The best car phone holders in the UK 2023

in the UK, 1 accident out of 10 is due to the use of a phone while driving. To remedy this, practical solutions exist today such as hands-free kits and Bluetooth headsets that you can associate with a car phone holder so that the phone can remain within sight during the journey. Between the fixing system, sturdiness, compatibility, etc. find the best model via this guide.

BASEUS cell phone holder 1

Best value

BASEUS cell phone holder

The best phone mount in 2021

Make way for the best stability! You will have understood, the quality of fixing, it is in the supports telephone car CD that we find it...

18,08 £ on Darty

Although there are fewer and fewer vehicles with a car radio with a CD player, manufacturers continue to offer the best models of CD car phone holders to those who have them. It seems that the best of these versions is the CD car phone holder: universal and above all reliable in terms of stability.

Made mainly of light but sturdy aluminum alloy, it takes the shape of a CD player to slide effectively into the slot without the slightest risk of falling. The platform, which is adorned with protective foam at the jaws, is able to accommodate any smartphone less than 10 cm wide. In addition, the support is rotatable 360 °, just to meet your needs in terms of sight and handling.

MOBILIS suction cup holder 2

Best cheap

MOBILIS suction cup holder

The best entry-level car phone mount

Among the best sellers this year, this model particularly stands out thanks to its strength and flexibility. This is a car phone holder that really offers an excellent quality/price ratio!

4,78 £ on Electrodepot

Many will tell you that it is a simple model among many others and yet, we mainly like the flexibility of the Mobilis suction cup car phone holder. Its success is proven by the record it holds with users, most of whom are completely won over! Car phone holder with universal suction cup, it is easily installed on the windshield and welcomes most smartphones.

Equipped with a flexible arm, it can be adjusted according to your needs in order to provide a more optimal view of your screen. Another plus is that the accessory is equipped with foam pads that protect the phone while it's attached to the holder. To sum up, this versatile model is able to accompany you on your daily car trips!

DesertWest 2021 Dernière Edition

Best high end

DesertWest 2021 edition

The best high-end car phone mount

Discover the latest version of the DesertWest. This smartphone holder will help you drive while checking your emails and messages without putting you in danger.

14,27 £ on Amazon

The latest edition of the DesertW is the best version of this series of car phone holders. It was designed to help you keep your smartphone in sight and in hand while driving. The powerful suction cup secures it to the dashboard. The retractable arm supports the smartphone and provides great stability. The device can be put down in a single movement and its position can be changed.

The structure of the holder is made of aluminum. The arm that comes into contact with the smartphone is made of leatherette and TPU gel to avoid scratching the shell. You can adjust it to an angle of 270 ° and extend it up to 18 cm. Considering the features of the DesertWest 2021 edition, you can be sure to get a well-made car phone holder without putting all your savings into it.

Syncwire SW-MPH239


Syncwire SW-MPH239

The most convenient car phone mount

The Syncwire SW-MPH239 is a magnetic car phone holder. Stable, it is made of high quality materials and fits mainly on the air vent.

13,59 £ on Amazon

Do you find the installation of arm phone mounts too complex? Why not turn to a magnet-based model like the Syncwire SW-MPH239? It has 4 powerful neodymium magnets that hold the smartphone more effectively. This way, you'll have less trouble placing and removing it from the holder because of its toothed clip made of rubber.

The Syncwire SW-MPH239 attaches to the air vent, whether it's horizontal, vertical or angled. It supports a rotating head that can rotate a full 360°. Simply rotate it to find the best viewing angle for your smartphone. Every part of this car phone mount is made of high quality material, including aluminum alloy.

Ugreen 40907


Ugreen 40907

A great choice

With the Ugreen 40907, you can drive while consulting the contents of your smartphone in complete safety. Of course, it comes at a very affordable price.

11,99 £ on Amazon

The Ugreen 40907 has a sober, yet refined look that will fit in your car's interior. But it is not only for decoration. Indeed, it will serve primarily as a support for your smartphone. The accessory consists of 3 clamping arms that lock the smartphone and keep it stable in all circumstances. However, it is easy to put and remove the cell phone. You can do it in one move with one hand.

