The best box springs in the UK 2023

If you're looking for a reliable piece of sleeping furniture, choose the box spring to ensure a stable and comfortable mattress. Available in all bed sizes, box springs are becoming a bedding trend in many homes, so why not yours? We help you find the best box spring in our buying guide.

Hévéa Selection Box spring 1

Editor's Choice

Hévéa Selection Box spring

The best box spring in 2021

For a better quality-price ratio, we have found the box spring in volige from Hévéa Sélection. Robust and of a particular design, it will ensure you the comfort of your expectations for your well deserved rest.

144 £ on Amazon

The slats of this box spring from Hévéa Sélection have been designed from solid wood boxes (fir), absolutely rigid for a firm bedding. The height of 13 cm is a suitable parameter for this type of furniture. The Hévéa Sélection box spring with rigid slats is extremely versatile because it easily accommodates all types of mattresses.

The fabric used for the cover is plain, quilted unbleached polyester polypropylene, another guarantee of strength and durability. The set of natural wood legs that comes with the device serves as both decoration thanks to its natural wood design. This box spring can thus be mounted on a stand or embedded in a bed frame, depending on your convenience. For a free-standing installation, the assembly is simple, just a set of screws and it's done!

Generic Box spring with slats and legs 2

Best cheapest

Generic Box spring with slats and legs

The best entry-level box spring

For a smaller budget, the slatted box spring with Generic legs is one of the simplest models. Choose it for a quick and easy installation.

71,99 £ on Amazon

The design of this box spring with slats and legs is not complicated. It is however compatible with any type of mattress. Its size of 140 x 190 cm is perfect for a double bed. The height of the feet of 16 cm is a good criterion for a correct sitting, without risk for the back or the hips.

The structure of the slatted box spring with Generic legs has an absolutely firm structure, so it is particularly recommended for those who need a hard bed. The advantage of this type of structure is that it relieves fatigue during sleep: the harder the bed, the better the back will feel after a few hours of sleeping.

Bultex Box spring 3

Best high end

Bultex Box spring

The best high-end box spring

In addition to expensive, you can still invest in this Bultex box spring with an absolutely firm comfort. Its top-of-the-range fabric contains innovative qualities to consolidate its effectiveness.

232 £ on Amazon

Don't be afraid of the price of this Bultex box spring, it is worth it and you won't regret your choice. Its dimensions easily accommodate all types of rooms where you intend to install it. The floor stand simplifies assembly and adapts to all body types. Find your balance thanks to a firm solid wood support that guarantees solidity and reliability.

The fabric with innovative properties reinforces the comfort of bedding. Its anti-slip character allows a stable sis of your mattress. Being air-ventilated, it guarantees a serene sleep, far from the risks of allergies or other forms of intolerance. The brand meets the challenge of durability with a guarantee of five years of use at least.

Promo Mattress Box spring 4

Top box spring

Promo Mattress Box spring

The best box spring with springs

And if you prefer a soft and flexible bed, you will be spoiled with this box spring from Promo Matelas, compatible only with a spring mattress.

207 £ on Amazon

Biconical spring suspension does not fit all mattresses. For a proportional comfort, you must associate it with a spring mattress. The felt/foam filling is an excellent compromise of flexibility. However, this lively plasticity is not suitable for sensitive backs. The solid wood structure promises a good longevity to this box spring from Promo Matelas.

The bottom of the box spring of Promo Matelas is covered with an anti-dust system. The 100% polyester fabric is malleable and adapts to the elasticity of your bed. Finally, it is suitable for installation on legs or inside a wood bed. The assembly is done by screw system.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best box spring

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The best box spring in 2021

The best entry-level box spring

The best high-end box spring

The best box spring with springs

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Comparison table of the best box springs

