The best silent air coolers in the UK 2023

An air cooler is a great option to beat the summer heat. It is less expensive than an air conditioner and much more efficient than a fan. It is easy to maintain and can be used indoors or outdoors. But which model to choose when there are so many on the market? You'll find the answer to that question in this buying guide.

OneConcept Kingcool 1

Editor's Choice

OneConcept Kingcool

The best quiet air cooler in 2021

For good air distribution, choose this OneConcept KingCool cooler. It has three speeds and two operating modes. It's a great device that effectively simulates natural wind.

87,20 £ on Amazon

To humidify the air during winter, this product will be perfect. It releases ions that will purify the air and remove dust particles. You can access its two operating modes: natural air and night via the remote control or directly on the control panel of the cooler itself.

For precise or well-distributed cooling, this device will be an excellent choice. It is one of the most economical and ecological solutions. You can use it in your office or in your living room. Its 8-liter tank capacity allows it to spray cold water for hours and hours.

Aigostar Olaf 2

Best entry-level

Aigostar Olaf

The best entry-level quiet air cooler

Aigostar Olaf is the perfect solution for people who want an efficient air cooler that is not expensive at all. It doesn't cool as actively as an air conditioner, but it cools more efficiently than a high-end fan.

75,99 £ on Amazon

With the Aigostar Olaf, the water in the 3.5-liter water tank is evaporated in an environmentally friendly way and the device also functions as a humidifier. In addition, you can add water via the water tank from above. The direction and speed of the air flow can be easily adjusted with the buttons on the device or the supplied remote control. With the remote control, you can operate the Olaf within a radius of 6 meters.

The Aigostar Olaf has 3 speeds and 3 different modes (natural, normal, sleep mode) and operates with intervals. The 12-hour timer is also convenient. In addition, the air freshener has a convenient handle and wheels, so you can use it in almost any room.

Klarstein Skytower 3

Best high-end

Klarstein Skytower

The best high-end quiet air cooler

We knew the Klarstein Skyscraper Ice, a reference on the market. Here is the lesser known but more efficient Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart, with the same features and controllable via Wi-Fi.

159 £ on Amazon

A 4-in-1 device, the Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart is a new reference in its category. This model stands out for its integrated Wi-Fi and dedicated app, which ensure precise 360° cooling. The air sweep is done by automatic vertical and horizontal oscillation. With an airflow of 450 m³/h in fan mode, the Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart sets the cooled air in motion to create a pleasant breeze that can be adjusted to 3 blast speeds.

The Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart's air freshener function is extremely effective. Water is evaporated from the 6-liter tank using the humidifier pad. Cold accumulators accentuate the freshness of the air, making it perceptible instantly, where an air conditioner takes at least 30 minutes. Finally, you can set the timer up to 9 hours continuously.

Klarstein Highrise 4


Klarstein Highrise

Excellent quiet air cooler

The Klarstein Highrise 3-in-1 silent air cooler stands out with its practical functions and space-saving tower construction for targeted cooling on hot summer days.

79,99 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best silent air cooler

Any specific needs?

The best quiet air cooler in 2021

The best entry-level quiet air cooler

The best high-end quiet air cooler

Excellent quiet air cooler

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Comparison table of the best silent air coolers

The best Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
OneConcept Kingcool 5
Aigostar Olaf 6
Klarstein Skytower 7
Klarstein Highrise 8
OneConcept Kingcool
Aigostar Olaf
Klarstein Skytower
Klarstein Highrise
For good air distribution, choose this OneConcept KingCool cooler. It has three speeds and two operating modes. It's a great device that effectively simulates natural wind.
Aigostar Olaf is the perfect solution for people who want an efficient air cooler that is not expensive at all. It doesn't cool as actively as an air conditioner, but it cools more efficiently than a high-end fan.
We knew the Klarstein Skyscraper Ice, a reference on the market. Here is the lesser known but more efficient Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart, with the same features and controllable via Wi-Fi.
The Klarstein Highrise 3-in-1 silent air cooler stands out with its practical functions and space-saving tower construction for targeted cooling on hot summer days.
2340 m³/h
360 m³/h
530 m³/h
Tank capacity
8 L
3.5 L
6 L
2,5 L
Maximum sound level
65 dB
58 dB
55 dB
53 dB
39 x 72 x 28.5 cm
26.5 x 57 x 23 cm
37 x 96 x 32 cm
34 x 99 x 33 cm
5.8 kg
4.8 kg
11.65 kg
6,65 Kg

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Buying guide - silent air cooler

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How to choose your silent air cooler

It would be wrong to think that all silent air fresheners are alike. If you choose blindly, you may very well regret it. Here are the main features and specifications you should consider before buying a silent air cooler.

