The best woks in the UK 2023

The wok is a kitchen utensil used to stir-fry, simmer, fry, cook and even steam food. It is of Asian origin and is becoming more and more popular in the UK. Easy to use, the wok allows to cook food quickly thanks to its excellent conductivity. We offer you a guide to find the wok that suits you best.

Wok Kela 1

Editor's Choice

Wok Kela

The best wok in 2021

With a capacity of 1.6 L, this wok ensures a good heat distribution during its use. Compatible with different types of fire, it is easy to maintain and can be put in the dishwasher.

51,99 £ on Mathon

Suitable for two people, this wok comes with a lid and a cast iron cover. Its diameter is around 24 cm. Compatible with gas, induction or halogen fires, you don't need to put much fat when cooking, as the heat can rise to 180°C. It is an ideal cooking method for those who are looking for healthy and dietetic food.

In terms of maintenance, this wok can be put in a dishwasher. However, it is recommended to wash it by hand to avoid the risk of oxidation of the outside bottom of the wok. It comes with a stainless steel grill and a wooden tong.

Wok Essentialb 2

Best Cheap

Wok Essentialb

The best entry-level wok

Enjoy this wok from Essentielb. Easy to use, ergonomic and easy to maintain are the key words that describe this wok.

23,99 £ on Boulanger

With a minimum of fat, the Essentielb brand wok allows for quick cooking of food. Wok cooking ensures the preservation of flavors and crisp textures of vegetables. Its 32 cm diameter is suitable for small and large quantities of food, up to 4 people. It is made of forged aluminum, allowing it to diffuse heat perfectly.

This item is dishwasher safe. If you prefer to wash by hand, avoid scratching the black non-stick interior. The Essentielb wok is compatible with all types of heat sources, even induction. To avoid burning yourself, the design of the handles and knobs of the lid is made of bakelite, heat resistant materials.

Tefal WK3020 13 3

Best High End

Tefal WK3020 13

The best high-end wok

Téfal has always been known for its high quality products. Still in this concept, the brand offers an electric wok in aluminum.

78,68 £ on Boulanger

This is a double-cap utensil, it can be used as a wok and also as a fondue machine. Indeed, it comes with a 1200 W adjustable thermostat that keeps the oil at the right temperature and 8 fondue forks. Perfect for winter evenings! The wok itself can cook for 8 people since it has a large capacity of 6 L.

Robust, the bowl is made of aluminum with a non-stick coating. To allow a nice stewing, it is equipped with a glass lid. However, it is not dishwasher safe, but it has a storage bag that allows you to take it everywhere. Finally, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Mathon - Large non-stick wok 4


Mathon - Large non-stick wok

A great wok

This large non-stick wok from Mathon is very resistant to high temperatures. It is a very good quality/price ratio.

33,59 £ on Mathon

This wok is part of the Mathon Saveur Plus range. It is equipped with an aluminum cast iron and a non-stick ceramic coating. These materials are very resistant to high temperatures and favour healthy cooking. Lightweight and comfortable, it is a good value for money. However, the handles of this one are not heat resistant, so it is better to equip yourself with gloves or potholders to grip the handles in case of heavy cooking.

This wok has a diameter of 36 cm and is suitable for cooking food for 8 to 10 people. It also has a thickness of 3.5 to 5.5 mm which gives it the ability to spread the heat well and a durable feel.

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The best wok in 2021

The best entry-level wok

The best high-end wok

A great wok

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Comparison table of the best woks

Wok Kela 5
Wok Essentialb 6
Tefal WK3020 13 7
Mathon - Large non-stick wok 8
Wok Kela
Wok Essentialb
Tefal WK3020 13
Mathon - Large non-stick wok
With a capacity of 1.6 L, this wok ensures a good heat distribution during its use. Compatible with different types of fire, it is easy to maintain and can be put in the dishwasher.
Enjoy this wok from Essentielb. Easy to use, ergonomic and easy to maintain are the key words that describe this wok.
Téfal has always been known for its high quality products. Still in this concept, the brand offers an electric wok in aluminum.
This large non-stick wok from Mathon is very resistant to high temperatures. It is a very good quality/price ratio.
Materials of construction
Cast iron
Black nonstick
Nonstick ceramic
24 cm
32 cm
36 cm
36 cm
All burners
All burners
Electric - Gas
Dishwasher safe

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How to choose your wok

To choose among its various models, it is necessary to choose the materials of manufacture, the coatings, its capacity, its compatibility and its complementary accessories.

#1 - Manufacturing materials

The materials used to make a wok have a big influence on its durability and workability. Here are a few indications that will be useful to you:

The stainless steel wok: this material gives the wok a good resistance to heat. It is durable, ecological and provides healthy food. However, if you have allergies to nickel, it is better to choose another material. Depending on your dish, you may need a little fat to prevent the meal from sticking to the cast iron of the wok. A little fat may be necessary depending on the preparation, to be avoided for people allergic to nickel.

The aluminum wok: if you are looking for a fast heating utensil with a good heat distribution and a non-stick coating, choose an aluminum wok. Unfortunately, the life of the wok is very limited.

