The best induction compatible frying pans in the UK 2023

Having an induction cooktop is good. Having the right cookware is even better. Of course, your cookware and pans already handle the majority of the cooking process. But having an induction-compatible frying pan (with magnetic material on the back) is imperative if you want to sear, brown and sauté your food to perfection and avoid damage to the stovetop. Cast iron or steel? To find out which one to choose, check out this complete guide.

Tefal Ingenio Expertise L6509205

Editor's Choice

Tefal Ingenio Expertise L6509205

The best induction-compatible frying pan in 2021

Presenting an excellent quality/price ratio, this set includes 2 frying pans of 24 and 28 cm in diameter. It is oven safe and induction compatible. Its patented removable handle greatly simplifies its use and storage.

31,19 £ on Amazon

The name of this model is so evocative of its performance and ingenious design. Indeed, the Tefal Ingenio Expertise L6509205 is equipped with a 100% reliable removable handle. This means you can use it on either pan with a simple click. Also, being able to remove the handle allows you to send each of the frying pans to the oven, put it on the induction plate, serve at the table or store leftovers in the fridge. This ensures optimal storage in the cupboard, especially since the two utensils are stackable. Note that this handle supports a maximum load of 10 kg and is equipped with a 3-point fastening system.

The Expertise range is characterized by its compatibility with induction stoves. The set has a Titanium Excellence non-stick coating which guarantees a longer life. To give you an idea, this type of coating resists nearly 48,000 cycles of use, an average of 12 years. The thick, hard base made of titanium particles rounds out the package. The Thermo-Spot temperature indicator is a real help during baking. It turns monochrome once the pan has reached the right temperature (180°C).

Kitchenaid Classic

Best cheapest

Kitchenaid Classic

The best entry-level induction-compatible frying pan

The Kitchenaid Classic has a smart design. The Stay-Cool handle makes it relatively easy to hold. With a lifetime guarantee, this induction-compatible frying pan is suitable for all types of cookers.

15,99 £ on Amazon

The Kitchenaid Classic is part of the GreenPan Venice Pro collection. You can't help but appreciate it because of its reinforced aluminum coating, but also because of its very affordable price. The material promises an even distribution of heat over the entire surface. Your various pastries, vegetables and meats will be cooked to perfection.

The pan is equipped with a non-stick coating called Thermolon Infinity Professional. It has then been reinforced with diamonds for extra durability. This means that the pan can withstand repeated washing and intensive use. And for maximum resistance to shocks, wear and scratches, this non-stick surface benefits from the Scratch Guard technology. The Kitchenaid Classic comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in 3 sizes: 20, 24 and 28 cm.

Poêle en fonte émaillée Le Creuset

Best high end

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Stove

The best premium induction-compatible frying pan

This enameled cast iron induction frying pan efficiently retains heat and promises even cooking of your meats and vegetables. With a diameter of 28 cm, it can serve up to 4 people.

125 £ on Amazon

This is a 3.28 kg enameled cast iron frying pan. Perfectly suited for cooking vegetables and meats, it has a black enamel interior surface, a coating known for its high wear resistance. The cast iron itself is appreciated for its ability to save energy. It heats at medium heat, distributes the heat evenly and holds it for a long time. Of course, this does not prevent you from obtaining an optimal cooking quality.

Like all the other models in this top selection, the Le Creuset enameled cast iron skillet is compatible with all heat sources, including induction. The long, ergonomic wooden handle makes it easy to hold. The only major drawback is that with this handle, the utensil is neither oven safe nor dishwasher safe. Although it comes with a lifetime warranty, the Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Skillet does not come with a matching lid.

Pradel Excellence 52410M

Excellent choice

Pradel Excellence 52410M

For fat-free cooking

You want to buy an induction compatible frying pan that does not require the use of fat? We recommend the Pradel Excellence 52410M. This 32 cm stone-like model has a non-stick coating and is easy to store thanks to its removable handle.

30,79 £ on Amazon

The Pradel Excellence 52410M is characterized by a high quality cast aluminum structure. The whole is coated with a non-stick stone-like material that avoids the use of fat during cooking. The removable handle allows you to store the frying pan in the cupboard or on the worktop without difficulty. Compatible with all burners, including induction, this model has a diameter of 32 cm.

