The best thermal curtains in the UK 2023

The thermal curtain is the perfect alternative to regulate the temperature in the house while saving energy. More affordable than double glazing, it also fits into the interior design by providing a warmer touch. If you have decided to invest in a thermal curtain, read carefully our comparison guide to get an idea of the best product currently available on the market.

Thermal blackout curtains in Miulee velvet 1

Editor's Choice

Thermal blackout curtains in Miulee velvet

The best thermal curtain in 2021

To maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, rely on Miulee's thermal blackout curtains. Made of velvet, these heavy curtains bring elegance and coziness to the room.

47,99 £ on Amazon

Miulee thermal velvet curtains screen a room nicely thanks to its blackout properties. They will provide privacy from unpleasant glances from outside. Also save energy with these thermal blackout curtains. They can maintain a constant heat in your home or workplace, a comfort so appreciated especially during the winter.

Available in several colors, these elegant thermal curtains are a must for a successful interior design. They are recommended for spaces like the bedroom or living room. It is in sum a quality product whose presence of eyelet facilitates the installation. Side maintenance, these curtains are machine washable in cold water.

Pony Dance Thermal Insulation Curtain 2

The best cheapest

Pony Dance Thermal Insulation Curtain

The best entry-level thermal curtain

Create a beautiful and soft atmosphere for your rooms. Treat yourself to Pony Dance thermal insulation curtains elegant and ready to install for more comfort.

12,36 £ on Amazon

This curtain ready to wear is the solution to your problems of noise and heat loss of your rooms. The fabric is made of 100% imported polyester offering softness to your room in winter and coolness in summer. Thanks to its blackout side and the presence of triple weaving technology, the privacy inside the house will be preserved from unwanted people.

It is equipped with 8 eyelets of 4 cm in diameter. Therefore, it is suitable for all types of curtain rods. It is also a solid and heavy curtain allowing a good adjustment of the brightness of your living room. Very practical, it is machine or hand washable.

Thermal blackout curtain Dreaming Casa 3

The best high-end

Thermal blackout curtain Dreaming Casa

The best high-end thermal curtain

Discover this authentic thermal blackout curtain! This long and thick curtain is perfect for an original decoration and exquisite design of your home.

59,99 £ on Amazon

These thermal blackout curtains Dreaming Casa are made with thick velvet fabric. Its opaque side provides a serene and cozy atmosphere for any room in the house. During the day, they protect you from harmful UV rays and block sunlight. And at night, enjoy a peaceful sleep without drafts being unpleasant factors. It actually provides better heat retention thanks to its tabbed design.

Available in plain pattern and in several sizes, these curtains allow you to match colors for a modern touch to your home. You can wash them in the washing machine on a delicate cycle and in cold water. An ironing at low temperature will allow the longevity of the panels.

Thermal blackout curtains galaxy pattern Dreamscene 4

The best alternative

Thermal blackout curtains galaxy pattern Dreamscene

A great alternative

Buy the stylish thermal blackout curtains Dreamscene. Enhance your rooms with this warm and multifunctional accessory.

33,66 £ on Amazon

Dreamscene thermal blackout curtains are made of 100% polyester for added strength. Thanks to its great thickness, these ready-to-install accessories offer a good thermal insulation to your bedroom. As a result, they limit heat loss in winter and keep you cool in summer. They will also act as a barrier against external annoyances such as light, drafts or prying eyes.

Very stylish, these curtains are available in silver gray or navy blue with moons and metallic stars. They bring aesthetics and unprecedented beauty to the rooms intended. You have the option of washing them by hand or machine.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best thermal curtain

Any specific needs?

