The best streaming platforms in the UK 2023

Streaming platforms have revolutionized the way the world entertains itself. Thanks to these video and music on demand services, moviegoers and music lovers can consume movies, sitcoms and music at will. But how to find your way through this jungle of subscriptions? We take stock in this guide to the best streaming platforms of this year.

Amazon Prime Video 1

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Amazon Prime Video

The best streaming platform in 2021

Amazon Prime Video is mainly a service whose main purpose is to encourage Internet users to subscribe to Amazon Prime, but never mind, this video streaming platform remains a good plan, especially for lovers of movies, series and French soccer.

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Like its big rival Netflix, Amazon Prime Video offers a rich catalog of movies and series from all generations. In order to reach a wider audience, the streaming platform has started producing its own series, a decision that has been welcomed by hundreds of thousands of Internet users worldwide. Recent Amazon Prime Video successes include Hanna, Fabulous Woman, One Mississippi, Transparent and Homecoming. The upcoming productions are already highly anticipated by fans, as it is the case of the series already predicted as cult and which is based on the universe of the Lord of the Rings.

To satisfy the French-speaking public, Amazon Prime Video offers them a well-stocked catalog of documentaries and "one man shows" by French comedians. To put it simply, the offer is aimed at the whole family. The only drawback is that children seem to have been left out. It would seem that the animated films available on the portal are not numerous enough.

Salto 2

Best cheap deal


The best cheap streaming platform

Salto has been announced for many years, but the streaming platform has taken its time to mature its offerings. Today, this provider of mostly French-language entertainment content is well positioned in this highly competitive industry.

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The latest addition to the video-on-demand industry, Salto is the result of a collaboration between three French television giants. This explains why the streaming platform favors French productions. But don't be mistaken, you will still find American blockbusters and series in its catalog. Salto's offer is very diversified, and this is what allows it to compete with the big names in video-on-demand services.

Being the showcase of French audiovisual production, you will find on Salto the flagship programs of the three largest French television groups. Apart from the most popular series such as: Demain nous appartient, Joséphine ange gardien or Scènes de ménage, you can also follow emblematic shows such as Top Chef, The Voice or l'Amour est dans le pré on the platform.

Netflix 3

Best premium deal


The best premium streaming platform

Netflix is not the most affordable streaming platform and yet it has the most subscribers in the world. The reasons for its success: an offer enriched every week and a video quality always optimal whatever the speed of the Internet connection.

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Disney+ 4

Best deal for kids


The best streaming platform for the whole family

Disney+ doesn't claim to compete with the streaming video giants, yet its offerings that are aimed exclusively at kids and families are all the rage among Internet users. Contrary to popular belief, its catalog is very well stocked with the latest movies and popular series.

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Best streaming platform

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The best streaming platform in 2021

The best cheap streaming platform

The best premium streaming platform

The best streaming platform for the whole family

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Comparison table of the best streaming platforms

Amazon Prime Video 5
Salto 6
Netflix 7
Disney+ 8
Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video is mainly a service whose main purpose is to encourage Internet users to subscribe to Amazon Prime, but never mind, this video streaming platform remains a good plan, especially for lovers of movies, series and French soccer.
Salto has been announced for many years, but the streaming platform has taken its time to mature its offerings. Today, this provider of mostly French-language entertainment content is well positioned in this highly competitive industry.
Netflix is not the most affordable streaming platform and yet it has the most subscribers in the world. The reasons for its success: an offer enriched every week and a video quality always optimal whatever the speed of the Internet connection.
Disney+ doesn't claim to compete with the streaming video giants, yet its offerings that are aimed exclusively at kids and families are all the rage among Internet users. Contrary to popular belief, its catalog is very well stocked with the latest movies and popular series.
Number of screens
3 simultaneous
From 1 to 4 depending on subscription
3 simultaneously
4 screens simultaneously
Video quality
Up to Ultra HD 4K
Up to Ultra HD 4K
Up to 4K HDR Dolby Vision
Up to Ultra HD 4K
Video compression
The platform's plus
A 30-day trial is available to all new subscribers.
A trial month is offered to all new subscribers.
Cancellation of the offer is free and possible at any time
Kids content is in the hundreds on this streaming platform.