We like it for its stability, its longevity and its dishwasher compatibility. For a better cleaning result, it is recommended to wash it with hot water and non-aggressive dishwashing liquid. Use a soft sponge and wipe with a clean, non-abrasive cloth. Do not use detergents or oven cleaners.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best induction compatible frying pan

Any specific needs?

The best induction-compatible frying pan in 2021

The best entry-level induction-compatible frying pan

The best premium induction-compatible frying pan

For fat-free cooking

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Comparison table of the best induction compatible frying pans

Tefal Ingenio Expertise L6509205
Kitchenaid Classic
Poêle en fonte émaillée Le Creuset
Pradel Excellence 52410M
Tefal Ingenio Expertise L6509205
Kitchenaid Classic
Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Stove
Pradel Excellence 52410M
Presenting an excellent quality/price ratio, this set includes 2 frying pans of 24 and 28 cm in diameter. It is oven safe and induction compatible. Its patented removable handle greatly simplifies its use and storage.
The Kitchenaid Classic has a smart design. The Stay-Cool handle makes it relatively easy to hold. With a lifetime guarantee, this induction-compatible frying pan is suitable for all types of cookers.
This enameled cast iron induction frying pan efficiently retains heat and promises even cooking of your meats and vegetables. With a diameter of 28 cm, it can serve up to 4 people.
You want to buy an induction compatible frying pan that does not require the use of fat? We recommend the Pradel Excellence 52410M. This 32 cm stone-like model has a non-stick coating and is easy to store thanks to its removable handle.
24 and 28 cm
20 cm
28 cm
32 cm
Forged aluminum
Enamelled cast iron
Aluminum cast iron
Anti-adhesive Titanium Excellence
Thermolon Infinity Professional non-stick coating
Black enamel
Stick "stone-like"
Removable handle
All burners, including induction, oven, dishwasher (except handle) and refrigerator
All burners, including induction, oven, dishwasher (except handle)
All heat sources, including induction
All burners, including induction, dishwasher

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Buying guide - induction compatible frying pan

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How to choose your induction compatible frying pan

It's hard to choose the right induction frying pan when you don't know what parameters to take into account. To make it easier for you, here are the 5 important criteria to consider before buying:
choisir poêle à frire compatible induction

#1 - The design material

Almost any material can be used to make a good frying pan. However, to be induction compatible, it must conform to the ferromagnetic principle. No matter what material you choose, just make sure that it guarantees optimal strength, solidity and durability of the pan.

  • Stainless steel : Some people choose stainless steel for its sturdiness. It is lighter than cast iron and allows for easy deglazing of food without fear of damaging the cooking surface.
  • Cast iron : we love it for its exceptional heat conduction and retention. Unfortunately, cast iron does not support acidic foods.
  • Aluminum : like cast iron, aluminum conducts heat very well. It also stands out for its ability to raise the temperature quickly.

#2 - The compatibility

Are you looking for a particular frying pan? Make sure it's compatible with your induction cooker. Its technical specifications must include one of the following statements: "all burners, including induction", "all heat sources, including induction" or "all types of burners". These indications will inform you that the frying pan is suitable for gas, electric, glass-ceramic and induction cookers.

Also consider the diameter of the utensil. The must is to have the same diameter (or at least 12% smaller) than the induction plate. Here's how to find out:

  • A 21 cm circle: choose a frying pan between 18 cm and 21 cm in diameter
  • 18 cm circle: a frying pan measuring 14.5 cm to 18 cm is ideal
  • 14.5 cm circle: use a frying pan with a minimum diameter of 12 cm.

In some cases, the utensil is also oven, dishwasher and refrigerator safe. Its ability to cook evenly depends on the base. This must be smooth, flat and thick (at least 2 cm).

#3 - The dimensions

As seen above, the dimensions of your future frying pan will be chosen according to your induction hob, but not only... They are also based on the number of people counting your family. For best performance, don't go below 18 cm and even less than 36 cm.

