The best Xbox One wheels in the UK 2023

Whether it's an arcade game, a rally simulation game or F1, any video game that involves driving can use a dedicated steering wheel. Technological developments have improved gaming accessories, and racing wheels are no exception, especially for console games. If you're looking for a steering wheel for your Xbox One, you've come to the right place! Check out our guide to the best Xbox One racing wheels for a realistic and immersive driving experience.

Logitech G920 Driving Force 1

Best value for money

Logitech G920 Driving Force

The best Xbox One wheel in 2021

If you're looking for the best Xbox One steering wheel, you'll want to check out the Logitech G920. Sure, it's not the cheapest. But you won't be disappointed: dual motor force feedback, 900° rotation, etc.

224 £ on Amazon

It's simply an upgraded version of the Logitech G29 gaming wheel for Xbox One and PC. The G920 is pretty much identical to the G29. The only difference is that the shift lights are no longer available on the G920. This wheel has a dual motor force feedback and can rotate 900°..

This Xbox One steering wheel is incredibly smooth and superb to drive. It's ergonomic, but keep in mind that any steering wheel will hurt your hands after a few hours. It's also nicely slim, while maintaining a solid feel. The only real drawback to this model is its unusually stiff brake pedal, quite the opposite of the Logitech G29.

Superdrive SV400 2

Best value for money

Superdrive SV400

The best entry-level Xbox One wheel

If you want a good driving experience on Xbox One racing games, the Superdrive SV400 steering wheel is the perfect accessory. However, this Xbox One steering wheel offers only 180° of rotation.

47,84 £ on Amazon

The Superdrive SV400 will give you a unique and immersive racing experience without spending a lot of money. The Xbox One SV400 features a wired steering wheel with 180° rotation. It is equipped with 5 suction cups and plugs directly into the controller and console. The SV400 allows you to choose between 3 driving modes to adapt the sensitivity of the wheel to the type of track.

The Superdrive SV400 performs quite well on arcade games as well as on driving simulation games, such as Gran Turismo Sport, Forza Motorsport 7, Drive Club, Project Cars or Forza Horizon. However, you'll have to be patient to find the right configuration for your game.

ThrustMaster TX Leather 3

Best value for beginners

ThrustMaster TX Leather

The best high-end Xbox One wheel

The Thrustmaster TX Leather is not a new force feedback wheel, but a premium edition of an existing model. It includes the Thrustmaster Servo base, the T3PA wide pedalboard and the 28 GT leather rim.

348 £ on Amazon

The build quality of the components that make up the ThrustMaster TX Leather is more than satisfactory. As the name suggests, the Xbox One steering wheel now benefits from a leather covering that gives it a very similar feel to a real race car wheel. The base in which the steering wheel is located is large and very sturdy. The pedals are wider than average.

The accelerator pedal is lighter, as you would expect, and the brake pedal also behaves realistically. It's a Next-Gen force feedback model with a maximum rotation of 900°.. And it's worth mentioning that the T3PA pedalboard, with its three pedals and 100% metal internal structure, is fully adjustable.

Thrustmaster TMX PRO 4

Thrustmaster TMX PRO

The best Xbox One wheel for beginners

The Thrustmaster TMX Pro features many improvements over other beginner's wheels: precise force feedback, high-resolution pedals, belt and gear drive system...

186 £ on Amazon

The TMX Pro steering wheel from Thrustmaster promises to be a great entry point for beginners into the world of racing simulation peripherals. It comes with a set of high-quality pedals, but is still quite affordable overall. Note that the TMX Pro uses a mixed belt and gear system to provide effective force feedback.

While not exceptional, the TMX Pro's 900° rotation range gives it all the realism one could reasonably expect in this price range. The build quality is the Achilles heel of this model. Indeed, the manufacturing of this Xbox steering wheel was made with hard plastic, with rubber-covered handles.

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Best Xbox One wheel

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The best Xbox One wheel in 2021

The best entry-level Xbox One wheel

The best high-end Xbox One wheel

The best Xbox One wheel for beginners

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Comparison table of the best Xbox One wheels

Logitech G920 Driving Force 5
Superdrive SV400 6
ThrustMaster TX Leather 7
Thrustmaster TMX PRO 8
Logitech G920 Driving Force
Superdrive SV400
ThrustMaster TX Leather
Thrustmaster TMX PRO
If you're looking for the best Xbox One steering wheel, you'll want to check out the Logitech G920. Sure, it's not the cheapest. But you won't be disappointed: dual motor force feedback, 900° rotation, etc.
If you want a good driving experience on Xbox One racing games, the Superdrive SV400 steering wheel is the perfect accessory. However, this Xbox One steering wheel offers only 180° of rotation.
The Thrustmaster TX Leather is not a new force feedback wheel, but a premium edition of an existing model. It includes the Thrustmaster Servo base, the T3PA wide pedalboard and the 28 GT leather rim.
The Thrustmaster TMX Pro features many improvements over other beginner's wheels: precise force feedback, high-resolution pedals, belt and gear drive system...
270 to 900°
270 to 900°
Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
Xbox One, PC, PS4 / PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro / PS3
Xbox One, PC
Xbox One, PC
Force feedback

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Buying guide - Xbox One wheel

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How to choose your Xbox One wheel

Whether you're a novice or expert gamer, finding the right Xbox One steering wheel can be difficult depending on the type of games you play and your preferences. Before making a decision, you should consider the following factors when purchasing.

