The best arranged rums in the UK 2023

Every spirits lover has his or her own preferences when it comes to drinks. Gin, single malt, tequila, there is something for everyone. In recent years, many people have taken a liking to arranged rums, this type of rum is strong, mellow and authentic. That's why we've put together a guide to the best arranged rums of today, with 4 vintages that will surprise you.

The Arranges of Coconut Vanilla Rum Breiz'île 1

Editor's Choice

The Arranges of Coconut Vanilla Rum Breiz'île

The best arranged rum in 2021

If you want to taste an arranged rum with the typical flavors and aromas of the French West Indies, store at Breiz'île, a brand that has proven itself through the use of recipes from traditional manufacturing processes.

21,60 £ on Amazon

This 70 cl bottle contains a rum elaborated thanks to a distillation process imitating the traditional Guadeloupean techniques. The secret of its flavors lies in the use of an assortment of Coconut and vanilla whose flavor will transport you to the paradisiacal latitudes. Breiz'île has rigorously selected the varieties used in the composition of this rum. In order to sublimate the taste while prolonging the maceration of the product, we have incorporated some dices of coconut.

This has resulted in a spirit exhaling an olfactory marvel subtly enhanced by the touches of vanilla. When you open the bottle, you enjoy the scent of coconut fruits. In the mouth, your taste buds will be pleasantly stimulated by the pronounced flavors of this exquisite alcoholic preparation. As an aperitif, digestive or at any other time of the day, you can enjoy it in any circumstances, in moderation, of course.

Rum Ginger Mint Ice Breiz'île Les Ges 2

Best cheap arranged rum

Rum Ginger Mint Ice Breiz'île Les Ges

The best entry-level arranged rum

Enjoy the exceptional taste of a ginger and mint arranged rum, a recipe developed by Breiz'ïle, a world reference in spirits.

16,80 £ on Amazon

If you are looking for an arranged rum to be enjoyed in all circumstances and likely to please both neophytes and seasoned consumers, this preparation made with an agricultural rum from Guadeloupe will please you. Aged according to a process respectful of the conservation methods typical of the French West Indies, this spirit has everything to please. Titrated at 28% in terms of alcohol percentage, it can be consumed as an aperitif, a digestive or during a barbecue session with your guests.

The addition of ginger gives it an exceptional aroma while enhancing its spicy notes. Thanks to the mint, an icy touch is added to the explosion of flavors at the time of tasting. The power of the aged agricultural rum is strongly attenuated by this icy aspect and the mint, also, it will be necessary to be very careful during your tastings. Indeed, it is the kind of arranged rum which is consumed like a cocktail and which rises in power in a progressive way and without warning. In short, taste it in moderation, it will optimize your gustatory experience.

Rhum De Ced Banane Cacao 3

Best premium rum

Rhum De Ced Banane Cacao

The best premium arranged rum

If you like rum with a taste of exotic fruits, choose this spirit made by De Ced. You will tell us about it.

42,90 £ on Amazon
Arranged Banana Flambé Isautier 50 cl 4


Arranged Banana Flambé Isautier 50 cl

A great alternative

Isautier is a distiller of French rum, famous for its recipes of arranged rums with rich and authentic tastes and flavors. This rum is made of an original and emblematic recipe of the House Isautier. Moreover, it has been specially formulated to imitate the sensation of a dessert that one cannot refuse.

16,12 £ on Cdiscount

If you prefer rum with a pronounced fruity taste, this Isautier cuvée will certainly delight your taste buds. Originating from Reunion Island, the rum used in this preparation is a blend characterized by fruity flavors typical of the Bourbon Island. Note that this elixir received the silver medal at the Paris agricultural competition in 2016.

This exceptional arrangé presents subtle notes of flambéed bananas. These ingredients wonderfully awaken the composition of the drink, especially when this arranged rum is enjoyed fresh. It is advisable to enjoy it in moderation and with an ice cube. You can take it as an aperitif or as a digestive, but always in moderation.

