The best anti-moth in the UK 2023

They lay eggs in your flour bags and gnaw holes in your clothes and linens: moths clearly bother us! Fortunately, there are anti-moths to keep them away, trap them and eradicate them for good. How to choose the most effective moth repellents? Let's take stock in this buying guide.

PIC Food Moth Trap 1

Editor's Choice

PIC Food Moth Trap

The best food moth traps

If your kitchen is overrun with food moths, try these natural moth repellents that are proven effective. A pheromone trap that will capture adult moths!

7,98 £ on Amazon

When faced with an invasion of food moths in the kitchen, closet, basement or pantry, try these easy-to-use moth traps. Each trap attaches to furniture with a sticker. You then remove the paper that covers the sticky part soaked in pheromone to quickly attract the males. Since they cannot be fertilized, the females will not be able to lay eggs and will die quickly. Laboratory tests and real-life situations have shown this result.

In addition to its effectiveness, the main advantage of these food moth repellents lies in their healthy aspect and without risk for health. No harmful substances are released, no unpleasant odors; only powerful pheromones that only male moths will recognize. So if you're looking for a discreet and effective solution to food moths, these traps will be of great help. In addition, each paper can be used for up to 6 weeks.

Aries Anti-Moth Spray 2

Best cheapest

Aries Anti-Moth Spray

The best cheap moth spray

If moth larvae are wreaking havoc in your closet, spray this cheap moth spray on your textiles to keep adult moths away and kill the larvae.

5,20 £ on Amazon

Although adult clothes moths are not harmful to textiles, the same cannot be said for the larvae. The larvae feed on fabric fibers and leave holes in your clothes and linens. With this moth spray, you can both eliminate the larvae and keep the adult moths away thanks to azadirachtin, a substance extracted from neem seeds. In other words, this moth spray has natural components and is safe for your health.

This cheap moth spray comes in a 50 ml travel size. You can apply it directly on the fabrics, because it is an oil-free formula. In addition, it gives off a discreet scent that is pleasant for the human olfactory organ, but unbearable for moths. Nevertheless, remember to take all the necessary precautions when using an aerosol: especially avoid exposure to heat and flame.

Yizhet 100 mothproof hearts 3

Best premium

Yizhet 100 mothproof hearts

The best premium cedarwood moth traps

Cedarwoods are well known to be effective moth repellents to be used as a cure and prevention. Place them in the various places where you store your linens to keep clothes moths away.

16,79 £ on Amazon

If you're looking for a natural solution to the clothing moth problem once and for all, try these cedar wood pallets. Not only do these moth repellents attack larvae and adult moths, but they also absorb moisture and temper the effect of mold in your storage spaces and even your car. Simply place them in the bottom of a drawer, on top of piles of laundry, or in your closet to be done with the bugs.

With one purchase, you win a set of 100 wooden pallets, tenderly presented in the shape of a heart. Each pallet can be used until there are none left, because note that you must scrape the surface daily to release the aroma of this natural wood. Don't worry, it's not a disturbing smell, at least not for you, because insects won't tolerate the scent of these moth repellents; hence their effectiveness!

KB 9560 Pièges mites alimentaires 4

Long lasting seats

KB 9560 Pièges mites alimentaires

The best long-lasting moth traps

To solve your food moth problems, try these moth traps that last up to 3 months. Ready to use, each trap has a large surface area to capture the maximum number of insects.

7,20 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best anti-moth

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The best food moth traps

The best cheap moth spray

The best premium cedarwood moth traps

The best long-lasting moth traps

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Comparison table of the best anti-moth

