The best smart connected speakers in the UK 2023

The smart connected speaker has accelerated the home automation revolution. Indeed, from this single device, you can launch your playlist, know the weather report, make calls or open a door by voice command. But between an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant compatible speaker, which one to choose? To find out what's best for you, follow our guide.


Best value for your money


The best smart connected speaker

With the Google Nest Audio Galet smart speaker, managing your daily activities has never been easier. This device is compatible with Chromecast.

79,99 £ on Darty

With this speaker equipped with a 75mm woofer and a 19mm tweeter, all you have to do is say the magic words "hey google, put on some music" and you'll be served. You will appreciate the sound emitted with deep bass. Particularly smart, the device can pull music from your personal playlist or play radio shows and podcasts, as it can access your favorite streaming platforms via a wifi connection.

Apart from music, this speaker can allow you to make calls, control the timer as well as alarms and turn the light on or off as you wish. Also note that the Google Nest Audio Galet will turn into a weather station at your request. This device is made of 70% recycled plastic. Its design will allow it to adapt to any decorative style. With this tool, you will optimize your comfort and take maximum advantage of recent innovations related to home automation.

Echo Dot (4th generation) 2

Best value for your money

Echo Dot (4th generation)

The best entry-level smart connected speaker

Stylish and compact, this smart speaker offers assistance and entertainment for the whole family. It's through Alexa that you can control your connected home.

39,99 £ on Amazon

The sound is delivered through a 41mm speaker and provides crisp, clear vocals. You can also connect it to external speakers. For your entertainment, the Bluetooth connectivity supports A2DP profiles for streaming audio to Amazon music or Apple music, AVRCP for your connected devices. Alexa will be connected through Wifi and will deliver information, music or jokes.

Stay in touch with everyone in the house or outside in complete freedom. Indeed, the voice recognition will allow you to control your household appliances or the light. For the protection of your privacy, elements of control of your personal information can be disconnected at any time.

Bose Smart Soundbar 3

Best value for your money

Bose Smart Soundbar

The best high-end smart connected speaker

If you want to enjoy a unique voice control, Bose, the reference in smart speakers, offers you this experience with Voice4Video technology.

319 £ on Amazon
Belkin Connected Hi-Fi Speaker 4


Belkin Connected Hi-Fi Speaker

A great alternative

Belkin is one of the pioneers in the field of smart and connected speakers. All the know-how of this company has been applied to this speaker model that will not fail to surprise you on many points.

162 £ on Amazon

Take advantage of 35 years of Belkin research with this connected speaker featuring state-of-the-art technology. You'll enjoy exceptional Devialet compact sound, a technology that has been patented in the audio industry since its inception. With Speaker Active Matching (SAM), you'll enjoy high-fidelity sound and exceptional performance enhanced by the dual Push-Push anti-vibration woofer. If you want bass, you'll get it;

This device comes with a start-up guide to make it easy for you. Know that this speaker can be voice controlled with Amazon Alexa to allow you to listen to music, search or control home automation elements. Finally, know that you'll be able to pair this speaker with Alexa or AirPlay 2 compatible speakers.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best smart connected speaker

Any specific needs?

The best smart connected speaker

The best entry-level smart connected speaker

The best high-end smart connected speaker

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best smart connected speakers

Echo Dot (4th generation) 6
Bose Smart Soundbar 7
Belkin Connected Hi-Fi Speaker 8
Echo Dot (4th generation)
Bose Smart Soundbar
Belkin Connected Hi-Fi Speaker
With the Google Nest Audio Galet smart speaker, managing your daily activities has never been easier. This device is compatible with Chromecast.
Stylish and compact, this smart speaker offers assistance and entertainment for the whole family. It's through Alexa that you can control your connected home.
If you want to enjoy a unique voice control, Bose, the reference in smart speakers, offers you this experience with Voice4Video technology.
Belkin is one of the pioneers in the field of smart and connected speakers. All the know-how of this company has been applied to this speaker model that will not fail to surprise you on many points.
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Chromecast, DC outlet
Wi-Fi , Bluetooth
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI Arc, Optical In jack, Bass module connection
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
1.2 kg
0.32 kg
5 kg
1.25 kg
175 x 124 x 78 mm
100 x 100 x 89 mm
102 x 675 x 56 mm
211 x 208 x 231 mm
Voice assistant
Power adapter and power cable Documentation
White power adapter, quick start guide
Power cord, optical cable, remote with batteries
Built-in induction charger, AC adapter, Quick Start Guide

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Buying guide - smart connected speaker

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How to choose your smart connected speaker

When it comes to smart connected speakers, the market is essentially down to Amazon, Google and Apple. But these brands offer several versions and variations of their respective models, which complicates the choice. In order not to make a mistake, here are the criteria to take into account during your research.

