The best bike phone holders in the UK 2023

Keeping an eye on the distance covered by an electric bike, listening to music during a walk in the forest on a mountain bike, following the route with a GPS; all these actions require a smartphone. The bike phone holder is therefore legitimate, but how to choose one? Discover in this comparison the techniques to find the best models.

Grefay Bike Smartphone Holder 1

Best value for money

Grefay Bike Smartphone Holder

The best bike phone mount in 2021

This bike phone holder is universally compatible. It can be attached to handlebars from 22 to 32 mm and has 4 clamps to ensure your phone is properly secured.

12,78 £ on Amazon

Ubiquitous on road bikes and mountain bikes, this phone holder is easily attached to handlebars from 22 to 32 mm in diameter thanks to a clamp to be tightened with a vice already provided with the purchase. This equipment is compatible with all smartphones and portable GPS, as it can accommodate devices with a width between 3.5 and 6.5 inches. A turning knob on the back of the device will allow you to adjust the clamps to the dimensions of your phone.

Users who have already used this bike phone holder recognize the quality of its hold. Even when riding on a rough track, the smartphone is well held by the adjustable clamps located on the 4 corners of the device. It doesn't interfere with your ride, and is only 6 x 12 cm in size and weighs only 120 grams.

Bovon Bike Mount-3 2

Best value for money

Bovon Bike Mount-3

The best entry-level bike phone mount

The words "universal compatibility" come into their own with this inexpensive bike phone mount. It fits all handlebar diameters and all smartphone sizes.

9,59 £ on Amazon

The main advantage of this bike phone holder is its compatibility with all handlebars and all smartphones. Indeed, it attaches to your bike with an elastic silicon belt and holds your devices with bands designed with the same material for optimal fixation. All phones and GPS with a width between 4.5 and 6.5 inches can be put on this support, even if you have to pull the bands when the device is 6 inches or more.

With this bike phone mount, you can freely access all the buttons on your screen without taking your eyes off the road for too long. Although it's compatible with all types of bikes, it's a favorite among mountain bike, ATV and motorcycle owners. Ultra light, this bike phone holder weighs only 80 grams.

Gadista France Bike Bag and Frame for Phone 3

Best premium value for money

Gadista France Bike Bag and Frame for Phone

The best high-end bike phone mount

In addition to getting a connected bike phone mount, you also gain an on-board waterproof pouch for storing your belongings.

20 £ on Amazon

With this high-end phone holder, you no longer need to draw or enter a code to open your device, because it features Gadista France's exclusive fingerprint reader, which is compatible with all smartphones. It is also possible to use facial recognition for unlocking. Of course, your smartphone will be safe and secure on this holder, which has a protective visor against UV rays and a thin PU waterproof plastic film.

Underneath the phone, you have a seamless, waterproof, zippered pocket that is large enough to hold your wallet, house keys or bike lock, spare battery, bike multifunction tool etc. As for attaching this kit to your frame, just firmly attach the 4 adjustable velcro straps to keep the whole thing stable even if you are riding on a bumpy road.

Lemego Support téléphone vélo étanche 4

Top waterproof

Lemego Support téléphone vélo étanche

The best waterproof bike phone mount

In addition to being a waterproof holder, this tool is a real protection for your phone. The icing on the cake: a waterproof, snowproof and dustproof storage pouch!

15,19 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best bicycle phone holder

Any specific needs?

The best bike phone mount in 2021

The best entry-level bike phone mount

The best high-end bike phone mount

The best waterproof bike phone mount

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Comparison table of the best bike phone holders

Grefay Bike Smartphone Holder 5
Bovon Bike Mount-3 6
Gadista France Bike Bag and Frame for Phone 7
Lemego Support téléphone vélo étanche 8
Grefay Bike Smartphone Holder
Bovon Bike Mount-3
Gadista France Bike Bag and Frame for Phone
Lemego Support téléphone vélo étanche
This bike phone holder is universally compatible. It can be attached to handlebars from 22 to 32 mm and has 4 clamps to ensure your phone is properly secured.
The words "universal compatibility" come into their own with this inexpensive bike phone mount. It fits all handlebar diameters and all smartphone sizes.
In addition to getting a connected bike phone mount, you also gain an on-board waterproof pouch for storing your belongings.
In addition to being a waterproof holder, this tool is a real protection for your phone. The icing on the cake: a waterproof, snowproof and dustproof storage pouch!
Silicone elastic
Carbon polyester composite + TPU
Screw-in clamp
Silicone belt
4 velcro straps
Swivel head
Compatible device width
3.5 to 6.5 inches
4.5 to 6.5 inches
Up to 6.5 inches
Up to 6.5 inches
Compatible handlebar diameter
22 to 32 mm
Polyvalent (frame mount)
Up to 45 mm

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Buying guide - bicycle phone holder

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How to choose your bicycle phone holder

Are you looking for the best bike phone mount to enjoy your rides, while keeping your smartphone within reach? The variety of models that exist today will surely complicate the task, unless you start with the right selection criteria. Find out which ones!