This car phone holder is compatible with the majority of smartphones on the market. All models with screens from 4.7 to 7 inches are supportedwithout any problem. In addition to all these qualities, the Ugreen 40907 is sold at an almost unbeatable price. Its stability is due in particular to its rubber coating.

Essentielb smartphone holder Car magnetic air vent 3

Alternative cheap

Essentielb smartphone holder Car magnetic air vent

An entry-level alternative

While suction cup holders are still in vogue, those with a magnet holding system are also on the rise. Practical, original and easy to use, here is the model to adopt this year!

7,99 £ on Boulanger

Ultra-resistant magnets to hold the smartphone in the desired position, clamps that grip well, adjustable device at will ... What more could you ask for than the Essentielb magnetic car phone holder? It must be said that this model is in fact a 2 in 1 version, because it is at the same time a car phone holder with a ventilation grid. Indeed, its clamps come to hang firmly on the ventilation of the vehicle.

Nevertheless, it is mainly a magnetic phone holder knowing that the holding system is done through magnet. The platform can be oriented towards you as you wish, so that you have a better view. The icing on the cake: this car phone holder is suitable for any smartphone model. Practical, isn't it?

Buying guide • November 2023

Best car phone holder

Any specific needs?

The best phone mount in 2021

The best entry-level car phone mount

The best high-end car phone mount

The most convenient car phone mount

A great choice

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Comparison table of the best car phone holders

TOP OF THE TOP LOW COST PRATICAL Excellent Alternative cheap
BASEUS cell phone holder 4
MOBILIS suction cup holder 5
DesertWest 2021 Dernière Edition
Syncwire SW-MPH239
Ugreen 40907
Essentielb smartphone holder Car magnetic air vent 6
BASEUS cell phone holder
MOBILIS suction cup holder
DesertWest 2021 edition
Syncwire SW-MPH239
Ugreen 40907
Essentielb smartphone holder Car magnetic air vent
Make way for the best stability! You will have understood, the quality of fixing, it is in the supports telephone car CD that we find it...
Among the best sellers this year, this model particularly stands out thanks to its strength and flexibility. This is a car phone holder that really offers an excellent quality/price ratio!
Discover the latest version of the DesertWest. This smartphone holder will help you drive while checking your emails and messages without putting you in danger.
The Syncwire SW-MPH239 is a magnetic car phone holder. Stable, it is made of high quality materials and fits mainly on the air vent.
With the Ugreen 40907, you can drive while consulting the contents of your smartphone in complete safety. Of course, it comes at a very affordable price.
While suction cup holders are still in vogue, those with a magnet holding system are also on the rise. Practical, original and easy to use, here is the model to adopt this year!
Type of installation
CD drive slot
Suction cup
Suction cup
Clamp (on the air vent) and magnet
Gravity (horizontal venting grid)
Clamp (on venting grid) and magnet
Compatible phones
Any smartphone less than 10 cm wide
All brands
All phones and thick cases
All equipment up to 400 g (smartphone and GPS)
From 4.7 to 7.12 inches
All brands
10 x 11.5cm
No communication
12.6 x 12.4 x 7.8 cm
11.4 x 11.2 x 0.12 cm
Not provided
Not reported
92 g
300 g
120 g
Not provided
Main advantage
Increased stability
Soft arm
10 times extra strong suction cup with gel pad
Automatic locking system

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How to choose your car phone holder

Did you know that a simple and small inattention at the wheel is enough to cause an accident, be it minor or serious? That said, despite the glaring figures on the road death rate, using a smartphone at all times is unavoidable to stay connected, even while driving. If this is your case, you might as well equip yourself in the best way possible, in order to avoid the danger! The revolutionary car phone holder is an accessory that's not always given its due. But for now, if you've decided to buy one, you're in the right place! Let's take a quick tour through the list of important criteria for choosing the right car phone holder for your needs!