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How to choose your streaming platform

Today, there are several hundred streaming platforms. To find the one that best suits your profile as a streamer, here are the criteria you should take into account when making your comparison:

#1 - The platform's interface

The best streaming platforms offer an intuitive interface and not too overloaded with ads. To avoid wasting time, choose a platform whose interface is sober and pleasant to look at. If the menu is clear, it's even better. Ideally, series, movies and music albums should be classified by genre or by audience. With just a few clicks, you should be able to find the programs that interest you, otherwise, the game is not worth the candle.

#2 - Parental controls

Although the parental control software does not 100% replace the vigilance of parents, it is essential to preserve the innocence of the little ones. Let's remember that streaming platforms offer content with violent or shocking scenes that may offend the sensitivity of young people. As parents, it is your duty to secure the access to the streaming platform with a code or a password.

#3 - Access conditions

Even if the cost of the monthly or yearly subscription is clearly mentioned on the streaming platform, think to read well the access conditions to avoid bad surprises on the long run. Ask first about the renewal of the subscription. Is it renewed automatically or not? Can you cancel your subscription at any time? To avoid unnecessary frustrations, don't leave anything to chance especially since streaming sites offer a range of offers adapted to the needs of Internet users.

#4 - Technical support

As excellent as they are, streaming platforms are not immune to malfunctions and bugs. The video stream dropping while using a broadband connection is one of the major problems streamers face. A good streaming platform should offer a technical support service that can be reached at any time of the day and part of the evening. If possible, avoid portals with dedicated support numbers that are always busy or that only respond to complaint emails late (check the forums).

#5 - Diversity of the catalog

Whether you want to subscribe to a streaming platform dedicated to movies, series or music, make sure the portal offers content that interests you. What's the point of subscribing to a site that only offers recent movies if you are a fan of avant-garde cinema? If you don't have any particular preference, choose video-on-demand services that offer a wide variety of content. This way, all the members of your family will be able to enjoy them freely.

Streaming platforms: how do they work in practice?

A streaming platform is a virtual portal on which Internet users can consult audiovisual content for a monthly or annual subscription fee. Those who subscribe to this video-on-demand service or SVoD have access to a complete catalog whose content can be viewed at any time and from different media. The advantage with these platforms is that videos can be viewed as many times as they are available. Once you have paid your monthly subscription fee, you can immediately watch or listen to whatever you want.

To take advantage of this service, you must have an internet connection in your home. Whether you use a computer, smartphone or tablet, you must install an application that is activated only after entering your login and password. Some streaming platforms offer the opportunity to create several user accounts, but also to restrict access to the service by children (this applies to portals that offer adult content only).

What internet speed to access the service?

Streaming platforms don't really take into account the quality of your internet connection, that's the whole point of this service. As the videos are streamed, their flow adapts almost instantaneously to the quality of your internet connection. If your internet connection is slow, the video resolution will automatically be set to 480p. On the other hand, if you have fiber, the image is displayed in HD or even in 4K.

The different types of streaming platforms

Since streaming platforms work in much the same way, it is customary to distinguish them according to their access modalities.

The paid streaming platform

There is strictly no ambiguity in its name, a paid streaming platform is accessible only after the payment of a monthly or annual subscription. To subscribe, you need to go to the desired official platform or download it as an application. From there, you will have to create an account that is activated immediately if a trial period is offered or after receiving your first month's subscription.

Many platforms offer their new subscribers a little appetizer in the form of a free trial of one to four weeks, enough to whet their appetite for new movies and hot sitcoms.

The free streaming platform

The free streaming platform is the complete opposite of a paid streaming platform. Indeed, no registration is required to enjoy the video or music content offered by these portals. You just have to go to the free streaming platform, browse through the multiple catalogs and click on the multimedia file of your choice.

Nevertheless, we would like to remind you that these sites are not 100% free. To generate revenue, these platforms work with advertisers whose commercials run throughout the movie you are watching. If patience is not one of your main qualities, opt for a paid service.

Streaming platform or download platform?