PIC Food Moth Trap 5
Aries Anti-Moth Spray 6
Yizhet 100 mothproof hearts 7
KB 9560 Pièges mites alimentaires 8
PIC Food Moth Trap
Aries Anti-Moth Spray
Yizhet 100 mothproof hearts
KB 9560 Pièges mites alimentaires
If your kitchen is overrun with food moths, try these natural moth repellents that are proven effective. A pheromone trap that will capture adult moths!
If moth larvae are wreaking havoc in your closet, spray this cheap moth spray on your textiles to keep adult moths away and kill the larvae.
Cedarwoods are well known to be effective moth repellents to be used as a cure and prevention. Place them in the various places where you store your linens to keep clothes moths away.
To solve your food moth problems, try these moth traps that last up to 3 months. Ready to use, each trap has a large surface area to capture the maximum number of insects.
Type of moths
Food Mites
Clothes Moths
Clothes moths
Food Mites
Type of moth repellent
Biocidal Spray
Natural repellents
Pheromone Traps
Preventive and curative
Up to 6 weeks
Up to 12 hours
Until the wood no longer gives off an aroma
Up to 3 months

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How to choose your anti-moth

Far from the fairy-tale image of butterflies, although they share the same life cycle, moths, especially their larvae, eat away at clothes and food. Which moth repellent should you choose to treat these invading insects?

#1 - The type of moths

There are two different types of moths: food moths and clothes moths. These two insect profiles are not eliminated in the same way and therefore require their own moth repellents. So, before choosing one, determine where they are present: your dressing room or your kitchen? This way, you will turn to the moth repellent adapted to the kind of concern you have at home.

#2 - Anti-moths: trap or insecticide?

It is a question of determining your motivation: do you want a radical solution, do you simply want to keep them away or do you aspire to trap them? Know that a moth trap does not kill the moths, but simply holds them so you can throw them away afterwards. Also, traps do not work on the larvae, nor do some repellents.

On the other hand, an insecticide is still a more permanent moth control solution. It acts on the larvae and "moths"; you'll just have to sweep them up and throw them away afterwards. It should be noted that these more radical moth repellents come in natural and chemical versions.

#3 - Moth repellents: preventive or curative?

Moth repellents can be used both preventively and curatively; it all depends on your situation.

  • Preventive moth repellents, as the name suggests, are recommended to protect you from a possible moth invasion. It is, in a way, a repellent that will discourage moths from coming to lay their eggs.
  • Curative moth repellents, of course, are to be used when moths are present in your dressing room and/or kitchen. They can just trap the insects or kill them, including the larvae.

#4 - The number of uses

It's always best to choose moth repellents that you can use more than once, because, let's face it, moths are stubborn and persistent insects. Ideally, you should invest in moth repellents that can be used until they are completely eradicated. Of course, if you can find a long-term solution, that would really be ideal.

#5 - The components of moth repellents

Like any insecticide, chemical moth repellents may contain components that are harmful to health; some of them should even be kept away from food at the risk of causing poisoning. On the other hand, you can choose purely natural solutions that are safe for your health and will not damage the quality of the fabrics of your clothes and linens.

Moth repellent: when should I use it?

When to use moth repellent? Should we wait for a real invasion to act or can we take preventive measures? Let's break it down.

First of all, moths: what are they?

Beware: not all small moths are necessarily moths! Sure, they belong to the same insect family, but you'll recognize true moths by their elongated shapes, grayish or yellowish colors (which can even turn golden). Moths often flee from lights and take refuge next to food or near a piece of furniture where cloths and clothes are stored. Another important clue: moths walk more than they fly!

Signs that warn!"

There is no worse mistake than taking moth problems lightly. As soon as you see one near the food in your kitchen or in your laundry drawer, be sure to tell yourself it's time to use moth repellents, because one female can lay up to 400 eggs. These eggs take only 4 days to develop into larvae that feed on your clothes or food. After a month, the larvae become adult moths that will reproduce in their turn.


If you can't see the presence of adult moths, because these insects are often very discreet, the following signs will give them away:

  • You see holes in your linens and clothing,
  • You notice silk webs in your home, usually in closets, drawers or cabinets. (Note that silk webs are more consistent than spider webs.)
  • You see grubs or caterpillars wandering around the house.

The different types of anti-moth

Moth repellents differ according to the type of moths they can treat. It is in this sense that we distinguish between moth repellents to be used in the kitchen and in the storage of linens and clothing.

