The best vacuum cookers in the UK 2023

The sous vide cooker has only recently appeared on cooking shows. However, the cooking technique dates back to 1970. This device allows to cook food for a long time, at low temperature and with steam. Once reserved for chefs, this machine is now accessible to everyone. But between the price, the power and the various products, it is difficult to find the right one. So, which sous vide cooker should you choose?

Anova Precision Cooker Wifi 1

Best value for money

Anova Precision Cooker Wifi

Best vacuum cooker in 2021

The Anova Precision Cooker puts a slap in the face of its competitors. With a host of exclusive recipes from celebrity chefs, easy attachment, 360° directional pump, and a great app, this immersion cooker has proven its popularity. A must-have for any lover of fine food cooked just right.

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The Anova Precision Cooker is the most famous sous vide cooker on the market. In addition to the Wifi version presented in this comparison, it also exists in a Bluetooth version. Anova collaborates with Serious Eats and many chefs to create exclusive recipes, a real plus for users. We can mention the chef Ming Tsai.

The power reaches 900 W. This reduces the preheating time by 20%. Thus, 6 L of water is heated in a little less than 20 minutes. The directional pump distributes the 360° water at precise temperatures throughout the water bath. It's simple, no competitor does it better! But instead of placing the immersion heater on the edge of the container, drill a hole in the middle of the container lid for maximum efficiency.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android. It allows you to remotely check the cooking progress and temperature. You can even browse the suggested recipes while monitoring the progress bar. In terms of design, the Anova is made of stainless steel and polycarbonate. Easy to clean, it is also robust and can be clipped to almost any container. The touch screen displays the cooking information.

KitchenBoss G300 Silver 2

Best inexpensive

KitchenBoss G300 Silver

Best entry-level vacuum cooker

KitchenBoss has improved the design and heating power of its G300 sous vide cooker. Now at 1,100 W, it will heat 6 L of water between 75 and 130 °C in just 13 min. In terms of quality/price ratio, this model is simply unbeatable. To be seen over time.

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Compared to previous versions, KitchenBoss has made significant improvements to its G300 immersion circulator. IPX7 certified and rather compact, it is offered at a price among the lowest on the market. We like the location of the LED display and controls, now angled down and facing the clip. This provides better visibility during use. The clip is also good, even if it is not as good as the Anova's.

Most impressive is the 1,100W of power for such a small price, a real tour de force. The temperature rises quickly and evenly for optimal cooking. The motor is only slightly louder than those of high-end vacuum cookers. In addition, the circulator can pump 10 L of water per minute. KitchenBoss even claims that its model is compatible with 12L containers. Check it out.

The built-in timer allows you to program up to 99 hours of cooking time. However, it can be unreliable. When you interrupt the cooking process, the timer may lose its progress and start from the beginning! Concerning the heating speed, the KitcheBoss G300 heats 6 L of water between 75 and 130°C in only 13 min. Finally, 10 vacuum bags are delivered with the vacuum cooker.

SousVide Supreme Tellier 3

Best top of the line

SousVide Supreme Tellier

Best high-end vacuum cooker

Don't ask what it costs, ask what it pays! If you share this view and love precision cooking, the SousVide Supreme Tellier is for you. Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, you can't go wrong with this model.

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The Tellier Supreme SousVide Cooker is designed for chefs as well as home cooks... if you're willing to pay the price. The minimal cooking time and temperature control allows you to cook meat, poultry, desserts and seafood while maintaining the aroma, tenderness and taste. Under no circumstances will your dish overheat.

No matter what size your kitchen is, this appliance will fit. With its dimensions of 36 x 29 x 29 cm, it is much more compact than other vacuum cookers of the same kind. Moreover, it has a capacity of 11 L, more than enough to cook a roast. The SousVide Supreme Demi can cook between 30 and 89 °C with an accuracy of 0.5 °C.

