The best Tefal stoves in the UK 2023

Are you looking for an efficient and durable kitchen utensil? The Tefal frying pan, which now comes in several variations, is becoming a must-have in the kitchen. For all types of cooking, whatever your heat source, find the Tefal pan that's right for you by following our buying guide closely.

Tefal Ingenio L6509202 1

Best value for money

Tefal Ingenio L6509202

The best Tefal skillet in 2021

The set of two Tefal Ingenio L6509202 aluminum pans with standard dimensions is certainly suitable for all your preparations. These two utensils guarantee efficiency, durability, ergonomics and versatility.

42,38 £ on Amazon

Thanks to their patented removable handles, the Tefal Ingenio L6509202 24 and 28 cm pans are perfect for baking, serving, refrigerating and cooking on all burners including induction. They are easy to store because they are stackable, so you save space. They feature a Titanium Excellence non-stick coating, the promise of nearly 12 years of use.

Thermo Spot technology gives you proper control over the cooking temperature of your meals. Easy care is dishwasher safe (except for the handles). To accompany you on your daily and occasional cooking trips, don't hesitate to get this set of 2 Tefal Ingenio L6509202 pans. Easy to use, you will enjoy an efficient and comfortable handling.

Tefal Elegance C3670602 2

Best value for money

Tefal Elegance C3670602

The best entry-level Tefal skillet

For its affordable price, this Tefal Elegance C3670602 must be part of your culinary equipment. This Tefal pan combines efficiency, aesthetics and practicality for all quick uses.

18,17 £ on Amazon
Tefal G2599102 3

Best high-end crepe maker

Tefal G2599102

The best high-end Tefal skillet

This complete set of Tefal G2599102 pans will simply fill your kitchen. With their deep shape and practical options, these pans easily accommodate all your recipes.

95,99 £ on Amazon

The anti-scratch Titanium coating of this Tefal G2599102 pan series guarantees up to six times more resistance than standard Titanium: it contains no PFOA, lead or cadmium. Depending on the quantity you need, you are free to choose between the three sizes offered by the series: 20, 24 or 28 cm. Moreover, the deep design of the utensil ensures generous rations. The pans are dishwasher safe.

The numerous technologies that equip the Tefal G2599102 series of pans reinforce its reliability. The temperature indicator helps you manage your cooking so you end up with perfectly colored and tasting dishes. The base of the pan is equipped with an improved induction technology called Thermo Fusion + which ensures an even distribution of heat: you will get a precise and tasty cooking of your meals.

Tefal Day by Day B56410AZ 4

Tefal Day by Day B56410AZ

The best Tefal crepe maker

Tefal also offers pans dedicated to specific recipes: the Tefal Day by Day B56410AZ has the best performance to bring out delicious pancakes or omelettes.

19,99 £ on Amazon

Here is a Tefal frying pan model that can serve as an effective ally in preparing your breakfasts and snacks. The Tefal Day by Day B56410AZ pancake pan, with its fixed handle, has the standard high quality Titanium coating (PFOA free, lead free, cadmium free) to easily brown your pancakes every day. Cleaning the utensil is effortless.

The Tefal Day by Day B56410AZ crepe maker is not induction compatible. However, its base ensures a good distribution of heat for even and always delicious cooking. With this type of utensil, you will easily succeed in your recipes to enjoy them with your family and at any time: pancakes, patties, omelets, any preparation in fine format will be a breeze.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Tefal stove

Any specific needs?

The best Tefal skillet in 2021

The best entry-level Tefal skillet

The best high-end Tefal skillet

The best Tefal crepe maker

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Comparison table of the best Tefal stoves

