20 beautiful photography books to offer for Christmas

During the Christmas and holiday season, not everyone will have the chance to take a vacation, or simply travel. If you know someone in this situation, give them a beautiful photography book. To help you find the best possible gift, here is a selection of the 20 best photography books currently available on Amazon.

Beautiful book of architectures and urban environments

The Eiffel Tower 1

The Eiffel Tower

24 £ on Amazon

This beautiful book explores the design and construction of this remarkable building. Featuring 53 double-page spreads of 4,300 technical drawings explaining the design as well as 33 photographs of the construction, the book reveals, through photographs, the complex and fascinating process of bringing the Eiffel Tower to life.

The Library: A World History 2

The Library: A World History

38,89 £ on Amazon

This spectacular book is the first to tell the story of the library as a distinct building type anywhere in the world. This book develops its point through text and images of truly exceptional quality. As you read through the 328 pages of this beautiful book, you will realize that the library has become a work of art in its own right.

A palace in Sicily 3

A palace in Sicily

31,20 £ on Amazon

A Palace in Sicily is a beautiful 248-page book that presents an 18th century Sicilian palace restored by Jean-Louis Remilleux. This palazzo collapsed little by little after the death of the Marquis of Castelluccio. Jean-Louis Remilleux, who fell in love with the palace, took charge of the restoration and called on Mattia Aquila for the photos.

The architecture of the future in Japan 4

The architecture of the future in Japan

36 £ on Amazon

Benoît Jacquet decided to talk in this book about the history of various Japanese architectural achievements for over half a century with photographs and texts. The title is unequivocal! Japan, largely destroyed during the Second World War, has opted for a renovation based on futuristic architecture.

Beautiful book of animals and nature

Wildlife photographer of the year 2021 5

Wildlife photographer of the year 2021

27,20 £ on Amazon

The winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 are gathered in this beautiful 160-page book. This wildlife photography competition, founded in 1965, is an annual international showcase of the best nature photography. Wildlife photographer of the year is developed and produced by the Natural History Museum in London.

Cats: Atypical portraits 6

Cats: Atypical portraits

21,20 £ on Amazon

In this beautiful animal book, you will find a hundred photographs of cats as unique as each other. The author and animal photographer, Julia Bénard, tells us different stories through real art photos, which highlight the fascination we can have for cats.

Animal 7


28 £ on Amazon

The author of this book is none other than Sergei Gorshkov. In this beautiful book, the renowned wildlife photographer gives us an account of his most memorable encounters with the wild animals of the Great North. The photographs speak for themselves and convey the atmosphere of the moment very well.

Wolves 8


23,96 £ on Amazon

Along with the cat, the wolf is also an animal that has always fascinated man over the centuries. In this beautiful 160-page book by Emmanuelle Grundmann, the myths and symbols surrounding wolves have been revisited through various exceptional photographs.

Dogs 9


9,60 £ on Amazon

Dogs, by wildlife photographer Elliott Erwitt, is a photographic tribute to man's best friend. He decided to capture the diversity of the canine kingdom in an artistic way. This beautiful book contains 144 pages of photos that reveal the eccentricity of these animals.

Green urbex : The world without us 10

Green urbex : The world without us

31,99 £ on Amazon

Green Urbex is the answer to the famous question: what would the landscape on Earth be like if all humans suddenly disappeared? And it is the photographer Romain Veillon who gives us his answer through photographs of many abandoned places. The beautiful book is divided into 3 chapters.

Beautiful book of history

Her Majesty: A Photographic History 11

Her Majesty: A Photographic History

40 £ on Amazon

This beautiful book is a celebration of Queen Elizabeth II through a resplendent photographic history of her public and private life. Brimming with tradition, history, glamour and culture, this book features photos from international tours, royal weddings and jubilees.

The great photographers of the 20th century 12

The great photographers of the 20th century

23,96 £ on Amazon

The book on the great photographers of the twentieth century, published by Larousse and written by Luce Lebart, tells the story of a century of images through 56 key photographers. The twentieth century brought the figure of the photographer to the forefront of the stage: it redefined its contours, pushed back its limits, and redefined its missions, propelling the new hero of the still image to the forefront of the stage.

Algeria in color - 1955-1962 Photographs of conscripts during the war 13

Algeria in color - 1955-1962 Photographs of conscripts during the war

24 £ on Amazon

This beautiful book will make you discover Algeria differently. Thanks to the archives obtained from former conscripts, this 210-page book contains more than 2000 photographs. Here, the authors, Tramor Quemeneur and Slimane Zeghidour, do not wish to tell the story of the war (1954-1962), but simply the life from the daily life of people.

Linda McCartney : Life in photographs 14

Linda McCartney : Life in photographs

40 £ on Amazon

A large, heavy book richly printed in color and monochrome, this collection is as much a touching document of a growing family as it is a career retrospective by Linda McCartney, née Eastman, and wife of Beattles member Paul McCartney. The photographs in this beautiful book are more of the familiar: her children, her husband, their home.

1001 photographs that you must have seen in your life 15

1001 photographs that you must have seen in your life

28 £ on Amazon

Award-winning photographer Paul Lowe presents a carefully curated selection of the world's greatest, visually arresting, aesthetically complex, and historically significant still images. Included are photographs from around the world, taken by a variety of photographers. From 1850 to the present, this book embraces all genres and traces the evolution of photography to the present day.

Beautiful book of countries and cities

Splendid Italy 16

Splendid Italy

23,96 £ on Amazon

Splendid Italy is a journey through Italy through breathtaking aerial photographs. All the facets of this country will be revealed to you through pictures illustrating its natural, cultural and historical heritage. The photographs were taken by Marcello Bertinetti and Antonio Attini.

Havanna : Fest des Lebens 17

Havanna : Fest des Lebens

38,30 £ on Amazon

In Havanna: Fest des Lebens, author Bert Hoffmann and photographer Sven Creutzmann paint a portrait of Havana before it changed forever through photographs with descriptions. The two artists also offer a unique look inside the old houses of the Cuban capital.

London : Portrait of a city 18

London : Portrait of a city

6 £ on Amazon

In London: Portrait of a City, the history, architecture, monuments, streets, style, and cool, swaggering, and loyal people of London are illustrated in hundreds of fascinating photographs from a wide range of archives around the world. This book is a tribute to Londoners, their city and its history.

Paris as the crow flies 19

Paris as the crow flies

28 £ on Amazon

If you want to discover Paris in a new perspective, this beautiful book is perfect. Indeed, as its name suggests, this book offers aerial photographs of the city of Paris. These original shots will allow you to discover architectural details that you have never seen before on emblematic monuments and buildings.

New York 20

New York

31,92 £ on Amazon

With his compelling photographic style, French photographer and YouTube star Serge Ramelli shows us the changing character of New York in this beautiful book. There are brightly colored neon signs, pulsating crowds on busy avenues, atmospheric sunrises over Manhattan and surreal empty streets.


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