For the design, the exterior is made of steel with a brushed aluminum lid to retain heat. The latter can be used to transfer vacuum bags after cooking. The interior is made of anodized aluminum, which prevents the outer wall from heating up during cooking. Finally, this vacuum cooker is sold with a stainless steel grid, a removable cord and a perforated bottom grid.

Séverin SV 2447 4

Very good

Séverin SV 2447

Best stand-alone vacuum cooker

If you've ever wanted to cook like a professional, or at least reduce the mess of your favorite recipes, this Séverin sous vide cooker, considered one of the most efficient on the market, is the appliance for you.

75,59 £ on Amazon

Séverin did not skimp on the quality of this sous-vide cooker despite its surprisingly affordable cost. Yes, this model is offered at a very competitive price, but it is still very efficient. But to sell such a quality product in this price range, the German firm had to make some sacrifices. As you can see, the tank of this SV 2447 is smaller than that of its competitors. But although it is only 6 liters, it can accommodate food for half a dozen people. On the technical side, this sous vide cooker has everything to seduce gourmet food lovers. The main reason why this appliance is so easy to use is because of its front display and its multiple controls. The timer can be programmed for up to 24 hours, the alarm sounds at the end of cooking, and the thermostat can be adjusted from 40 to 99°C.

The maintenance of this cooker is greatly facilitated thanks to its removable bowl with non-stick coating. This model does not distinguish between the bags used for cooking, but the manufacturer recommends the use of a bag-solder device of its own making, supposedly to perfect the vacuum or steam cooking of your recipes. This is an additional purchase to consider.

Inkbird ISV-100W 5

Best home vacuum cooker

Inkbird ISV-100W

Best controllable vacuum cooker with an app

Thanks to its dedicated application, this technologically advanced cooker will allow you to intelligently cook your food under vacuum for results that border on perfection. In addition, it delivers all the information on your preparations in real time.

79,99 £ on Amazon

The Inkbird is not the most popular sous-vide cooker on the market, but it's close to being so. This is partly due to its ease of use, but also to its superb performance. Keep in mind that this appliance is capable of cooking at a temperature of 25 to 99°C, with an accuracy of +/- 0.1°C. Its timer is adjustable up to 99 hours 59 minutes, which is quite unusual, but very practical. It is ideal for all recipes that require a very long cooking time.

The Inkbird ISV-100W is not as powerful as KitchenBoss' flagship model, but it gets the job done. Its design allows it to fit into any cooking pot, and of course you can use it to cook meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit, eggs and cheese. The many recipes that can be viewed via the app and the device's LCD screen will allow you to vary your little culinary pleasures to the maximum. Silent vacuum cookers are not a myth, and this Inkbird ISV is clear proof of that. This device remains silent throughout the cooking process. Please note that this device has an alarm that warns you when the water level is below the minimum recommended value.

Wancle vacuum cooker 6

Best mixed use vacuum cooker

Wancle vacuum cooker

Best vacuum cooker for apprentice chef

Helping you to cook like a real star chef, this Wancle vacuum cooker is incredibly easy to use. This appliance owes its efficiency and superb performance to its exclusive circulation system, as well as its 850W power, which allows it to heat water much faster.

79,99 £ on Amazon

This vacuum cooker is striking because of its design, which is a bit of an oddity. In fact, it is almost the only device of its kind to have a top handle, under which there is a trigger mechanism that opens the plastic collar when you press it. From the outset, you should know that this cooking device is best used with a pot or pan of no more than 4L because of its small size.

Because of its user-friendly design, the Wancle can be used by all types of cooks, from professionals to assistants, and even those who have just discovered their passion for gastronomy. Reading the cooking instructions on the slightly curved LCD screen will not be a problem, as fog will not adhere to it. On the side of this appliance there is a small wheel which is in fact an indicator of its correct operation. This wheel is adorned with a blue light if all is well and a red light if you have an error.