Tefal Ingenio L6509202 5
Tefal Elegance C3670602 6
Tefal G2599102 7
Tefal Day by Day B56410AZ 8
Tefal Ingenio L6509202
Tefal Elegance C3670602
Tefal G2599102
Tefal Day by Day B56410AZ
The set of two Tefal Ingenio L6509202 aluminum pans with standard dimensions is certainly suitable for all your preparations. These two utensils guarantee efficiency, durability, ergonomics and versatility.
For its affordable price, this Tefal Elegance C3670602 must be part of your culinary equipment. This Tefal pan combines efficiency, aesthetics and practicality for all quick uses.
This complete set of Tefal G2599102 pans will simply fill your kitchen. With their deep shape and practical options, these pans easily accommodate all your recipes.
Tefal also offers pans dedicated to specific recipes: the Tefal Day by Day B56410AZ has the best performance to bring out delicious pancakes or omelettes.
2 pans of 24 and 28 cm
1 frying pan of 28 cm
3 pans of 20, 24 and 28 cm
1 frying pan of 25 cm
Titanium Excellence (long-lasting non-stick)
Titanium Force (anti adhesive without PFOA, without cadmium)
Titanium anti-scratch (anti-adhesive up to 6 times more resistant)
High quality titanium (anti adhesive without PFOA, without cadmium)
All types of fires including induction
All types of fires except induction
All types of fires including induction
All types of fires except induction
Oven and over-the-fire cooking, table service, refrigerated storage
Cooking on fire
Oven and over-the-fire cooking
Cooking on fire
Organic options
Patented removable handle, stackable property
Fixed ergonomic handle, pouring edge
Fixed ergonomic handle, deep design
Ergonomic fixed handle, easy cleaning

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Buying guide - Tefal stove

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How to choose your Tefal stove

To choose the best Tefal frying pan, here are five important criteria you should keep in mind.

#1 - Dimensions

You have many recipes in mind and you wonder if your utensil can handle the quantity you want? Indeed, it is of paramount importance to determine the dimensions of the Tefal pan you need.

Generally speaking, the available models vary from 20 to 40 cm in diameter. Your choice will of course depend on the number of people you will be serving. If you live as a couple or alone, the Tefal frying pan that suits you on a daily basis will of course be the minimum size.

But we always advise you to opt for sizes slightly larger than your daily ration to optimize your capacity to entertain.

#2 - Covering

The Tefal pans are categorized into several ranges according to their coating. While Teflon is their main component, each type has a specific additive to suit whatever type of cooking you're looking for: titanium, ceramic or stainless steel. These types of materials are combined with Teflon to obtain high quality utensils.

The non-stick property is a priority with Tefal pans. It is also a main feature that makes them uniquely famous. So, when choosing your Tefal frying pan, consider connecting its coating to the dishes you usually cook, you won't be able to live without it anymore!

#3 - Fireplace compatibility

Generally, Tefal frying pans have a design that is suitable for all types of fires. Thus, whatever your cooking appliance (gas stove, electric hob or induction table), you will be able to enjoy the use of an efficient utensil that takes all your preparations.

In addition, some models are specially designed for induction cooking. We recommend that you read the instructions for your Tefal pan carefully to avoid making mistakes. Beware, you may quickly damage your Tefal pan if you often use it on fires that do not connect to its composition.

#4 - Usage

Modern gastronomy implies an enormous diversity of recipes, and thus of accessories. To properly equip your kitchen, you need to have each appropriate item for each preparation.

You will then avoid using the same utensil for all your cooking. As far as Tefal pans are concerned, you will easily find what you need:

  • The pan itself for searing, frying or grilling;
  • The wok for simmering, stir-frying or cooking on high heat;
  • The crepe maker, strictly reserved for the preparation of delicious crepes or well-made omelettes;
  • The stewpot, the essential in the kitchen that can handle all preparations;
  • The grill pan, dedicated to your indoor barbecue desires.

#5 - Ergonomics

In order to optimize your comfort of use, the ergonomic level of a utensil is a very required criterion. On the Tefal frying pan, the ergonomic efficiency mainly concerns the weight of the utensil and the ease of storing it. This being the case, it is more convenient to choose a Tefal frying pan with removable handles to simplify both its handling and storage.

However, don't rely too much on the weight of the Tefal frying pan: if you choose a frying pan that is too light, it could fail in terms of durability.

The values of the Tefal brand

The principle was discovered by Marc Grégoire in 1954: when his wife asked him to make a pan that wouldn't stick, he used Teflon, which he used for his fishing rods, to anchor it to the bottom of the aluminum pan. Etymologically, the name of the brand comes from the combination of "teflon" and "aluminum", reflecting the very origins of the concept.

