Bose Bluetooth speakers : our opinion and best deals in the UK 2022

You've turned to the Bose brand to buy a new Bluetooth speaker, and that's already a step forward. Now you have to decide on one of its products, a choice that is not easy. We've prepared this little guide to help you choose the right brand and to help you find a speaker that suits you.

Bose S1 Pro 1

The best Bose Bluetooth speaker

Bose S1 Pro

Best Bose Bluetooth speaker selection

Bose S1 Pro is a powerful and robust speaker, designed especially for connection with music devices such as a keyboard or microphone. It's the perfect device to add entertainment to your family or business parties and events.

454 £ on Amazon

The Bose S1 Pro is a Bluetooth speaker with clear, powerful sound and a portable audio system. It is quite imposing in size, but it has a light and sturdy case with a handle that allows you to carry it easily. It can be oriented, tilted in different ways while giving you an optimal sound in all positions. We also appreciate its equalization that automatically adjusts the tone of the system.

Bose S1 Pro has a battery life of up to 11 hours. The sound can be broadcast via Bluetooth via your smartphone or tablet. Bose S1 Pro also has a built-in 3-channel mixer where you can connect a microphone, guitar or other musical instrument. By downloading the Bose Connect app, you can expand the functionality of Bose S1 Pro and connect it to a second system.

Bose SoundLink Color II 2

The best cheap Bluetooth speaker

Bose SoundLink Color II

Best Bose Bluetooth speaker Cheap

Whether indoors or out, portable speakers are the best way to enjoy music without limitations. Bose Sound link Color II was designed to give music lovers the best listening experience wherever they go.

96,80 £ on Amazon

Bose Sound Link Color II is a portable 5 watt speaker, wearing a beautiful charcoal gray color and operating via Bluetooth. Equipped with a touch function to optimize the control method, it offers up to 8 hours of listening once charged. Its advantage lies in its water resistance, as well as the exceptional sound it offers. Otherwise, thanks to a built-in microphone, it can be used hands-free, with a wireless range of up to 9 meters for calls and conference calls.
The Bose Sound link Color II speaker is coated with a soft silicone to optimize its robustness. Aside from that, it's quick and easy to connect via Bluetooth, as it works via a voice prompt and NFC functionality. This sound bar is compatible with all equipment with Bluetooth. Also incorporating a Bose Connect application, it can be connected with other devices via this option. Otherwise, an intuitive interface also offers the possibility to configure the settings for an optimized connection.

XGIMI Horizon FHD 3

The best XGIMI Bluetooth speaker


Best XGIMI high-end Bluetooth speaker

Relive your vacation or family event as if you were there again. The XGIMI Horizon 1080P Bluetooth Speaker Projector delivers impressive picture and sound fidelity regardless of your monitor size. And to top it off, 1080P is ready to use!

879 £ on Amazon

With XGIMI Horizon, all you have to do is plug it in and it will make the necessary adjustments itself. This Bluetooth video projector speaker has a resolution of 1080 P with 2 million pixels. Whether in a room or outside, the brightness is configured automatically thanks to Stellar 2200 ANSI. And thanks to an automatic keystone correction technology, the image will adapt to the size of the screen.

The sound is not left out, since XGIMI Horizon is equipped with 2 Harman Kardon speakers with a power of 8W, which in combination with the DTS Studio Sound technology reproduces a sound worthy of a high quality home theater. With this projector, you can connect from two USB and HDMI ports, but also a LAN cable. But of course, you can also connect to Bluetooth or a Wifi network.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker 829393-2300 4

The best 2021 bluetooth speaker

Bose Portable Smart Speaker 829393-2300

Best Bose 2021 bluetooth speaker

Attention music lovers! The Bose Smart Speaker Portable is available for an enhanced listening experience. This smart and versatile speaker from Bose combines a home speaker and a voice-controlled speaker in one box.

240 £ on Amazon

Bose Portable Home Speaker is a sound bar speaker with integrated Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity. Preferably running on smartphones or tablets, this silver-colored speaker is both smart and versatile. This is a result of the fact that being a home speaker already, it also incorporates Alexa voice control for added performance. Featuring a handle to optimize transportation, this soundbar can be used both at home and outdoors to impart powerful bass and sound that is as deep as it is clear and authentic 360 degrees.