  • 1-2 people : 18-20 cm induction skillet
  • 2-3 people : 24-26 cm pan
  • 3-4 people : 26-28 cm pan
  • 4 to 5 people : 30 cm frying pan
  • 5 to 6 people : 32 cm pan
  • 6 to 8 people : 36 cm pan

#4 - The coating

The coating of the induction-compatible frying pan should not be overlooked. Since it will be in direct contact with your food, it's best to ensure its quality. In this area, give preference to non-stick coatings thanks to which your ingredients are not likely to stick to the bottom of the frying pan.

Also take into account their composition. Opt for those guaranteed to be free of PFOA, cadmium, lead, PTFE or any other product that is harmful to health. Among other things, you can choose specific coatings such as eco-friendly ceramic coating, hard imitation stone coating, organic beeswax finish coating...

#5 - The handle and grip

Here, we'll focus more on the material of the handle and/or the grip. You have several options to choose from, including:

  • Aluminum : can heat up quickly, but it shows good resistance to wear.
  • Wood : the handle remains cool to the touch. However, it is not dishwasher or oven safe.
  • Stainless steel : heats up less than aluminum.
  • Silicone : although ergonomic, silicone can degrade over time in the oven.

A detachable handle and a handle makes the pan more versatile and practical. This means it will be oven, dishwasher, or refrigerator safe and can be stacked for considerable space savings.

How do I maintain an induction frying pan?

avis poêle à frire compatible induction

There's nothing complicated about it. The maintenance and cleaning of an induction frying pan is done in the same way as your other kitchen utensils. The process differs only in the material it is made of.

For the cast iron frying pan

Enameled cast iron seems quite fragile compared to the traditional non-stick coating. However, it is easy to clean. All you need is a sponge and a little dishwashing liquid. Do not put it in the dishwasher, otherwise it will rust. The biggest danger with a cast iron frying pan is that it does not withstand thermal shock. Once you've finished using it, avoid putting it on a cold work surface or pouring cold water on it.

For the steel frying pan

By following a few basic rules, cleaning a steel frying pan becomes a breeze. First, do a tumbling before you use it for the first time. This method consists of adding a set of oil to the pan, the equivalent of 1 mm, the right amount to cover the bottom. Put it on the stove for a few minutes. As soon as you see smoke, turn off the heat immediately. Pour the boiling oil into another container and wipe the sides with a paper towel.

The hot steel frying pan can be deglazed with cold water. It can then be washed with hot water and dried with a clean cloth. Do not hesitate to leave a small layer of fat on its surface to preserve it from the risks of oxidation.

For the aluminum frying pan

Take a soft cloth and wash your aluminum frying pan with hot water and dishwashing liquid. A little lemon juice and salt will help you achieve a more thorough cleaning. If stubborn stains persist, add several drops of ammonia to the wash water. The steel wool as well as the abrasive sponge is not indicated for this type of material.

The different types of induction compatible frying pans

There is a wide variety of induction-compatible frying pans available today. To help you choose the right model, we have classified them according to their material of manufacture: aluminum, cast iron and steel.

Aluminum induction compatible skillet

Poêle à frire compatible induction en aluminium

This is the most common type of frying pan. Thanks to its convenient non-stick coating, your food will not stick to the sides or bottom of the frying pan. In particular, you can avoid the addition of fat as part of a healthy diet.

In addition, aluminum is lightweight, affordable and very easy to handle. A material conducive to even cooking, it is known for its ability to rise quickly to temperature. Too bad it's not the strongest and has a short lifespan compared to other types of material.

Cast iron induction compatible skillet

Poêle à frire compatible induction en fonte

The ultimate heat-conducting material, cast iron is perfect for those who want to simmer their dishes before sautéing or browning them. Can be enameled or unenameled, the cast iron induction compatible frying pan turns out to be the heaviest and most expensive of all. However, the investment is not in vain since this material is both solid and very resistant.

The frying pan can only be cleaned by hand with water and mild soap. It is not dishwasher safe. Usually, this type of model comes with a lifetime warranty, a guarantee of its quality and sturdiness. Its major advantage? The cooking performance of cast iron increases with use. A patina will form on the surface, which will reduce the need to add fat. This process is commonly called "seasoning".