#1 - Compatibility with the phone(s)

Before you buy a car phone mount, it's crucial to know if it's right for your smartphone. It's all about the size of the mount, otherwise you'll end up buying a model that doesn't fit. You can choose between :

  • A universal holder that fits any type of phone thanks to its adjustable width so that it can be widened or narrowed
  • A specific support to a brand or to a single reference of smartphone; in other words, it is an accessory that is adapted only to a single model of phone. The big leaders in this market are Samsung and iPhone.

It goes without saying that a car mount of the same brand as your smartphone is by far more reliable and practical. However, there is another criterion to take into account if there are several of you driving the same car and of course your phones have their own size. In this case, the universal phone holder remains the best alternative especially since the other variant is less widespread on the market.

#2 - The fixing system in the car

Make sure that the phone holder you choose is in harmony with the interior of your car. Beyond the aesthetics, this also relates to the space requirement as well as the driver's visibility comfort. On the other hand, the most important thing is how the accessory in question will be attached to the dashboard or windshield of the vehicle. Here again, you have another choice:

  • A clip
  • A suction cup
  • A clip

There are also other convenient mounting systems that involve sliding the bracket into the slot of the air vent or CD player.

#3 - The phone holding system

Compatibility, it's settled... Same goes for the mounting system in the car... It's time to choose the phone holding system. On the one hand, you'll ideally need to equip the holder with a non-slip mat for better fixation. On the other hand, you will have to define the way your smartphone will be fixed on its holder. Usually, the options available to you are:

  • A magnet : compliant with manufacturing standards and offering great comfort of use, this alternative is able to maintain the smartphone regardless of its weight provided that the shell is equipped with a magnet sticker
  • A hook or clamps : this alternative is much stronger and guarantees the stability of your smartphone throughout the journey, even on winding and tumultuous terrain

#4 - The rotation


says comfort of use and security, says rotation of the phone holder for car. This is a criterion that should not be taken lightly insofar as you must necessarily have a good visibility on the screen while keeping the most adequate position while driving. Most models offer a 360° rotation possibility, while others are limited to a 180° orientation. The 360°

car phone mounts are more recommended for comfortably handling a smartphone from all angles.

#5 - the solidity

You don't want to buy a car phone mount that is likely to break at the slightest bump or handling. Therefore, make sure you choose a solid and resistant equipment, and especially of good quality. Rely on the reputation of the brands while taking into account the material of manufacture. In addition to the design, the strength of the attachment system to the vehicle must be checked and confirmed if you want to avoid at all costs that your phone holder becomes unhooked and that it takes your device with it in the fall.

How to use a car phone holder?

An essential accessory for securing and supporting your cell phone in your car, a car phone holder allows you to drive safely while having access to your phone screen. It is well known that it is not allowed to handle a phone while driving.

For your safety and also in order to protect your phone, you must install it properly by following the manufacturer's instructions. This will also allow you to understand how the holder works. You must therefore read the instructions carefully to ensure that the mount is properly attached. Under no circumstances should you disregard the safety instructions. When you have put it in place, make a small test to see if the support works well.

It is essential to check the device before each departure. If you notice that it moves slightly when you go over rough roads, you need to fix the problem. To do this, you must first park your vehicle to make adjustments before getting back on the road. Note that it is important to install the mount and phone only while the vehicle is stopped.

Other than that, you must keep your hands free while driving or you must have at least one hand free while driving. You should also consider the risks of not using the phone properly. If you are distracted by your cell phone, it can cause an accident. Finally, you need to be careful when handling your phone holder so that you do not damage it.

The best places for a car phone holder

A car phone holder can offer you more possibilities depending on its location. It should not obstruct your controls and visibility when you are driving.

In most European countries, it is not illegal to install a car phone holder on the windshield, which is by far the best option for optimal suction cup grip. The windshield does a great job of keeping the air out and the suction in, so your phone will stay put, even if you're driving on rough roads. In larger vehicles with a large, vertically oriented windshield, the bottom center, top center (next to the rearview mirror) or side walls of the windshield are good places to install a car phone holder for good visibility and ease of use. In smaller vehicles with a steeply sloping windshield, stick the mount to the lower edges of the windshield.

