The best portable solar panels in the UK 2023

Solar power can reduce your energy bill, and it's no wonder that 25,000 French households chose to purchase photovoltaic panels in 2019. This year, portable solar panels are the most popular. From power to manageability, through connectors and types of fixation, we tell you everything you need to know about the subject. Let's get started!

BigBlue B434-EU 1

Best value for money

BigBlue B434-EU

The best portable solar panel

The BigBlue B434-EU has 2 USB ports and a DC output for 12 and 18V devices. Ideal for outdoor use, this fast charging device is compatible with smartphones, iPads, portable batteries...

87,20 £ on Amazon

The SunPower is equipped with 3 ports, including a USB port, a DC output and a USB output for fast charging. It is therefore possible to charge up to 2 devices at the same time. This portable solar panel also consists of a voltage regulator. The current remains stable at all times. Moreover, it has a relatively high energy conversion capacity.

The BigBlue B434-EU is as flexible as it is light and unbreakable. It offers you a higher efficiency (up to 23.5%) than the usual panels. This model folds and stores easily in a camping or hiking bag. Because of its compactness, it is very well suited for outdoor use.

Choetech J-SC005

Best value for money

Choetech J-SC005

The best entry-level portable solar panel

This foldable solar charger is satisfyingly efficient. Offering a power of 22 W, it is fully waterproof. The Choetech J-SC005 has 2 USB ports and gives you all the benefits of its auto-sensing technology.

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The Choetech J-SC005 will make you benefit from an excellent energy conversion capacity. Indeed, all the accumulated solar energy will be converted, up to 25%, into free energy. It is a very practical element for the fast charging of your various devices. Intelligent, this model is accompanied by an auto-detection system.

The portable solar panel weighs only 590g, making it one of the lightest models on the market today. You can take it anywhere, whether you are hiking, camping or on a business trip.

AllPowers AP-SP-012-BLA 2

Best value for money

AllPowers AP-SP-012-BLA

The best high-end portable solar panel

The biggest advantage of AllPowers AP-SP-012-BLA portable solar panel is its ability to functionally charge a laptop. Similarly, tablets and cell phones are also supported.

167 £ on Amazon

An exceptional 3-in-1 model, the AllPowers AP -SP-012-BLA provides you with a dual 2.4A USB port. The iSolar technology ensures the charging of all your devices. The must? This portable solar panel can power a laptop, a powerbank or a 12V car battery.

American made, the AllPowers AP -SP-012-BLA foldable solar charger promises a power of 100W. Its efficiency is up to 23.5%. Despite its thinness, it is relatively powerful compared to other models.

BigBlue B421EDE 3

A great choice

BigBlue B421EDE

A great solution when going outdoors

Accompanied by 4 steel hooks, the BigBlue B421EDE is equipped with 2 USB ports, which makes it compatible with various smartphone models. Its waterproofing guarantees better protection against occasional rainfall.

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With a charging efficiency of up to 21.5%, the BigBlue B421EDE monocrystalline solar panel does not require an external battery. It intelligently regulates the voltage to provide you with a constant current. It is also equipped with a protection system against short circuits, overloads and overheating.

Thanks to its 2 USB ports of 2.4 A each, you can connect up to 2 5 V devices simultaneously. A fixing hook is provided with the purchase to ensure its transport. This model is resistant to humidity thanks to its IPX4 waterproof rating and its PET polymer surface.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best portable solar panel

Any specific needs?

The best portable solar panel

The best entry-level portable solar panel

The best high-end portable solar panel

A great solution when going outdoors

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Comparison table of the best portable solar panels

BigBlue B434-EU 4
Choetech J-SC005
AllPowers AP-SP-012-BLA 5
BigBlue B421EDE 6
BigBlue B434-EU
Choetech J-SC005
AllPowers AP-SP-012-BLA
BigBlue B421EDE
The BigBlue B434-EU has 2 USB ports and a DC output for 12 and 18V devices. Ideal for outdoor use, this fast charging device is compatible with smartphones, iPads, portable batteries...
This foldable solar charger is satisfyingly efficient. Offering a power of 22 W, it is fully waterproof. The Choetech J-SC005 has 2 USB ports and gives you all the benefits of its auto-sensing technology.
The biggest advantage of AllPowers AP-SP-012-BLA portable solar panel is its ability to functionally charge a laptop. Similarly, tablets and cell phones are also supported.
Accompanied by 4 steel hooks, the BigBlue B421EDE is equipped with 2 USB ports, which makes it compatible with various smartphone models. Its waterproofing guarantees better protection against occasional rainfall.
42 W
22 W
100 W
21 W
Number of ports
3 USB and micro USB ports
2 USB ports
2 USB ports
2 USB and micro USB ports
Protection index
935 g
590 g
2.4 kg
Number of panels
6 monocrystalline panels
4 monocrystalline panels
3 monocrystalline panels

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Buying guide - portable solar panel

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How to choose your portable solar panel

The experienced players in the field of solar energy have deployed many kits to meet all types of energy needs. While we were used to rigid photovoltaic panels, we are now discovering the advantages of portable versions. The only drawback is that it's not easy to find your way through all the models on the market, not to mention the fact that there are several brands offering them.

