The best Switch controllers in the UK 2023

To play solo, with friends and even multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch system with a more immersive gaming experience, you need a good Switch controller. Of course, Joy-Cons are still a safe bet in the field, but they're not always compatible with a certain type of game. Looking for a comfortable gamepad? Take your pick from our selection of the best Switch controllers.

Nintendo Switch Pro

Editor's Choice

Nintendo Switch Pro

The best Switch controller in 2021

This ergonomic model adopts the classic shape of standard controllers. At the same time, it offers maximum comfort of use and is suitable for a long gaming session.

47,19 £ on Amazon

Are you a Nintendo Switch aficionado who loves to play Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda or Ring Fit Adventure? In order to exploit your talents in the best possible way, bet on this official controller of the brand, a model that can satisfy even the most demanding players. Ergonomics, endurance and precision are all there. It will perfectly replace your usual Joy-Con, whether you play in TV mode (via a USB charging cable HAC-010) or in tabletop mode.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller lasts up to 40 hours without losing performance. It's easy to hold and remains very comfortable despite prolonged use. It is also responsive to the various commands of the gamer. This Switch controller is recognized by Steam, making it usable on a PC.

Gamory&1 8579

Best cheapest

Gamory&1 8579

The best entry-level Switch controller

The Gamory&1 8579 supports almost all games available on the Nintendo Switch system. Thanks to its beautiful design, it's easy to access all the control buttons.

17,59 £ on Amazon

With a wireless range of up to 8 m, the Switch Gamory&1 8579 controller has integrated sticks and a D-Pad for easy game control. Its blue and red handles will not go unnoticed especially since they recall the colors of the Nintendo Switch console. For the grip, you will feel an immediate comfort. In addition, it feels light, which makes it no less pleasant to use over time.

As an additional feature, the Gamory&1 8579 can record images from the"screen capture" button. The gamepad also has a mode selector button with which you can adjust the speed and vibration level, thus ensuring an amazing gaming experience. This Switch controller has a battery life of 6-8 hours and a battery capacity of 600 mAh.

Nintendo Joy-Con

Best high end

Nintendo Joy-Con

The best high-end Switch controller

The Nintendo Joy-Con L/R can be used as a spare controller in case you break or lose yours. They come in more attractive colors and, like the Wii remotes, have wrist straps.

55,99 £ on Amazon

Is one or both of the original Joy-Cons of your game console damaged? Don't worry about it! There are now replacement models like the Nintendo Joy-Con, which come in various colors. You can choose between blue/yellow, blue/red, green/pink or purple/orange. In order to guarantee a better protection of your equipment, both controllers are equipped with a strap.

Each pad, with a complete set of buttons, can be separated from the main console. You can also attach the two elements for use in mobile mode. Controls are done using the intuitive buttons, accelerometer and gyroscopic motion sensor. You don't have to worry about their resistance even if you have to hammer these buttons intensively during action games. Note that these models benefit from a high quality design perfected by a top finish.

SPGOOD Nintendo Switch Pro

Excellent choice

SPGOOD Nintendo Switch Pro

A cheap alternative

If you don't have an official Nintendo Pro Controller, the SPGOOD Nintendo Switch Pro can do the job just fine. Plus, it comes at a very affordable price.

21,56 £ on Amazon

As a replacement for the Joy-Con or if you're looking for a controller for multiplayer games, this model will allow you to have fun without spending a fortune. Although its design does not resemble that of Nintendo's Pro controller, the SPGOOD still performs well. It's remarkably practical, not to mention lightweight and durable compared to other models in the same line. Its handle, made of non-slip rubber, blends very well with the smoother plastic casing.

The SPGOOD Nintendo Switch Pro is fully compatible with all Nintendo switches and Windows PCs. The image display speed is adjustable, as is the vibration intensity. Its 6-axis sensor ensures unparalleled responsiveness and precision. It fits all Switch games like Splash 2, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Odyssey or Smash Bros. Its 550 mAh lithium battery charges in just 2-3 hours and gives you nearly 8 hours of continuous use.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Switch controller

Any specific needs?