A waterproof (IPX4) speaker, the Bose Portable Home Speaker is resistant to splashes, shocks, and other daily stresses, while providing up to 12 hours of listening time. It also has a robust design to accompany all your outings. Once out of Wifi range, it can be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker via a smartphone or tablet. Otherwise, this speaker can be controlled with the track, via Amazon Alex or Google Assistant. It also adapts to other smart soundbars for multiroom listening.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Bose Bluetooth speaker

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Best Bose Bluetooth speaker selection

Best Bose Bluetooth speaker Cheap

Best XGIMI high-end Bluetooth speaker

Best Bose 2021 bluetooth speaker

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Comparison table of the best Bose Bluetooth speakers

Bose Bluetooth speaker It's cheap XGIMI high-end Bluetooth speaker EXCELLENT
Bose S1 Pro 5
Bose SoundLink Color II 6
XGIMI Horizon FHD 7
Bose Portable Smart Speaker 829393-2300 8
Bose S1 Pro
Bose SoundLink Color II
Bose Portable Smart Speaker 829393-2300
Bose S1 Pro is a powerful and robust speaker, designed especially for connection with music devices such as a keyboard or microphone. It's the perfect device to add entertainment to your family or business parties and events.
Whether indoors or out, portable speakers are the best way to enjoy music without limitations. Bose Sound link Color II was designed to give music lovers the best listening experience wherever they go.
Relive your vacation or family event as if you were there again. The XGIMI Horizon 1080P Bluetooth Speaker Projector delivers impressive picture and sound fidelity regardless of your monitor size. And to top it off, 1080P is ready to use!
Attention music lovers! The Bose Smart Speaker Portable is available for an enhanced listening experience. This smart and versatile speaker from Bose combines a home speaker and a voice-controlled speaker in one box.
Signal-to-noise ratio
USB 1.0, Audio 3.5 mm, HDMI, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi
Speaker size
11 hours
8 hours
12 heures

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Our opinion on the Bose Bluetooth speakers

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Our opinion on the brand Bose and the product Bose Bluetooth speaker

Bose, a long history of technology

Founded in 1964, Bose is now a leader in the audio equipment market. The company began as a producer of amplifiers for the U.S. Department of Defense and later moved into consumer equipment production with the Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting speaker. In strong competition with the American brand Sonos, Bose does not cease innovating in technology for the greatest happiness of its consumers. It should also be noted that car manufacturers, such as General Motors, Daimler Chrysler or Nissan Motor are its privileged customers in the supply of sound equipment for them.

Bose, a brand looking to the future

Living perfectly with the times, Bose uses the best advances in technology to offer its consumers the best audio equipment with the best quality-price ratio. Audiophiles will find speakers, headphones, sound bars and home theater systems. If the performance of Bose products is among the best, the design is not to be outdone. Colors, shapes... Everything is done to seduce the consumer and his eyes.

By keeping up with current trends, Bose integrates into these devices the various features that make them worthy representatives of our century. So, after integrating Bluetooth and wifi, the brand is now getting into streaming and inviting the Google Assistant into its adventure. But Bose doesn't stop there, because as technological trends change, it doesn't fail to adapt its products accordingly.

We really appreciate Bose's efforts to tailor its products according to the needs of the users. Audiophiles want to listen to music outdoors, so Bose offers compact models that can be taken anywhere. Sports enthusiasts can listen to music through moisture-resistant headphones.

With connectivity on many Bose models, you can stream your favorite songs directly to a Bose Bluetooth speaker from online music sources, such as Spotify or Deezer, or Pandora. In addition, Wi-Fi networking allows you to control the features of a Bose Bluetooth speaker from your smartphone via apps.

Bose sound quality unmatched

When you listen to a Bose speaker, the first thing that strikes you is the sound quality. First, there's the spectrum of sounds that are rendered in great detail, whether instrumental or vocal. The bass is largely deep and powerful, while the treble sounds have a rather impressive range. Midrange sounds are also very clear.

What's also pleasing is that Bose makes a point of increasing the battery life of its products. For example, the latest Sound Link speaker now offers 14 hours of autonomy, compared to 8 hours for the previous model. An essential quality, since a Bose Bluetooth speaker is dedicated to being used outdoors, we'll focus mainly on its autonomy.

In recent years, Bose has really established itself in the supply of audio equipment that meets the requirements of each consumer. So much so that the term "Bose" is now associated with power and clarity of sound.