Depending on your preferences and the configuration of your car, you probably have a number of locations that would also look great with a phone mount attached. Here are some good locations for car phone holders:

  • on smooth plastic surfaces at the front panel of the dashboard, such as around the stereo or next to the air vents,
  • through the slot of the CD player (for holders with corresponding fastening system)
  • through the air vents (for brackets with a clamp-type fastening system),
  • on the smooth plastic surfaces of the center consoles,
  • on the front of the driver's side window without compromising the visibility of the rear view mirror,
  • on the front plastic dashboard, directly below or above the steering wheel, so that a mounted phone can be clearly seen from the steering wheel.

The different types of car phone holders

The technology market has made great strides in recent years, making it difficult to find your way through the many accessories and choices available. Car phone mounts are no exception to the rule, as there are 5 types available on the market. To make your choice easier, take a look at the following.

The car phone holder with suction cup

This is probably the best known type of car phone holder of all, and the first model to be marketed. Easy to use, you just have to stick the suction cup on the windshield or on the dashboard and it's done! Of course, it is best to choose a quality model to guarantee the strength of the suction cup.

Advantages: This type of support is without context the easiest to use of all since it can be placed anywhere in the car. Besides that, its well thought-out fixing system gives it an exemplary stability for a hassle-free and secure ride. Also, its rotating function prevents you from being distracted when you make or receive a call.

Disadvantages : However, if the suction cup is not of good quality, the mount can come off easily. This can cause you to be suddenly startled and distracted when you are driving. It is therefore essential to ensure the quality of the suction cup. Apart from that, it is also possible that the vehicle interior is not compatible with the suction cups.

Who is it for? If you plan to hang your phone on the windshield of the vehicle, the suction cup phone holder is best suited, as the suction cup can easily be stuck to the glass rather than the dashboard.

Car phone holder with ventilation grid

Just after the suction cup model, the car phone holder is also known and widespread on the market. Its concept is also practical and simple: it is fixed on the ventilation grid that is on the vehicle's interior. This type of support is usually equipped with a clip to hold the smartphone.

Advantages: This type of car phone holder has a very secure fixing system in case of impact. It is also easy to handle and is particularly convenient for keeping an eye on the screen without fear of it moving or changing angle.

Disadvantages: The phone mount at the vent does not allow you to change its location, however. The holder cannot be installed anywhere other than at the air vent. Therefore, it cannot be moved at will. This is not very practical if you want to blow hot air into the car without damaging the phone.

Who is it for? If you're looking for a great mount, this model is for you! It is also a practical alternative in the long term. In fact, unlike the suction cup version, the system of fixing the phone holder to the air vent will never lose its effectiveness even after several months of use.

The car phone holder CD

Less used model, the CD car phone holder remains an interesting alternative for its excellent fixation. To put it simply, you won't get better stability with any other type of holder. Its clamps fit deep into the CD player so that it never moves, whether you're going up a hill or over a speed bump.

Advantages: This type of car phone holder has an excellent fastening system that ensures your phone remains stable under all circumstances. In addition, the device is ultra easy to install in the CD player.

Disadvantages: Despite the many advantages of the CD phone holder, it does not allow the use of the CD sector. You'll have to make do with the radio or USB player to listen to good music, since the CD player won't work while the holder is in place.

Who is it for? This type of car phone holder is for people who venture out on winding and rough roads very often, especially in rural areas. It is also suitable for vehicles equipped with a car radio with CD player. You can hang on to your smartphone without worrying about it slipping and falling under a seat.

The magnetic car phone holder

You will certainly have understood that this type of support is necessarily equipped with a magnet. It is easily fixed on any surface of the dashboard and you will have to equip the shell of your laptop with a sticker with a magnet so that the support can pick it up. You will be able to remove the device without any effort when you stop the car. Clever, isn't it?

Advantages: Easy to use, this type of holder can be placed anywhere and is rotatable for a pleasant and comfortable use experience. This makes holding your phone easier and faster while driving.