The best thermal curtain in 2021

The best entry-level thermal curtain

The best high-end thermal curtain

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best thermal curtains

Thermal blackout curtains in Miulee velvet 5
Pony Dance Thermal Insulation Curtain 6
Thermal blackout curtain Dreaming Casa 7
Thermal blackout curtains galaxy pattern Dreamscene 8
Thermal blackout curtains in Miulee velvet
Pony Dance Thermal Insulation Curtain
Thermal blackout curtain Dreaming Casa
Thermal blackout curtains galaxy pattern Dreamscene
To maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, rely on Miulee's thermal blackout curtains. Made of velvet, these heavy curtains bring elegance and coziness to the room.
Create a beautiful and soft atmosphere for your rooms. Treat yourself to Pony Dance thermal insulation curtains elegant and ready to install for more comfort.
Discover this authentic thermal blackout curtain! This long and thick curtain is perfect for an original decoration and exquisite design of your home.
Buy the stylish thermal blackout curtains Dreamscene. Enhance your rooms with this warm and multifunctional accessory.
Thermal insulation properties
Fabric type
Suede Velvet
Dimensions (W x H)
140 x 260 cm
132 x 158 cm
140 x 240 cm
66 x 72 cm
Navy blue, peacock blue, burgundy, coffee, gray, gray/white, matcha, black, orange, pink, taupe, dark green, teal, gray white, duck blue, navy blue, green tea, water green, gold
Light blue, navy blue, gray, gray white, beige yellow, brown, taupe brown, black, light pink, dark red, olive green, fresh green, turquoise green, purple
Royal blue, light brown, gray blue, blue, burgundy, coffee, black, amber gold, pink, dark green, green, purple
Navy blue, silver gray
Other properties
Occultant, soundproofing

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Buying guide - thermal curtain

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How to choose your thermal curtain

To be sure to invest in a decorative and practical thermal curtain, decline your choice through the following criteria :

#1 - The material of manufacture

The material of manufacture is fundamental to the choice of thermal curtain that you intend to buy. Note that this type of curtain is designed with a wide variety of materials, such as cotton, velvet, wool, polyester ... with a thermal lining. It is then important to take into account the number of its layers, its thickness, its thermal insulation as well as its resistance.

#2 - The insulating characteristics

The thermal curtains available on the market can be versatile. While some basic models insulate from the cold, others can serve as blackout curtains, thermal insulation and soundproofing at the same time. If you plan to buy a curtain to stabilize the temperature in the enclosure of your home, opt for thermal insulation curtains.

#3 - The dimensions

To ensure a better result and so that your thermal curtain can fulfill its missions, make sure that its dimensions are suitable for the door or window that you want to dress. Thus, it is always advisable to measure your carpentry before proceeding to the acquisition of the fabric.

#4 - The color

The color of the thermal curtain is chosen according to the characteristics of the walls, floor, ceiling, beams and furniture existing in the room intended for its installation. In order to achieve a harmonious presentation, adapt the color of the fabric with the style of decor of the house.

#5 - The style and finishes

To beautify the room of your house, the final touch of decoration of your curtain must be impeccable. On the other hand, the finish of the fabric is also related to its practicality, decorative appearance and performance. The legs, pleats and rods of the curtain determine its insulating capacity. The curtains with hidden legs or rod pass ensures a perfect insulation compared to curtains with eyelets or hooks.

What is a thermal curtain?


A thermal curtain is a type of curtain designed with a specific lining. The lining design of a thermal curtain offers it the ability to protect the occupant of the house from the cold during the winter season and from the heat during the summer. Therefore, the thermal curtain has the function of stabilizing the indoor temperature in relation to the climatic condition outside. Besides stabilizing the room temperature, the thermal curtain also has the function of limiting the penetration of light into the house. In this case, it is also called blackout curtain.

If the curtain itself is made of conventional fabrics such as polyester, cotton, or silk, usually the lining of the thermal curtain is made of PVC, PET, polyester or wool. Otherwise, the curtain has a considerable thickness to better limit the loss of energy, such as velvet. This is the ideal kind of material for the thermal curtain to prevent cold, heat and light from entering the room where it is installed. It is a great asset in case the windows of the house are in bad condition.

Some models are also sound insulators. In this case, it is designed specifically to meet the need of people who prefer to sleep or take a moment of relaxation while remaining protected from external noise. The particularity of the sound curtain is that apart from being a protector against the weather, it also minimizes the unpleasant sounds if your home is located on a busy road. What gives the thermal acoustic curtain this particularity is the provision of a lining. The latter has the function of filtering as much as possible the noise pollution.


On the installation side, it's practically the same procedure as conventional curtains. However, ideally it should be placed as close to the ceiling as possible and with a length that almost reaches the floor for excellent window coverage.

The different types of thermal curtains

The thermal curtains come in three main types according to their insulating characteristics. We distinguish indeed the blackout curtain and thermal insulation, the curtain thermal insulation and sound, and finally the removable thermal lining to strengthen the insulation of ordinary curtains.