Best value for money Best value for money Best top of the line box spring
Hévéa Selection Box spring 5
Generic Box spring with slats and legs 6
Bultex Box spring 7
Promo Mattress Box spring 8
Hévéa Selection Box spring
Generic Box spring with slats and legs
Bultex Box spring
Promo Mattress Box spring
For a better quality-price ratio, we have found the box spring in volige from Hévéa Sélection. Robust and of a particular design, it will ensure you the comfort of your expectations for your well deserved rest.
For a smaller budget, the slatted box spring with Generic legs is one of the simplest models. Choose it for a quick and easy installation.
In addition to expensive, you can still invest in this Bultex box spring with an absolutely firm comfort. Its top-of-the-range fabric contains innovative qualities to consolidate its effectiveness.
And if you prefer a soft and flexible bed, you will be spoiled with this box spring from Promo Matelas, compatible only with a spring mattress.
140 x 190 cm
140 x 190 cm
140 x 190 cm
140 x 190 cm
13 cm
16 cm
17 cm
16 cm
Uni quilted ecru polypropylene polyester with multi-needle stitching
Not mentioned
Micro-ventilated and non-slip tabletop
100 % polyester
On legs or in a bed frame
On feet
On legs
On feet or on bed wood

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Buying guide - box spring

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How to choose your box spring

In order not to be mistaken about the best box spring to take, we guide your choice through the following criteria.

#1 - Dimensions

First of all you have to define the dimensions of box spring that you need according to your space and your needs. You will find a huge variety of dimensions on the box spring, one of them will necessarily suit the size of your mattress: 70x190 cm, 80x200 cm, 90x200 cm, 140x190 cm, 140x200 cm, 160x200 cm, 180x200 cm or 200x200 cm. This conciliation is precisely important insofar as it influences your sleeping comfort.

#2 - Comfort

The mattress-upholster ratio is also a comfort factor to consider. On this point, everyone has their own tastes in terms of firmness or softness. If the opportunity arises, it is highly recommended to test at the same time the mattress and the box spring you are going to buy in order to notice on the spot the failures and to remedy them right away at your convenience.

This being the case, the box spring presents itself as an interesting sleeping alternative because the fabric on top plays the role of both cover and protection. The mattress is thus well secured and contributes to the longevity of your bedding. For a better combination, prefer a good quality mattress.

#3 - Height

As the box spring comes in different thicknesses. Given the varying degrees of flatness, you need to think about your ease of sitting especially if you suffer from back, hip or leg discomfort. Again, testing is key as many factors on your part will inspire your choice of the box spring that strictly meets your needs.

On the other hand, the best arrangement is to opt for a box spring with legs. Too close to the ground, your box spring will promote the profusion of allergens while you sleep. Raised by feet, it will provide you with better ventilation. To do this, it is always important to take the necessary measurements to properly fit the frame to the mattress.

#4 - Necessity

Also, remember to know your necessities before choosing a good box spring. Is it a bedding renewal? More like a readjustment of dimensions? Or is it a quest for better comfort? When you sleep, many factors come into play: just perspiration during sleep can cause changes in mattress or box spring over time. For example, avoid placing a new mattress on a box spring that has already been in use for some time. So prioritize your needs when you are going to make your choice.

#5 - Suspension

Among the different models of box springs, you will find some with suspension and others without. Why should you care about this criterion? It is simply a question of firmness or flexibility. The box spring with suspension connects easily with your weight and movements thanks to ball-and-socket joints attached to specific parts. The box spring without suspension holds the mattress more firmly for a very rigid bed.

Always remember that it is better to change the box spring once you decide to change your mattress because if you use an old box spring under a new mattress, the quality of the suspension will not be reliable anymore. On the other hand, the risks of sagging will be faster, to the detriment of your new mattress.

How to clean a box spring?

Like anything else that needs to be maintained, a box spring needs to be properly cleaned to preserve its durability. On average, your box spring and mattress can serve you for up to ten years if you take good care of them.

Using a box spring requires some simple daily actions that should be learned from the start. For starters, avoid placing your sleeping ally in a room that is exposed to constant moisture. Instead, choose a well-ventilated room, which will give it a head start on possible bacteria and various forms of mold. On average, you should even let the air circulate in your room for at least fifteen minutes a day.