#1 - compatibility

The parameter to take into account before anything else is none other than the compatibility of the phone holder with your mobile device. You will have the choice between :

  • A specific case model designed for a specific phone brand or reference
  • A universal case model designed to accommodate any brand or model of phone

If the bike phone mounts with specific case immediately and unquestionably adapt to the size of your smartphone, the universal versions as for them, are adjustable. In addition, you should also consider the compatibility of the accessory with your two wheels. If you have a mountain bike, for example, make sure your phone holder is as sturdy and of good quality as the bike itself to absorb shocks during the ride.In any case, your choice will depend mainly on your smartphone, then on your comfort of use. Indeed, just as compatibility between the 3 pieces of equipment (the smartphone, the mount and the bike) is a must, the size of the accessory should not hinder your movements.

#2 - fixing

Of course, so that your phone mount can be attached to the handlebars or stem of your bike, a good support is required. Once again, you will have to choose between :

  • An elastic band attachment that offers excellent visibility of the smartphone screen, but is not as convenient to hold as it looks
  • A hook mount that offers an easy grip, but can still obstruct your view the way it holds the smartphone

Be aware that these two types of mounts have no risk of coming off the bike, as they are designed to keep the smartphone on a fixed point. In any case, the most stable and reliable bike phone mounts for navigating rough trails remain those with hooks.

#3 - resistance

The durability and effectiveness of your bike phone mount systematically rely on the quality of manufacture. Typically, this equipment is designed in plastic or metal, with silicone or rubber grips. Their resistance depends on the capacity of the material to absorb frequent handling, heat, dust, dirt and above all humidity. There are waterproof models that can be used even in the rainy season, with a waterproof protective cover for your smartphone. Also, some have an anti-vibration system so that the smartphone does not suffer any impact after a shake. Finally, other models have anti-shock and anti-slip properties if you fall off your two-wheeler by accident.

#4 - practicality


enjoy your smartphone as much as possible, choose the most functional bike phone mounts. Since your comfort of use is at stake, consider options such as:

  • The adjustable viewing angle especially since modern bike phone mounts are 360° adjustable
  • The external battery to enjoy your smartphone as much as you want without fear of running out of battery
  • The waterproof and/or anti-UV cover to best protect your phone
  • The reversibility in case you want to position your smartphone vertically rather than horizontally

How to fix a phone holder on a handlebar ?

An essential tool to keep your smartphone safe during your bike ride, the phone mount will be a great help. It is therefore very important to know how to properly attach it to the handlebars of your bike. To do this, you will need an Allen key, a flathead screwdriver, a caliper and an adapter.

In order to properly attach your bracket, it is important to measure the tube that will hold it. The most common mechanism used for the installation of the support is the rigid ring. It is screwed to the handlebar with a nut. But no matter which tool you use, installation is not a complicated task.

Start by inserting the adapter into the top of your mounting bracket. You'll need to use the rubber band to cushion your bracket and protect the tube. Next, place the two parts, the lower and the upper, around the handlebars. Then tighten them with the screws that are at your disposal.

Now, you must place the clamping ring without screwing it and engage the plate. Now, before tightening the ring by hand, you can choose the arrangement that suits you. And now you have the phone holder fixed on the handlebar. Now you can put your phone in the case. A word of advice, don't forget to check the condition of your bike phone holder regularly, as it may be loose or cracked.

The different types of bike phone holders

Even if they are ordinary and classic accessories, it is still essential to know the different kinds of bike phone mounts. There's no need to rush into your choice, take a look at the models that exist on the market to choose the one that really meets your expectations.

Housing supports

As the name suggests, these bike phone mounts consist of a block on one side and a case on the other. The block allows you to attach the case to the handlebars or stem of the bicycle, while the case serves as a case for the smartphone. But the latter has the specificity to correspond only to a single brand of phone (iPhone, Nexus, Samsung ...) or a single reference (iPhone S6, Samsung Galaxy S8, etc.). The two components of the holder are then connected and you are ready to go for a bike ride with your phone at hand.


  • Ideal for specific devices
  • Excellent phone stability and fixation
  • Usually rotates 360


  • Do not match with all smartphones

Who is it for?

If you drive your own two-wheeler and use it on a regular basis, this type of bike phone mount is for you. The kit is specifically designed for your use and you'll get a reliable hold to boot.

Universal supports

The reason they are called that is because these bike phone mounts are compatible with any brand and model of mobile device. They are the most sold and used models because of their practicality. Their range is adjustable according to the size of the phone used and they attach with ease to the handlebars or stem of the bicycle.


  • Compatible with the majority of current smartphones
  • Compatible with any protective cover
  • Adjustable to the user's liking


  • Reliability of attachment is slightly less than with a case holder

Who is it for?

If several cyclists ride the same bike, we recommend that you lean towards this type of bike phone holder. This way, you'll avoid removing and replacing it every time the bike is passed from one hand to another. In addition, those who have two smartphones at the same time will be happy with this all-purpose accessory, whose level of security is not to be complained about.

Frame bags

These bike phone mounts are the most versatile because in addition to offering a case to hold the smartphone, they also offer a pocket in which the cyclist can store small items. Mini mp3 player, headphones, keys, lighters, cigarettes, wallet and other useful accessories will easily find their place. The entire kit attaches to the lower level of the handlebars, which does not allow constant access to the smartphone.