The cast iron and steel wok: this construction makes the wok strong and environmentally friendly. It ensures healthy dishes that do not stick thanks to its non-stick properties. With time, you will see that the quality of the wok improves. The only drawback is its weight and regular maintenance.

#2 - Main coatings

There are woks offered with interior linings. This little extra allows the user to avoid using fat. Your preparations will become healthier and the maintenance of the utensil will become easier. The designer can propose a good number of layers to increase the quality of the coating. In general, the number of layers can range from 1 to 3.

  • Ceramic: this is a natural non-stick coating. It has been designed to ensure healthy cooking. Ceramic favors the rapid rise and distribution of heat. It also protects the wok from scratches, but does not support shocks.
  • PTFE or Teflon: This is a very common coating. The banning of PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid, in the manufacturing process of this type of coating makes it safer.

#3 - Capacity

We are often used to seeing woks with an out of the ordinary size, that we wonder if there are woks more suitable for our workforce. Well, yes, the wok is offered on different sizes to fit all the needs of its user.

  • If you are alone or accompanied (2 people), it is recommended to choose a wok of 24 cm in diameter.
  • For 4 people, a wok with a diameter between 28 and 30 is more suitable.
  • For 6 people, think of a 32 cm wok.
  • And for 8 to 10 people, the 36 cm diameter wok is best.

#4 - Compatibility

Before choosing your wok, apart from the size of the wok, also think about the type of fires you use at home. Not all of these utensils are compatible with all fires. On the product description, pictograms are placed to know the compatibility. There are 5 of them: the electric wok, the gas wok, the halogen wok and the induction wok. Use a magnet on the wok to know the compatibility with an induction.

#5 - Additional accessories

To win the heart of its customers, some producers offer accessories in addition to the wok. The semi-circular grids of woks, for example, are used to drain the dishes of water or oil. These grids can also be used for steaming.

How to maintain a wok?

The cullet

After buying a wok without a non-stick coating, it is essential to do the culotte. But what is the culotte? It is a technique that creates a non-stick surface in the wok. It consists in fattening the cooking utensil in order to plug the small cavities caused by the oxidation of the wok with time. It is recommended to do this step after acquisition and every 5 to 8 uses, or even twice a year without use to preserve the greasy properties.

Cleaning your wok

First of all, you have to let the wok cool down before putting it in the washing machine if it is compatible. In the case of hand washing, it is also necessary to let it cool down in the open air. Never add cold water to a hot wok or soak the hot wok in cold water as this may cause thermal shock.

Be sure to remove any food remains before the dishwasher, if food remains stuck on the walls, never scrape it off. There are two solutions: fill the wok with clear water and leave it for a few hours. Or, add cold water to the wok and heat the water until the food comes off the sides. Although some woks are dishwasher safe, it is more advisable to clean them with hot water and dishwashing liquid.

To maintain the non-stick properties of the wok, avoid using degreasing agents when cleaning. Use hot water instead to facilitate washing. If residue remains, instead of using a steel wool, opt for a bamboo brush to remove the residue from the wok's walls without damaging the wok's coating.

The different types of woks

The wok can be classified according to its compatibility: the wok for cooking plate, the electric wok and the traditional wok.

Wok for hot plate

For a wok to be suitable for a hotplate, the specifications must be specified in the wok's technical data. Note that if it is an induction cooker, it is imperative that the wok is compatible with a magnet. Take the time to check the instructions before buying the plate or, if not, get a magnet and see for yourself if it fits the wok.

Electric wok

Very easy to use, this type of wok is placed directly on the table during a fondue party. It comes with a bottom part. No need for a fire or hot plate, because the wok is already accompanied by an electric base. The only drawback is its design, which does not allow shaking or very little shaking. However, it does its wok job perfectly.

Traditional wok

The traditional wok is a rather imposing utensil suitable for wood fire. It is very practical to make a dinner for a large family. It can also be used over a live fire, among others, charcoal or gas. Compared to the woks of today, this one is quite thick. Very practical especially in places where the current does not pass very well. Charcoal, gas or wood fire will do.

Stove or wok?


The wok is a combination of pot, pan and saucepan. Indeed, it can be used for frying, stir-frying, cooking, ... This utensil greatly reduces the use of fat. It is quite large and difficult to use for a small quantity of meals. It would be more difficult to make a single fried egg or omelette.


The pan is a metal utensil with a wide bottom and a flared edge. It has a long handle and is used for sautéing, browning and frying food. It is mainly used for frying meat. The frying pan requires a lot of fat, especially if you want to make French fries or fry fish.


If you need an all-purpose utensil that can handle a large amount of food, the wok is what you need.
In case you need a utensil to make a fried egg or individual recipes, the frying pan will do the trick.

Why buy a wok?

Making fondue

The wok gives a good distribution of heat which makes it perfect for making a cheese or chocolate fondue. It is the best ally, because no fat is needed, its rounded cast iron shape allows the fondue not to stick to it.

