The best clamshell cell phones for seniors in the UK 2023

Older people and the latest communication devices rarely go together. Giving the latest iPhone to a senior citizen is not necessarily going to make him happy if he has trouble using it. However, they need a cell phone to stay in touch with their friends and relatives. And in this regard, the senior clamshell cell phone is a flagship product. Use our guide to make the right choice.

Uleway G340D 1

Editor's Choice

Uleway G340D

The best senior clamshell phone of 2021

This phone is easy to handle with its large buttons and intuitive operation. It is therefore suitable for elderly people. The presence of speed dial buttons will be useful in case of emergency.

35,99 £ on Amazon

The Uleway G340D features a dual screen. Incoming messages and calls are displayed on the front and keep you up to date with the news. The keypad has large buttons with clearly legible numbers. So it will be easy to reach a contact in case of need. Its 32 GB storage capacity will allow you to save various multimedia content such as photos, music or videos.

This senior clamshell cell phone offers 3 shortcut keys M1, M2 and M3. These keys allow you to contact in one click your relatives such as a child, the home help... Regarding the battery, it has a capacity of 900 mAh, which is sufficient to make continuous calls all day. Note that the Uleway G340D comes in 5 colors.

Easyphone Prime-Flip 2

Best Cheap

Easyphone Prime-Flip

The best entry-level senior clamshell phone

The classic design of the Easyphone Prime-Flip makes it so easy to use. When a loved one calls you, a simple gesture allows you to answer them. This phone comes with a charging station.

35,19 £ on Amazon

The Easyphone Prime-Flip has a classic flip design that makes it easy to use. Simply open the flip to pick up the phone and close it to hang up. The buttons on the keypad are large enough for ease of use. In addition, the numbers are clearly visible for easy dialing. It should be noted that this device also incorporates a Big Volume system, which amplifies the sound level for the hearing impaired.

In terms of accessories, this flip phone for seniors is sold with a charging cradle. This one charges the battery while acting as a location. Yes, it can accommodate the phone as a support, which avoids misplacing it. And thanks to the presence of a voice keyboard, you can simply press the number button to quickly find a contact.

Doro 6620 3

Best High End

Doro 6620

The best high-end senior clamshell phone

The Doro 6620 is a reference in terms of clamshell cell phone for seniors. It has a large screen for better readability. The GPS function helps relatives determine the user's location.

71,99 £ on Amazon

The Doro 6620 has a 2.8 inch screen offering better readability of all the information displayed. But the special feature of this senior clamshell cell phone is that it has a GPS function that allows you to locate the exact position of the user. Thus, if the parent gets lost, you will be able to find his or her trail from your smartphone.

Also note that this mobile is compatible with hearing aids type HAC. The HD sound offers a clear rendering during calls. About the features, you should know that the Doro 6620 has a 3 MP camera to capture beautiful photos and keep good memories. The 4 direct access keys allow you to save your loved ones and call them easily if needed.

Doro 2404 4

Alternative Cheap

Doro 2404

The best entry-level alternative

Half the price of the Doro 6620, the Doro 2404 is still half as good! Among its advantages, it includes an assistance button to warn your loved ones or the nurse in case of emergency.

39,20 £ on Amazon

Practical, the Doro 2404 offers the possibility to answer incoming calls easily by opening the clamshell. Likewise, you can hang up in a single gesture. This 2G senior clamshell cell phone can also accommodate 2 SIM cards and offers a variety of useful everyday features. For example, the visual ring indicator lights up when there is a notification.

On the back is a photo sensor, always useful. And for the storage of multimedia files (music, photo, video), there is a slot for micro SD card. The help button is used to notify your loved ones in case of emergency. Finally, the Doro 2404 is sold at half the price of the Doro 6620.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best senior clamshell phone

Any specific needs?

