The best wine glasses in the UK 2023

France is the second largest wine consuming country in the world, with 40 L per year and per capita. For a wine lover, finding the right wine glass is as important as finding the right bottle! Tulip glass, stemmed or stemless, discover our guide of the best wine glasses to find yours.

Stölzle Lausitz Power 1

Best value for money

Stölzle Lausitz Power

The best wine glass

Designed specifically for red wine, the Stölzle Lausitz Power is appreciated for its modern and elegant design. It is dishwasher safe and requires little effort to clean.

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Sendez black 2

Best value for money

Sendez black

The best entry-level wine glass

The Sendez black wine glass set stands out thanks to its sleek style and black color. It will undoubtedly attract the attention of your guests. Made of thick glass, this model includes 6 glasses with a capacity of 300 ml each.

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Unlike the classic models, the Sendez black stands out because of its unusual color. This will not detract from the decoration of your table, whether or not the glasses match your dishes and cutlery. On the contrary, it will bring a certain elegance and charm to the whole despite its somewhat classic shape. Its capacity reaches 300 ml while its height is 21.2 cm, including the foot.

Brilliant, contemporary, trendy... in short, the black Sendez has everything to please. Available in a set of 6 glasses, it is ideal for tasting your red wine. Moreover, this model can be used for special occasions, in the professional or family field.

RÖD Wine rodwinered

Best value for money

RÖD Wine rodwinered

The best premium wine glass

What better way to enjoy a good wine than with a quality wine glass? The RÖD Wine rodwinered is the perfect example of a highly expressive model. The design, the material and the transparency... you will really appreciate it.

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RÖD Wine is a reference in the world of wine glasses. The brand knows how to combine quality and refinement to perfection. And you can feel it when you buy the RÖD Wine rodwinered. This set of stemmed glasses is suitable for a wide range of red wines.

Each glass is crafted with durable titanium crystal, making it an exceptional model. The result? A glass that is as light as it is elegant and slender. The RÖD Wine rodwinered consists of 3 models with a capacity of 650 ml each.

Cami de Libbey

A great choice

Cami de Libbey

The best stemless wine glass

The Libbey Cami is a great value for money and provides an unparalleled tasting experience. It fits easily in the hand and promises a pleasant sensation on contact with the mouth.

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The Cami by Libbey has a classic look with elegant, yet clean curves. If you're looking to set a luxurious and contemporary table, we recommend it with your eyes closed. This set of wine glasses is sure to add a touch of originality to your decor. Moreover, it is much more practical since it has no stem.

The Libbey Cami can be used for any occasion, whether formal or casual. The capacity of each glass is up to 590 ml. Dishwasher safe, so you can avoid the tedious task of hand washing.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best wine glass

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The best wine glass

The best entry-level wine glass

The best premium wine glass

The best stemless wine glass

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Comparison table of the best wine glasses

Stölzle Lausitz Power 3
Sendez black 4
RÖD Wine rodwinered
Cami de Libbey
Stölzle Lausitz Power
Sendez black
RÖD Wine rodwinered
Cami de Libbey
Designed specifically for red wine, the Stölzle Lausitz Power is appreciated for its modern and elegant design. It is dishwasher safe and requires little effort to clean.
The Sendez black wine glass set stands out thanks to its sleek style and black color. It will undoubtedly attract the attention of your guests. Made of thick glass, this model includes 6 glasses with a capacity of 300 ml each.
What better way to enjoy a good wine than with a quality wine glass? The RÖD Wine rodwinered is the perfect example of a highly expressive model. The design, the material and the transparency... you will really appreciate it.
The Libbey Cami is a great value for money and provides an unparalleled tasting experience. It fits easily in the hand and promises a pleasant sensation on contact with the mouth.
517 ml
300 ml
650 ml
590 ml
Number of pieces
22.6 cm
21.2 cm
10.1 cm
9.3 cm
7.5 cm
10.3 cm
Dishwasher safe

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Buying guide - wine glass

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How to choose your wine glass

Because the taste of a good wine changes from one container to another, it is essential to choose the right wine glass. Here are the most important criteria.

#1 - The shape of the chalice

A wine glass must have a specific shape to bring out the aromas, honor the wine and enhance the tasting experience. As a rule, the "tulip" shape has been adopted because it allows the aromas to be better diffused. It has a flared base and a tighter rim.

The size and proportions of the goblet (the base) and the rim (the rim) will then more or less determine the grape variety and type of wine recommended for each wine glass. The shape of the rim can also be slightly modified according to the grape variety, as in the case of the Burgundy glass with a slightly flared rim.

The "universal" wine glass or INAO glass, also of "tulip" shape, has an oval but more elongated chalice. It is suitable for all types of tasting, whether for red, white or rosé wine.