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Best arranged rum

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The best arranged rum in 2021

The best entry-level arranged rum

The best premium arranged rum

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best arranged rums

Top of the Top Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
The Arranges of Coconut Vanilla Rum Breiz'île 5
Rum Ginger Mint Ice Breiz'île Les Ges 6
Rhum De Ced Banane Cacao 7
Arranged Banana Flambé Isautier 50 cl 8
The Arranges of Coconut Vanilla Rum Breiz'île
Rum Ginger Mint Ice Breiz'île Les Ges
Rhum De Ced Banane Cacao
Arranged Banana Flambé Isautier 50 cl
If you want to taste an arranged rum with the typical flavors and aromas of the French West Indies, store at Breiz'île, a brand that has proven itself through the use of recipes from traditional manufacturing processes.
Enjoy the exceptional taste of a ginger and mint arranged rum, a recipe developed by Breiz'ïle, a world reference in spirits.
If you like rum with a taste of exotic fruits, choose this spirit made by De Ced. You will tell us about it.
Isautier is a distiller of French rum, famous for its recipes of arranged rums with rich and authentic tastes and flavors. This rum is made of an original and emblematic recipe of the House Isautier. Moreover, it has been specially formulated to imitate the sensation of a dessert that one cannot refuse.
70 cl
70 cl
70 cl
50 cl
Type of rum
Agricultural and Old
Percentage of alcohol
29 %
32 %
Reunion Island
Coconut, Vanilla
Ginger, Mint
Coco, Banana
Banana Flambé

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How to choose your arranged rum

Each arranged rum is different by its ingredients, its maceration time and the type of rum used in the preparation. Once again, there is something for everyone. Also, it is necessary to take time to choose to find the rare pearl. Here are the parameters to take into account during the research.

#1 - Type of rum

To decipher the composition of an arranged rum, it is not necessary to focus only on the ingredients and aromas entering its composition. Indeed, the recipe of the original rum must be taken into account to estimate its taste and its effects. You will have the choice between arranged rums made with an agricultural rum and those made with a traditional recipe, also called industrial rums.

#2 - Ingredients

Once you are aware of the type of rum used, you can move on to the ingredients used in the preparation. You can then try to combine the different flavors of the original rum with those additives used to arrange the taste. Take into account your preferences, but especially the potential effects of these preparations. Indeed, some ingredients can sweeten rums, while others can make them even more explosive.

#3 - Provenance

Arranged rum is a preparation that originated on Reunion Island and in Madagascar. So, it's only natural that spirits from these regions would be your preference. However, the French West Indies, such as Guadeloupe, are not left out when it comes to arranged rum recipes. Generally speaking, the best products come from sunny regions where rum making is part of the tradition.

#4 - Alcohol percentage

Look also at the percentage of alcohol in a bottle to avoid surprises. Choose according to your desires. You can find preparations with 17% alcohol which is relatively low and others that contain 40%, which corresponds to that of a classic rum. It goes without saying that you must choose according to your expectations and the use you wish to make of your arranged rum.

#5 - Capacity

Some bottles contain 50 cl and others 70 cl. It goes without saying that the quantity counts, as 50 cl may not be enough for a discerning consumer. Nevertheless, it can be a 50 cl bottle with 47% alcohol, which can change the situation. In short, the criterion of the capacity is to be relativized according to the other parameters mentioned above.

Commercial rum concoctions: an alternative to homemade

You can make your own recipe for arranged rum with a good white rum and a few ingredients chosen according to your preferences. It is always pleasant and rewarding to prepare and consume a drink that you have prepared yourself and according to your taste. So, it goes without saying that you should not deprive yourself of elaborating your own recipe of arranged rum, if you are a spirit lover.

However, the time of maceration of rums varies from 3 to several months so that the ingredients make effect. How to wait 5 months before tasting your rum when you want it right away? This is why distillers have put on sale many ranges of arranged rums corresponding to the demand of the consumers. To summarize, make your own recipe of arranged rum, but do not restrict yourself if you want to taste a few glasses of commercial, just take the time to choose well.