Stainless steel induction compatible skillet

Poêle à frire compatible induction en acier inoxydable

The stainless steel induction compatible frying pan is ideal if you want to brown your various dishes. Very light, this material is also offered at a very affordable price. On its own, stainless steel is not an example in terms of heat conduction. It should be combined with other materials, most often aluminum (integrated between two layers of stainless steel), for a fast heating and a good distribution of heat.

If you like stainless steel cookware, we strongly recommend a high quality material. The ideal dosage is 18/10. This is an addition of about 18% chrome and 10% nickel to the basic iron/carbon alloy. Thus, you get a strong and super corrosion resistant steel.

Induction compatible frying pan or fish pan ?

Induction compatible frying pan

The round induction frying pan is equipped with a magnetic flat bottom. It has a +/- long handle so that the user can use it comfortably. Models with removable handles are easier to use. They are dishwasher safe and can be used in the oven or refrigerator. Some frying pans have one or two handles, making them even easier to hold and handle.

Whether it is made of cast iron, aluminum or stainless steel, the induction-compatible frying pan is very solid, heat-resistant and durable. It can be used to cook, sear, brown or fry all types of food, from meat to vegetables. Sometimes, when used in the oven, the pan can even replace a cake or gratin pan.

Induction compatible fish pan

The induction-compatible fish pan is distinguished by its oval shape. As its name suggests, it has been specifically designed for cooking whole fish. Its format ensures even cooking along the entire length. You can turn the entire fish without the risk of breaking it. Because of its size, the fish pan can also accommodate large pieces of meat, steak, beef ribs, sausages and fillets.

The pan respects the delicacy of the fish (or meat) throughout the process. It offers an authentic and perfect result. Most models are made of stainless steel or aluminum and have a non-stick coating.


Your choice depends on your needs. However, you can buy both types of pans if you like to vary the pleasures and delight the taste buds of your family. An induction frying pan is suitable for small to medium-sized pieces of meat, vegetables, and possibly gratins and pastries. On the other hand, an induction-compatible fish pan is better suited for cooking fish, meat, steak and other large foods.

Why buy an induction compatible frying pan?

pourquoi acheter poêle à frire compatible induction

The safety

The induction compatible frying pan gives you access to this innovative cooking technology. The induction plate emits no flame and no smoke. Even better, the surface stays cool even when your food is cooking in the pan. This is a safety feature. You are much less likely to burn yourself when using this cooking method.

Reduced energy consumption

With an induction cooker, heat loss is very limited. All the energy from the plate is transferred to the frying pan. The frying pan heats up more quickly and the cooking time is shortened. As a result, the induction cooker consumes up to 40% less energy than a gas cooker and 30% less than an electric cooker.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

The induction frying pan is no more difficult to clean and maintain than a regular frying pan. There are no special cleaning products to buy. Washing and maintenance is the same as for a regular frying pan. Follow the care tips in our buying guide and ensure that your induction skillet lasts a lifetime.

Compatibility with other cooktops

The induction frying pan is not exclusively for use on an induction cooktop. You can also use it to cook delicious dishes on an electric or gas hob. The pan can also be used in the oven. So you don't have to buy other utensils to use on your different cooking plates.


Your expenses will not be higher when you buy a piece or a whole set of induction compatible frying pans. The prices are similar to those of regular pans. You'll have a wide range of choices in terms of brands, models, materials, sizes and ranges. By following the advice in our buying guide, you will be able to find an induction skillet that suits your needs and your budget without any difficulty.

The best brands of induction compatible frying pans

In our opinion, the best brands of induction compatible frying pans in 2022 are :

Le Creuset
Pradel Excellence

Tefal is a French brand founded in 1956 and subsidiary of the SEB group since 1968. It is specialized in non-stick cookware. Tefal is a true pioneer in the field. We owe him many inventions related to non-stick technologies used on frying pans, saucepans... Tefal's induction-compatible frying pans are very high quality.