The vacuum cleaner is the ideal accessory to get rid of dust particles in every corner of your box spring. Choose a steam vacuum cleaner for better results. In case your box spring has tough stains, rub the affected area with a wet cloth or one soaked in white vinegar and baking soda.

In short, the box spring essentially requires good ventilation. In order not to reduce the comfort of your bed, check its condition every day. This will help it maintain its benefits, to your benefit.

The different types of box springs

In general we distinguish three possible classifications of the box spring.

The spring box spring

Less and less topical, the box spring has been the basic design technique on this sleeping furniture. The system is proving to be less effective in terms of preserving the health of the back. It encourages more restless movements because of its easy elasticity. Due to this somewhat unwelcome parameter, the box spring has recently lost its original fame, which has also been overtaken by other, more efficient mechanisms.

However, the box spring is still appreciated by the fans of soft comfort: it is a very soft bed associated with a spring mattress. However the system is not very reliable in terms of durability. The spring, biconical, multispire or pocketed, has a limited lifespan especially if it is used intensively.

The slatted box spring

It is the most solicited type at the moment. The box spring with slats brings an excellent comfort of bed while remaining robust and thus durable. This is because the slats intertwined with each other provide an effective element of flexibility and a convenient means of ventilation for the mattress. On this type again, you can come across two quite different variants.

On the one hand, the box spring with exposed slats is more flexible and offers better ventilation. It is perfect for sensitive people who are prone to allergies or frequent sweating. For better breathing conditions, it is better to opt for the box spring with exposed slats. On the other hand, the box spring with covered slats is more tense and its aeration capacities are more limited.

The box spring with posts

The box spring with studs is a more versatile alternative therefore quite expensive. Indeed, the studs fixed on the box spring give you the freedom to choose the degree of firmness that suits you because they are very flexible and multidirectional. To do this, you yourself seek the comfort of your choice by making the necessary adjustments to the posts.

The three-dimensional support offered by the box spring ensures exceptional sleeping comfort. You are free to soften or harden the posts as you wish. This technique works precisely on the sensitive points on your body to relieve chronic fatigue.

Box spring or slatted frame?

Box spring

The box spring is a very efficient way of sleeping in terms of ventilation and comfort. Precisely, it is a frame made of slats, crossed by crosspieces and covered with fabric to accommodate a good mattress. The whole is then put on foot and you will have a kind of mini-bed at a lower height. You will obviously use it for your moments of rest, for your long nights of sleep, but the box spring becomes especially a decorative furniture very adopted for more refined interiors. Its main advantage lies in the permanent ventilation of the mattress, a system that reduces the infiltration of dust and protects you from possible allergies. Invest in a box spring to gain in comfort, durability and design.

Slatted frame

For an almost similar but relatively less expensive option, there is always the slatted frame that serves to be integrated right away on the bed wood in order to accommodate the mattress. Quite thin compared to the box spring, its built-in property allows it to slide easily on a bed of the same size. If you make this choice, beware of the metal frame, it is not as robust as you might think: not very flexible, it will twist at the slightest intense movement. If you omit the height criterion, you can opt for the slatted frame.


For a comfortable bed, the box spring is still the best choice compared to the slatted frame. While the latter is less expensive for almost the same result, the box spring provides more attractive properties and has a good variety for each of your tastes. So, even if you have to invest a little more, you might as well turn to the box spring, you won't be disappointed.

5 reasons to buy a box spring

A comfortable shock absorber

When you choose a box spring, you invest in a well-cushioned piece of furniture that correctly distributes your weight over the entire sleeping surface. If you have chosen a box spring, it is very soft but can easily deform according to the frequency of use and the weight of the people who use it.

An adapted ventilation

With the box spring, no more fears of allergies! Indeed, the space between the slats or the springs constitute openings conducive to a good ventilation of the mattress. Thanks to this system, humidity due to perspiration never accumulates and does not cause any mold or mildew that could arouse intolerance.