The best Switch controller in 2021

The best entry-level Switch controller

The best high-end Switch controller

A cheap alternative

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Comparison table of the best Switch controllers

Nintendo Switch Pro
Gamory&1 8579
Nintendo Joy-Con
SPGOOD Nintendo Switch Pro
Nintendo Switch Pro
Gamory&1 8579
Nintendo Joy-Con
SPGOOD Nintendo Switch Pro
This ergonomic model adopts the classic shape of standard controllers. At the same time, it offers maximum comfort of use and is suitable for a long gaming session.
The Gamory&1 8579 supports almost all games available on the Nintendo Switch system. Thanks to its beautiful design, it's easy to access all the control buttons.
The Nintendo Joy-Con L/R can be used as a spare controller in case you break or lose yours. They come in more attractive colors and, like the Wii remotes, have wrist straps.
If you don't have an official Nintendo Pro Controller, the SPGOOD Nintendo Switch Pro can do the job just fine. Plus, it comes at a very affordable price.
Compatible platform
Nintendo Switch, PC
Nintendo Switch, PC
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Windows PC, TV, laptop
8 m
About 16 m
10 m
Connectivity type
Bluetooth 3.0, NFC
Bluetooth 3.0, NFC
Battery capacity
1300 mAh
600 mAh
525 mAh
550 mAh
About 40 h
6 to 8 h
Up to 20 h
8 h

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Buying guide - Switch controller

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How to choose your Switch controller

Not all Switch controllers are created equal, so you need to choose yours carefully. To help you do that, consider these selection criteria:
choisir manette Switch

#1 - Ergonomics

The comfort of use, grip and access to the control buttons are based on the ergonomics of your Switch controller. To get the most out of your favorite games, make sure the device is easy to use. The same goes for its dimensions, which should match the size of your hands. Don't forget to check the responsiveness of the buttons, sticks, and D-Pad.

#2 - Controls

If you choose a generic model, make sure it has the same number of buttons as certified controllers. These include the ABXY buttons, the screen capture button, the Home menu, the directional keys, the + and - buttons, the L and R buttons, the ZL/ZR buttons, and the two sticks. Some Switch controllers have additional controls than the standard models. Found on the back of the case, they act as shortcuts, giving the player more options.

#3 - Features

Some features such as rumble, gyroscope, NFC, and vibration may be absent on unofficial Switch controller models, as may the lack of a headphone jack on official models. While optional, these special features will give you total immersion in your games. And if you own an Amiibo or want to use motion control systems, turn to models that support them.

#4 - Power supply

The Switch controller connects to the console in either wired or wireless mode. Your choice here will vary depending on where you usually play. For example, the wired model is great if you use your game console at home, where you'll have power available at all times. On the other hand, wireless models are better suited for outdoor use. Consider the length of the power cable. Some are up to 3 meters long. For the case of a wireless controller, check the battery life and the range of the connectivity technology.

#5 - Compatibility

A versatile gamepad will be usable on different devices, which is not the case with Nintendo's standard models that is limited only to the Switch. If you opt for the hybrid solution, be aware that the accessory will usually be compatible with a computer through Steam or specific software, to an Android-based device, to a TV... Examine the packaging to be sure.

How to use a Switch Controller?

avis manette Switch

The Switch controller, apart from the joy-con, is not an accessory that comes with the Nintendo Switch system when you buy it. This doesn't mean that it doesn't have its place in the hybrid console's environment. On the contrary, the Switch controller is an accessory that many gamers enjoy and use to play their favorite video games on Switch, but also on other platforms like PC. You just need to know how to use it in order to enjoy all these benefits. Here are some tips that will help you use your Switch controller well.

Charging the battery properly

The Switch wireless controller is powered either by batteries or by a rechargeable battery. In the latter case, before using the pad, remember to charge the battery properly so that it can be synced and used for a long time. Do not let the battery discharge completely to extend its life.

Synchronizing the Switch

The Switch controller is only operational when it is synced to the Nintendo Switch. Synchronization can be done by button or by USB cable. In both cases, the two devices (controller and console) must be turned on and placed side by side. The use of a compatible USB cable (Type-C) is required for wired syncing. Find out how to successfully sync your Switch controllers to your console and PC in the "Tips" sections.

Maintaining a Switch Controller

Cleaning is the only maintenance you need to do on a Switch controller. Grease and dust can build up on the shell, joysticks and buttons. Cleaning is done with a wet cloth and vigorously wrung out. You can also use an alcohol-based disinfectant. Wipe the different parts of the Switch controller with the cloth and let it dry. Be careful! Never pour the liquid directly onto the joystick or immerse it in water. The cleaning should be done with the controller turned off and disconnected from the console.