The best senior clamshell phone of 2021

The best entry-level senior clamshell phone

The best high-end senior clamshell phone

The best entry-level alternative

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Comparison table of the best clamshell cell phones for seniors

Uleway G340D 5
Easyphone Prime-Flip 6
Doro 6620 7
Doro 2404 8
Uleway G340D
Easyphone Prime-Flip
Doro 6620
Doro 2404
This phone is easy to handle with its large buttons and intuitive operation. It is therefore suitable for elderly people. The presence of speed dial buttons will be useful in case of emergency.
The classic design of the Easyphone Prime-Flip makes it so easy to use. When a loved one calls you, a simple gesture allows you to answer them. This phone comes with a charging station.
The Doro 6620 is a reference in terms of clamshell cell phone for seniors. It has a large screen for better readability. The GPS function helps relatives determine the user's location.
Half the price of the Doro 6620, the Doro 2404 is still half as good! Among its advantages, it includes an assistance button to warn your loved ones or the nurse in case of emergency.
2.4 inch
2 inch
2.8 inch
2.4 inches
GPS location
900 mAh
800 mAh
800 mAh
1000 mAh

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Buying guide - senior clamshell phone

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How to choose your senior clamshell phone

Before choosing a flip phone for seniors, there are certain criteria to consider. And these are not necessarily the same as those to be identified for a classic cell phone.

#1 - Handling

A flip phone for seniors should be easy to use in all circumstances. So, choose a model with an intuitive menu that displays all the basic functions such as messaging, directory or notifications. The presence of an SOS button is also useful to quickly contact relatives in case of emergency. In addition, a flashing light on the phone to alert you of new notifications or to signal a missed call. This can be disabled, however.

#2 - Ergonomics

Opt for a model that incorporates "shortcut" keys to make direct calls very quickly. For the screen, choose a model that offers a clear display. This means that it should be large enough and larger than 2 inches. This will allow for better readability of all the information listed such as contacts, messaging or phonebook.

#3 - Sound level

As we age, humans lose visual capacity. The same is true for the auditory capacity. This is particularly the case for seniors who often have problems related to hearing. In concrete terms, the volume of a telephone for seniors should be around 50 dB. This sound level is suitable for seniors. For the volume of ringtones, it is generally necessary 90 dB in order to hear the notifications well (messages, incoming calls...).

#4 - Charging type

In a general way, you have 2 choices as regards the recharge: wired and by base. The first type is classic, known to all. You just have to plug the mobile into the mains to charge its battery. Nevertheless, some seniors with reduced mobility may have difficulty with this system. For the second type, the phone will have to use a charging station or cradle. This also acts as a reference location to avoid misplacing the phone.

#5 - Features

Concerning the network, 3G remains more efficient and faster than 2G. So opt for a 3G mobile to enjoy a wider and more responsive network. Few senior clamshell phones have a native 4G network. Some models include a dual screen, a camera, a calendar or a memory function. The latter is particularly useful to avoid a senior forgetting to take medication at a certain time.

#6 - Multimedia functions

Some models of senior clamshell phones give you the possibility to transfer multimedia content. Sending files like music or photos is usually done via Bluetooth. You just need to pair your mobile with another one to make it work.

Communicating is an essential need for every human being, even more so for seniors as they often suffer from loneliness. In addition to visits from relatives, the telephone remains one of the most used means of keeping in touch, friends, children and grandchildren.

However, seniors are not necessarily comfortable using new technologies. In fact, they may have difficulty coping with it for many reasons. To remedy this, portable devices specially designed for seniors are available on the market. But what really differentiates these from the general public models?

Differences between senior clamshell cell phones and regular phones

Senior clamshell cell phones usually have a large enough keypad to dial numbers easily. In addition, the keys are usually spaced out to make using the phone much easier. When receiving a call, they just have to open the clamshell to pick up the phone, a simple gesture that allows them to answer quickly.

The volume is generally higher since seniors often have a hearing problem. This way, they will hear the ringing better when someone calls or texts them. During a discussion on the phone, for example, they will not have trouble listening to their interlocutor.

As far as functionality is concerned, senior citizen mobiles have an intuitive interface. It will be easy for them to access the menus or to read the information written on it. The size of the screen is even larger than the models for the general public.

In most cases, phones for seniors have an "SOS button". This is used to quickly alert loved ones if health or other problems arise. You could think of it as an emergency button.

Why should I buy a flip phone for seniors?

As people age, it is normal for them to find it difficult to use the latest smartphone with complex functions. That's why seniors are simply not used to using them. The models adapted for them are therefore specially designed to be easy to use.