Moth repellents for food moths

Moth repellents, when designed to treat food moths, must not contain harmful substances. Of course, they will not come into contact with food, but it is a precaution to take to avoid poisoning. That's why we prefer traps that capture and hold moths so that you can then dispose of them in an airtight garbage bag.

You can also find food moth repellents in the form of essential oil sprays. While these are less dangerous than the chemical versions, the smell of these products is not universally appreciated. However, moth repellents containing essential oil sprays act as true repellents and can even suffocate the larvae.

Moth repellents for clothing moths

When moth repellents are tailored to treat clothing moths, they can come in a variety of forms: as a spray to be sprayed in various storage areas, as small cassettes to be hung on coat racks, as traps that capture insects and larvae, and even as a piece of wood to be placed on hangers, at the bottom of a drawer, or even in the wardrobe.

Because it is used on clothing, this type of moth repellent has a greater range of components. In this sense, it can be aggressive, but don't let that stop you from choosing "softer" versions like cedarwood, moth-trapping wipes or repellent sprays.

Natural or chemical moth repellent?

When faced with a moth invasion in your closets and cupboard, you have two choices: use natural moth repellents or rely on chemical moth repellents. Let's talk about it!

The natural anti-moths

"Natural", just with this qualifier, we already feel reassured! Indeed, natural moth repellents do not carry any health risk, are easy to design and use. This is probably the reason why they are requested by those who have problems with food moths. Although they rarely work on eggs and larvae, they do keep moths away and prevent them from laying their eggs in your home.

Generally, natural moth repellents act as repellents and keep moths away with a particular scent. One of the best known is cedar wood, which comes in the form of a ball to hang or a pallet to place in infested areas. Simply sand the wood regularly to release its characteristic aroma, a smell that scares away moths.

Chemical moth repellents

Unlike natural moth repellents, the chemical version is more aggressive in order to maximize the results obtained. To do this, it uses the usual insecticide formulas to kill moths, but also their eggs and larvae. However, due to the chemical composition of this type of moth repellent, it cannot be in contact with food, and is not recommended for treating food moths.

Chemical moth repellents usually come in the form of a spray to be applied to infected areas of the home. Not only do they kill moths, but they also attack other flying insects, such as flies or mosquitoes. And another important detail: chemical moth repellents keep you safe from the invasion of these insects for a relatively long time.


Both natural and chemical moth repellents have their advantages and disadvantages. If you opt for natural products, the results will be slow, but once you see them, you will be satisfied. If you choose chemical moth repellents, you are choosing immediate effectiveness, but it is not without health risks. It's up to you to choose according to the criteria that are important to you!

Why buy good mothballs?

Although the usefulness of moth repellents remains indisputable in that they prevent or treat moth invasion, here are some other reasons to convince you to buy them.

Moth repellents to protect your clothes and linens

What could be more unpleasant than taking out one of your favorite pieces of clothing and finding that it has a hole in it? Or to take out the pretty tablecloth you saved for special occasions and discover that part of it looks like a colander? It is precisely to avoid these scenarios that moth repellents are necessary: thanks to their targeted actions on insects and their larvae, they allow to eliminate them and keep them away.

Moth repellents to sanitize your kitchen

Although moths are not associated with direct risks to human health, it must be recognized that the excrement of the larvae can cause allergies or food poisoning. Besides, who would like to have larvae or small flying insects crawling in their closets? So, moth repellents intervene to sanitize your kitchen and rid it of these pests.

Moth repellents for their ease of use

What we like about moth repellents is that they are easy to use. Sometimes you just spread the paper or tape that will serve as a trap near food or in the closet. In other cases, just spray a solution and you're done. Sometimes, you can even place a ball or a wooden pallet in the places where moths like to live. For this last option, you must sand it daily so that it gives off an aroma that will scare the insects away!

Moth repellents for their effectiveness

Whether it is to trap insects, to keep them away or to kill them, moth repellents remain singularly effective. If you want to solve a problem of invasion, do not hesitate to put the package to make moths want to return to bother you. Whether you opt for repellents, natural or chemical insecticides, you can be sure that their effectiveness will not disappoint.