The thermal insulating and blackout curtain

With a fabric that can provide a darkness of 5 to 100% depending on the model, the blackout curtain is heavy and more rigid than conventional curtains. It is practical for both the regulation of indoor temperature and control of the brightness of a room.

The thermal insulating and blackout curtain is as the name suggests, a curtain that serves to maintain the temperature and darkness in a space. It is very practical during the winter, as it can keep the interior of a room warm. The curtain is usually made of cotton or polyester. In addition, it has several layers depending on the model, containing between them a high density acrylic foam. This provides thermal insulation of the curtain. This type of curtain is compatible with all rooms of a house as the bedroom for example. It is easily cleaned in the washing machine and cold water.

The thermal insulating and soundproof curtain

The thermal and sound insulation curtains are recognizable for their excellent ability to keep the temperature inside the room according to the season. It offers perfect insulation of the room and guarantees optimal privacy by also being a sound insulator.

Resulting from a meticulous and precise work, the triple weave of these curtains blocks up to 95% of the light coming from outside, it is practical in a bedroom to promote an optimal environment for sleeping. In addition, this type of curtain has the ability to store heat and protect the privacy of the occupants of the room through the characteristic of its fabric. The panels should be twice the size of the window to match the grommets. This type of curtain is easy to maintain due to the fact that it can be washed either by hand or with a washing machine.

The removable insulating lining

The removable insulating liner is a high quality product with durable and aesthetic fabric. It is compatible with almost all types of rooms and curtains in a house.

Being a standard curtain accessory, the removable insulating liner both keeps the internal heat of the room but also insulates perfectly from the light coming from outside. Transforming a simple curtain into a thermal insulation curtain, this lining has the ability to be removable according to your needs in insulation. It is attached to a conventional curtain with velcro, zippers or adhesive strips. However, to fully ensure its function, the curtain must be twice as large in width as the window where you want to equip it.

Overglazing or thermal insulation curtain?

To reinforce the insulation of openings such as doors and windows, you can choose between several options, including mainly the overglazing and the thermal curtain. Which of these two alternatives is the best?


Overglazing is the process of adding a second pane of glass to a single-pane window or door. You won't exactly have a double-glazed window, but you will have a window with almost the same insulating capacity. There are also many different types of glass solutions, including fixed or removable glass, film, opening glass and kit glass.

The thermal insulating curtain

Thanks to their notable thickness, this type of curtain insulates by reflecting the cold to the outside. It can then maintain a good temperature even in the heart of winter in the house. But in addition, some models are versatile in being for example both a blackout curtain, or a sound insulator.


If one had to choose between these two options, the thermal insulation curtain remains by far the best. Indeed, for a double glazing, it is no longer necessary. But if you had to add insulation on your doors and windows, you will avoid investing in renovation work sometimes expensive with the thermal curtains.

Why invest in a thermal curtain?

The thermal curtains have many advantages. Among them, we can cite :

An excellent thermal insulation

Made with thermal materials, this type of curtain is an effective solution to fight against the cold during the winter. This installation avoids heat loss at the doors and windows, so you will gain a great comfort while reducing expenses in terms of heating. Apart from that, this alternative also allows to preserve fresh air during summer.

Good sound insulation

Some thermal curtains provide a soundproofing function. If you live in the city, the use of soundproofing curtains is always requested for an assurance of tranquility. Indeed, this type of fabric can absorb all external sound waves, and thus establishes a peaceful environment in the room.

A shelter against light

In addition to the thermal and phonic function, the installation of a thermal curtain is also useful to black out the room of the house. This is to say that you will have the opportunity to adjust the degree of brightness and privacy in your enclosure. This blackout structure of a thermal curtain varies depending on its thickness. The thicker your fabric, the more the curtain will bring a subdued atmosphere in the room.

A touch of decoration

Imbued with great aesthetics and elegance, the thermal curtains are also decorative elements for a reception room. Indeed, this type of fabric is made from several thick materials, shapes and colors. This makes the curtain luxurious and attractive to the eyes, allowing to give a charm to your home.

Energy savings

Installing thermal curtains in his home is an effective way to keep the ideal temperature inside your home. And this, while saving heating energy, without having to use a heater or other alternative to keep out the cold.

