The best TV antennas in the UK 2023

Want to enjoy your favorite TV channels and programs without interruption and without paying a subscription? With your TV set, equip yourself with a good TV antenna. Dish, rake, panel, DTT, outdoor or indoor, portable or not, there is one for every taste and need. Find out more about the best TV antennas in this comparison.

Antenne TV One For All SV9455

Best value for your money

TV Antenna One For All SV9455

The best TV antenna in 2021

This outdoor TV antenna has an integrated signal amplifier. It ensures an exceptional picture quality in Full HD with a reception up to 50 km.

44,11 £ on Amazon

The One For All SV9455 TV antenna offers you more than 27 digital TV channels (DVB-T) as well as nearly 24 Full HD channels on a silver platter. It has been specifically designed to give you the possibility to receive the signals in the best conditions using its 10m coaxial cable. The installation does not require any additional purchase since everything has already been included including cables, connectors and fixing systems.

The reception of signals can be done within a radius of 50 km from the nearest transmitter for unbeatable performance. The rotating TV antenna is very weather resistant (75 Ω). You are therefore in a position to install it outside. Given its compactness however, it is interesting to specify that you can also place it indoors. It integrates a filter thanks to which the interferences will be instantly eliminated.

Leadsign LDS-DVB82

Best value for your money

Leadsign LDS-DVB82

The best entry-level TV antenna

Save money by getting this all-purpose TV antenna. Its portability, ease of use, high gain... you have a lot to benefit from despite its low price.

13,59 £ on Amazon

Do you find that the cable or satellite bill is sucking too much out of your wallet? With the purchase of a low cost TV antenna like the Leadsign LDS-DVB82, you can put an end to unnecessary expenses. The reception quality is satisfactory despite the small size of the device. It can be installed anywhere you want: indoors, outdoors and even in a caravan. It will be your best travel companion. The installation remains easy thanks to its magnetic base.

The portable TV antenna is not amplified, so you are required to install it near a window to improve the signal quality. It comes with a 2m long coaxial cable and works with a portable TV as well as a multimedia player and a decoder. Perfect for Freeview and DAB broadcasting, the TV antenna gives you 360° omnidirectional reception.

One For All SV9494

Best value for your money

One For All SV9494

The best high-end TV antenna

No interference will be felt. The One For All SV9494 TV antenna has a 3G, 4G and LTE filter capable of blocking signals from cell phones.

79,99 £ on Boulanger

The ultimate TV antenna, the One For All SV9494 is fully compatible with DVB-T/T2 broadcasting. You will receive channels in 4K ultra HD format. At this price, what more could you want? Its best feature is its ease of installation. Moreover, it is incredibly efficient for an indoor TV antenna. Its reception remains effective at a distance of 21 km from the transmitter.

The One For All SV9494 comes with a 3m long shielded coaxial cable. The model is much more efficient than a flat antenna model. As a proof, even if you have concrete walls, it manages to filter out all interfering waves in an optimal way. Furthermore, due to its aesthetic, round shape, it does not look like a TV antenna.

Metronic 415044

Excellent selection

Metronic 415044

The best UHF TV antenna

Its bandwidth is perfectly adapted to the new UHF standard. It will be provided with its integrated 4G filter, allowing an excellent reception of digital radio signals.

34,17 £ on Amazon

A special 4G TV antenna, the Metronic 415044 promises a bandwidth with the ability to adapt to the new UHF bandwidth. It has a high performance 4G filter to block all interference from your 4G or LTE cell phone signals. The TV antenna feels very light due to its corrosion resistant aluminum composition. All 16 elements of the tubular format are pre-assembled, which makes it very fast to assemble.

The Metronic 415044 guarantees a gain of 26 dB. The rake TV antenna has compact dimensions and is fixed with a clamp and a bracket. Its not inconsiderable frequency oscillates between 470 and 790 MHz. Although it is practical, it is however advised to orientate it well for better receptions.

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Best TV antenna

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The best TV antenna in 2021

The best entry-level TV antenna

The best high-end TV antenna

The best UHF TV antenna

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Comparison table of the best TV antennas

Antenne TV One For All SV9455
Leadsign LDS-DVB82
One For All SV9494
Metronic 415044
TV Antenna One For All SV9455
Leadsign LDS-DVB82
One For All SV9494
Metronic 415044
This outdoor TV antenna has an integrated signal amplifier. It ensures an exceptional picture quality in Full HD with a reception up to 50 km.
Save money by getting this all-purpose TV antenna. Its portability, ease of use, high gain... you have a lot to benefit from despite its low price.
No interference will be felt. The One For All SV9494 TV antenna has a 3G, 4G and LTE filter capable of blocking signals from cell phones.
Its bandwidth is perfectly adapted to the new UHF standard. It will be provided with its integrated 4G filter, allowing an excellent reception of digital radio signals.
Cable length
10 m
2 m
3 m
Reception area
0 - 50 km
0 - 66 km
0 - 25 km
4G LTE blocking filter
3G/4G/LTE filter
Filter 4G
Amplified outdoor antenna
Indoor/outdoor portable TV antenna not amplified
Indoor antenna
Outdoor antenna Trinappe
24 months
2 years
1 year