Bose Bluetooth speaker or Jabra Bluetooth speaker

Bose Bluetooth speaker

This brand offers exceptional sound quality, especially in the lower registers. The power output is also excellent. Like the Soundlink Mini, with its weight of 670 grams, it fits easily and comfortably in one hand. The must-have feature of the Soundlink Mini is its flat wireless charger, which allows you to charge your device directly.

However, the Bose Soundlink Mini is relatively expensive, as are almost all Bose products, when compared to other brands. Designed for outdoor use, the Bose Soundlink Mini does not have dust and splash protection.

Jabra Bluetooth Speaker

The Jabra Bluetooth speaker offers very good sound quality. For example, the Jabra Solemate speaker has a solid and durable housing for a relatively low price. Being a portable device, it comes with a protective case making it easy to carry. In addition, the Jabra Solemate has a communication jack, an NFC chip, and a dedicated application.

However, the power of the sound of the brand is rather average and the bass delivers a good quality provided that the volume is moderate. The limited autonomy of Jabra hinders the possibilities of using it outside.


If you are someone who is very demanding in terms of sound quality, opt for Bose Bluetooth speakers. If you are often exposed to the elements and want average sound quality, choose Jabra.

How to choose your Bose Bluetooth speaker

With so many Bose Bluetooth speakers to choose from, you need to prioritize your choices. Do you have high standards for sound, or do you want to find a speaker to place near your TV? Here's a quick guide to help you decide.

Criterion 1 : The use

Portable or stand-up? Obviously, you won't choose the same Bose Bluetooth speaker for home as you will for going out. So decide what your main use for your new speaker will be. For home use, sound quality will come first, while you should look for a speaker that's easy to wear for going out.

Criterion 2 : Autonomy

An important criterion especially when you intend to take it just about everywhere with you. For outings, choose a speaker with a minimum battery life of 5 hours. Some Bose speakers have a maximum autonomy of 10 hours.

Criterion 3 : The design

It is when the Bose speaker is to be put down that the design counts the most, so that it is in conformity with your interior. But a portable speaker should rather be easy to carry and lightweight. You also need to choose one of the most sturdy models if you are going to take it everywhere.

Criterion 4 : The features

A feature that seems necessary is notably the phone compatibility that allows you to receive calls while you listen to the music, and put the conversation on speaker. Also, you could choose a speaker through which you could pair multiple devices at the same time.

Criterion 5 : Connections

Even though the speaker is supported by Bluetooth, you still need your speaker to be able to be used on all occasions. Especially when it's a portable speaker. Also, consider a speaker with an AUX and Jack output, and possibly wifi.

How do Bose Bluetooth speakers stack up against the competition?


Bose speakers in everyday life and industry

Nowadays, the word "Bose" is automatically associated with excellent sound quality. In fact, the brand assumes it perfectly, since it continuously innovates in this sense. Its efforts are constantly directed to produce speakers that are ever more powerful and ever more solid.

It is no accident that it produces audio equipment for all walks of life, but also for major car manufacturers and in aviation.

What sets Bose apart from its competitors

Bose has created SimpleSync technology for its devices that allows you to connect the Bose Bluetooth speaker with a compatible SoundTouch speaker. This way, you can stream music to multiple rooms. The brand also offers the Bose Connect app for updates to the speaker, but also to customize the control keys of your Bluetooth devices.

Bose speakers, an exceptional design

Bose makes a point of developing a sleek design for all its devices: minimalist lines in a featherweight. Bose speakers are designed to fit into your home without clashing with your decor. From the Soundlink mini that fits in one hand to the sound bar that blends in with the decor, Bose speakers are discreet to the eye to surprise you with sound.

6 reasons to buy a Bose Bluetooth speaker

  1. A powerful, high-performance speaker

The Bose brand is all about power and sound performance. If you're an audiophile who doesn't compromise on sound performance, then the Bose Bluetooth speaker is for you. In fact, the sound quality is incomparable, the difference is obvious.

  1. A robust system

The Bose Bluetooth speaker is made of solid, high-quality materials, ensuring a long life. A compact size, well-protected electronics, and plastic shells for added protection mean the Bose speaker won't get dropped or knocked around. You can take it anywhere with you. You'll be sure to get the most out of your investment.