Buying a flip phone for seniors is the best solution to give them a practical communication tool for everyday life. It will allow them to quickly reach the listed contacts in case of emergency. Indeed, the models for older people only integrate the basic functions of a telephone.

Seniors can make calls, send messages quickly or take pictures easily. They will have a useful communication tool that meets their needs.

The different types of clamshell cell phones for seniors

As with all mobile devices, senior clamshell cell phones fall into 3 categories: dual screen, dual SIM and 3G.

Senior clamshell cell phone with 2 screens

As its name suggests, this type of phone for seniors has two screens. The first one located on the front displays basic information such as the time, incoming calls, new messages or notifications. You don't need to open the cover to be alerted. This kind of product is for people who want to have a simple device but at the cutting edge of technology. If you are in this category, we recommend these phones.

Senior clamshell cell phone dual SIM

in the UK, there are several telephone operators and most subscribers subscribe to at least one of these providers. This is also true for seniors who have multiple SIMs. In this case, the dual SIM card flip phones would be the choice for them. Indeed, this category of products gives you the possibility to use two SIM cards simultaneously. Your registered contacts can therefore reach you more easily.

Senior clamshell cell phone 3G

In the senior phone market, there are models that work under the 3G network. Unlike the later Edge (or 2G) version, 3G is more powerful. It covers a larger area and offers a much higher data transfer rate than 2G. So if you're looking for a high-performance senior phone with better call quality, go for the 3G models.

Cell phone for seniors with a single shell or a clamshell?

Single shell phone for seniors

This kind of cell phone for seniors is still very common in the cell phone market. It has a classic shape characteristic of normal models. The buttons present remain large with clearly readable numbers. And to answer incoming calls, you have to press a button. If you are looking for a classic cell phone, but which meets the needs of a senior citizen in terms of functionality, these mobiles will suit you.

Cell phone for senior citizens

The senior clamshell cell phone owes its popularity to its simplicity. To turn it on, simply open the clamshell and press the red button above the "3" button for a few seconds. This is the same as for the classic models. Models of this type allow you to pick up the phone in a single gesture so that the user has no trouble answering incoming calls. Just as to hang up, you just have to close the flap.


Between single shell and clamshell cell phones, the choice can be difficult. Seniors who want to have a practical and easy-to-use device will find a senior clamshell phone to their liking. On the other hand, single-shell phones are mostly for fans of classic mobiles. Otherwise, if grandma or grandpa loves high-tech objects, offer him the latest smartphone!

Why buy a senior clamshell cell phone?

Easy to use

One of the main advantages of flip phones for seniors is their ease of use. Indeed, picking up and hanging up is easy. You don't even need to press a button to do so. And for adding a contact, it is done naturally. Simply go to the "phonebook", click OK on "add new contact" and dial the name of the person with the number to be saved. They are ideal for seniors.

Practical device

Clamshell cell phones for seniors usually have a dual screen. Thus, it will be possible to have an overview of the notifications without having to open the clamshell. This facilitates the exchange of information and allows the user to keep up to date with the various notifications.

Features suitable for seniors

These phones have an SOS button on the back or side. By pressing it for a few seconds, the senior citizen alerts one of his pre-registered contacts. If no one answers after 20 or 25 seconds, another person will be called.

Ergonomic tool

Not only are senior clamshell phones easy to hold, but they also have well-spaced keys. This allows the user to compose or write messages more easily, which is an undeniable advantage of this type of device.

Compatible with hearing aids

Many flip phones have better sound amplification, both for conversations and ringtones. This means that people with hearing problems will not have to worry about using them. They will always be able to hear clearly the voices of their interlocutor during the discussions.

Higher contrast screen

The screens on flip phones are often of good quality and have a sharper resolution. Thus, the user will benefit from a device with a clear and perfectly readable display. We all know that seniors have vision problems, and reading becomes a real challenge for them. With this type of mobile device, they will have no trouble deciphering the contents on his phone.

The best brands of clamshell cell phones for seniors

In our opinion, the best brands of clamshell cell phones for seniors in 2022 are :


Doro is a reference in the manufacture of communication tools for the elderly. Founded around 1974 in Sweden, this leading company offers a range of cell phones for senior citizens. It provides its customers with easy-to-use products, including the Doro 2404 and the Doro 6620.