To obtain a lively cooking

In addition to perfect heat distribution, the wok is easy to heat. The heat is ideal for stir-frying food. Its ability to heat up quickly also makes for a nice crispy fry. Moreover, this type of cooking also allows to keep all the nutritive qualities of a food like vegetables. This makes it possible to concoct healthy meals.


When using other utensils to stir-fry food, you must first heat the utensil which can take a long time. With the wok, you can start cooking in just a few minutes. For high heat cooking, you can be sure that it will be done quickly. This product saves the user a lot of time.

Does not require a lot of fat

Whether the wok has a non-stick coating or not, it doesn't need a lot of added fat. Except in the case of French fries, depending on the quantity, you may need to use a good amount of oil. However, if you adopt a frying pan, you are sure to use twice the amount of oil than for the wok. So it allows you to save more money.

Steam cooking

We can say that the wok really does everything, in fact, you can also steam food in it. You can cook vegetables in the wok and a dim sum basket on top of it. Too bad the wok is not suitable for cooking rice! But it can be stir-fried with it.

The best brands of woks

In our opinion, the best brands of woks in 2022 are :

De Buyer
Le Creuset

The Cristel brand highlights the quality of its stainless steel ranges made in the UK. Cristel's stainless steel woks are stable, durable and very strong.

The brand is well known for making high-end cooking utensils that are both easy to use and stylish. It always offers high quality products at affordable prices.

This is a French brand that designs its utensils in noble materials. The design of its woks is based on tin plate and beeswax. This is why its utensils can withstand quite a high temperature.

This brand is becoming more and more recognized in the field of kitchen utensil manufacturing. It is recognizable in its ability to always offer quality products.

The world leader in enameled cast iron cookware, Le Creuset is a combination of quality and refinement. Le Creuset woks are offered with enameled cast iron and ergonomic insulating handles.

Tefal was created in the 1950s. It is known to this day as the best in the production of non-stick pans. This brand has never stopped innovating its products to simplify the daily life of its customers.

Kelais a German brand with more than 100 years of experience. It enhances its creations with high quality materials. Its goal is to facilitate the kitchen to find the pleasure of cooking.

What is the price for a wok

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Avoid immersing a hot wok in cold water

After use, it is normal to clean the utensils. Everyone knows that the utensils must be cooled down before starting the maintenance. Waiting for them to cool down can take a lot of time, which is why some people put them in cold water! Mistake to avoid, as the contact of cold water and hot wok can cause thermal shock.

Avoid sharp, pointed or abrasive objects

If your wok has coating, avoid using sharp utensils in the wok. Also avoid scratching the product, especially with an iron straw so that it does not get scratched. If the coating is scratched, the food may stick in the cast iron.

Clean without scratching

When washing, if residue persists, add cold water to the wok and heat it. You'll see, the residue will loosen itself from the bottom of the wok.

Use a nylon cloth with water and dishwashing liquid

With regular trips to the dishwasher, you'll find that the rivets and bottom start to tarnish. You notice that white deposits are forming on the wok. Please note that this does not affect the quality of the wok in any way. To remove it, clean the wok with a nylon cloth, water and dishwashing liquid.

Clean cast iron woks

To preserve and increase the performance of a cast iron wok, it needs minimal maintenance. To ensure the cast iron wok has good non-stick performance, it is recommended to culotte it after purchase and every 4-5 uses.


What is a wok? What to do with a wok? What accessories are compatible with a wok?

The wok or cauldron in Cantonese is a cooking utensil resembling a large pan with a half-sphere shape. Of Asian origin, it has a rounded bottom and fairly high sides. Compared to the frying pan, the wok cooks the preparations quickly. It is especially appreciated for its ability to distribute heat evenly. The cooking of food with a wok requires little fat, which allows it to preserve the nutritional quality.

This utensil of Asian origin has quickly spread in the UK. At the beginning, it only made place in our cupboards to make Asian specialties. Today, it approaches the French gastronomy. Indeed, its virtue to reduce fat during culinary preparations attracts more than one person. Stir-frying or cooking vegetables and meat are tasks that are quickly performed by the wok. It is not limited to the latter, one can also fry or make fondue with it.

In general, the wok can be accompanied by a lid and handles and or retractable handle or not. It is not recommended to use sharp or hard utensils that can scratch the wok if it is opted with non-stick coating. Instead, use wooden spatulas for your preparations. Before starting to cook, check that the fire is compatible with the wok. Or if you have trouble, choose an electric wok, it already comes with an electric base and a thermostat.

Thewok either comes with a handle or a handle and either both. So how to choose? And as always, the choice will be based on your personal preferences. You should know that the handle allows you to perform a manipulation identical to the use of a pan. As for the handles, they are known to be more manageable. The latter allows you to hold the wok with both hands, which is very practical to control the shaking of the food and to remove it from the fire in complete safety.


Note: Below are some of the sources we have consulted in writing this article. Links to other sites are not continuously updated. It is therefore possible that a link may not be found. Please use a search engine to find the desired information. See more


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Wok Kela 9
Wok Kela
Wok Essentialb 10
Wok Essentialb
Tefal WK3020 13 11
Tefal WK3020 13
Mathon - Large non-stick wok 12
Mathon - Large non-stick wok


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