Planning to buy a portable solar panel? It is essential to define certain criteria of choice, namely its power, size and weight, its connections, its resistance as well as the type of fixing. Make quickly the point to find you in all these details!

#1 - the power

Before you buy a portable solar panel, you should consider the optimal wattage that best suits your needs. Of course, manufacturers offer different wattages that don't make it easy. However, the rule is simple: the bigger the panel, the more powerful it is. Since you don't want to get in the way, it's best to choose the power of your portable solar panel based on the type of device you're going to connect it to.

These are usually basic electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, GPS or radios. If your gadget seems to be power-hungry, opt for a power rating between 30 and 120 W. On the other hand, less energy-consuming equipment can be perfectly recharged thanks to portable solar panels with a power of 7 to 30 W.

#2 - height and weight

Destined to recharge portable devices, portable solar panels are becoming lighter and more compact. You will find among others on the market, models measuring 32 x 17 cm for 3 mm thick. In addition, there are models of large size, but which are foldable for a reduced size.

For example, there are portable solar panels of 47 x 21 cm unfolded, but which occupy only 21 x 13.5 cm when folded. As for their weight, you can choose between models from 150 g to 2.5 kg. Again, the rule is simple: the smaller the panel, the better! Because of this, we advise you to focus on ease of use and transport.

#3 - the connectors

In order for it to be connected to your devices, the solar panel must be equipped with outputs and cables. While older models have only one, newer versions offer a double output, or even more depending on their performance. Most of the time, these are universal USB ports. However, more advanced models offer other types of outputs(micro USB, USB type C, MC3, MC4, LC4...).

If the input of your device does not correspond to the output of the panel, think of equipping yourself with an adapter.

#4 - resistance

As it is mainly an equipment intended for nomads, the resistance and the solidity are essential criteria in the choice of a portable solar panel. Whether you plan to use it in your vehicle, between four walls or even in the wilderness, you absolutely need a shockproof and dropproof solar panel. In addition, adventurers in the wilderness will want a device that is waterproof and weatherproof.

#5 - the type of fastening

To make portable solar panels easier to use, designers have incorporated reinforced grommets that allow them to be attached to the wall or even to the backpack (a must for hikers and campers). Many models are equipped with a practical, easy-to-use and particularly solid suction cup system. On the other hand, on the small portable solar panels, the systems of hangings are more frequent.

Finally, the latest top-of-the-range models offer a more advanced system, as they can be folded up and folded in on themselves. This does not require any fixing because their format allows them to remain upright without any constraint.

What is a portable solar panel for?

If you are passionate about outdoor activities (skiing, mountaineering, hiking, running in the mountains, camping, caravanning, water sports...), you should know that portable solar panels will be your greatest allies. Also, people who have to travel frequently and drive long distances will find a lot of interest in them.

Just like ordinary photovoltaic panels that are mounted on the roofs of homes, they harness the sun's energy and transform it into electricity. The difference lies in the type of equipment that is connected to it, knowing that a rigid solar panel is connected to the electrical system of the house to feed very energy consuming equipment. On the other hand, the portable versions are mainly intended to recharge the usual electronic devices such as :

  • cell phones
  • laptops
  • tablets
  • digital cameras
  • flashlights
  • GPS devices
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Surveillance cameras
  • radios
  • mp3 players
  • and more.

In other words, you carry electricity everywhere with you, without fear of running out. To operate, this mobile energy run is equipped with a small photovoltaic panel that captures sunlight and stores it in order to share it with the devices that are connected to it. It is therefore used to recharge electronic devices essential to everyday life (phones, tablets ...) and gadgets used during outdoor activities (lamps, radios, batteries, GPS ...).

External solar battery or portable solar panel?

Despite the big differences between them, users often confuse the external solar battery and the foldable solar panel. Certainly, their uses are somewhat the same. Intended to accompany you during your outings to ensure the recharging of your electronic equipment, they work thanks to the energy they draw from the sun's rays.

External solar battery

You should know that an external solar battery is mainly composed of a mini solar panel on the one hand, which is associated with a battery type powerbank. The panel draws energy from sunlight which is then stored in the battery.

You can then recharge your devices at any time by drawing the source that is in the battery.