  1. A speaker for every user Bluetooth

Whatever your budget, whatever your audio preferences, you're sure to find the Bose speaker that's right for you. Indeed, the wide choice of models has really foreseen all the requirements and desires of each one.

  1. Excellent value for money

If we consider that Bose speakers are relatively expensive, we should not forget that each model is a high-end system offering an ultra-performing sound. A Bose speaker is a must-have investment for every audiophile.

  1. Complete freedom of use

You can listen to your music anywhere, anytime. Control it from your computer or smartphone. Its remarkable autonomy allows you to organize long days or evenings of non-stop music.

  1. An independent system

With Bluetooth support, the Bose speaker needs no cable or Internet connection. Equipped with an amplifier, all it needs is a Bluetooth connection to stream music from your smartphone or tablet. You will be able to enjoy your music everywhere and in any circumstance. Its small weight will facilitate the transport.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Bose Bluetooth speakers:


Like Bose, JBL is one of the leading brands in Bluetooth speakers. Many Bluetooth speakers stand out with their attractive shapes and colors. In terms of audio performance, JBL challenges Bose's Soundlink Mini speaker with its JBL Flip and wins out in terms of durability and water resistance.

This American brand is the direct competitor of Bose. At its creation, Sonos was one of the pioneers to launch the concept of streaming music. Since then, it has established its authority in the field of Hi-Fi and offers a range of audio products for the whole house, whether portable or desktop.

A manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers who wished from the beginning to combine sound quality and aesthetics. The proof is that the creators of the brand first concentrated on the design and the external aspect of the speaker to then integrate the best of the technology.

Jabra is also an excellent alternative to the Bose Bluetooth speaker. The brand's mobile speakers are particularly robust and feature anti-dust and anti-splash technology, allowing them to be used anywhere and everywhere.

The Apple brand has recently introduced HomePod, its very first speaker. By jumping on the bandwagon, Apple has skipped the steps that its competitors have taken to bring a connected speaker to market. The design and performance immediately appealed to users.


Quickly reset your Bose Soudnlink Mini speaker

When you have trouble turning on or operating an electronic device, a reset is the standard solution. For the Bose Soundlink Mini speaker, simply press and hold the power button to initiate the reset. Then verify operation by connecting a device via Bluetooth.

Adjust the volume of your Bose speaker in moderation

To prolong the life of your Bose Bluetooth speaker, avoid turning up the volume to maximum. The size of the speaker is indeed too small to support this, and large speakers are more suitable for.

Customize your Bose speaker voice guide

The original voice guide of a Bose speaker is in English. To change it to French, press the "M" button and the "minus" button simultaneously for a few seconds. When you hear a language, scroll through the list until you hear the French language. Once you hear it, press the "M" button again for a few seconds.

Read comparisons and reviews on the Net

To make sure you don't make a mistake when choosing your Bose Bluetooth speaker, don't hesitate to check user reviews online and study comparative tests. This way, you'll have a clearer idea of your needs.

Take advantage of SimplesSync technology for a total audio experience

To optimize the functionality of your Bose speaker, take advantage of the SimpleSync technology and listen to music, watch movies without disturbing anyone. It's actually possible to pair compatible Bose headphones with a Bose speaker.


How do I connect a Bose Bluetooth speaker?

First, make sure the Bluetooth version of your Bose speaker and your smartphone are compatible. Then, go to your smartphone's settings to activate the Bluetooth option. You'll need to turn on the speaker and put it in pairing mode. When the speaker is paired, it will be visible on your smartphone.

Can I listen to the radio with a Bose Bluetooth speaker?

Some Bluetooth speakers have digital radio. Others can intercept radio broadcasts via the internet. As a general rule, if there is a radio receiver nearby (e.g. on a smartphone), you can always pair it with the Bluetooth speaker to transmit sound.

How to connect a microphone to a Bluetooth speaker?

To do this, you must have a microphone that is compatible with your Bluetooth speaker. If the speaker is "active", you can connect the microphone directly to it. If the speaker is "passive", you'll need to add an external amp or mixer.

Can I connect a Bluetooth speaker to a PC?

Most PCs today can now support Bluetooth technology. All you need to do is enable the Bluetooth option in your computer settings and pair it with your Bluetooth speaker. You can then listen to music or watch videos and enjoy the sound through your speaker.


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Bose S1 Pro
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