The best outdoor speakers in the UK 2023

For your concerts and parties in the garden or on the terrace, opt for speakers specially designed for this purpose. Also called outdoor speakers, these sound devices will give a serious boost to the events you organize. But which model should you choose? Don't waste any more time, read our comparison guide of the best outdoor speakers.

Bose 151 SE 1

Best value for money

Bose 151 SE

The best outdoor speaker in 2021

A true Bose bestseller, the 151 SE pair of outdoor speakers offer enhanced performance and durability. Well-balanced stereo sound covers a wide listening area.

178 £ on Fnac

There's a reason the Bose 151 SE is one of the most popular pairs of outdoor speakers on the market. Elegantly styled, with rugged, waterproof construction, these speakers are at home around the pool, on the deck or even on a boat. Adjustable mounting brackets allow each speaker to be hung vertically or horizontally for easy blending into the background.

Available in black and white, these two Bose outdoor speakers feature the company's proprietary Articulated Array technology. Inside each unit are three 2.5-inch full-range drivers arranged to provide stereo sound over a wider area than conventional outdoor speakers.

Yamaha NS-AW392 2

Best value for money

Yamaha NS-AW392

The best entry-level outdoor speaker

With the Yamaha NS-AW392 speakers, you'll get a great compromise between price and audio quality. Plus, they're durable and offer a wide variety of installation options.

110 £ on Darty

The NS-AW392 pair of outdoor speakers is part of the All-Weather range from Japanese manufacturer Yamaha. They meet the needs of those who love to listen to music outdoors. The speakers can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a wall bracket, or even back-to-back to cover a large area.

The design stands out from other outdoor speakers, most of which are box-shaped. Note that each driver in the Yamaha NS-AW592 has a highly responsive cone and a fluid-cooled soft dome tweeter, both of which are treated for water resistance. The internal structure has been carefully designed for optimal temporal alignment between the 2 units, providing a proper sound image.

Bose® FreeSpace® 251 3

Best premium speaker

Bose® FreeSpace® 251

The best high-end outdoor speaker

The Bose® FreeSpace® 251 outdoor speaker is an amazing design. It's tough, durable and reliable. It's designed to handle the most extreme weather conditions.

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Herdio 4 Inches 4

Best Bleutooth outdoor speaker

Herdio 4 Inches

The best Bleutooth outdoor speaker

The Herdio Herdio 4" outdoor speakers are a good option for those looking for Bluetooth models that can be wall or ceiling mounted to provide excellent sound output in all directions.

84 £ on Amazon

These speakers are made of ABS material that keeps the sound distortion-free, and their rigid inner walls resonate with precision. Sound quality is superb, thanks in part to the 1-inch dome tweeter and 5.25-inch subwoofer that make up each speaker. This configuration allows you to enjoy a total sound power of 200W, with 100W on each speaker.

This speaker has a wide compatibility thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity. The Herdio 4 Inch is not battery powered and must be permanently plugged into an electrical source to operate. Notably, it has versatile swivel mounts that allow for a range of movement of nearly 120 degrees and a 90 degree rotation.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best outdoor speaker

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The best outdoor speaker in 2021

The best entry-level outdoor speaker

The best high-end outdoor speaker

The best Bleutooth outdoor speaker

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Comparison table of the best outdoor speakers

Bose 151 SE 5
Yamaha NS-AW392 6
Bose® FreeSpace® 251 7
Herdio 4 Inches 8
Bose 151 SE
Yamaha NS-AW392
Bose® FreeSpace® 251
Herdio 4 Inches
A true Bose bestseller, the 151 SE pair of outdoor speakers offer enhanced performance and durability. Well-balanced stereo sound covers a wide listening area.
With the Yamaha NS-AW392 speakers, you'll get a great compromise between price and audio quality. Plus, they're durable and offer a wide variety of installation options.
The Bose® FreeSpace® 251 outdoor speaker is an amazing design. It's tough, durable and reliable. It's designed to handle the most extreme weather conditions.
The Herdio Herdio 4" outdoor speakers are a good option for those looking for Bluetooth models that can be wall or ceiling mounted to provide excellent sound output in all directions.
50 W
40 W
100 W x 2
100 W x 2
Dimensions (H x W x D)
317.5 x 114.3 x 152.4 mm
388 x x 209 x 233 mm
343 x 146 x 203 mm
219 x 144 x 159 mm
Speaker technology
2.5″ full-range drivers
2-way acoustic suspension
Articulated Array®
Dome tweeter and subwoofer
6 ohms
6 ohms
8 ohms
4 ohms
Sensitivity (2.83V, 1m)
88 dB
86 dB
88 dB
80 dB

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Buying guide - outdoor speaker

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How to choose your outdoor speaker

When it comes to buying an outdoor speaker, don't go in with your eyes closed. You need to consider a number of criteria to find what suits your needs. After all, elegance alone is not enough!