As the trigger is located on the handle of this device, the disconnection or locking is safer and much more secure. As a reminder, the time and temperature settings can be adjusted as desired.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best vacuum cooker

Any specific needs?

Best vacuum cooker in 2021

Best entry-level vacuum cooker

Best high-end vacuum cooker

Best stand-alone vacuum cooker

Best controllable vacuum cooker with an app

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Comparison table of the best vacuum cookers

Anova Precision Cooker Wifi 7
KitchenBoss G300 Silver 8
SousVide Supreme Tellier 9
Séverin SV 2447 10
Inkbird ISV-100W 11
Wancle vacuum cooker 12
Anova Precision Cooker Wifi
KitchenBoss G300 Silver
SousVide Supreme Tellier
Séverin SV 2447
Inkbird ISV-100W
Wancle vacuum cooker
The Anova Precision Cooker puts a slap in the face of its competitors. With a host of exclusive recipes from celebrity chefs, easy attachment, 360° directional pump, and a great app, this immersion cooker has proven its popularity. A must-have for any lover of fine food cooked just right.
KitchenBoss has improved the design and heating power of its G300 sous vide cooker. Now at 1,100 W, it will heat 6 L of water between 75 and 130 °C in just 13 min. In terms of quality/price ratio, this model is simply unbeatable. To be seen over time.
Don't ask what it costs, ask what it pays! If you share this view and love precision cooking, the SousVide Supreme Tellier is for you. Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, you can't go wrong with this model.
If you've ever wanted to cook like a professional, or at least reduce the mess of your favorite recipes, this Séverin sous vide cooker, considered one of the most efficient on the market, is the appliance for you.
Thanks to its dedicated application, this technologically advanced cooker will allow you to intelligently cook your food under vacuum for results that border on perfection. In addition, it delivers all the information on your preparations in real time.
Helping you to cook like a real star chef, this Wancle vacuum cooker is incredibly easy to use. This appliance owes its efficiency and superb performance to its exclusive circulation system, as well as its 850W power, which allows it to heat water much faster.
Simple and very convenient app
Powerful appliance and good heating temperature
Vacuum cooker dedicated to professionals but also to individuals
Precise setting with LED display.
Very intuitive control application.
Digital temperature and time control.
Touchscreen and readable to quickly inform about cooking
Unbeatable value for money, especially with such power
Internal capacity of 11 L
Optimal cooking with the electronic thermostat adjustable from 40 to 99°C.
Programmable timer up to 99h 58min.
Restaurant-proven cooking technology.
Features exclusive recipes from celebrity chefs
Intuitive and very simple operation
Can cook almost everything (meat, poultry, seafood, desserts...)
Easy cleaning with the removable bowl.
Even cooking of food thanks to the thermostat adjustable from 25°C to 99°C.
Trigger located on handle makes it easy to use. Ultra quiet sous vide cooker.
360° directional pump
Easy to clean
Metal body and interior, guarantee of sturdiness and quality
Preserves the richness of food nutrients.
Cooking monitoring via smartphone is possible.
Compatible with a huge variety of pans.
Clips onto almost any cookware
Timer resumes at the beginning when you stop cooking
No possibility of overheating the cooking
Overcooking impossible.
Overcooking impossible thanks to the protection alarm.

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Buying guide - vacuum cooker

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How to choose your vacuum cooker

Before going into more detail in this buying guide, you need to know the criteria for choosing a good sous vide cooker. These include simplicity, fixing, low temperature operation, timer and price.

#1 - The precision of vacuum cooking

Vacuum cooking of certain foods, especially eggs, is no joke. A variation of only 1°C can result in a completely different final product. In addition, the water needs to heat to an even temperature, without getting too hot or too cold. So you'll need a sous vide cooker with enough precision to make as many dishes as possible.

#2 - The power

Most models range from 750 to 1,100 watts. The heating element should have enough power to heat a large volume of water and keep it at a reasonable temperature. But beware. More power will heat the water faster, but it may not be effective in the long run. You might even trip your circuit breaker!