Moth repellents for a natural solution

If you fear the use of chemical insecticides, especially in case of invasion of food moths, know that there are natural methods, less radical, but just as effective to keep these insects away. For example, cedar balls are natural moth repellents whose smell is enough to scare away these little moths.

The best brands of anti-moth

In our opinion, the best brands of anti-moth in 2022 are :


Among Amazon's moth repellents, PIC's are among the best-selling. This is not surprising given the many insecticides offered by this brand. In addition, the effectiveness is well and truly present!

Yizhet is a jack-of-all-trades brand that creates several everyday products. The moth repellents of this brand receive many positive feedbacks from consumers.

For more than half a century, the KB brand has built a solid reputation in Europe and in the UK. It touches everything that concerns the house and garden, and in its range of insecticides, there are of course effective moth repellents for the kitchen and dressing room.

It has already been several years that the brand Catch is known for its insecticides for the house and garden. It is not surprising that it offers moth repellents that convince more than one!

Raid, it is a reference in insecticides. Of course, the brand is better known for its fly and mosquito repellent products, but these moth repellents also seem to be a hit with consumers.

What is the price anti-moth

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

4 £ to 9 £
9 £ to 15 £
more than 15 £
Price range diagram


To spot the signs of moths

The most subtle way to be alerted to the presence of moths in your home is to see adult moths in your closet or kitchen, near your food. Nevertheless, if the little beasts are discreet, you can spot their larvae by holes in your clothes, small caterpillars in your pantry or even silk webs in the dark corners of your house.

To choose natural moth repellents

There are many natural anti-moths, the best known remains cedar wood which has the gift of keeping moths away thanks to its smell. Of course, you will have to sand the wood regularly to release the smell. Essential oils are equally effective moth repellents, such as rosemary, lavender, cedar or vetiver oils. A few drops in a diffuser and you kill two birds with one stone: put a good home fragrance in your home and keep the bugs away.

To keep food out of reach of moths

If the moths are already here, you can keep food out of their reach by using airtight containers. If you have already opened a package, put it in a closed jar to protect it. Of course, this complements the use of food moth repellents, which should not contain any harmful substances. As you would have understood, traps, cedar wood and essential oils are recommended.

To prevent moth invasion

The first tip to prevent moth invasion is to regularly clean your closets, cupboard and drawers. Of course, moths are not attracted to dirt, but this will allow you to quickly spot their presence. Then, you can opt for natural moth repellents that act as repellents to prevent these little pests from coming to bother you.

To trap moths

There are many moth repellents that serve to trap moths thanks to pheromones that attract them. Once caught in the trap, the moths will be stuck to the support (it can be a paper or a cassette). All you have to do is repack and throw it away. However, it should be noted that many of these moth repellents only work on male moths, but at least this way the females will not be impregnated and will not be able to lay eggs.


When to use moth repellent? How many cedar moth balls should I use?

There are signs that you should use moth repellents as soon as you notice that small moths, which walk more than they fly, are taking refuge in your kitchen, near food, or in places where you lay out linens and clothes. When it comes to moth repellents, you have a choice of natural and chemical insecticides, or repellents or products that eliminate them.

How to fight against clothing moths?

If you use cedar balls, the number depends on the areas you want to protect. One ball for a storage compartment is enough, and don't forget to sand it down daily to get the scent out. We've unearthed cedar wood to place in the kitchen cabinet or closets in this comparison. Take a look to choose faster.

How to remove moth repellent?

To different moths, different types of moth repellent! If you have clothing moths, you have a range of options: choose chemical insecticides for instant results or prefer the use of repellents to keep the little moths away. You can also use traps. Note that some methods only work on adult moths and do not eliminate larvae.

To remove moth repellents, nothing could be easier! If you used a trap, put on a glove, pack up the trap with the bugs on it, seal it in a bag, and discard. For wooden balls or cassettes, remove them and discard if they can no longer be used. Don't forget to count handling as one of your criteria for choosing moth repellents.


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