#1 - The integrated voice assistant

Each voice assistant, whether it is Alexa (Amazon), Google Assistant, Cortana (Microsoft) or Siri (Apple), depends on several parameters such as the degree of customization, the type of connection possible with your smart devices (thermostat, smoke detector ...). Also, it is advisable to check each possibility offered by the assistant, remember to check also the compatibility of these devices before their acquisition.

#2 - The design

As the smart connected speakers are designed to be an integral part of your home, their appearance and design should not be overlooked . Opt for models that fit your interior or exterior so that they sublimate your decoration without attracting too much attention.

#3 - Voice recognition

All connected and smart speakers do not react in the same way. Their voice recognition is activated according to the distance at which you broadcast your instructions, the ambient noise or even, according to your type of voice (low or high-pitched). So it's essential to look at the voice recognition of your next speaker before you buy.

#4 - Audio quality

Every connected speaker should at least offer intelligible and clear voice assistance. Some speakers are made to bridge the gap between the voice assistant and users, while others are dedicated to music listening. Also, pay attention to the range to the quality of the built-in speakers.

#5 - Ancillary functions

The ancillary functions offered by your speaker, such as control of connected objects and music streaming give the advantage. Check to see if the speaker of your choice matches your current needs. It's always best to think big and expect your needs to grow. Also, opt for models that offer as many additional features as possible.

#6 - Robustness

The overall strength of the speaker and IP certifications are worth checking. These are the criteria that will allow you to evaluate the performance of the device in terms of its resistance and robustness. These parameters can be important depending on the room where you want to place it or the constraints if you had to move this device.

#7 - Ergonomics

These home speakers are made to simplify life, it is essential that they are easy to install and have intuitive and complete controls. Connectivity is also essential as it ensures the versatility of your speaker (mains or battery?). Is there a sound outlet to connect it to headphones or another speaker?

How does a smart connected speaker work?

The voice assistant of a smart connected speaker is undoubtedly a real asset, because it is always ready to answer all your requests. In practice, the voice assistant communicates and executes your requests to your connected devices.


Thus, this innovative technological device is equipped with this integrated personal assistant controlled by voice and via a smartphone. To connect with other devices or servers, it uses the home internet network or WIFI, or Bluetooth. The speaker will recognize the associated home automation devices that can be controlled by voice.


The basic function of this connected device is music. However, thanks to the artificial intelligence it embeds, it is also possible to ask it for information. Thanks to this particularly interesting technology, you will live in a connected house.

How to launch its requests?

In principle, it works with keywords. The first thing to do when using the speaker is to say the activation phrase, which varies from one device to another. Equipped with a microphone and a speaker, the connected speaker is able to satisfy your requests and execute them immediately, even from a distance. For example, just say, "I want to listen to Rihanna" and it will start playing music. You can also ask for information or an action like "When will the game be launched?

Let's take, for example, the Google service. You will have to say OK Google! to start. To activate Apple's intelligent assistant on the brand's speaker, it will be Siri! Another example, you will have to pronounce Alexa! to turn on the speaker launched by Amazon.

What about home automation?

For the controls, it will be necessary to install applications on the smartphone and establish a connection between them and the connected speaker. The principle is easy, it will detect them instantly, which will allow you to add other smart features to this device.

The basic connections on a connected smart speaker

The current market offers us a very wide choice in terms of compact and portable speakers. One can get confused very quickly with all these models available at the moment. The best way to ensure that a device belongs to the category of smart connected speakers is to check the connectors present on the device. Here are the essential features to find:


Bluetooth technology is present on most of the devices of this kind and 99% of the connected speakers meet this feature. This connectivity will serve you for many things, especially if you were to be deprived of wifi.

The bluetooth allows you to launch your playlist, listen to the radio or watch your favorite shows on your phone, your computer and other connected devices. In short, if you were to discover a so-called smart connected speaker that doesn't have Bluetooth, skip it, it's a pretty useless model.


The Wi-Fi connection is a must on smart connected speakers. This is the only way you can take advantage of the voice command function by Alexa or Google Home. It is also through Wifi that you can connect all the connected devices in the house.

In short, if you want to order a pizza, run the vacuum cleaner, ask the fridge to make ice cubes, raise or lower the temperature via your voice assistance, make sure it picks up wifi. Generally speaking, a connected speaker cannot be called smart without a Wi-Fi connection.


USB connections may seem obsolete, given the existence of wireless connections via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, the presence of one or more ports can help you in many situations because with wireless, you are never safe from a bug. Also, if you want your connected speaker to be really smart, you have to choose one with USB connectivity.

Google Home or Alexa smart connected speaker?

Google Home

Google Home responds to its own ecosystem, that of Google. This is undoubtedly its greatest strength. Indeed, with Google Home-enabled speakers, you can set up your appointments in Google's calendar application. You can also communicate with your contacts and manage your emails in Gmail via the voice assistant. It's worth noting that Google Home is able to recognize different Google accounts and can distinguish different voices to match them to the right profile.