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How to choose your TV antenna

Looking to get rid of your cable subscription? You're in luck because there's no better way than buying a TV antenna to get your favorite channels for free. But you shouldn't choose in haste. These few factors will guide your choice towards the most suitable model.
choisir antenne TV

#1 - The type of TV antenna

A small indoor TV antenna is sufficient if you live in or near the city. Many stations are located in your vicinity, within a radius of 10 to 20 km. In case you live more than 50 km away, choose an amplified TV antenna to better receive the signals from the local transmitter. For a distance of 80 km, large outdoor antennas are recommended and why not use an amplifier if you want to increase the received signal?

  • Less than 5 km : the reception will be very good. You will need a simple small indoor or outdoor antenna.
  • Less than 30 km : if there are no obstacles, the reception will also be good. A rake TV antenna will do very well.
  • Nearly 50 km : with some obstacles, a rake antenna with many elements and wide anti-echo will be necessary, or even a satellite dish.

If you live in the valley, in the countryside or in the forest, the reception will be poor if you do not install a satellite dish.

#2 - Indoor or outdoor?

The location of your TV antenna is totally dependent on where you live. Indeed, obstacles such as walls and trees may get in the way of the signals that will reach you if you have an indoor antenna. In this case, it is better to turn to an outdoor TV antenna, which is much more powerful, but expensive and complex to install. On the other hand, the indoor TV antenna can be set up in a few seconds. Despite its ease of movement, its reception is very limited.

#3 - The manufacturing quality

Generally, the indoor TV antenna does not have to suffer from bad weather or sunburn. A model of average sturdiness can therefore be more than enough for you. Just put it somewhere on a piece of furniture and don't move it again. On the other hand, an outdoor TV antenna must be waterproof, able to withstand rainy weather, temperature variations, high heat, snowfall and even hail.

#4 - The antenna gain

The gain, expressed in dB, tells you about the performance of your TV antenna. The higher it is, the more easily the device can pick up signals. At about 10 dB, you have the ability to intercept a signal close by between 5 and 15 km. At 15 dB you can go up to 20 km. A transmitter more than 40 km away requires a TV antenna with a high power, more than 30 dB. It is likely that you will need an amplifier.

#5 - The design

The design is important. Indeed, some models are proposed in a look that would strongly risk to disfigure your nice facade or your roof. Unfortunately, design and excellent signal reception don't always go together. So you have to make a compromise. There are, however, powerful models that are discreet. For your home, you can choose between portable TV antennas, flat TV antennas (space saving) and multidirectional DVB-T antennas.

How does a TV antenna work?

The way all TV antennas work is based on the same principle as any other antenna. It allows you to channel electromagnetic waves by naturally selecting the specific wavelengths for each TV program.

Installation of a TV antenna

The installation of a TV antenna depends essentially on your type of house. You can install your indoor TV antenna yourself. You only need to refer to the user manual. It should be noted that some models are already delivered pre-mounted, which will only simplify the installation even more.

On the other hand, an outdoor antenna requires the help of a professional. He will be responsible for mounting the device on the roof or on a mast. He will also know exactly how to direct the antenna for optimal signal reception. It would be wise to choose a model that covers several frequency bands, specifically a multiband antenna, to ensure quality reception.

How does each type of antenna pick up the waves?

Even if they work in the same way, the way they receive the waves differs from one model to another.

  • TV dish: The dish captures the waves transmitted by the satellites via its curved surface and then focuses them mainly on the receiving head. The cables send the signal to the receiver. The signal can then pass through a splitter, a coupler or an amplifier.
  • Rake TV antenna: an amplifier, a coupler or a splitter and cables will always be required apart from the rake antenna. The signal goes to the decoder which will be connected to the TV set. During installation, use a field strength meter or rely on the frequency table.
  • DTT TV antenna: it uses the propagation of waves to provide you with the channels you want to watch. To work well, the indoor version requires a location near a DTT transmitter.
  • Panel TV antenna: avoid placing your flat antenna in an area full of direct obstacles in order to optimize the reception of the waves. Fix it on the wall of your house, your balcony or your terrace. Adjust the channels by rotating it around the mast. It is advisable to point the device to the south and the dish to the sky.

The different types of TV antennas

Unlike satellite reception, the reception quality of different terrestrial TV antennas will not always be the same. Consider the constraints of the installation location and choose your antenna type accordingly: indoor or outdoor TV antenna / fixed or portable TV antenna.