#1 - The intended use

Before you choose your outdoor speaker, you need to decide what you're going to do with it and where you're going to put it. Once you determine the environment in which you will use the speaker, you will be in a better position to determine the key features to consider. This is because the layouts of the place where the speaker will be installed will influence the choice of material of construction, sound level, and even the size of the speaker.

#2 - Wired or wireless?

The other factor that will impact your choice is whether it will be wired or wireless. You'll need to decide whether you prefer wired or wireless speakers. The latter configuration will give you the benefits of a hassle-free installation. Wired speakers will also have the advantage of allowing you to enjoy better sound quality without the interference that can result from the limitations of wireless connectivity.

#3 - Robustness

When looking for the best outdoor speaker, you should also consider the material used to make it. This consideration is vital, as you will be using these speakers in an environment subject to various hostile weather elements such as frost, hail, wind, rain, dust, and heat. When you consider all of these issues, you need to select a model with a sturdy, weather-resistant construction.

#4 - The design


need to consider the design of the speakers you are going to buy. Outdoor speakers come in all shapes and colors, so you can choose according to your aesthetic preferences. This is a totally subjective criterion to be honest.

#5 - The type of connection

You should also consider the type of connection. Connectivity is vital, as it will determine the most appropriate place to place the speaker and the type of audio input to use. For example, outdoor speakers with an auxiliary jack will be suitable for connecting the speaker to various devices such as MP3 or CD players. On the other hand, speakers with home theater connectivity are ideal for direct connection to the home audio system.

How do you set up a simple stereo setup with a wired outdoor speaker?

You'll need a receiver or amp to power your outdoor speaker's speakers and to connect music sources. If you already have a home theater receiver with speaker outputs, that may be all you need.

But it may not always be the best option. Ask yourself, "How far is the receiver from your outdoor speaker location? What path do the different wires take? And how will you control the receiver from your outdoor location?"

It can be much easier to install and use a separate music source that can be placed much closer to your deck or patio. For example, you can add a second receiver or a wireless music player with a built-in amp.

Many home theater systems can connect to your home network. Most allow you to wirelessly control key functions via a smartphone app. You won't have to run inside to adjust the volume or change playlists. Does your Wi-Fi reach your backyard? If not, a new Wi-Fi router or repeater can increase your wireless coverage.

The different types of outdoor speakers

Not all outdoor speakers are alike. Obviously, depending on the manufacturer, they will have different shapes and different specifications. On the other hand, it's possible to group outdoor speakers into three broad categories. Here they are!

Permanently installed outdoor speakers

Permanently installed outdoor speakers are similar to indoor speakers, but there are two major differences:

  • Permanentlyinstalled outdoor speakers can withstand the vagaries of the weather. Many outdoor speakers can withstand the elements, which means they can withstand the direct and repeated onslaught of rain, sun and cold.
  • Permanentlyinstalled outdoor speakers come with mounting hardware. In the box that comes with your outdoor speaker, you'll find a bracket or mounting hardware that securely mounts the speaker anywhere outside your home.

If you want to enjoy detailed, immersive sound on a deck or porch, or in a small backyard, permanently installed outdoor speakers are the best option for you. In particular, they deliver passive stereo sound.

Outdoor patio or garden enclosures

If you want to listen to music in an area farther from your home, look for speakers designed to be placed on the ground or mounted on stakes buried in the ground. Some companies make outdoor speakers that can have up to 8 satellites added to them to expand the outdoor listening area. Thus, it will be possible to listen to music in the garden, patio and pool at the same time.

This type of speaker can withstand the elements without any special cover or protection. And it's a better option than just streaming music from the side of your house to the yard. Your neighbors might not appreciate that. And the music won't be too loud for people sitting closer to the house. Some of these speakers are even designed to blend in with their outdoor surroundings. They camouflage themselves so well that it's almost impossible for visitors to recognize them.

Bluetooth outdoor speakers

Bluetooth speakers are convenient and portable. They allow you to stream music wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. Some also have built-in Wi-Fi. If you choose a speaker with Wi-Fi, make sure the Bluetooth speaker will be able to connect to your home network from outside.

Not all outdoor Bluetooth speakers are weather resistant, and none are designed to be left outside all the time. Be sure to read the product specifications to determine if the speaker is water or weather resistant, and always bring it inside when not in use.

Wired or wireless outdoor speaker?

Outdoor wired speaker

The term wired means that the audio output from the sound source to the speakers is done through wiring. So wired outdoor speakers have many advantages. First, they're more robust. They are designed to withstand the vagaries of the weather. Installing the unit is the biggest job. Second, you have peace of mind.

But the main advantage of a wired outdoor speaker is that it offers better sound quality. That's because it's much easier to transmit large amounts of electrical audio data over a wire than through the air. More data means greater fidelity of the sound reproduced. The power and loudness are also higher. You won't have to turn up the volume to hear the music.

The wired system has two main drawbacks. First, because of the difficulties you encountered during installation, uninstalling the system will be just as complicated. So once installed, your outdoor speakers will be difficult to move. The other small disadvantage of wired outdoor speakers is the need to have an amplifier installed inside the house to power the speakers.