The different types of arranged rums

One finds currently two great families of arranged rums. These are classified according to the type of rum used in the preparation. Zoom on the characteristics of these two types:

Arranged agricultural rum

The arranged agricultural rum, as its name indicates, is elaborated with a spirit elaborated thanks to the recipe of agricultural rums. As a reminder, agricultural rums are the result of a process resulting from the fermentation of sugar cane or vesou as it is called in the French West Indies.

This type of rum has the reputation of being more authentic and often stronger, although this varies depending on the preparation. Arranged rums of agricultural origin are particularly appreciated by true spirit lovers, looking for the authentic and typical tastes of the Tropical Islands.

Traditional arranged rum

Rum is qualified as traditional when its preparation applies traditional recipes typical of their region of origin. The difference with agricultural rum is that the traditional ones are made with molasses which is the residue of the sugar canes once the sugar is extracted. This type of rum is also called industrial rum.

In recent years, traditional arranged rums have become very popular as demand continues to grow. There are traditional arranged rums with sweets, fruits or spices. This type of rum is also popular, but those who prefer authentic tastes prefer to turn to the typical agricultural liquors.

Arranged rum or cocktail ?

Arranged rum

The arranged rum is a drink decorated with some additives in order to sublimate the taste, to attenuate the attack to make it softer in mouth. This recipe originates from Reunion Island and Madagascar, but has been exported to the West Indies and to many other less sunny regions. You can make it yourself or buy it in stores. However, if you make it yourself, you have to wait at least a few months for the different ingredients to take effect, unlike cocktails.


The rum-based cocktails are also used to soften the taste of rum. Planteur, mojitos, cactus jack, margarita, the art of the cocktail is globalized and many are involved, professionals as well as individuals. The advantage of the cocktail is that it can be prepared and enjoyed on the spot. The disadvantage is that you have to make and consume a certain quantity to feel the desired effects and to raise the temperature. Moreover, as you can see on the menu of restaurants, the cocktail is often more expensive than the arranged rum.


Whether you choose a cocktail or a rum concoction depends on the occasion and your tolerance to the effects and taste of alcohol. If you want to relax with a mellow alcohol or the taste of alcohol is more pronounced than that of other ingredients, prefer the arranged rum. On the other hand, if you want to drink without feeling the taste of alcohol, prefer a good cocktail.

Why buy an arranged rum ?

Because it is not expensive

The success of the arranged rum lies in its good quality/price ratio. By quality, we mean a perfect symbiosis between the taste and the desired effects. If you take the time to scrutinize the different varieties available on the market, you will find arranged rums with coffee, coca, spices or candy flavors, and all this, at a price of 50 euros for 70 cl of improved cane brandy.

Because it tastes good

Taste is a relative notion, because the devices of perception are different from one individual to another. However, it must be said that the arranged rum is a version optimized on the level of taste, thanks in particular to the added additives. Some are spicier, some sweeter, some more bitter and so on. In short, if you want to broaden your field of gustatory perceptions while tasting a good alcohol, opt for an arranged rum.

Because it's different

The rum arrangement is a recipe that gives rise to multitudes of flavors and aromas. Every time you try a new rum, you'll discover something different. In short, if you're looking for a little change and want to try new things when it comes to alcoholic beverages, consider trying a new rum concoction every once in a while.

To enjoy a sweet and strong spirit

Rum concoction is a cane brandy with a few ingredients added to tone down the strong rum taste just a little bit. Unlike the cocktail, for the same amount of rum, we have the same proportion of alcohol, if not more, all depends on the ingredients added and the time of maceration. In short, with the arranged rum, the taste is better and the effects are the same for the same quantity.

To share with friends and family

The arranged rum is a drink conceived to allow us to spend a good moment with the close relations and the guests. These moments are always pleasant, but can become boring when we do the same things over and over. So, for a change, why not start by drinking a slightly different alcohol with tastes reminiscent of the tropics, its spices and fresh fruits?

The best brands of arranged rums

In our opinion, the best brands of arranged rums in 2022 are :

De ced

Damoiseau is an unavoidable reference in the agricultural white rum sector. This brand is established in Guadeloupe and produces different types of rums, including arranged rums marketed in many countries around the world.