After many ups and downs about the reliability of the system, the Tefal company finally opened in 1956 and became well known in less than fifteen years. Innovative ideas were born and developed into an internationally renowned name in non-stick cookware design.

In order to maximize the loyalty of its modern clientele, the Tefal brand has extended its expertise to the design of high-performance kitchen equipment at the cutting edge of new technologies. For Tefal, cooking should be a pleasure. With this in mind, the name "Tefal frying pan" includes a huge variety of utensils of different sizes, with different types of coatings and with specific, well-defined uses. On the other hand, you will find a Tefal pan reserved for cooking fish as you will find another for preparing pancakes. To this day, the Tefal brand continues to innovate in order to maintain the efficiency of its products.

The different types of Tefal stoves

The typology of Tefal stoves can be established according to different criteria. Here we are particularly interested in a typical categorization of the brand based on the coating of the pan.

Tefal Ceramic Control

The Tefal stoves belonging to this range use aluminum as their main manufacturing material, combined with an ultra-resistant ceramic coating. Ceramic is an excellent heat conductor and can withstand temperatures up to 175°C. For cooking at temperatures up to this level, you can even use it in the oven.

The range also includes ergonomic handles for these Tefal pans, often in lacquered bakelite. Finally, you will not have to worry about their compatibility because you can use it on all types of fires. Choose this type of Tefal pans for your crispy preparations!


The Ingenio range is composed of absolutely robust Tefal pans with a refined design. The Ingenio Creation pans are made of resistant textured stainless steel reinforced with titanium particles: they are compatible with all types of fires and dishwasher safe. The Titanium Excellence coating on this type guarantees safe cooking.

The Ingenio Preference pans are made of high quality stainless steel, which is very easy to clean. The Tefal Ingenio Elegance range includes aluminum pans with Titanium Force coating: they are not compatible with induction hobs but are oven safe (without handles) and dishwasher safe.

On these different ranges, you benefit from the Thermo Spot technology that helps you in the management of cooking temperatures.

Tefal Expertise

This type of Tefal pans gathers modern, reliable and ultra-resistant utensils. The Titanium Excellence coating that covers them is the promise of infallible durability: it is in fact the best coating created by the brand, guaranteeing a longevity reinforced up to three times compared to normal.

You will also enjoy a high quality ergonomic level with removable handles with solid fixings and anti-splash covers. As for heat source compatibility, Tefal Expertise pans are extremely versatile, right down to oven cooking.

Pro Inox

This last type is a combination of Tefal pans made of high-performance 18/10 stainless steel with a cooking surface that includes Techno-Domes technology for an excellent and precise grip on your food. You can use Tefal Pro Inox pans on all types of cooktops, even induction.

The use of this type of Pro Inox is of excellent reputation on the cooking of meat: the juice it releases makes the preparation easy to turn, without sticking. The Pro Inox pan can withstand heat up to 210 °C. The ergonomic silicone handles provide you with an absolutely comfortable handling.

Tefal pan or stainless steel pan?

Tefal frying pan

The most convincing advantage of the Tefal frying pan is its specific non-stick coating: this system prevents food from sticking to the cooking surface or the sides and prevents you from burning your preparations even in case of slight diversion. In general, the materials used in the manufacture of Tefal pans are quite resistant: you will therefore invest in durability when you buy this utensil.

In addition to these essential features, the Tefal frying pan also offers interesting ergonomic options, such as the anti-scratch system (for a lasting preservation of the initial state), the temperature indicator (for an approximate follow-up of the cooking according to their temperature), the removable handles, etc. Their compatibility with all types of fires consolidates the comfort of use.

Stainless steel stove

With a stainless steel frying pan, you will cook in complete stability. It has no coating, yet it is very durable and resistant. It is not afraid of high temperatures or metal accessories and presents no potential risks. The stainless steel skillet can accommodate a wide variety of preparations, provided it has been properly heated beforehand. Unlike the Tefal pan, the stainless steel skillet requires the use of fat when necessary, such as when preparing a fried egg.