Wireless outdoor speaker

When we talk about a wireless outdoor speaker, we are referring to a type of speaker that will be able to play music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop without the help of a cable. The connection between the speakers of the speaker and the source device is done wirelessly. The main advantage with this setup is that you don't have to worry about cable management.

However, it's important to note that not all wireless outdoor speakers connect the same way. There are two main types of wireless technologies: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Unlike Bluetooth, Wi-Fi does not impose a distance limit between the speaker and the audio source. You just need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The main advantage of Bluetooth is that you don't need an Internet connection or a Wi-Fi signal to play music.

Although the sound is a little better with a Wi-Fi connection than with Bluetooth, the best wireless outdoor speakers fail to match the sound quality of the best wired models.


With this overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each configuration, you may be wondering which one is the best? That depends entirely on your particular use. Wireless outdoor speakers are best when you put sound quality second and want to set up a system quickly without too much hassle. Wired speakers are better when you want to maximize sound quality and if you plan to expand your audio system with other equipment later.

The best brands of outdoor speakers

In our opinion, the best brands of outdoor speakers in 2022 are :

Polk Audio

Bose is one of the largest and best-known audio companies in the world. It focuses mainly on mid-range and high-end devices. Among its wide catalog of products are excellent outdoor speakers as well as its must-have headphones.

Yamaha is a very well-known manufacturer of high-quality HiFi audio systems. The company has drawn on its long experience to develop excellent outdoor speakers.

Sonos is one of the world's leading brands creating sound experiences. As the inventor of wireless home audio, Sonos offers outdoor speakers with an unparalleled sound experience, thoughtful aesthetic design, and ease of use.

Polk Audio is an American audio manufacturer best known for its home and car speakers. The company also produces a wide range of other audio products, including outdoor speakers.

What is the price for an outdoor speaker

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

70 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 350 £
more than 350 £
Price range diagram


Point the speakers downwards

It's a good idea to keep all the outdoor speakers facing slightly downward so that they face your patio or pool on the garden side for better sound projection to outdoor listeners. That way, everyone will be able to hear the sound coming from the speakers without difficulty. In addition, keeping them slightly downward-facing prevents water from collecting on the speaker cabinet and cones. This way, the components are protected from water damage. Whenever it rains, water that enters the speakers will drain away naturally rather than collecting on the cones and cabinet.

Inspect and clean the speakers

Outdoor speakers should never be left without maintenance for too long like indoor speakers. You should inspect them regularly to make sure they are in good condition. Outdoor speakers are often exposed to the elements. You should make sure the grilles are not blocked. Any obstruction can reduce sound quality. In the event that the grille is removable, you can remove it to check for debris inside and remove the debris if necessary.

Protect the wires of your speakers!


wires that connect the speaker to a power source or stereo system should never be left exposed on the ground surface or sagging around the garden. A lawn mower can easily cut them or trip anyone. The best way to protect them is to run them through plastic tubing and bury them under the ground. You can use silicone to seal the pipes to keep moisture out and insects away from the wires.

Protect outdoor enclosures from the elements


you want to use an outdoor speaker for many years, you need to protect it from the outdoor elements. In most cases, speakers are installed under the eaves to protect them from direct sun and rain exposure. Check to see if they are still secure. You can check if the wall mounts are still secure. You can also cover the speaker drivers with plastic bags during winter to protect them from extreme cold.

Use an amplifier for the bass


you want bass, you need to add an amplifier. An amp will enhance your overall outdoor music experience, as it powers the speakers and handles the bass output. Just make sure the amp doesn't overpower the outdoor speakers. The output of the amp should not exceed what the speakers can handle.


What is the best outdoor speaker?

The best outdoor speaker depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Do you need to hire a professional to install an outdoor speaker?

Not necessarily. Installing an outdoor speaker can be very simple. All you need to do is think carefully about where you want to put your device and see if you have the equipment and the minimum skills necessary to do the installation. The choice to hire a professional will therefore depend mainly on the level of difficulty of the installation you want to have.

Is a single speaker capable of producing decent sound for outdoor use?

A total of 100W of sound is normally sufficient for most domestic outdoor spaces, but two speakers will give you normal stereo quality sound. Most outdoor speakers are sold in pairs. You can, for example, have two 80 watt speakers that will give you a total of 160 watts of sound power.

Can I use both a wired and wireless outdoor speaker?

Yes, it is! If you have an indoor sound setup that you like and just want to extend it to your outdoor space, you can simply plug your wireless speakers outside and connect to them via a wireless connection.

How far apart should the speakers of an outdoor speaker be?

Generally, the sound distribution range ratio is based on the SPL (sound pressure level) of the loudspeakers compared to the average ambient background noise. The general rule is that a 100 W speaker will cover a range of about 9 m. We recommend that you first experiment with the placement of the speakers to find out where and how far away they should be positioned.


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Bose 151 SE
Yamaha NS-AW392 10
Yamaha NS-AW392
Bose® FreeSpace® 251 11
Bose® FreeSpace® 251
Herdio 4 Inches 12
Herdio 4 Inches


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