Disadvantages: If you are planning to buy this type of car phone holder, you are going to have to buy many magnet stickers in case there are multiple drivers. Also, since the magnets of the holder can loosen up with use, its mounting system may not be stable.

Who is it for? This car phone holder is convenient for any driver. However, it is best to stick to use away from rough and tumble roads as the magnets do not always guarantee a secure hold for the phone. Moreover, it is more suitable for cars that have only one fixed driver, knowing that it will be necessary to invest in many magnetic stickers if there are several of them.

Car phone holder for cigarette lighter

Innovative and still little known by the users, the car phone holder cigarette lighter offers essential features. It consists of an articulated arm that fits into the cigarette lighter socket.

Advantages: This support offers various functionalities such as holding and charging the smartphone. Ergonomic and practical, it is well articulated and rotatable for a pleasant use. The cigarette lighter holder is also very stable. In addition to holding the smartphone, it allows you to orient it as you wish and better still, it allows you to charge it. Some models have a double USB plug that allows you to charge two smartphones simultaneously.

Disadvantages : This type of support is unfortunately not cheap because to have it, you will have to pay the price. In addition to being expensive, it is also difficult to find on the market.

Who is it for? If you are planning to buy a high-end car phone holder, you should definitely choose this model. It is a model suitable for people who are constantly connected to their smartphone and may need battery charging at any time.

Car phone holder with magnet, suction cup or clip?

Car phone holder with magnet and suction cup

These two types of holders have the particularity of being fixed everywhere in the car's interior, especially on the windscreen or dashboard. Generally, they are connected to the phone holder by an articulated arm, which allows the phone to be completely accessible. And of course, their strong point is that they are very removable and have a 360° rotation angle.

However, the fastening systems can be ineffective on some materials and when faced with a very difficult situation such as rough roads, they can come off unexpectedly. The phone may even come loose from the holder.

Car phone holder clip

The holder with a clamp fastening system has the special feature of being able to be attached in a stable manner to the dashboard or the ventilation grille. It is firm, and the device is not cumbersome.

But the models with a clip do not necessarily fit all cars and are only accessible when the phone is in landscape mode. This limits the use of certain features. So be sure to check the type of clamp used for the attachment before buying a phone holder with a clamp.


Models with suction cups or magnets are more comfortable to use and more ergonomic, while mounts with clips are more efficient. To choose, focus on the criteria that seem most relevant, without forgetting to focus above all on the compatibility between your device and the mount.

The advantages of a car phone holder

1. a safety accessory

Even if you're an ace driver, the Highway Code states that no driver is allowed to have a phone in his hand while driving. Not surprisingly, the car phone holder is a driver's number one ally, as it prevents accidents and fines. But above all, it is the best way to guarantee your safety, that of your passengers and other road users. After all, everyone needs to have their phone at hand anytime, anywhere!

2. an ergonomic accessory

The car mount for smartphone is very easy to use thanks to its effectively fixed cradle. In a jiffy, you can quickly put your smartphone down or remove it from the holder without damaging it or wasting too much time when you get in or out of your car. Also, these accessories have been designed to be rotatable and fit perfectly to your position.

3) For the practicality it provides at a lower cost

Still for the sake of ergonomics? Previously, it was necessary to install an expensive video system on the headrests, something that not everyone could afford. Nowadays, it is possible to replace it with a car holder equipped with a smartphone or tablet.

4. a practical accessory

Installed in front of your eyes at all times, the car mount for smartphone allows you to make calls without any constraint. It is also ideal for consulting the GPS without parking or having your smartphone in hand while continuing your journey. In short, all maneuvers are made easier by the phone holder.

5. a functional accessory

Another plus among many that this device offers is that everyone wins. Just put your smartphone on it and send your playlist to enjoy it as much as you want. You don't have to hold it in your hands to switch from one music to another. Young children will also enjoy it. Indeed, you can keep them quiet by putting your smartphone on its support and playing cartoons or nursery rhymes so that they can enjoy them to their destination.