  • Ideal for storing bulky items
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not practical for consulting the phone

Who is it for?

Want to go light without a backpack or fanny pack to weigh you down during your ride? Bet on this type of bike phone holder that is also a great pocket saver.

3 good reasons to have a bike phone holder

Practical accessory

For those who love cycling and have an adventurous spirit, the bike phone holder is a must have. Thanks to this small accessory, they can use the GPS of their smartphone and consult it as much as they want. In addition, it is also an essential piece of equipment for listening to music on the bike, and for using other applications hands-free. If you receive a phone call or want to make one while pedaling and keeping your eyes on the road, the holder will hold your smartphone which will be connected to your hands-free kit.

Secure accessory

Many cyclists are still hesitant about using a bike phone holder for fear that their smartphone will fall out during the ride. Others are afraid of falling off their bike and damaging their phone in the process. Yet, these accessories were designed to securely hold the device. A good quality bike phone mount eliminates all risks and offers ultimate reliability.

Accessible and comfortable accessory

It's a fact that it's hard to keep your smartphone in your hand while pedaling and riding straight. Also, putting it in the pocket is far from comfortable knowing that the device can really interfere with the cyclist's movements. Of course, using a fanny pack or backpack to store it is still an option, but the smartphone would not be within the rider's reach. Far from being cumbersome and offering incomparable accessibility and optimal comfort, the bike phone holder remains the right solution.

The best brands of bike phone holders

In our opinion, the best brands of bike phone holders in 2022 are :


Velmia is a German brand specialized in bicycle accessories and everything related to bicycles. It is very active in Germany and throughout Europe. The brand is robust and of high quality, so it is reliable. Your smartphone will be safe with its bike phone holder.

For the Shapeheart brand, there is nothing more practical than having a well-equipped smartphone! The company therefore started manufacturing mobile phone accessories that are useful in everyday life, such as its phone holders, whose innovative design makes them easier to use. Users are won over by the wide variety of products available, whatever the activity practiced (cycling, bike racing, motocross, jogging, etc.).

Fitfort is a famous brand in the world of sports. It can be found on trackers with blood pressure and heart rate monitors and currently on bike phone holders. According to the surveys obtained from customer reviews, Fitfort is a reliable and very successful brand.

Lamicall is one of the best phone holder brands, and is fully dedicated to the design and manufacture of ergonomic phone and tablet holders. The Lamicall bike phone mount is definitely the accessory to have if you want to simplify your life.

Wizgear is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality technology accessories that are known for their high reliability. With durability and modern design in every detail, Wizgear is committed to bringing reliable power, convenient positioning, ergonomic interaction and personalized protection to everyone, everywhere.

What is the price for a bicycle phone holder

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

8 £ to 13 £
13 £ to 22 £
more than 22 £
Price range diagram


It is mandatory to follow the instructions for the first installation

If this is your first bike phone mount, be sure to read the instructions and follow the directions for use to ensure proper installation. Even if you've used several bike mounts before, it's still a good idea to review the instructions, as all models have their own specificities.

Install and remove your phone only when it is switched off

Never venture to install or remove your smartphone while you are still pedaling. For your safety, but also to make sure your phone is secure, always remember to stop before doing any manipulation.

Test the sturdiness of the holder before using it on the road


your mount is installed and your phone is attached to it, take a quick ride on your bike to make sure the whole setup is perfectly stable. By the way, sudden movements are to be preferred to ensure the safety of the installation.

Keep your eyes on the road as much as possible

Even though

the phone mount is about giving you free access to your smartphone even while you're on the bike, don't minimize the Highway Code in any way. Keep your eyes on the road as much as possible to focus on obstacles, traffic signs, and traffic lights. Your safety and the safety of other road users always comes first!

Use a waterproof cover to protect your device


addition to the bike phone mount, also consider purchasing a waterproof and/or UV protective cover so that the device is accessible in all circumstances even in the rain. This is also a must-have accessory to ensure the durability of your mount, especially if it is not waterproof.


What is the best bike phone mount?

The best bike phone mount depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

Is there a risk of the phone coming off the stand?

There's no risk of your phone coming loose from its mount while you're riding, as long as you choose high-quality equipment. Low-end models tend to break down under vibration and shocks, which is why the strength of your bike phone mount is essential.

Should the phone holder be removed from the bike after use?

If you use your bike a lot and everyone has their own phone holder, it goes without saying that the one you are using must always be removed. With a universal holder, however, there is no reason to remove and install the holder every time you use the bike.

What if I change my phone?

One of the reasons why universal bike phone mounts are so popular with most cyclists is to deal with contingencies like this. Unless you've chosen a universal model beforehand, you'll have to replace yours whenever you change your smartphone.

Where to buy a bike phone holder?

Bicycle phone mounts are accessories that are definitely on the market. You can easily find them in a shop specializing in sports or cycling equipment, in electronic stores or on e-commerce sites to find the best value for money.


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Grefay Bike Smartphone Holder
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