Rake TV antenna

Antenne TV râteau

The rake TV antenna, similar to the gardening tool of the same name, is a newer version of the analog antenna. It comes in the form of an array consisting of several strands. Currently, these models are HDTV compatible and receive signals in the UHF band. They have an anti-echo to improve reception. The outdoor antenna is relatively efficient compared to the basic antennas, however, it should be mounted on a mast, fixed to the roof or chimney and oriented. You will get the best benefits, including much better reception quality, if you live in a single family home.

Dish TV antenna

Antenne TV parabolique

There are 2 types of satellite dishes, namely ellipsoidal and toroidal. This type of TV antenna, using a reflector, offers the assurance of a better reception of satellite waves, regardless of the type of frequency. Thanks to such a technology, you will have access to different foreign channels free of charge with exceptional sharpness and image quality. The number of channels received depends on the size of the dish. It receives DTT without the need for a decoder. However, it only works if it is oriented towards a telecommunication satellite and its installation requires the installation of a splitter, an amplifier or a coupler.

Panel TV antenna

Antenne TV panneau

You know it as a flat antenna, planar antenna or flat. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it does not focus on a single direction. The reception of signals from different transmitters varies depending on the frequency band. Like the rake antenna, it is also a UHF antenna corresponding to the TNT HD standard. An amplifier is required if you want to receive a quality signal. Note however that in most cases it already has a broadband antenna preamplifier that can compensate for possible high frequency losses.

DTT TV antenna

Antenne TV TNT

This is an improved version of the VHF TV antenna. This passive antenna receives the DTT signal just like a traditional terrestrial signal. The only difference is that you will have a better picture quality due to the coding of the signal. In order to use it, you are required to have a compatible TV set with a TNT HD tuner. Of course, it is possible that this last element is completely independent and simply connected to the television. The DTT TV antenna can be indoor. In this case, you can direct it to the nearest DTT transmitter to your home. In addition, it is enough to install it as a rake antenna if you choose the outdoor model. A rotor will allow you to adjust its position from inside. This is the most practical in case the transmitter is far from your house.

Indoor or outdoor TV antenna?

By definition, a TV antenna is a device giving you the opportunity to receive a terrestrial signal when you don't have a digital connection like an internet box or a satellite system to get TV channels. This signal will then be sent back and amplified through a relay. But between an indoor and an outdoor model, are there big differences? Let's find out in the following lines.

Indoor TV antenna

The indoor TV antenna can be placed in any room of the house, ideally near the TV set. You don't have to run a cable or build a new TV outlet. It is often less efficient because it comes with many constraints. Indeed, it must be installed near a transmitter, about 5 km away without any obstacle between the 2 elements. The adjustments are sometimes more complex. However, it stands out for its great compactness. The presence of an integrated signal amplifier simplifies the reception while increasing its quality.

Outdoor TV antenna

The outdoor TV antenna is a reference in performance. It can pick up and retransmit signals at long distance despite the transmitter being completely hidden. The received signal will then be routed to several TV sets at the same time thanks to a splitter. Moreover, this type of model requires an installation on the front of the house or on the roof. An attachment to a mast-type support is therefore required. Its installation requires some work such as pulling the cables and installing the plugs. If you want to get the most out of it, add a signal amplifier to your network.


Less efficient than the outdoor antenna, the indoor model only works if the transmitter is within a radius of 25 km. Nevertheless, it is the easiest to fix. This is the TV antenna that will suit you in case you don't have much space in your home or you don't have the possibility to install it outside. On the other hand, the outdoor TV antenna is able to receive signals over a distance of 25 to 50 km. If you live in a detached house or have a balcony, the best option is to adopt an outdoor TV antenna. Of course, it will be more expensive and larger.

Why buy a TV antenna?

pourquoi acheter antenne TV

Speed of operation

Today's TV antennas are equipped with a much more powerful technology allowing them to receive TV channels immediately without difficulty. Whether it is an individual or collective model, its speed of operation guarantees a direct connection knowing that there are about 2000 transmitting antennas covering the whole French territory.

Excellent picture and sound quality

In principle, today's TV antennas offer outstanding picture and sound quality. TV programs are now in HD or high definition. This promises a top viewing experience and an exclusive sound immersion. The resolution of the TV screen automatically matches the image resolution with a minimum of 1280 x 720 px.

A wide choice of TV channels and programs

Previously, only half a dozen channels could be received, but thanks to digital compression technology, it is now possible to receive more than 25 free national channels. At the same time, many new programs have appeared. You will not have time to get bored. There is something for everyone, no matter what your interests are.

Fixed or portable

Depending on your needs and the location of your TV antenna, you can choose between the fixed and the portable model. The former ensures optimal reception despite the distance from the transmitter. On the other hand, it is interesting to understand that a portable antenna will follow you during all your travels (vacations, business trips...). The choice of its orientation is also up to you.

