The best omnidirectional antennas in the UK 2023

The omnidirectional antenna allows your TV to receive your channels even when you are on the move. So you can install it on the roof of a car, on a boat, etc. Easy to use, the omnidirectional antenna is more than enough for indoor coverage. In this buying guide we help you to find the best omni-directional antennas of the moment.

Metronic 427017 1

Best value for money

Metronic 427017

The best omnidirectional antenna

Compatible with all types of use, the Metronic 427017 omnidirectional antenna is equipped with a shielded amplifier to accompany you along your journeys in motorhome or caravan.

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The Metronic 427017 plastic omni-directional antenna is quite light and compact. As the device is pre-assembled, you can assemble it quickly before using it. On your journey, you won't need to adjust it every time since its flat round shape easily assimilates reception from all directions. It guarantees a constant signal strength for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Metronic 427017 antenna has a bandwidth adapted to the new UHF standard, a practical innovation which reduces interference from 4G. It can be installed on a mast or on a wall with a clamp and a bracket. Its connection system is equipped with an anti-interference F plug and is protected by an anti-corrosion treatment.

1 by One L-203DE-0009 2

Best value for money

1 by One L-203DE-0009

The best entry-level omnidirectional antenna

1 By One offers you this high quality amplified omnidirectional antenna for a strong signal and a wide range.

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TV is yours with this super compact 1 By One omnidirectional antenna. It receives signals from all directions. Equipped with a 6 m long cable, you will be free to choose the best location for the best reception, especially for TVs that are not near an opening. Its design is absolutely windproof, in addition to its anti-UV and waterproof coating that reduces interference.

The included 4G LTE filter detects other 3G and 4G signals on your mobile devices or other wireless networks and blocks them to give your TV the best digital signal. Mounting the omni-directional antenna is done in three easy steps thanks to its easy to use ergonomic accessories. Moreover, the instruction manual that accompanies the device provides you with clear information on the manipulations to be performed and other contexts to be anticipated.

Tonna 263590 3

Best premium value for money

Tonna 263590

The best high-end omnidirectional antenna

For your caravan or motorhome, choose the excellent performance of this reliable and easily adjustable Tonna 263590 omnidirectional antenna.

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Quality has a price: if you want to invest in durability, don't hesitate to choose this Tonna 263590 omnidirectional antenna. The stand mounting accessories are included in the delivery, but the device does not include the elements if you decide to hang it on a mast. Its 5 m cable gives you ample choice of the ideal location to get the best signal.

The Tonna 263590 omni-directional antenna accompanies you on your expeditions in a camper, truck or boat. Wherever you go, you will always have your favorite TV channels at your disposal. Thanks to its high gain, you will get sharp pictures during all your trips.

Unispectra Helio-Magnet 4

The 21st century design

Unispectra Helio-Magnet

The design of the 21st century

Discover an omnidirectional antenna at the cutting edge of modern technology with the Unispectra Helio: powerful, amplified and with a refined look that eliminates any clutter.

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The minimalist and ultra-modern design of the Unispectra Helio-Magnet makes it easy to install: since it doesn't take up much space, it will even look like a decorative object on your roof. Its omnidirectional property gives you the possibility to watch your favorite programs on all local channels at any time.

The complete device includes the necessary accessories for a quick and easy installation: cable ties, a wall bracket and fasteners. The included user's guide provides clear information about all the configurations to be made in order to benefit from the efficiency of the Unispectra Helio-Magnet omnidirectional antenna.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best omnidirectional antenna

Any specific needs?

The best omnidirectional antenna

The best entry-level omnidirectional antenna

The best high-end omnidirectional antenna

The design of the 21st century

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Comparison table of the best omnidirectional antennas

Metronic 427017 5
1 by One L-203DE-0009 6
Tonna 263590 7
Unispectra Helio-Magnet 8
Metronic 427017
1 by One L-203DE-0009
Tonna 263590
Unispectra Helio-Magnet
Compatible with all types of use, the Metronic 427017 omnidirectional antenna is equipped with a shielded amplifier to accompany you along your journeys in motorhome or caravan.
1 By One offers you this high quality amplified omnidirectional antenna for a strong signal and a wide range.
For your caravan or motorhome, choose the excellent performance of this reliable and easily adjustable Tonna 263590 omnidirectional antenna.
Discover an omnidirectional antenna at the cutting edge of modern technology with the Unispectra Helio: powerful, amplified and with a refined look that eliminates any clutter.
50 km
80 km
Not mentioned
Not mentioned
10 m long
6 m long
5m long
Not provided
4G LTE integrated
Not provided
Premounted, quick assembly
Easy and tool-free
Stand mount provided
Easy to assemble
Suitable for stationary or mobile use
Ergonomic waterproof design with UV coating
Suitable for stationary or nomadic use
Powered by any USB source

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Buying guide - omnidirectional antenna

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How to choose your omnidirectional antenna

In order not to regret your purchase of an omnidirectional antenna, we invite you to take into account the following criteria.

#1 - The frequency band

The frequency determines the quality of the antenna as its coverage and signal quality depend on it. The frequency of an antenna depends on its bandwidth. In turn, the frequency will define the size of the antenna. The omnidirectional antenna, in particular, is characterized by a frequency ranging from 700 to 2700 MHz. Keep in mind, however, that the lower the frequency, the greater the range.