Isautier has been around for over 70 years. Established on the Island of Reunion, it produces lines of rums that are particularly appreciated. Many of the cane brandies produced in this Reunion Island distillery have received medals, including the one from the third Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1878.

The Chatel distillery is also one of the leading producers of arranged rums. The recipes for making Chatel elixirs have been passed down from generation to generation since 1907. Today, this brand elaborates many varieties of rum including arranged rums.

Contrary to what its name might suggest, this brand of rum does not come from Brazil. You have to go further north to find the distillery that produces the arranged rums characteristic of this brand. In fact, three gourmet restaurant friends on the island of Guadeloupe created the recipes for the arranged rums of this brand known for its arranged rums made with agricultural whites and fresh fruits.

De ced is another must-have in the arranged rums scene. Launched by former basketball player Cedric Brément in 2011, this brand develops recipes based on careful selection of fruit and impeccable monitoring of the distillation process. This working method has largely contributed to the fame of this brand.

Created in 2014, Arhumatic has become an unavoidable reference when it comes to artisanal arranged rums. This brand offers an impressive selection of rum punches, taking care to use only 100% natural raw materials.

What is the price for an arranged rum

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 45 £
more than 45 £
Price range diagram


Enjoy with small dishes or appetizers

Rum is a powerful drink. Even when arranged, it is necessary to take some precautions to appreciate it in the best conditions. Don't hesitate to match your arranged rum with snacks that match its composition. For example, a ginger arranged rum would go perfectly with grilled fish.

Be careful with quantity

Arranged rum is easier to drink than standard rum. Plus, its effects are less spotty. It is a real time bomb that will make you lose your lucidity in a few minutes, even less. Also, stay alert every time you refill, it will allow you to better live the moment.

Alter your own recipes

Vary the arranged rums that you drink to discover different sensations each time. You can opt for an arranged cane brandy with aromatic plants such as vanilla or containing chocolate, sweets or even spices. Don't hesitate to try it all, it's extremely rewarding.

Share with friends and family

Aside from the commercial rums that can be found in stores, you can develop your own recipes with special kits, also available in stores. You can also make your own recipes by following your tastes and instincts. This will allow you to change things up a bit while cutting down on the expense of buying arranged rums.

If you've discovered a good arranged rum recipe, don't hesitate to share it with loved ones so they can enjoy it too. It's always nice to share these discoveries with guests and people you feel comfortable with. This improved cane alcohol will strengthen the bonds between you and your loved ones and can lead to something lucrative, if the recipe is really worth it.


How long can I keep my arranged rum?

Well preserved in an airtight container, the arranged rum can be kept for at least several years. However, this depends on the ingredients used for the maceration. If you have opted for milk products, you must take maximum care, even if the shelf life of this type of arranged rum is excellent.

Where does arranged rum come from?

Arranged rum is a tradition originating from the Island of Reunion. The majority of recipes exported to the West Indies and elsewhere come from Bourbon Island. However, research also tends to locate the origins of this type of rum from Madagascar with a ritual drink called the Betsabetsa. To summarize, we can say that arranged rum comes from the Indian Ocean Islands.

Can I arrange an industrial arranged rum?

Yes, you can experiment with different recipes to sublimate the taste of commercial arranged rum. If you are not convinced by the taste of this one, do not hesitate to add your own ingredients. A few seasonal fruits will inevitably give your rum more sweetness. If on the contrary, this one seems too sweet to you, add some spices to give a little spice.

Is arranged rum stronger than the standard one?

Not really, the alcohol level is the same. However, if you have macerated honey or sweet foods in the rum, they may ferment and significantly increase the alcohol content in the drink. In short, be careful and do not exceed the usual dose, at the risk of having surprises, even when you have cooked.


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The Arranges of Coconut Vanilla Rum Breiz'île 9
The Arranges of Coconut Vanilla Rum Breiz'île
Rum Ginger Mint Ice Breiz'île Les Ges 10
Rum Ginger Mint Ice Breiz'île Les Ges
Rhum De Ced Banane Cacao 11
Rhum De Ced Banane Cacao
Arranged Banana Flambé Isautier 50 cl 12
Arranged Banana Flambé Isautier 50 cl


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