Streaming platform

When a video or mp3 is streamed, the file is sent from the host platform to the RAM of the media used, and then played with a slight latency on a media player. This pattern repeats itself over and over again as you stream. So when you watch a new video, the old downloaded data is replaced by new data. The streaming experience depends greatly on the quality of the internet connection. In case your connection is poor, unless you can adjust its native resolution, the video or mp3 will take a long time to load.

Download platform

Streaming and downloading are two completely different actions. When you download content from a site, it is saved directly to your hard drive, which is not the case during streaming. Therefore, you cannot watch the video until the download is complete. If you only watch movies in HD or 4K quality, your storage space will quickly become full. To make room for new downloads, you have to delete the movies or send them somewhere else.


Downloading is more data-intensive than streaming, experts agree. Indeed, it takes a very small amount of data to stream a 4K video, which is not the case if you have to download. Just for a movie in HD, you can use up to 1GB of data. On the other hand, streaming saves you from storing hundreds of gigabytes of data on your hard drives.

5 good reasons to subscribe to a streaming platform

1. you have access to a huge volume of content
Whether you're a movie buff, a serialist or a music lover, streaming platforms offer a very diverse catalog of movies, series and music. Your entertainment is guaranteed if you subscribe to a video/music on demand service. You can even access documentaries or sports matches on the best of these websites.

2. the subscription is still affordable
As we mentioned earlier in this guide, there is no such thing as a completely free streaming platform. One way or another, you have to pay a subscription to enjoy the content offered. But rest assured, this subscription remains affordable even for the big names in this industry. Moreover, you are allowed to terminate your contract without any justification.

3. entertainment is accessible everywhere and at any time
Having access anywhere and at any time is the main interest of a streaming platform. Indeed, this service remains available whether you are in public transport, on a break at work or at home. You want to watch the next episode of your favorite series? All you have to do is sit back and connect to the video-on-demand portal.

4. you will save your internet subscription
Contrary to popular belief, watching a movie in streaming requires very little data. For Ultra HD content, viewing only requires a small quota of megabytes. But if you need to download a movie in the same resolution, gigabytes will be needed.

5. you will save your disk space
Unlike downloading, you don't keep the files you watch on your computer. With streaming, you save your hard drives and other storage space from saturation.

What is the price for a streaming platform

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


Never subscribe to dubious platforms

Some streaming platforms will ask you to install third-party programs that are supposed to enhance your user experience. Sites like these specialize in stealing data or importing malware into your computer. These portals are to be avoided absolutely.

Subscribe to legal streaming sites

On legal sites, movies and music are of excellent quality. In addition to enjoying HD video/audio content, you won't have to put up with ads throughout your movie. In addition, these legal portals keep you safe from information theft attempts.

Don't skip any steps while subscribing

To enjoy the video on demand service very quickly, never burn steps in the registration process. Fully secured, legal streaming platforms protect your personal information. It is almost impossible that this information could fall into the wrong hands.

Read the access conditions carefully

The access conditions differ from one platform to another. So, before subscribing to a service, think to read the general conditions of access of a video/music on demand portal. This will save you from unnecessary frustrations regarding the tacit renewal of your subscription for example.

Subscribe to a good internet offer

We keep reminding ourselves, your experience on a streaming platform depends on the quality of the connection you have. To avoid latency and outages, subscribe to a good internet connection. If your area is already covered by fiber optics, subscribe to that offer.


What is a streaming platform?

A streaming platform is a virtual portal that provides video (movies, series, documentaries) and audio (music) content to a medium connected to the Internet. This paid or free service is accessible at any time and from any place. Some streaming platforms broadcast live sports matches.

How does a streaming platform work?

When you want to play streaming content, the platform sends the audio or video data in streaming mode to the RAM of your computer or phone. So as soon as the media receives the start of a movie or music, you can immediately play it. The playback continues as the data is received.

Why do I have difficulties to read a content on a streaming platform?

The difficulties encountered during the playback of streaming content often result from the poor quality of the internet connection. Disconnections are common when the speed is too slow. To improve your streaming experience, it would be best if you subscribe to a good internet offer, fiber optic for example.

Can we download contents on a streaming platform?

Yes, some streaming platforms allow their subscribers to download video or audio content. However, downloads are futile especially if you have a good internet connection. Besides, downloading content is just a way to quickly saturate the hard drive due to the fact that the files are getting bigger and bigger.


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