#2 - The cover


achieve reliable coverage, it is best to place the omnidirectional antenna in the center of the area of interest, taking into account the antenna's polarization and pattern. The low gain omni-directional antenna provides wide vertical coverage, and the higher gain antenna focuses on flat but more intense coverage. The omnidirectional antenna should not be placed at too high a height to ensure a good signal to those in the near ground area.

#3 - The length of the cable


criterion an important role insofar as the antenna is not attached to your TV or other device. In fact, the cable is used to place the antenna in the best location for the best signal. If you need additional cable, choose a large, less flexible cable, which will reduce losses during transmission. Otherwise, you can also choose a Teflon cable of the length you need.

#4 - The installation


types of attachments are possible depending on your needs. If you intend to connect the antenna directly to your device, the screw system is the most suitable. Magnetic mounting allows you to connect the antenna to any metal surface. For better security and to favour a high installation, the antenna can also be fixed on a mast, inside or outside. If the installation surface is smooth, you can choose the adhesive mounting option.

#5 - The gain


in DBi, the gain of the omnidirectional antenna is determined by several elements: shape, dimensions, installation quality, age, etc. Among other things, the larger the antenna, the higher the gain. A low gain omni-directional antenna is still ideal for indoor coverage. Regardless of the amount of obstructions, the omni-directional antenna provides a suitable signal quality indoors.

Omnidirectional antenna and motorhome

The motorhome is attracting more and more people and now, thanks to the omni-directional antenna, motorhome enthusiasts cannot do without TV. How to use it properly? What are the points to know? The answers in these few lines.

Very easy to install, the omnidirectional antenna is perfectly adapted to motorhomes or caravans. Thanks to it, the signal received remains of high quality because it receives it on 360°, for a broadcast of images that does not risk to be altered on the whole journey. Place your omni-directional antenna on the most suitable corner of the roof of your vehicle and fix it on the support of your choice.

When purchasing an omni-directional antenna for your motorhome, pay special attention to the connection means, especially the cable. In order to avoid frequent signal loss, choose double or triple shielded wires, which are considered to be of better quality. Check their age and if necessary, do not hesitate to renew them to keep a strong signal. There is no need to remind the compatibility of the omnidirectional antenna with your TV, it should be part of your first reflexes.

Finally, depending on the size of your vehicle and the distance between the omnidirectional antenna and your TV, pay attention to the length of the cable you will use. This criterion will unerringly determine the quality of the signal you will receive. The longer the cable, the easier it will be to install and find the right location

Omnidirectional or directional antenna?

Omnidirectional antenna

This type of antenna transmits and receives signals of the same strength in all directions of a defined plane. This signal strength thus varies as you move through an area corresponding to the perpendicularity of the plane. In other words, the signal receivers are not in fixed locations. Telephony or FM radio signals are examples of contexts that require the use of an omnidirectional antenna, since the signal is not received at point locations.

Directional antenna

The directional antenna, also known as a directional antenna, receives and transmits signals in a single predefined direction. The system consists of placing the transmitter of the signal and the receiver that broadcasts it face to face in order to retransmit it as clearly as possible to devices such as the TV. A typical example of a directional antenna is the parabolic antenna, which is responsible for the broadcasting of many international channels via satellite.


The omni-directional antenna is an interesting alternative if you are frequently on the move and don't want to miss your usual TV programmes. The directional antenna, on the other hand, is fixed at a precise location in the direction of the satellite to transmit all your international programs.


The importance of "low loss" cable

When purchasing, make sure you have chosen a model with a low-loss cable to avoid any signal degradation. As for its length, you will determine the one you need according to it.

Use good connectors


performance of connectors lies in their materials, make the right choice! Favour gold-plated connectors or connectors with a special alloy plating, silver for example, these will guarantee you a better signal quality.

The right height


installing your omnidirectional antenna, prefer a location at the highest height. This will ensure that you get the best gain.

Don't forget the accessories!


make sure you get your hands on the right model of omnidirectional antenna, still check that it has all the necessary accessories: amplifier, cable, mounting systems, etc


The divider option


enjoy a better entertaining experience on your long drives, prefer a model equipped with a splitter that allows the connection of another device of your choice: TV or radio



What is the best omnidirectional antenna?

The best omnidirectional antenna depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products available.

How do I know if the reception is good?

As soon as it is installed, you can check whether the quality of the signal received and transmitted by your omnidirectional antenna is good or not. To do this, simply enter the device's parameters and check the RSRP or Reference Signal Receive Power value. The lower this value is, the better the signal quality will be.

Is it necessary to use a demodulator?

During installation, the use of a demodulator is not necessary. You just need to make sure that your antenna is not far from the transmitter.

What is the difference between an isotropic antenna and an omnidirectional antenna?

The isotropic antenna emits equal power in all directions, while the omnidirectional antenna emits equal power only on areas perpendicular to the position axis.

How to improve the gain of an omnidirectional antenna?

To improve the gain of an omnidirectional antenna, you can decrease the height of its main lobe, and thus limit the radiation towards the clouds.


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Metronic 427017
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