The best brands of car phone holders

In our opinion, the best brands of car phone holders in 2022 are :


Leader in the new technology equipment market, Wizgear has developed over the years, innovative devices in line with the needs of users. Its objective: to offer accessories that combine the best quality at a lower price. This is one of the reasons why buyers choose this brand: quality and innovation at the right price.

Modern and revolutionary digital solutions mean Ugreen! Present on the market for nearly 10 years, the brand has been constantly innovating in various products such as chargers, mobile phone and computer accessories as well as car accessories. Among its equipment that has been a great success, the car phone holders always in line with the expectations and needs of users.

Aukey is a name that comes up quite often in the world of new technology. Mindful of the needs of today's users, the brand deploys fine detail and quality in each of its products. Buyers especially appreciate the way Aukey adapts to the constant evolution of new technology.

Smart connected devices, modern accessories, functional equipment... Innovation is at the heart of the ALLreLi brand and the car phone holders are no exception. The quality and variety of the products offered by the brand are especially praised, so that everyone can find what they need.

Personal or professional use: Mpow adapts! For the brand, the main thing is to offer new technology enthusiasts accessories that are up to date. Creativity and quality are found in the middle of thousands of accessories that we can no longer do without on a daily basis.

What is the price for a car phone holder

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 10 £
10 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


Find the best place to install your phone holder

You can install your car phone holder on the windshield or on the dashboard. However, for visibility and safety reasons, the dashboard is best. If you use a suction cup phone mount, it will tend to leave marks on your dashboard or windshield. To remove these marks, take a microfiber cloth and soak it in acetone or scarlet water. Then gently rub the affected area, and finish by wiping a dry cloth over it.

Remove the traces left by the suction cup

Wetting the suction cup of your phone holder will optimize its adhesion. To do this, dip the suction cup in a bowl of salt water or wet it with a sponge. Also, make sure that the installation area and the inside of the suction cup are clean. Indeed, any dirt could harm the adhesion of the suction cup.

Moisten the suction cup before gluing it

It is advisable to store your phone holder in your bag, while making sure that it is not too compressed. That way, even if you change cars, you'll always have it with you. But you can also buy a phone holder for each of your cars, so you don't complicate things.

Store your phone holder in your bag

Even if the car phone holder looks stable and secure, guard against any eventuality by putting a protective cover on your phone. The cover will keep your device safe from bumps and scratches in case of a drop or other such incidents while driving.

Secure your phone with a protective case

Turning off your phone will prevent extra heat from being generated and also reduce any risk of damage and accidents.

When you leave your vehicle for a long time, tilt your phone holder or tilt it so that your smartphone is not exposed to direct sunlight. Don't leave your device in the car for too long in extreme temperatures. If you store it in a box, make sure the box is stored out of the sun.

If you're driving and need to keep your phone cool, then pay close attention to the heat especially if you're using apps like Spotify or Google Maps. The best solution would be to use a car phone holder that attaches to the air vents so that your air conditioning or ventilation system can cool the phone.


Should I choose a magnetic or spring-loaded car phone holder?

Most car phone holders use spring clips or magnets to hold your phone in place. Both have their advantages. Spring mounts are versatile and can hold almost any type of smartphone, but some people balk at bulky cases. Placing your smartphone on a magnetic mount is quick and easy, but you'll need to attach a metal plate to the back of your smartphone or slide it between the smartphone and its case.

Do I need wireless charging?

Car phone mounts with built-in Qi wireless chargers are becoming increasingly common. They're powered by your vehicle's DC port, so there's no need to plug your phone in every time you get in the car, and they're compatible with many iPhones and Android smartphones.

I have a specific phone case. Is there a compatible holder?

Yes. Many manufacturers offer universal mounts that are compatible with the top smartphone brands. Universal mounts have adjustable arms that fit your specific small/medium or heavy duty case.

Can you use other devices with a car phone holder?

Some car phone holders can be used with both smartphones and tablets. However, we do not recommend using a phone mount for a tablet. The tablet can fit on the magnetic mounts, but the magnet will probably not be strong enough to support its weight.


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