The best brands of thermal curtains

In our opinion, the best brands of thermal curtains in 2022 are :

Pony Dance
Dreaming Casa

The young brand Miulee is distinguished by its elegance. Known for its numerous ranges of blackout or transparent curtains, it offers fabrics such as linen, polyester or velvet to satisfy its customers. It is notably famous in the sale of pillow covers, blankets, fur rugs and bathroom rugs with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Pony Dance stands out for its well-made and ready to install curtains. Its quality products bring joy to its users. The brand excels in the manufacture of curtains and draperies. It has become indispensable for decorating professionals and is considered one of the best window dressing manufacturers in Europe.

Dreaming Casa manufactures inflatable collars, litter mats, chest straps, hair combs, insulation nets, draperies and curtains. We know her because of her fashionable heavy curtains for your windows. They are available in many patterns. Dreaming Casa caters to your needs whether it's for parents' rooms or children's rooms.

Dreamscene is known for its luxurious textile products. The brand uses Polycotton and satin for its designs and fabrications. Dreamscene's thermal blackout curtains give a modern look. It presents itself as one of the best brands today. It has items suitable for every season with various styles.

Deconovo is a French brand founded in 2004. It manufactures and offers high quality textile products at discounted prices. The brand is a home decor specialist. It sells curtains, sheers, tablecloths, covers, memory pillow. These beautiful blackout curtains will illuminate the interior of the house and protect your privacy. It is present in several countries and sells exclusively online.

What is the price for a thermal curtain

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 45 £
45 £ to 75 £
more than 75 £
Price range diagram


Choose the right location for your thermal curtain

It is necessary to take into account the nature of the room where you want to install it. Generally, this type of curtain is perfect for bedrooms. Install your insulating curtains mainly on the openings to take advantage of its insulating properties in an optimal way. Also avoid putting it in front of a radiator so as not to impede the spread of heat in the room.

Place your thermal curtain as close to the ceiling as possible

The length of the fabric ensures better insulation. Placed as close to the living room as possible, the curtain will cover the window area and be fully functional. In addition, it will not drag on the floor and get dirty too quickly.

Wash your thermal curtain properly

Use a washing machine when washing your curtain. It is also advisable to wash it with cold water and at the same time you should avoid filling the machine. Be careful of corrosive products such as bleach, which can affect its insulating capabilities.

Repaint your thermal curtain whenever possible

Some models can be ironed or not. Read the label carefully to be sure. If possible, place a blanket or towel on the ironing board to avoid damaging the fabric and set the iron to a low temperature.

Don't put your thermal curtain outside

Variation in outside temperature and humidity can affect the proper functioning of the thermal curtain. Thus, always place it inside the house or at least in the shade.


How to install a thermal curtain?

Before installing your thermal curtain, you must take into account the size of the window opening. To install, measure the height and location of the rod and mark where to place the screws with a pencil or chalk. Holes may need to be drilled in the markings to facilitate the installation of the screws. It is advisable to use a rod brace to better support the weight of the thermal curtain. After that, you just need to remove the rod to place the curtain and put it back.

In what direction to put a thermal curtain?

You need to place your thermal curtain towards the inside of the room so that the retained heat from outside can warm your room. You also need to place the rod that holds the curtain very close to the ceiling so that it can completely cover the window frame to ensure optimal function of the curtain.

How to install a thermal lining on a classic curtain?

It is possible to transform a conventional curtain into a thermal curtain by adding a thermal liner. To do this, you need to take the measurement of the curtain taking into account the addition of 20 inches on the width and length. This allows the curtain to be filled with the lining. When proceeding to cut and sew the lining, do not forget to hem 4 inches on the bottom of the curtain.

What is the difference between blackout curtain and thermal?

The thermal curtain differs from other curtains due to its composition. It is made of several layers of polyester and linen that provides good thermal insulation in your room. The blackout curtain as for him is composed of black fabric which is an anti-light material. It is more practical to ensure partial or total darkness in a room and is not necessarily a thermal insulator.


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Thermal blackout curtains in Miulee velvet 9
Thermal blackout curtains in Miulee velvet
Pony Dance Thermal Insulation Curtain 10
Pony Dance Thermal Insulation Curtain
Thermal blackout curtain Dreaming Casa 11
Thermal blackout curtain Dreaming Casa
Thermal blackout curtains galaxy pattern Dreamscene 12
Thermal blackout curtains galaxy pattern Dreamscene


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