The American brand Kitchenaid has been manufacturing household appliances and kitchen utensils for more than a century. In its very extensive catalog of products, there are several frying pans specifically dedicated to induction cooking. These pans are made of high quality materials. They are efficient, durable and easy to maintain.

The famous enameled cast iron casseroles have made the French brand Le Creuset famous. Of course, it is not limited to this particular product. The manufacturer offers several lines of cookware, including series of induction-compatible frying pans. Le Creuset emphasizes the quality of these items. Its frying pans are no exception, as they boast an increased longevity that cooking professionals particularly appreciate.

Pradel Excellence is the French specialist in cutlery and kitchen and tableware items. The manufacturer distinguishes itself by the finesse and design of its products. Professionals, enthusiasts and individuals choose the brand for excellence. Are you looking for high quality induction frying pans? Turn to Pradel Excellence.

Gadhome is one of those recent brands that distribute their products exclusively on the Internet. The manufacturer offers various lines of home products ranging from umbrellas to door mats to induction compatible frying pans. The brand has unbeatable prices on good quality products. Choose Gadhome if you want to buy an induction compatible frying pan at the best prices.

What is the price for an induction compatible frying pan

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 35 £
35 £ to 75 £
more than 75 £
Price range diagram


The magnet test

There is a simple trick to detecting induction-compatible frying pans. This is the magnet test. Normally, an induction-compatible frying pan should be made of a magnetic material. Take a magnet and place it on the bottom of the frying pan. If the magnet catches, it means the frying pan is induction compatible.

An induction plate with two circles

A minimum of one circle is printed on the cooking surface of an induction cooktop. It is used to define the diameter of the compatible frying pan. If the pan is too small, the griddle may not recognize it. Even so, you can use small frying pans on a hob when the hob has two circles silk-screened one inside the other. Favour these models if you want to use your entire set of utensils on the same hob.

Flat-bottomed frying pans

It is highly recommended to use perfectly flat-bottomed frying poles on an induction hob? This will promote even heat distribution. If the bottom is domed, the magnetism will be concentrated at the contact points between the bottom of the pan and the hob.

An induction adapter

It is possible to use a non-compatible frying pan on an induction hob. You will need an adapter. This is a metal plate that is placed between the pan and the cooking surface. Its role is to create magnetism between the two parts. But be careful, the adapter will reduce the power transmitted by the induction plate. This will make your food take longer to cook.

Always clean the induction plate before use

Before placing a compatible frying pan on an induction hob, make sure that the hob is thoroughly cleaned. Food layers and debris, oil and other dirt can affect the heat transfer between the two pieces and lengthen cooking time. A wipe down with a specially formulated cleaner is all that is needed to clean an induction cooktop.


How do I know if a frying pan is induction compatible?

In general, manufacturers display a small icon to distinguish pans and other utensils that are compatible with induction cookers. This icon represents a spring placed horizontally. If it is present on the bottom of the frying pan, then the pan is compatible. You can also place the pan directly on the induction cooker. If the "U" light appears on the plate, then the pan is not compatible.

Is a stainless steel frying pan induction compatible?

The term "stainless steel" encompasses several categories of stainless steel used in the manufacture of frying pans. Not all are compatible with induction. Most of them will not work with this cooking method. Generally, the 18/10 ferromagnetic stainless steel is the only one that can be recognized by the induction plate. It is therefore important to be well informed before buying a stainless steel frying pan.

What frying pan material is induction compatible?

Induction works on the magnetic phenomenon. Frying pans that are compatible with this cooking method must therefore be made of magnetic materials. This is the case with iron, ferromagnetic stainless steel and cast iron. Frying pans made from other materials such as copper or glass are not compatible with induction.

Will a non-compatible frying pan damage an induction plate?

The compatibility of a frying pan with an induction hob is not always known. The problem is that we hesitate to test this compatibility for fear of damaging the cooktop. Don't worry. Placing a non-compatible frying pan on an induction cooktop will have no negative effect on its condition. The hob will simply not turn on. It will continue to work fine on compatible frying pans.


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Tefal Ingenio Expertise L6509205
Tefal Ingenio Expertise L6509205
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Kitchenaid Classic
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Pradel Excellence 52410M


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