#1 - The size and rotation

Xbox One steering wheels are generally not a 1:1 ratio replica. So you'll have to make a compromise when it comes to size and rotation. Also, the cheap ones are usually smaller and have a small rotation range. If you have a larger budget, you can splurge and buy a high-end steering wheel that will give you the chance to enjoy the same range of rotation that a real car steering wheel offers. With a wider degree of rotation, players can have more choices as well as increased sensitivity.

#2 - The build quality

Thebuild quality will decide how durable and robust the productis.Some manufacturers, like Logitech, are known for using premium materials that increase the longevity of their products. Be sure to ask about the materials used to make the steering wheel and any accessories that go with it. Some manufacturers tend to focus more on the quality of the wheel and not enough on the material used for the pedals. A 100% metal construction is obviously going to be more durable. Leather-covered steering wheels also last longer.

#3 - The force feedback

Gaming equipment manufacturers have been focusing on force feedback for several years now. But you'd be surprised to know that there are several shuttlecocks that still don't have this technology. Force feedback aims to add resistance to the wheel through the use of a motor, creating an authentic feel during play. For an immersive and authentic gaming experience, it is important that the steering wheel has force feedback.

#4 - The pedals

Most steering wheels usually come with pedals. However, you may need to check the availability of a pedal board before purchase. If you are looking for a cheap steering wheel, this will be reflected in the quality of the pedals. They will most likely be made of plastic. This doesn't mean that such a product won't work, but it won't be durable. You will have to opt for a mid-range model that will have more robust pedals. At the high end, you'll find steering wheels with pedals that have a hinged or floor-suspended construction with sensors.

#5 - The compatibility

Thefact that you are reading this article already means that you are looking for a product that is compatible with the Xbox One. However, it's a good idea to always get a product that is compatible with a wide range of systems in case you need to switch platforms in the future. Frequently, a steering wheel will only work with a few platforms. A model that works with an Xbox One may not work on a PC or PlayStation. And if you plan to use this product with multiple platforms, you may want to seriously consider checking the compatibility specifications.

What are the benefits of using an Xbox One steering wheel?

Gaming wheels add a whole new dimension and layer of immersion to your racing games. The force feedback available on many of the latest models makes your virtual driving experience closer to reality than ever.

There are steering wheels specifically designed for the Xbox One and include all the buttons you'll need as well as different technologies to optimize your immersion. The relatively wide range of motion also allows the user to apply the controls with more precision. Casual gamers can probably skip the steering wheel. A standard controller is more than enough for most people to play racing games.

Xbox One Wheel or Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Steering Wheel

In general, using a steering wheel and pedals allows for much more precise controls. Although you can also control your car with a joystick with some accuracy, it is far superior. This also applies to the pedals, as the pressure on the gas pedal and brakes can be a crucial factor, especially when cornering.

The best Xbox One steering wheels have a force feedback feature that allows for greater immersion. If you want a realistic racing experience, there's no way to beat a steering wheel.

Xbox One Controller

However, gamepads surely have their place in the world of racing simulations. Some games are even optimized to be played with joysticks and even require players to use them for certain online game modes, for example in Forza.

You can usually rely on this rule of thumb: the more arcade gameplay your game offers, the better you can play it with a gamepad. On the other hand, hardcore racing sims like iRacing or rFactor 2 are almost unplayable with a controller.


So, steering wheel or joystick? The answer is the steering wheel of course. It will cost you relatively more up front, but the investment is worth it. Of course, with enough practice, a gamepad can make you fast or even competitive in online races, but it will take more effort and the margin for error is much greater on a gamepad.


Avoid the force feedback problem

You need to uncheck the "keep application suspended" box by going to Settings, then, Power Management settings and finally, Set available functions in rest mode. Also, avoid plugging or unplugging your wheel while the game is still running. This may cause a malfunction in the Force Feedback.

Don't use an extension cord

Theremay be times when your steering wheel cable is not long enough to connect to your Xbox One. It is not allowed to use a USB extension cable, as it will cause input latency. When you turn the wheel, your gesture will be a millisecond late on the screen. The solution will be to move and bring your console closer.

Change the angle of rotation of the Xbox One steering wheel

Asimple manipulation can change the steering wheel rotation angle on PS4. To do this, you must press at the same time on "D-pad right" and "Mode" to add an adjustment to the rotation angle and to decrease "D-pad left" and "Mode". Do this every time you restart.

Use a helmet

Havinga good headset will complete your immersion. Just like in a car, you will react to the sound and reactions of the car.

Bring a handbrake lever

Basically, the handbrake is assigned to a button on the steering wheel even on some high-end models. It is an accessory that can be acquired from 50 €.


What is the best Xbox One steering wheel?

The best Xbox One steering wheel depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

Can I use an Xbox 360 steering wheel on an Xbox One?

Youcan't connect an Xbox 360 wheel to the Xbox One. When the Xbox One was launched by Microsoft, a whole new protocol for game controllers and input devices was created. Xbox One is not compatible with the XInput protocol used on the Xbox 360. This means that an Xbox 360 wheel cannot be detected by the Xbox One.

Will my Xbox One steering wheel work with a PlayStation console?

Youwill need to check the wheel's specifications, some wheels may be compatible with PlayStation consoles. However, you can't expect them all to be compatible!

Can my kids use an Xbox One steering wheel?

Yes, but only if they are over the age limit required for the game in question.

How does the force feedback of an Xbox One steering wheel work?

Force feedback is the vibration felt by the gamer when performing a maneuver, difficult or not. It's what gives the impression of being in a real car race. The steering wheel must offer a powerful, stable and quiet force feedback between 900 and 1080°. The most efficient force feedback is the "brushless".


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