A decorative aspect

The box spring presents itself as a modern-day piece of furniture, whose design has been thought out for a decorative idea. You can customize the cover fabric as you wish and match it perfectly with the colors of your interior. Its minimalist design allows a good arrangement of your room without clutter effect.

Durability guaranteed

It is the fabric itself that acts as a protector of the mattress, ensuring the longevity of the box spring. Similarly, the ventilation performed on the mattress consolidates the life of this sleeping material.

A satisfactory versatility

The box spring is very appreciated for the comfort it provides to the bed. But in addition the models offer properties adapted to various situations in particular related to health.

The best brands of box springs

In our opinion, the best brands of box springs in 2022 are :

Hévéa Sélection
By Sommiflex

The brand produces bedding accessories and furniture that meet impeccable standards of comfort. Their box springs in particular are designed from sturdy materials and fabrics.

The French bedding leader retains its loyal customers with premium quality furniture. Its decades of experience have earned it a proven professionalism in the field.

This French company has operated on mattress manufacturing. Particularly known for its polyurethane foam mattress, the brand does not stop there but continues on other innovative products such as box spring.

The brand's box springs are known for their unique strength as well as their easy installation. By Sommiflex also puts a lot of emphasis on the design of its products.

Simple and effective products, within the reach of all budgets, that's signed Generic. The box springs are particularly firm and compatible with all types of mattresses.

What is the price for a box spring

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

80 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram


A storage solution

To save space and develop another practical side of the box spring, know that it can serve you as a storage unit. The classic box spring with a height of 20 cm would accommodate boxes underneath. Some models with drawers are more practical but with limited capacity. The box spring has a large storage surface with the top surface being the opening leaf.

An easy-to-clean cover

When you are going to get a box spring, it is important to choose the quality of the covering that will cover the top of your furniture. Leather or synthetic fabrics are more interesting in that they are easy to maintain. You will thus ensure a better longevity of your box spring.

A treated model

Sleeping comfortably is one thing, preserving health is another. That's why manufacturers of products in the bedding industry have developed anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic models. If you are sensitive, you should absolutely opt for treated mattresses. You will thus avoid any intolerance.

A suitable mattress

To recognize that your mattress matches well with your box spring, the height is the most determining criterion. If your mattress is very thick, find a box spring with a medium height, and vice versa.

A double box spring

For couples with very contrasting body types, it is highly recommended to assemble two box springs with two different mattresses for a more comfortable support of each party.


How to fix a headboard on a box spring?

First of all, make sure your headboard is covered with a fabric that matches the color of your box spring. Next, make sure that the two elements to be connected have the correct dimensions. Finally, get the necessary materials, such as screws, bolts, bolt clamps and a spirit level. The assembly then depends on the model you have chosen: either it is mounted on the posts of the box spring, or by a predefined fastening system.

How many slats do you need for a good box spring?

On average, a box spring of 15 to 20 slats is already a good compromise of comfort and durability for a single bed. For a double bed, you need to count about 25 slats.

How to repair a box spring?

When you use a box spring, check regularly that the slats are well arranged and that none are missing. If this happens, you must quickly replace the slat since the balance on the weight distribution will no longer be the same. If other repairs need to be done on your box spring, it is necessary to call in professionals to ensure proper handling.

How to dismantle a box spring?

As a rule, the box spring comes with a manual that mentions everything you need to know about its installation. You just have to read carefully the recommendations about what you intend to do and put them into practice. Also, don't forget to read the safety precautions in case you need to be careful about certain points during disassembly.


Note: Below are some of the sources we have consulted in writing this article. Links to other sites are not continuously updated. It is therefore possible that a link may not be found. Please use a search engine to find the desired information.
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Hévéa Selection Box spring 9
Hévéa Selection Box spring
Generic Box spring with slats and legs 10
Generic Box spring with slats and legs
Bultex Box spring 11
Bultex Box spring
Promo Mattress Box spring 12
Promo Mattress Box spring


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