20 thriller books to read for 2020

Looking for suspense and adrenaline rushes? Turn to thrillers for even more excitement! Lock it all down and get ready for a thrilling and suspenseful time. Here is our selection of the best thriller books for this year.

Your Last Lie - Mary Cubica 1

Your Last Lie - Mary Cubica

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Her daughter's nightmares prompt Clara Solberg to investigate the circumstances of her husband's death. The accident in which Nick died is no small matter and she is willing to do anything to uncover the mystery. A book by Mary Cubica.

Sang pour Sang - Collective of authors 2

Sang pour Sang - Collective of authors

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A collective of authors brings together in this work several thrillers that are well worth reading. A combo of adrenaline, fear, suspense and sometimes humor that transports readers into a whole new world.

Don't cry baby - Jeremy Serano 3

Don't cry baby - Jeremy Serano

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Hannah ends up in a psychiatric hospital after running away from her abductor. She is told that she had lost the baby and that she was never kidnapped. A merciless fight begins for the young woman to find her child.

Appearances - Gillian Flynn 4

Appearances - Gillian Flynn

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Gillian Flynn tells the story of a seemingly happy couple who hide heavy secrets that come to light after the disappearance of Amy, the young wife. Nick, the husband, becomes the main suspect and soon discovers his wife's true personality.

The Woman at the Window - A.J. Finn 5

The Woman at the Window - A.J. Finn

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A.J. Finn tells the story of a tormented woman who lives far away from everything and watches her neighbors in her spare time. But everything changes when she witnesses a live murder. How can she persuade the police of the truth of her story?

Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurier 6

Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurier

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Rebecca de Winter continues to be present in Manderley Manor, even after her death and haunts Maxim's new wife. What will she do to chase away this ghost? A book by Daphne Du Maurier and adapted to the cinema by Alfred Hitchcock.

Sequestered - Chevy Stevens 7

Sequestered - Chevy Stevens

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Annie, a real estate agent, finds herself trapped by David, a psychopath who likes to play with his victims. She manages to escape, but the after-effects and scars remain. A psychological thriller written by Chevy Stevens.

Once upon a time - Franck Thilliez 8

Once upon a time - Franck Thilliez

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In 2008, police lieutenant Gabriel Moscato leads an investigation into the disappearance of his daughter, an investigation that leads him to the Hotel de la Falaise. From then on, strange events follow one another, catapulting him into 2020. A suspenseful thriller by Frank Thilliez.

The Enigma of Room 622 - Joël Dicker 9

The Enigma of Room 622 - Joël Dicker

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The Verbier palace becomes the scene of an investigation into a murder that went unsolved a few years earlier. A writer finds himself involved in the investigation to solve the mystery surrounding room 622. A novel with thrilling twists and turns by Joël Dicker!

The Valley - Bernard Minier 10

The Valley - Bernard Minier

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Bernard Minier tells in his book the hidden faces of the Pyrenees. Serial killers wandering in the woods, cries of distress in the middle of the night... In short, the right ingredients to give the readers goose bumps.

Alex - Pierre Lemaître 11

Alex - Pierre Lemaître

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Alex, a beautiful young girl, suddenly disappears. Superintendent Verhoeven leads the investigation and discovers that she is more of an executioner than a victim, determined to make her kidnappers pay. A chilling thriller full of twists and turns by Pierre Lemaître.

I don't know - Barbara Abel 12

I don't know - Barbara Abel

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Barbara Abel, through this book, makes us live a great moment of suspense. I don't know tells the story of the disappearance of a 5 year old girl during a class trip. Emma has magically vanished and everyone is in a panic.

The Twins of Piolenc - Sandrine Destombes 13

The Twins of Piolenc - Sandrine Destombes

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Two twins disappear: one is found dead after a few months. 29 years later, history repeats itself. The only outcome of the investigation: to understand what really happened in August 1989, the year the first twins disappeared. Let yourself be fascinated by this gripping and captivating book.

The Diary of my disappearance - Camille Grebe 14

The Diary of my disappearance - Camille Grebe

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A clever policewoman tries to solve an investigation that forces her to relive her past. Having discovered a body run away in the forest as a child, she is now working on a case that may be linked to that same tragedy. A work written by Camille Grebe.

Close your eyes - Antoine Renand 15

Close your eyes - Antoine Renand

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Kidnapping, murder and conspiracy! A 7 year old girl suddenly disappears in a village of Ardèche. Three people join forces to solve the investigation and hunt down the perpetrator of this kidnapping. Book by Antoine Renand.

Killing the son - Benoît Séverac 16

Killing the son - Benoît Séverac

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This book by Benoît Séverac is an intriguing story about Matthieu Fabas' relationship with his father. Sentenced for murder, he is suspected of having killed his father as soon as he is released from prison. An investigation that forces the police to relive the story that links the father and son to try to solve the enigma.

Like you - Lisa Jewell 17

Like you - Lisa Jewell

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This book by Lisa Jewell tells the story of a woman who has lost her daughter. An encounter will change her life, as she sees in Poppy, the daughter of Floyd, the man with whom she has a relationship, a perfect resemblance to her lost daughter.

The Scars of the Night - Alexandre Galien 18

The Scars of the Night - Alexandre Galien

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Inspector Philippe Valmy is caught up in his old demons. Believing he has rid himself of his past setbacks, he is quickly plunged back into an investigation where he will have to relive the crazy nights of Paname. A book by Alexandre Galien.

Plot - Nicolas Beuglet 19

Plot - Nicolas Beuglet

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Sarah Geringën is trying to solve the investigation into the murder of the Prime Minister of Norway. But one person seems to be one step ahead of her. It's as if someone is watching her every move. A book written by Nicolas Beuglet.

The Devil's Island - Nicolas Beuglet 20

The Devil's Island - Nicolas Beuglet

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In a macabre setting deep in Norway, a former detective tries to solve a strange homicide with disturbing clues. Nicolas Beuglet's Devil's Island offers us endless moments of suspense. Thrill guaranteed.


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