#2 - The dimensions


good varietal wine needs space to air and exhale. A large oxygenation surface is therefore necessary. This is why a wine glass must be both wide and deep enough to allow the wine to come into contact with the air, while concentrating the aromas inside.

The large width of the glass should also allow the wine to be turned easily to extract the aromas. Some high-end or mid-range wine glasses have a capacity of up to 500-900 mL, providing enough space to let the wine express itself olfistically.

#3 - The material


wine lover will tell you, a good wine will taste better in a quality wine glass. The material largely determines the quality of the glass. There are two main types, crystalline and crystal. Both materials preserve the flavors and aromas of a wine better than if it were served in a plain glass container.

Fortunately, most wine glasses are made of crystalline or crystal, which are also distinguished by their very high transparency. Beyond their elegance and purity, these materials must also provide the glass with great robustness for many cycles of use and washing.

#4 - The fineness of the glass


taste experience also depends on the quality of manufacture of a wine glass. To this end, it is important to know that the mouthpiece, i.e. the part that comes into contact with the mouth, must be as thin as possible to allow the tongue and palate to better appreciate the different aromatic notes of the wine. Nevertheless, this should not detract from the sturdiness of the glass.

#5 - Type of glass


most wine glasses have a stem, there are also stemless models. Stemmed glasses have a stem that is almost half the height of the glass. While few red wine lovers recommend them, stemless wine glasses also find their fans. They are distinguished mainly by their minimalist design.

Recognized brands

To make sure you make the right choice, don't hesitate to pay attention to the reputation of the brand. Indeed, a wine glass from a renowned brand will offer you a tasting experience that meets your expectations. The best wine glass manufacturers are European and North American.

Why a good wine glass is essential?

You may be wondering why it is important to choose a good glass to enjoy your favorite nectar? Wine is a delicate beverage, sometimes demanding, but it can also be enjoyed in a simpler way. However, if you want to enjoy the pleasures of wine, you must pay attention to the way you taste it.

For a red, white or rosé wine to give you the taste experience you are looking for, it is crucial to serve it in a glass that is worthy of it. It's like dressing a person in the right clothes!

Indeed, wine tasting has three essential aspects: visual, olfactory and gustatory. A wine glass must therefore allow you to appreciate the tasting from these three aspects, as proven by the terms used in oenology.

Thus, a "beautiful robe" indicates a specific color, a "round" nose indicates particular aromas. And when it is described as "fresh" in the mouth, we like the wine for its acidity that leaves a pleasant sensation after the sip. The glass is a bridge between this gustatory pleasure and the desire to savor your wine.

The visual aspect

The wine glass must allow you to visualize the wine in order to appreciate its nuances, or its transparency for rosé wines in particular. For this, it must be as transparent as possible to enjoy the visual pleasure that encourages tasting. Its visual appeal, marked by an elegant and refined design, must also contribute to increase the pleasure of wine tasting.

The olfactory aspect

As mentioned above, the wine glass must allow the wine to reveal its aromas while prolonging the olfactory pleasure. Its shape is precisely designed to enhance the aromatic subtleties, especially for certain red and white wine varieties.

The gustatory aspect

The shape of the rim of a wine glass as well as its finesse determine the way the wine fills the mouth with its aromas after each sip. So, for a good wine lover, or to discover the true pleasures of wine, the choice of the glass is a crucial step, as much as when you choose a bottle.

Avoid the dishwasher

Avoid washing your wine glasses in the dishwasher, especially if you invest in a high-end product with a high price tag. Even if it says your glasses are machine washable, it's best to clean them by hand to avoid scratching them and also prevent bad odors.

Wine glass with or without stem?

Stemmed glass

The stemmed glass has a stem that rests on a base. This gives the glass good stability. The main purpose of this stem is to prevent the hand from coming into contact with the chalice, which would heat up the wine. The temperature at which the beverage should be served must be respected.

However, this only applies if you hold your glass for a long time. If you are at the table, the wine will not warm up between sips. The stem is also used to easily rotate the wine in the glass to reveal its aromas. This is especially important when tasting a delicate or aromatic wine, such as a varietal red.

Stemless glass

Economical, this type of wine glass is appreciated for its minimalist but undeniably elegant and modern design. And above all, it lends itself to different occasions.

It should also be wide at the base and more tapered towards the top, like the chalice of a stemmed wine glass.


Based on the recommendations of many wine professionals, the stemmed glass should be your first choice, especially if you regularly drink red wine and want to exploit the flavours. But if you are looking for a more versatile glass for drinking with family and friends around the table, the stemless wine glass is a good alternative.

Why buy wine glasses?