Foldable solar panel

On theother hand, the foldable solar panel adopts a much simpler and restricted operation, as it is not made up of a battery. To make it simple, you just have to unfold it and make it catch the sun's rays so that it provides energy to the device connected to it. When the weather is not good and the sky is overcast, you will have trouble recharging your equipment.

However, some models have been improved to work optimally even when the weather is not favorable, because they generate energy when they capture natural light. Of course, you should opt for the waterproof models, because if it rains, they remain able to function thanks to their waterproofness.


If the weather is not in your favour, you can always use the USB plug on the solar external battery to power it from the mains. On the other hand, even though the folding solar panel only runs on solar energy, it has a more efficient and faster charging power than portable external batteries.

This makes it the most suitable alternative, especially in remote areas where there is no access to electricity.

Why buy a portable solar panel?

Easy to install and use

Portable solar panels are relatively easy to install even if you don't have much experience. Often accompanied by charge controllers that can connect to your deep cycle batteries in minutes. A portable solar panel also has USB outlets for charging electronic devices such as your phone and laptop.

Easy access to electricity

Portable solar panels can be simply removed and placed in direct sunlight while parked under beautiful shady trees. Staying out of the sun will also help protect you from UV rays. Plus, they can be used in bad weather and low light conditions. And even if it starts to rain, don't be afraid, because good portable solar panels are waterproof.


Many small RVs like B-Class and motorhomes don't have much roof space for a large solar panel setup. But chances are there is a place inside that can accommodate a portable solar panel. They can be stored anywhere from under the bed to inside cabinets when not in use.

Portable and self-contained

There will be no hassle of moving your solar panels as they are already portable. They are as easy to move as the rest of your items. It is also self-contained, which is a must for mobility in the wilderness.

Easy to maintain

If you have rooftop solar panels, you may have to climb up and wipe off accumulated snow or dirt to keep them in good working order. Portable solar panels are even easier to maintain and require no access to the roof.


Check in advance the compatibility of the devices and the panel

To be sure to make the right choice and not to ruin you, it is imperative to know the power of your electronic devices before defining that of your future portable solar panel. Indeed, there is no reason to opt for a very powerful and expensive model if you intend to use it only on low energy consuming devices. On the other hand, the very powerful models are necessary if your equipment is greedy insofar as you will not succeed in charging them with a basic foldable solar panel.

Use your portable solar panel at the right time

Unless there's a power outage and your smartphone or PC battery is dead, there's no point in using your portable solar panel. On the other hand, if you are doing an outdoor activity for several days, feel free to take it out and unfold it whenever the weather is nice.

Maintain your portable solar panel


ensure the durability and continued efficiency of your portable solar panel, we recommend that you maintain it as best as possible. To do this, be careful when folding and unfolding the device for fear of breaking or scratching it. Also, only plug in equipment that is compatible in terms of power to avoid damaging it. Finally, consider getting a charge regulator to minimize overcharging.

Charge your portable solar panel properly


charge your portable solar panel correctly and efficiently, it is essential to adopt the right gestures without which, you will have difficulty taking advantage of its assets. Thus, it is recommended to orient it well towards the sun and to make the dead end on the shaded or cloudy places.

Never wash your portable solar panel


is necessary to clean your portable solar panel if it is often in contact with dust, sand or moisture. However, avoid at all costs any contact with water even if it is a waterproof device. Besides, if it is still hot you may damage your solar panel completely due to thermal shock.


What is the best portable solar panel?

The best portable solar panel depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

Why buy a portable solar panel?

If you are a fan of outdoor activities, you need a portable solar panel. Besides, boat, camper van or caravan trips will not be out of place this summer, so it's best to be well equipped for any eventuality.

Who are portable solar panels for?

Certainly, there is no harm in getting a portable solar panel even when you are an eternal homebody. It is an emergency device when you are faced with a power failure and want to stay on your laptop or PC. In any case, portable solar panels are especially popular with adventurers (campers, hikers, water sports enthusiasts, and high altitude sports enthusiasts, etc.). Similarly, people whose job requires them to travel regularly are invited to use them (sailors, fishermen, mountaineers, road drivers, etc.).

What is the price of a portable solar panel?

The price of a portable solar panel depends systematically on its power and its functionalities (number of available outputs, size, storage mode...). That said, different brands also offer different prices, which is why you may find it difficult to decide. For example, you should know that portable solar panels generally cost between €20 and €800, and even more for the latest models.

What are the constraints of a portable solar panel?

Like any other renewable energy source, solar energy can have limitations. For example, the potential drawbacks of a portable solar panel are its inability to power energy-intensive devices such as appliances and its inability to function properly, if at all, in areas with little sunlight.


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