The different types of Switch controllers

There are two main categories of Switch controllers, namely authentic controllers produced by the Nintendo firm and generic controllers offered by third-party brands.

Genuine Switch Controller

Manette Switch authentique

The authentic controller is only compatible with the Nintendo Switch. In this area, you have to choose between joy-con and traditional design controllers.

  • Genuine joy-con : the Nintendo Switch has two small controllers attached to either side of the main console. Once the Switch is in the dock, these can be unclipped to act as independent controllers. If your games only require a few control buttons, it is possible to play them in pairs. Or you can put them together with the included stand (plastic base) and make a massive controller.
  • Genuine Switch Pro Controller : It comes in a more traditional design and looks pretty much like the PS4 controller. This shape gives you optimal handling. All the control buttons are present, but unlike the joy-con buttons, its buttons are bigger.

Unofficial Switch Controller

Manette Switch non-officielle

Alternative brands (generic and sub-licensed controllers) try to combine low price and user comfort. That's why they mimic joy-con controllers as much as the Switch Pro controller.

  • The generic Switch Pro-Controller : apart from its very attractive price, the accessory stands out for its programmable buttons and its Turbo mode. Some manufacturers go even further by offering models that are compatible with MacOS, Android or even Windows. So, if you are a fan of Monster Hunter Rise, Splatoon 2, Animal Crossing and Wolfenstein 2, you should choose this type of model. In addition to that, it will come in handy during long gaming sessions, when you play games requiring dexterity or if you want to venture into multiplayer games...
  • Generic joy-con : they have the same aesthetic line and the same operating modes as the official models. They will please you if your budget is tight enough.

Switch Pro controller or Joy-Con module?

Switch Pro Controller

The Switch Pro controller is the ultimate alternative pad for Nintendo's hybrid console. Unlike the Joy-con that comes with the console, this controller is purchased independently of the original kit. This implies additional expenses. But it's worth it. The Switch controller offers a much better handling since it resembles those usually found on home consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

If you want to play video games that require a lot of responsiveness and precision, the Switch Pro is the best controller for you. Gamers who are comfortable with the classic grip will appreciate this pad. By the way, the Switch Pro is available in a wide range of customizable skins.

Joy-Con module

In the same spirit as the Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo Switch comes with Joy-con modules. Gone are the classic controllers. These modules consist of two pieces to hold with both hands. The buttons are identical on each pad, but are dedicated to different uses and functions. Of course, you don't need to buy the Joy-con since they already come with the hybrid console, which will limit your expenses.

Joy-con is all about fun. Manipulating the pads requires physical activity and brings more possibilities in the movements. For playing family Switch games, there's nothing better. On the other hand, the grip may not appeal to those who play difficult video games that require precision.


Choosing the right Switch controller depends on the type of video games you play. Joy-con modules are perfect for family and sports simulation type games on the Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, if you prefer titles like Zelda and FPS that require a lot of precision, a Switch Pro controller will be more suitable. So the ideal is to own a pair of Joy-con and a Switch Pro Controller and change the pad according to your needs.

Why buy a Switch controller?

pourquoi acheter manette Switch

A better grip

The Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons are innovative. However, they are not suitable for certain video games or situations. The Switch Pro Controller offers a more flexible grip. It's suitable for virtually all gameplay in the handheld's catalog. This controller doesn't require you to stand up or make any large movements to play. Clicks on the buttons and joysticks are enough to perform all the commands.

Precision and responsiveness

The Switch controller is almost indispensable for playing certain video games. This is especially true for titles with very high difficulty levels like Cuphead and Dark Souls. You need a Switch controller if you're looking for more precision and responsiveness when playing FPS or fighting games.


If you're used to playing your video games on regular controllers, the Joy-Con might be a tad bit distracting. The handling of these pads is not always obvious and requires some time to adapt. You can avoid these little problems by using a classic Switch controller with a good grip. You won't need any more time to adapt to playing with this type of controller.

Ease of use

The Switch controller is a very easy-to-use device. It connects to the hybrid console in no time. It's a wireless controller that gives you a lot of freedom of movement. Of course, it allows you to make all the settings and configure all the features of the Nintendo Switch without any problem.

The price

The price of a Switch controller varies greatly depending on the model. The most affordable ones are offered at just under €40. The brand, the skin or the number of copies will then define the price. Some limited editions cost up to 170 € and sometimes more. Anyway, you should find a Switch controller that fits your budget quite easily by following the tips in our buying guide.