Power versus utility is a balancing act. Always keep in mind that you can add hot water from a kettle to help a low-powered immersion circulator. But you won't be able to add cold water to reduce the temperature when the sous vide cooker heats up too quickly.

#3 - The price

The best sous vide cookers cost more than 200 euros. However, some models at less than 100 euros compete very well with those that sell for 2 to 4 times more. In reality, the price goes up depending on the options and the presence of an application dedicated to the device. In recent years, developments in sous vide technology have made prices more affordable.

#4 - Temperature stability

This criterion matters, but not as much as some people think. In principle, slow-cooking foods handle temperature variations better than fast-cooking foods. But the beauty of sous vide cooking is its consistency. That's why the device you're interested in should be able to stabilize the temperature, with margins of just 1°C.

#5 - Remote controls and integrated timer

Most quality sous vide cookers use a smartphone app via Wifi or Bluetooth. It allows you to select recipes, control the water temperature or keep an eye on the timer. Despite these remote controls, it's still preferable for appliances to also have built-in controls and be able to do without the app.

Not all immersion heaters come with a built-in timer. But a good model should definitely have this feature. If possible, opt for a unit that doesn't have a timer that starts over at the very beginning after a cooking interruption. And make sure that theLCD screen can display the remaining cooking time.

How does a sous vide cooker work?

The best vacuum cookers 13

Cooking units

The most accessible vacuum cooking process requires an immersion heater or circulator. This unit heats water in a containment vessel, usually a saucepan or large pot, to a specified temperature. The heating element must be able to maintain this temperature once it is reached.

Some immersion heaters with more advanced technology attach to the rim of the vessel. They agitate the water to ensure an even heating temperature for optimal cooking. For these units, any pot or container from 2 to 4 L can be used.

Preparation and cooking

Food to be cooked should be placed in a vacuum bag using a vacuum sealer. This prevents water from coming into direct contact with the meat, fish or vegetables to be cooked. Add oil, spices and condiments to the bag before sealing. These additions will spread evenly during the cooking process.

Low temperature cooking is simple. Simply place the vacuum-packed food in the pan or vessel containing water heated to the temperature called for in the recipe. In general, 85°C is required for sous vide cooking of vegetables and 54-65°C for meat and fish.

Is the sous vide cooker right for you?

Impatient people should not use it! Vacuum cooking is time consuming. It can take up to 40 minutes for an egg, and dozens of hours for some dishes. And always keep in mind that sous vide cooking does not give food a toasted or seared finish. In most cases, sous vide recipes recommend grilling or searing on high heat after the process is complete.

For gourmets and those who love to impress family and friends, sous vide cooking makes sense. And if you want to preserve the nutritional properties of your food while eliminating bacteria, this type of appliance is worth considering. But make sure that the model you choose offers a regularly updated list of recipes.


Many people think that it is not necessary to season meat for sous vide cooking. But for the best flavor, it's best to season and sear the meat before vacuum packing. In fact, many restaurants do not do this or sear the meat after cooking. But only to save time, not because it tastes better.

Where to buy a vacuum cooker?

Buying a vacuum cooker online is cheaper than buying it in a store. And you have a very large choice of appliances. Moreover, the seller takes care of the delivery and provides a technical support often reactive. Moreover, the law gives you a legal period of 2 weeks to return the product in case of dissatisfaction.

Many brands sell directly on their website while using the most important online retailers such as Amazon, boulanger, Darty, Fnac and many others. For our part, we recommend buying from Amazon. Prices are generally lower than on other websites, including those of some manufacturers.

The different types of vacuum cookers

In concrete terms, there are 2 things that a vacuum cooker must do perfectly: heat a certain volume of water to a precise temperature and keep it there. Depending on whether you are a great amateur cook, a real enthusiast or a professional cook, there are 2 types of vacuum cookers.