In terms of music, the services offered by Google Home are similar to those of Amazon. One can listen to music via Google Music, Spotify or other services. With Google Home, it is also possible to create a multi-room sound system. In the same ecosystem, you can pair the Google Home with its Chromecast and ask it to play your favorite show on Netflix, for example. Google Home can be connected to various home automation devices, however its range is a bit less wide than Amazon's.


For those who use the voice assistant very often, Amazon Echo will be more interesting. With the sound of your voice, the Alexa voice assistant, makes orders for items from the online retail giant's website. Compared to its competitors, Amazon Echo has individual features and a deeper range of voice commands. This smart connected speaker covers all home automation (smart thermostats, smart locks and lights...).

As for sound, Alexa does well! You can make calls or listen to music on Amazon Music or Spotify. To create a multi-room sound system, you can pair multiple Echo speakers. And Amazon regularly adds to Alexa's features, including Whisper Mode. Finally, how can we ignore the fact that Alexa dominates the market outrageously?


Choose Alexa if you're an avid user of voice commands and regularly buy products on If you prefer a more minimalist speaker, but more precise in its commands and responses, a Google Home speaker is for you.

Why buy a smart connected speaker?


The main advantage of smart speakers is that they make tasks easier. On their own, they can answer your questions, make calls or schedule appointments without you opening your phone. When they're on the same network as other smart devices, they can let you control the lights, your temperature and your locks with voice commands. In all, it is called smart because it has artificial intelligence directly connected to the internet.


Smart speakers can also lead to considerable savings in time and money. The AI that powers these devices has become reasonably, complex, often automatically adapting to users' habits. The more you use it, the more it understands your schedule and automatically performs your usual tasks, saving you time. So it helps you save energy and money while connecting your home to the internet and giving you access to many of these functions.

Emergency management

Smart speakers are also useful physical security tools. Some of the options available today include features that can recognize the sound of a forced entry. They can then alert you and the authorities, protecting you from burglars or other intruders.

Many features

The smart speaker market today has a lot more to offer than it did a few years ago. You can now enjoy a much wider range of benefits from these devices because they are, as the name suggests, very smart.


You can make them more secure. If you encounter any dangers, use some extra safety measures. Most of these speakers have a button to manually mute the microphone. Also, you can delete the device's history manually by going into the wizard settings. This will help you avoid the risk of hacking and invasion of privacy.


Start with the instructions

Before launching your smart connected speaker, it's best to start by studying the manual to master the overall operation of your device. By doing so, you'll know how to get the most out of your connected speaker and know how to take care of it in order to prolong its life.

Familiarize yourself with all the features

Your smart connected speaker executes the instructions you give it. The Wifi connection that will allow your speaker to drive all your compatible devices. It is also able to create a note on your smartphone or issue a reminder for an upcoming appointment, order a pizza, check the weather forecast. Get used to these different features little by little to optimize your user experience.

Turn your traditional speakers into connected speakers

You can simply turn traditional speakers into connected speakers using a small field hockey ball-sized device called Google Chromecast Audio. This plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack on your speakers. Then, you'll access smart features through the Google Assistant app on your smartphone.

Put smart connected speakers throughout your home

The connected speaker picks up your requests and executes them if they're clear. If your device is set up in the living room while you're in the kitchen, it may not pick up properly. Also, to avoid yelling from one room to another so that the device can hear you properly, be smart and install devices all over the house.

Help your family understand how the device works

The first time with a smart connected speaker can leave you perplexed when it does not respond to our requests. Indeed, we are never at the shelter of a bug or of a wrong command, which can be frustrating. To avoid this, do some training sessions with your family and friends, insisting on the presence of children and elderly people.


What is Alexa?

Alexa is a voice-activated virtual assistant created by Amazon and first launched in 2014. Referring to the Library of Alexandria, its operation is similar to programs such as Siri on Apple and Google assistant. Alexa has been integrated into Sonos Play smart connected speakers, Microsoft's Cortana and many other devices available on the market today.

What are the most commonly used features of connected smart speakers?

The most used functionalities since the invention of smart connected speakers are the follow-up of the latest news, entertainment, organization of the schedule and relationships with friends and family. The control of home elements (thermostat, lighting, home security...) is also one of the most used functionalities on this type of device.

How to maintain a connected smart speaker?

In order to prolong the life of your smart connected speaker, you need to keep it away from excessive moisture. Like any electronic device, dust is one of its most dangerous enemies. Finally, make sure you put it in a stable place and put it out of reach of children to avoid accidents.

Are there any risks involved in using a connected smart speaker?

On the face of it, this device is one of the safe ones at the moment. You don't risk much by using your smart connected speaker. On the other hand, try to restrict your use and limit yourself to essential things. Indeed, as with all high-tech devices, you are never completely safe from a bug.


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Echo Dot (4th generation)
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