The best brands of Switch controllers

In our opinion, the best brands of Switch controllers in 2022 are :


Nintendo has its own controller specifically dedicated to the Nintendo Switch. This is the Switch Pro, which is presented as the official controller for the hybrid console. It is of the highest quality and is very reliable, as it is designed to work with the Nintendo Switch. This official controller is touted as the best of all the controllers that are compatible with the hybrid console.

Gamory&1 manufactures controllers for different video game consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The brand has licenses issued by manufacturers to develop reliable and good quality controllers. Gamory&1 Switch controllers are also recognized in the gaming world thanks to their very affordable prices compared to other brands' controllers.

SPGOOD enjoys a very good reputation among Nintendo Switch owners. The brand indeed offers Switch controllers of very good quality. SPGOOD controllers are not prone to drifting and are particularly robust in addition to being stylish. That's why they are widely used by gamers who are looking for an alternative to Joy-Con.

The PowerA catalog consists of a very wide choice of controllers for PS4, Xbox One and for the Nintendo Switch hybrid console. The brand presents the resistance of these pads as its main asset. Do you play your favorite video games intensively? A Switch PowerA controller will suit you better.

ECHTPower is the German specialist in accessories dedicated to gaming. The company manufactures gamer mice, joystick charging terminals, controller and video game console equipment, but also Switch controllers. ECHTPower makes a point of offering gamers premium quality controllers that always have attractive and original designs.

What is the price for a Switch controller

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 35 £
35 £ to 60 £
more than 60 £
Price range diagram


Connect up to eight controllers to your Nintendo Switch

Up to eight Switch controllers can be synced to the same console. To do this, sync the controllers one at a time by following the steps listed below. Note that the number of synced controllers may be more limited depending on the features and type of controllers you use on your console.

Watch for the Switch Controller light

The player light on a controller remains off until it is coordinated with a console. The light turns on once it's successfully synced. So watch this light so you know whether or not you have successfully paired the console and controller. If not, go through the process again to connect the pad and execute commands without going through the Joy-Con.

Choose the right USB cable

The first USB cable you get your hands on won't always allow you to connect and sync your controller to the Nintendo Switch. You'll need a USB Type-C cable to successfully connect. A HAC-010 model usually comes with the console or Switch Pro Controller. Use the original cable or a similar model when connecting your controller to the hybrid console or a PC.

Official or licensed controller for guaranteed reliability

Nintendo offers an official controller for its hybrid video game system. It's called the Switch Pro controller. Choose this model to enjoy maximum reliability. Of course, you can also turn to controllers built by other brands, but licensed by Nintendo. They're more reliable than so-called "generic" controllers.

A Switch controller for retro arcade games

If you're a fan of retro arcade games, let yourself be seduced by specially dedicated Switch controllers. They adopt a retro and minimalist design just like the pads of the old consoles. The buttons are also arranged in such a way as to reproduce the sensations when you are on an arcade machine. Brands like 8BitDo offer these retro Switch controllers at affordable prices.


How to charge a Switch controller ?

Joy-con modules can be charged in several ways. You can plug them into the hybrid console, which will be connected to a power source. It is also possible to put the pads on the dock or the Joy-Con Grip. The Switch Wireless Controller, on the other hand, charges using a USB cable connected to a source such as a charging box or computer.

How to connect a Switch controller ?

It's possible to connect the Switch Controller to the hybrid console via USB cable. To do this, place the console in the dock. Connect the controller to the dock using the USB cable HAC-010 already provided. Once the console recognizes the controller, the connection and synchronization will happen automatically without you having to do anything.

How to connect a Switch controller to a PC ?

When you connect a Switch controller to a PC, the device recognizes the pad as a DirectInput device. It will be displayed, but will not be operational. You'll need to use software that can turn the controller into an XInput device. Use Steam, x360ce, ReWasd or Xpadder to successfully connect the Switch controller to your PC.

How to synchronize a Switch controller ?

You can sync one Switch controller per button. In this case, turn on the console and press the "Home" button. Choose the "Controllers" option and then "Change the style/order". A new page will appear on the screen. Press the SYNC button on the Switch pro controller to be synchronized for at least one second and you're done.


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Nintendo Switch Pro
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Gamory&1 8579
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