with the capacity, the dimensions and weight of a suitcase for children are not necessarily identical to those for adults. These criteria are essentially based on the age and the corpulence of your little one. Of course, he will need a suitcase that is spacious enough, but the size of the suitcase should not be too large for him to carry or push. Avoid children's suitcases that look too heavy even though they are not yet loaded. Also, before choosing a suitcase for a child, check the maximum dimensions allowed by the company beforehand, whether it's for a trip by train, plane or boat.

#6 - Handling

One thing is sure, once he has his own suitcase, your child will want to carry it by himself even though you haven't left the house yet. To keep your toddler happy, the suitcase's maneuverability is a priority. Of course, the ultra-light models are the most manageable, but you can also go for practicality. Trolley cases are the most practical, optimal and comfortable solutions for children and teenagers. Equipped with two or four wheels, all you have to do is pull or push them and you're done! In addition, many children's suitcases have handles or straps for easy carrying when going down or up stairs.

Why buy a rigid suitcase for children?

Admittedly, many parents still believe that their little ones' belongings should stay with them. Under the pretext that they are still too young to be independent, or that a shared luggage is much more economical, they miss out on the advantages that children's suitcases offer to both parties involved. No more bulky XXL suitcases; discover the advantages of buying a suitcase for children!

For a better organization

The fact that each person has their own luggage offers better organization, especially when it comes to packing. You avoid mixing your personal belongings with those of your toddler. On the other hand, having a child's suitcase is a great way to keep your little one organized once you're settled in the hotel. With so many compartments, his clothes will be in the right place, as will shoes, towels, toiletries, toys and other accessories.

For his autonomy

Your child wants to be independent and you want to make him/her responsible during your next family vacation? To do this, there is no better way than to entrust him with his own things in a suitcase for children. At first, he will learn how to put them away properly, and then to make sure he doesn't lose them during his stay.

For your freedom

Say goodbye to overloaded and cluttered suitcases, and hello to freedom! The days of having toys scattered throughout your suitcase are long gone, as they'll easily find their place in your little one's own suitcase. You'll have more room in your own suitcase, and can organize your things as you see fit.

For an extra vacation

Can't travel with your little one due to lack of availability? Instead of keeping him at home, you can always send him to a camp, to a friend's house or to the grandparents'. And when you travel alone, you need to pack your own suitcase. Whether it's for a short or long stay, a suitcase for your child is essential so that he can organize himself and transport it easily.

To classify accessories and toys

More often than not, traveling with children means taking up a lot of space. In addition to his personal belongings, your little one will systematically want to take along a few toys, books, comic books, several pairs of shoes... A suitcase for children is a must! If you have plenty of room in your suitcase to store his clothes, it will not necessarily be the case to carry the other stuff.


Never overload the suitcase

Overloading a child's suitcase means limiting its longevity: broken closure, torn pocket, bulging and deformed shell... Despite the incredible amount of stuff a child may need, it is always better to limit yourself to the bare necessities. If your child will be carrying a lot of luggage, choose a large suitcase for your child. If your budget allows it, don't hesitate to take suitcases in sets (3 in 1, 2 in 1, suitcase for child associated with a vanity, etc.).

Ask your child's opinion


your child's advice before buying a suitcase, lest you disappoint them. Although you are in a better position to decide on the quality, we recommend you let him choose the design, just to please him. Respect his tastes (favorite colors, illustrations and shapes, etc.). On your side, focus more on the technical details (capacity, dimensions, material, weight, handling...) that require more thought and special precautions.

Choose multiple storage spaces

The more

compartments, the better! A suitcase for children with several compartments makes it easier to organize the type of stuff you need to take with you. Besides, it will save you from investing in the traditional plastic bags that are used to separate clothes from shoes when you only have one compartment.

Equip the suitcase with a padlock


you are taking public transportation (plane, train, bus, boat...), padlocks are essential to secure your luggage. Even if it's just a child's suitcase that contains only toys and clothes, you are never safe from theft.

Help your child pack


buying a child's suitcase is about empowering them and making them more independent. That said, your help is still needed to pack it, no matter how old your toddler is. This way, you'll make sure that everything is folded correctly and that he doesn't forget the most important items (socks, underwear, toothbrush, etc.).


Which suitcase for children to choose?

In our opinion, the best suitcase for children for most people is the hard case. As a rule, children carry a lot more fragile stuff than adults, such as plastic toys, a game console, multiple hygiene products... In this sense, a hard case made from polycarbonate, polypropylene or ABS plastic is the way to go. Like the Madison girl's suitcase and the Trunki child's rolling suitcase, this type of luggage is ideally sturdy and waterproof for use in the hold and in nooks and crannies subject to shocks and bumps.

Suitcase for children: from what age?

If your child is only a few months or 2 years old, it is not yet necessary to buy a suitcase. In this case, you can make do with an XXL suitcase to contain all your belongings and his, and a carry-on for the most fragile items (bottles, baby milk, stuffed animals and rattles, etc.). Suitcases for children are more recommended from the age of 3.

What is the price of the suitcases for children?

The price of children's suitcases depends entirely on how they are made. Capacity, size, weight, design and materials all influence the price, and not all brands offer the same. Generally speaking, children's suitcases cost between €30 and €120. However, if you are looking for the best value for money for your child's suitcase, we recommend that you look beyond the cost.

What are the trendy suitcases for children?

Children are also following the trend, especially when it comes to buying equipment that will serve them in the long term. When it comes to children's suitcases, you'll be spoilt for choice! Young children will be happy with original designs and funny shapes (animals, fruit, etc.). On the other hand, older children (from 4 years old) will opt for models decorated with illustrations of their favourite characters. Nowadays, the trendy children's suitcases are those featuring images of Disney heroes (The Snow Queen, Mickey Mouse, The Lion King, etc.) and current cartoons (Miraculous, Pyjamasques, Hello Kitty, etc.).

How to maintain a child's suitcase?

Like any other accessory or equipment, children's suitcases require good maintenance to last as long as possible. To do this, remember to clean them regularly. Soapy water and a sponge or damp cloth are enough to wash hard cases. Fabric suitcases can be soaked and washed by hand or machine, respecting the manufacturing conditions (temperature, products used...). In addition, take your child's suitcases out into the sun and the open air from time to time to avoid traces of moisture and mould.


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Trunki suitcase for children with wheels to ride on 9
Trunki suitcase for children with wheels to ride on
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