A refined container

Drinking a good bottle of wine in a wine glass is classy! When you go to a restaurant, you are always offered a wine list. And before your great vintage arrives, you have to go through the tasting stage, proposed in a nice glass. And it's always nice to be served in a decent one rather than one that stains. You will need to have some at home to receive your guests.

A classy decorative item

It's always nice to see wine glasses displayed in your china cabinet. The first thing your guests will do when they arrive at your home is to take a look at the decoration. Glass objects, well arranged, are the guarantee of a classy and successful decoration.

An object that lasts in time

Items made of glass are resistant and wine glasses are no exception. Unless you drop them, they don't break easily. Plus, you can use it over and over again.

A great container for a party

Are you used to entertaining at home? Well, you know that a wine glass always makes an impact on guests. Instead of drinking wine out of a regular glass, you offer your guests a choice of containers. It's also a way of saying that there's a special occasion to celebrate and that it should be marked with a white stone. In other words, a wine glass is much more appropriate to celebrate in much better conditions.

A good way to showcase the benefits of wine

Serving wine in a tinted or classic glass is not recommended. Indeed, a wine glass greatly enhances the bottle and brings out all the aromas and taste of the wine itself; this will not be the case with a small glass. And it will make you want to taste the wine more.

The best brands of wine glasses

In our opinion, the best brands of wine glasses in 2022 are :

Stölzle Lausitz
RÖD Wine
Bohemia cristal

Whether in restaurants or at home, Stölzle has the right glass for every taste. The particularly high quality sand from Lausitz is what makes Stölzle glass so clear. Since 1889, the factory in Weißwasser has been constantly refining the art of glassmaking. The brand also produces colored glasses that are taking the restaurant world by storm around the world. And like all German brands, you can feel the reliability and quality in this product.

Every occasion is a special occasion with these RÖD Wine brand wine glasses. Here you have another German brand that is very sturdy despite its fragility. Made with previously selected sand, the glasses are of a rare quality. They are designed in a simple way without sacrificing elegance.

Libbey Inc, originally New England Glass Company, is an American glass company that has been around since 1818. Its products are among the most prized by American high society, and the luxury restaurant community.

Luminarc is a brand of the French company Arc International. First introduced in 1958, this brand is now very well known. It offers products with an excellent quality/price ratio, whether it is for glassware, or for cups, bowls, salad bowls, plates, storage boxes, etc.

Bohemia Cristal is a company specialized in Crystal that has an experience of more than 25 years. It offers a wide selection of Bohemian Crystal glass in traditional and modern designs. This brand offers more mid to high-end products.

What is the price for a wine glass

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 40 £
more than 40 £
Price range diagram


Observe the correct filling.

When serving red wine, fill the glass halfway, or as soon as the curve of the glass narrows. For white wine, you can fill the glass to two-thirds of its capacity. These precautions are essential to allow the wine to be turned and aerated.

Wash your wine glasses without using any cleaning product.

It is

advisable to wash your wine glasses by hand. Running them through hot water is sufficient, but you can also use gel soap if necessary. For crystal glasses, a little caustic soda will help preserve the clarity and brilliance of the glass. When washing, avoid using a sponge, simply rub the surfaces to be cleaned with your fingers. Pay particular attention to the top, but also to the inside of the glass. Also rinse with warm water to preserve your glasses from thermal shock.

Use a suitable cloth to dry the wine glass.


only a microfiber or linen cloth to wipe your wine glasses. You can also let them air dry by turning them over on a clean, dry towel.

Improve the shine and transparency of the glass.


keep your wine glasses shiny and clear, consider exposing them to boiling steam for a few moments. Then let them dry completely before storing them.

Do not store your glasses in a box or on a closed shelf.


not store your wine glasses in a cardboard box or any other closed space. They may become impregnated with the odors of the cardboard or furniture in which they are placed. Ideally, they should be hung up or simply turned upside down on a glass towel, as mentioned above.


What is the best wine glass?

The best wine glass depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What is the price of a wine glass?

The price of a set of wine glasses varies according to the number of pieces, but also the brand. An entry-level set of 6 costs between 15 and 25 euros. Mid-range glasses cost between €25 and €45 per set of 6. For high-end wine glasses, the price can range from €50 to almost €100 per set of 2.

How many units can a set of wine glasses contain?

Wine glasses can be offered in sets of 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 or even 16 units. The top of the range glasses are generally available in sets of 2.

How do I polish my wine glasses?

You can polish your tasting glasses with a soft cloth to make them shine even more. To do this, hold your glass by the chalice and never by the base or stem, as this could break it.

Do I need a specific glass for each type of wine?

If you only drink red wine, choose a red wine glass. If you regularly drink white and red wine, a multi-purpose glass is ideal, such as the INAO universal glass.


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Stölzle Lausitz Power
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Sendez black
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