Beware: each stainless steel pan has a different compatibility with heat sources. Ideally, it should be used on a glass-ceramic stove, but avoid induction cookers. Finally, maintenance remains an easy task as the stainless steel pan can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Between the Tefal pan and the stainless steel pan, the choice is based on taste, needs and budget. You will find that the Tefal pan has quite innovative cooking technologies compared to the more archaic handling of the stainless steel pan.

However, the stainless steel pan is more reassuring in terms of longevity. In short, each of these two utensils has more compelling advantages than the other, so it's up to you to choose the one that best suits your situation.

Why buy a Tefal pan?

Food won't stick

Thanks to its non-stick coating, your cooking on a Tefal pan will never stick. This will greatly facilitate your cooking and you will avoid burnt food. You will obtain delicious dishes prepared on an efficient utensil.

It is robust

The materials used in the manufacture of the Tefal frying pan have been well selected to withstand various shocks and temperature variations. By purchasing this utensil, you will be sure to invest in the long term.

Its typology is varied

For all your preparations, you will find a corresponding Tefal frying pan: vegetables, meat, fish or pancakes, you can get your utensil with the right dimensions and specific properties.

It is versatile

The Tefal frying pan makes your daily life easier by adapting to any cooking appliance you have at home: induction, vitroceramic, gas or electric. However, remember to check the instructions before use as some models are exceptions to this rule.

The options are interesting

The Tefal brand includes high-performance technologies on the pans it produces, in order to enhance your comfort of use (temperature indicator, anti-scratch option, removable handles for varied use, etc.).

What is the price for a Tefal stove

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


First time use

Before using your Tefal pan for the first time, rub its cooking surface with a paper towel containing a few drops of oil. Then clean it with soap and water and air dry it. This is even more valuable if you are used to putting your pan in the dishwasher.


You can store your Tefal pan in several ways: it all depends on the model you have chosen. If it is equipped with handles, these will allow you to easily hang it up and this is the best alternative to avoid scratching the coating. If you've opted for batteries instead, insert cloth or a paper towel between each one to protect them from scratches.


You absolutely must be thorough about cleaning your Tefal pan since the non-stick coating on it is somewhat sensitive. The use of abrasive sponges is strictly forbidden on this utensil, as well as corrosive products and cutlery other than plastic or wood. Another important point: not all Tefal frying pans are dishwasher-safe, so always check the instructions before handling.


Even though the Tefal frying pan often adapts to any type of fire, it is always important to consider the various recommendations for use, in case there are points to be careful about: for example, whether it can withstand long cooking times, whether it is only intended for frying, etc. This reflex contributes to prolong the life of your Tefal frying pan.

Heat shock

As you no longer doubt, the Tefal frying pan should not be subjected to too high a temperature (above 230 °C): by respecting this safety gesture, you will not encounter any imminent risk as to its use. As for its maintenance, to avoid possible thermal shocks, let it cool down before pouring water on it. On the other hand, some models do not fear this technical problem at all: they can be put in the oven as well as in the refrigerator and can be cooked on the fire.


How to know when the Tefal frying pan is no longer valid?

The Tefal frying pan does not have a use-by date. It all depends on how you handle it: do you use it every day, do you take care to store it properly... In principle, it is no longer valid from the moment you notice that the coating is peeling off. When the case arises, you should absolutely stop using it and get a new one.

How to clean tough stains on the Tefal frying pan?

To get rid of the toughest stains on the Tefal pan, baking soda is the best ally. Combined with white vinegar, lemon or simply boiled water, this powdered solution helps you thoroughly clean your Tefal pan. In any case, finish your cleaning with the ritual of washing up and rinsing.

The Teflon would have negative impacts on health?

As everything has its drawback, Teflon would present harmful effects if you are not careful. To avoid these risks, just don't subject your Tefal pan to a very high temperature.

What are the foundations of the Tefal brand?

Through its various products, the Tefal brand conveys the importance of the meal-to-food ratio. For it, you should be comfortable during all your preparations and you should have the right equipment to come out with excellent recipes. On Tefal pans are reflected reliability, durability and versatility.


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Tefal Ingenio L6509202
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Tefal Elegance C3670602
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Tefal G2599102
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