The immersion heater or circulator

For most cooks, the immersion heater is the ultimate in vacuum cooking. It can be cylindrical or rectangular in shape

and is attached vertically to the side or back of the container. Not only does it heat the water, but its pump distributes it evenly throughout the pan.

Some immersion heaters are equipped with magnetic fasteners that allow them to stand upright in the middle of the container. Besides compactness, this type of vacuum cooker is also appreciated for its ease of cleaning, price and applications.


  • Simple, compact and effective
  • Can be fixed on the edge or the bottom of the container
  • Quality/price ratio

Disadvantages :

  • Clamp not always reliable
  • The models with an application are the best

Who is it for?

The immersion heater is the consumer vacuum cooker, i.e. accessible to all. The best models are distinguished by a quality diffusion pump, a recipe-rich app and top-notch temperature control.

The autonomous vacuum cooker

It's a sous vide cooker equipped with a hermetic lid and a built-in bowl. In most cases, the exterior is steel and aluminum, and the interior is anodized aluminum. The vacuum bags containing the food are placed in the water that you heat inside.

Because of the price and dimensions, this type of vacuum cooker is usually reserved for professionals. But this does not prevent the use by the average cook. Among the accessories, there is often a stainless steel grid and a perforated bottom grid.


  • Allows for better temperature control than immersion heaters
  • Tight-fitting lid locks in aroma and flavor
  • It is almost impossible to overheat during cooking


  • Price of the appliance
  • Dimensions are often imposing
  • More for professional chefs

Who is it for?

The self-contained vacuum cooker preserves the aromas and taste of food better. It also ensures optimal temperature maintenance. For amateur cooks, there are models that are quite compact and worth less than 400 euros.

Cooking time

If 30 hours is good, 72 hours is not necessarily better. Some people think that preparing a roast under vacuum for 72 hours will make it more tender, as the connective tissue breaks down. But the longer the meat remains sous vide, the more moisture it loses. And cooking time for a protein is usually no more than 36 hours.

Vacuum cooker or pressure cooker?

Vacuum cooker

The sous vide cooker controls the cooking process and prevents overcooking. To successfully cook under vacuum, simply seal the food of your choice in a plastic bag. Then plunge it into a heated water bath when it no longer contains air. The sous vide cooker preserves the taste, colors and nutrients. In comparison, simple cooking in a pot or pan can dehydrate food through evaporation.

The vacuum cooker maintains the size, shape and weight of the cooked food. This can lead to a real disadvantage, as the browning step will not take place with a sous vide cooker. You won't get the taste of grilled food with this device. Also, you need to be patient while using it, because you need to cook the food at a certain temperature to prevent bacteria from growing.

Pressure cooker

The pressure cooker is a device capable of cooking food under pressure. Also known as a pressure cooker, it cooks food in minutes and saves time. It has improved safety features to make it easier for beginners to use. One of the most convincing reasons to opt for a pressure cooker is that it cooks twice as fast as traditional cooking appliances. In addition, it saves up to 75% of energy due to its speed.

The pressure cooker is especially convenient when you cook meat so that it comes off the bone easily. However, the disadvantage of this device is that it promotes the loss of nutrients. Indeed, its temperature can easily reach 120°C, which favors the loss of vitamins. Moreover, it does not stop automatically like other kitchen appliances. You risk overcooking your food if you don't practice.


Prefer the pressure cooker if you plan to cook quickly and safely. However, for a perfect and successful cooking, it is advisable to opt for a vacuum cooker.

Why buy a vacuum cooker?

For taste and aroma

Low temperature cooking and vacuum packing of meat or vegetables preserves the taste. The aromas are also diffused more deeply into the food. What better way to try out new recipes and cooking techniques than with a sous vide cooker? It doesn't matter if it takes hours, getting restaurant-quality flavours is worth the wait.