Considerable savings

The main reason for choosing a TV antenna is to get rid of cable subscriptions and therefore to receive TV channels for free. You don't risk increasing your monthly bills while enjoying your favorite programs as you like them. Children's channels, news channels, cooking channels... In short, all family members will have something to keep them busy.

The best brands of TV antennas

In our opinion, the best brands of TV antennas in 2022 are :

One for All

This company focuses on the design of audiovisual accessories such as remote controls, TV antennas, TV stands and headphones. It is especially appreciated for the quality and ease of handling of its products. Some of its TV antenna models have the ability to broadcast channels with incredible quality (in ultra HD or 4K).

The Leadsign firm conducts research before designing and selling its high-quality items to the general public. Among its most popular products are TV antennas, known for their ease of use and practicality. They benefit from the brand's 10 years of experience and are often models that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Metronic is an expert company in the audiovisual and high-tech field. Since its creation in 1987, it has never ceased to offer its customers radios, speakers, Bluetooth headphones, satellite dishes and TV antennas at competitive prices. Among other things, you can equip yourself with the best products without having to spend your entire budget.

This brand specializes in the manufacture of various technological devices. They include Bluetooth speakers, LED music bulbs, speakers as well as other accessories specially designed to accompany you in your daily life. Its TV antennas are particularly advantageous in that they offer you the best of the best in terms of image quality.

Pictek is a major player in the market of technological products. It is a true reference in the world of electronics. Wireless mice, gamer mice, wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers... you've probably come across them before. You will immediately be seduced by its TV antennas, including indoor DVB-T antennas due to their remarkable price/quality ratio, their power and their reception capacity.

What is the price for a TV antenna

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 35 £
35 £ to 75 £
more than 75 £
Price range diagram


Place your outdoor TV antenna at the right height

The further away you are from the transmission tower, the higher your TV antenna must be placed to maintain a proper signal. Make sure there are no obstacles in between. This may be difficult if you live in an area where obtaining a clear signal path is not possible. Place the TV antenna as high as possible according to the height of potential obstacles in the vicinity.

The splitter weakens the signal

A splitter may weaken the received signal. The loss will be more consequent as there are more receivers. In order not to affect the quality of the TV reception, it is strongly recommended to install an appropriate amplifier. The latter will have the task of compensating for the insertion loss.

Be careful with the length of the coaxial cable

Think about the length of the coaxial cable. You will perceive a signal loss if it is important. Of course, you just have to use a preamplifier to remedy it. This accessory consists of 2 parts, the amplifier (to be placed near the antenna) and the power converter (installed inside). The latter promises a low voltage supply to the preamp via the coaxial wire.

Check the compatibility of the TV antenna with your TV set

The vast majority of TV sets designed after 2007 can work with a terrestrial antenna without any worries. Older TVs only receive analog signals, which have been abandoned in favor of digital. In case you still own this type of TV set and you don't want to get rid of it, we strongly advise you to invest in a converter.

Finish the weather problems by installing an outdoor TV antenna

You probably know this if you had the opportunity to use a satellite subscription. With an outdoor TV antenna, you won't have to suffer all the problems related to weather conditions. A well-built model will avoid the hassle of heavy rain, windy weather, snow... Whatever the weather condition, you should be able to watch your favorite TV programs without interruption.


When to use a signal amplifier? How to adjust the orientation of a TV rake antenna? How to get all TV channels? Are there specific TV antennas for motorhomes?

The use of an amplifier is necessary in case there is a loss of signal or if you simply want to improve the quality of the images. These problems are most often caused by the length of the coaxial cable or by connecting too many TV sets to one antenna. There are, among others, models already integrated on the TV antenna as well as stand-alone amplifiers that can work with an outdoor antenna.

Please make sure that theTV rake antenna is parallel to the ground and directed towards a terrestrial transmitter. For an optimal setting, go to the MaTNT TDF website. Indicate your exact location by entering your address there or use the GPS on your smartphone for exact geographic coordinates. A map will show the location of transmitters near you and inform you of the most appropriate orientation.

The search for TV channels is done via the remote control and takes only 5 to 10 minutes of your time. To do this, click in order on the menu " Home ", " Configuration " or " Main menu " then on " Installation " (scan or rescan). (scan or rescan). Opt for a reinstallation or a new search for available channels by clicking on "automatic search" or "channel reset". Enter your password if necessary and start the search. After the scan, check that all channels are there (TF1, M6, W9, etc.).

Yes! You can even choose between a manual and an automatic satellite antenna. The manual model is much more affordable in terms of price. Supplied with a satellite pointer, the antenna is usually mounted on a mast. On the other hand, the automatic satellite antenna is very comfortable to use despite its high price. It is distinguished by its dish on a base with an integrated motor.


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TV Antenna One For All SV9455
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