Swissvoice works in the development of mobile and fixed phones. Its products are aimed at the hearing impaired and senior citizens. As such, it is one of the leading designers of communication tools for the third age. However, most of the models provided by Swissvoice integrate recent technologies.

This German brand offers all kinds of models that meet the needs of the elderly. For 25 years, it has always focused on quality, service as well as design on all devices sold on the market. Moreover, the phones from Amplicomms are distinguished by their comfort and ease of use.

Created in the early 1991's, Emporia is an Austrian phone brand. The products of this brand are suitable for seniors as it develops and markets various communication tools for the elderly. Present in nearly 30 countries around the world, it offers a range of quality phones for users. It should be noted that the mobiles of this brand are renowned for their performance and ease of use. In addition, the items sold by Emporia integrate for the most part various accessories for a simpler use.

Maxcom is among the phone brands that offer intuitive, fast and easy to use products for seniors. It seeks to bridge the gap between technophiles and seniors by offering the latter practical cell phones for everyday use. Moreover, its mobiles integrate large keys to dial numbers.

What is the price for a senior clamshell phone

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

35 £ to 60 £
60 £ to 130 £
more than 130 £
Price range diagram


Prefer models with an easy-to-use keyboard

A senior's phone will be more convenient if it has a large keyboard. Not only will it improve the grip, but writing a short message for loved ones will become much easier. The numbers on each key should be clearly visible. This will make it easy to dial when needed. It is also recommended that the spacing between the keys allows for convenient daily use.

Opt for devices with a GPS function

The GPS function can be very useful when choosing a phone for seniors. This one proves to be efficient to determine with precision the user's location if ever he gets lost. Indeed, it is not uncommon for an elderly person to get lost when going out to do the shopping for example. The presence of a GPS makes it possible to trace his movements and to determine his exact position in this kind of situation.

Don't neglect the sound level

Elderly individuals often have hearing problems. They cannot hear clearly what is being said during a discussion. Because of this, a senior clamshell cell phone needs to offer a good sound level. If possible, buy models that are hearing aid compatible. These phones are suitable for seniors who use this system to hear better. Thus, they will be able to enjoy a practical communication tool despite their disability.

Consider additional features

Opt for a model that integrates an address book that can be associated with photos. In other words, the number of each contact must be attached to a photo so that the senior can quickly identify the person calling. Even if this is only a detail for some, it will facilitate the use of the cell phone on a daily basis. Always remember that a senior may have trouble remembering a number and a picture will help them determine if it's a loved one trying to reach them.

Don't forget to add contacts for emergencies

Presumably all senior phones include an SOS button used to alert loved ones in case of emergency. Because of this, configure the device before you give it to the user. You must add a list of at least 3 people. We recommend that you include family members, close friends or even a doctor in this list. These people can then intervene if a problem arises.


How to add a contact on a senior clamshell cell phone?

To do this, simplyenter the phonebook of your phone. Then press "add a new contact". Then dial the number you want to save, being careful not to make any mistakes. Once it is done, add the name of the contact and save. In some cases, you can also associate a picture to your contacts to identify them more easily.

How to turn on a senior clamshell cell phone?

All flip phones have an end call button. This is usually in red and located below the first key on the right. When you open the clamshell, press this button for a few seconds. Normally, the screen should light up and your mobile will start. Now you can use it to communicate with your closest friends and family.

How to disable the flashing light on a senior clamshell cell phone?

The flashing light usually comes on to alert you that you've received new notifications. However, some people prefer to turn it off or disable it. With that in mind, go to the general display menu. Then find the "setting" section and click "OK". Then click on "turn off flashing". Besides, the light will no longer light up unless you turn it back on.

How to put music on a senior clamshell cell phone?

The easiest way would be to transfer via Bluetooth. To do this, you need to activate your Bluetooth by going to "Settings", then "Bluetooth" and "Enable Bluetooth". Then, pair your device with the sender's device. Then, a notification will be sent to you and click on OK. The data transfer will then take place (with a small charge) and you will receive the music files on your flip phone.


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Uleway G340D 9
Uleway G340D
Easyphone Prime-Flip 10
Easyphone Prime-Flip
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Doro 6620
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