For cooking at the right temperature and evenly

Cooking in water allows food to cook longer. In addition, the sous vide cooker works at temperatures between 50 and 85°C. Meat, fish or vegetables will then cook evenly, tender on the outside and inside. And if you like your meat caramelized, you can quickly put it in the oven before serving. On the other hand, using the oven or frying pan dries out the food and cooks it unevenly.

For the many recipes

67% of English people own a food processor. But 86% do not use it regularly due to lack of time and... adapted recipes! However, many famous chefs use the sous vide cooker and invent recipes based on this device. Some, like the American Chris Young, even invented vacuum cookers. And brands like Anovo and ChefSteps offer a multitude of dishes.

For simplicity and health

In addition to ensuring perfect cooking, the sous vide cooker shines by its simplicity. It's a more controllable version of the slow cooker. You should also know that the sous vide cooker destroys 80 to 100% of the microbes present in the food. Rest assured, this does not affect the nutritional qualities of your dishes.

Vacuum packing

For soft and fleshy foods, do not suck too much during the vacuum process. This is because the suction can compress the flesh of salmon, sole or haddock, which are relatively delicate fish. Preferably, turn the vacuum cleaner manually and seal the bag when it has closed against the meat, just before it compresses it.

The best brands of vacuum cookers

In our opinion, the best brands of vacuum cookers in 2022 are :

SousVide Supreme

Founded in 2013, the American brand is owned by Electrolux. It is the champion of all categories of vacuum cookers. Its immersion heaters shine as much for their appliance as for their performance and practicality. Positioned in the high-end segment, Anova offers many recipes from famous chefs for its sous vide cookers, in partnership with Serious Eats.

This Seattle-based company started out by producing clever, modern recipe videos. With success, founder Chris Young decided to create a sous vide cooker to make his recipes. After 3 years of testing and development, ChefSteps introduced the Joule. Innovative in many ways, Joule immersion heaters are the main rivals of the Anova.

In 2009, this brand designed the very first self-contained vacuum cooker for domestic use. Since then, it has always been a success. And many professionals swear by this brand. So, yes, its vacuum cooking appliances are expensive. But it's well worth it.

If you're looking for an entry-level immersion heater, check out the KitchenBoss models. This brand is a recent addition to Amazon. Once mocked for its lack of power and practicality, it has been able to rectify this and now offers unbeatable value for money. However, its vacuum cookers lack an app and a wireless connection.

The German brand Klarstein was founded in 2008. It clearly targets the entry-level segment. In addition to its vacuum cookers, it manufactures air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, fans and many others. Design, efficiency and affordability are often mentioned when talking about Klarstein appliances.


Consider the quality of the vacuum bag

When vacuum cooking, it is very important to check if the vacuum bag can withstand the high temperatures. If not, the plastic may degrade and create toxic micro-particles that will migrate into the food. Your health will then be at risk.

Only cook the same foods together

With the vacuum bag, it is sometimes tempting to cook different foods at the same time. However, note that it is better to cook together only foods of the same kind, thickness and weight. This will ensure even cooking and the right cooking temperature for all the foods in the pan.

Place unopened cooked food in the refrigerator

If you don't eat the food directly after cooking, cool it quickly with an ice bath. Then place it in the refrigerator where you can store it for 3 days, but no longer. Even so, it is best to consume the food immediately after cooking in order to take full advantage of its nutritional value.

Maintain your vacuum cooker

First, degrease it in case a poorly sealed vacuum bag has released fat during cooking. This degreasing consists of running the appliance for 1 hour in soapy water at a temperature of 30° C. The second step is the descaling. The method remains the same, but replacing the soapy water with citric acid and increasing the temperature to 50° C.

Use a pan of water on the stove for sous vide cooking

This method is a less expensive alternative to the immersion heater, but less practical. It consists of placing the vacuum-packed food in a pan of water and putting the whole thing on the fire. The temperature must be carefully controlled with an electronic thermometer, and the fire regulated continuously. The addition of ice cubes is even required in case the bath becomes too hot.


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