#1 - The capacity of the tank

Since air coolers use water in an internal tank to cool a room, the capacity of the tank is an important factor. The larger the tank, the longer the air cooler can run before being refilled with water.

Some air coolers have automatic tank filling and emptying features, making them much easier to use. Some models even come with an ice cube tray to enhance cooling capacity.

#2 - The air flow

Airflow, or the strength of the projected airflow, is another key feature to consider when purchasing an air cooler. Measured in m³/hr, the higher this number, the better the airflow.

There are other airflow-related features you can look at as well, including the automatic oscillation feature, which allows air to flow through an area instead of in a specific direction.

#3 - The air filtering device

As air fresheners, whether quiet or not, need fresh air to operate, dust and mosquitoes can be a problem depending on where the air freshener is located. You can look for models with dust and mosquito filters to be assured that the air you get will be clean.

#4 - The design

The days of bulky silent air coolers and their whatever design are long gone. Today, modern silent air fresheners come in attractive and distinctive designs so you can choose the one that will best fit your home.

#5 - The noise level

The noise an air freshener makes is also a criterion you should consider, especially if you plan to use it at night. Whenever possible, you'll want to choose the quietest model so as not to cause discomfort.

However, you should be aware that a silent cooler is either very compact or very expensive. The average sound level of a "silent" air cooler should be between 65 and 55 dB. The quietest will range from 50 to 30 dB.

#6 - Additional features

There are many other useful, but not essential, features you can find on quiet air cooler models. Remote controls make it easy to change the settings of the air cooler, even from a distance. An inverter-compatible cooler can allow the unit to cool without interruption during a power outage.

You can also look for features that make quiet air coolers easier to use, such as a water level indicator.

How does a silent air cooler work?


A silent air cooler works on the principle of evaporative cooling in which the evaporation of water is used to cool the air. A simple example of evaporative cooling is sweating in humans. As sweat begins to evaporate, it extracts the extra heat it absorbs from the skin in the form of gas, resulting in a cooling effect.

In the case of a silent air cooler, the warm air passes through cooling pads through which water is moved with the help of a water pump. The flowing water extracts heat from the warm air and begins to evaporate, producing cool, moist air that is blown through the room by a fan. Many quiet air coolers today have dedicated trays for adding ice cubes, which helps cool the water faster, allowing for fast and powerful cooling.

The cooling system used by a silent air cooler has many distinguishing features that make it unique from other cooling systems. Because the motors consume very little electricity and water is widely available in our environment, the operating cost of silent air coolers is generally much lower than that of traditional air conditioners.

The different types of silent air coolers

After determining the features that interest you in a particular model, you now need to choose the type of air cooler you want to have. There are three main types of air coolers, namely standard air coolers, mini air coolers and industrial air coolers. Let's take a closer look at these types of air coolers.

Standard silent air cooler

This is the most common type of silent air cooler. It is very similar to a mobile air conditioner, but much more environmentally friendly. Generally, a standard air cooler is a multi-functional device that serves as an air purifier, air dehumidifier, fan and of course an air cooler.

Standard air coolers can cover rooms from 20 to 50 m². Generally, they are equipped with wheels to facilitate movement given the rather generous dimensions of this type of device. It is also worth noting that standard silent air coolers are easy to handle and generally have an excellent quality/price ratio.

Quiet mini air cooler

The qualities of this type of silent air cooler are summed up in its name. Very light and possessing compact dimensions, a mini silent air cooler is easily transportable. We can easily take it everywhere with us. A mini air cooler will be very useful during the vacations and will please particularly the amateurs of camping.

The shortcomings of this type of air cooler are also found without the qualifier "mini". Mini air fresheners often have a small tank capacity. You will have to refill the water regularly. This type of silent air cooler also has a low airflow. You'll need to stand close to the unit to feel the cooling effect.

Silent industrial air cooler

The industrial silent air cooler is strongly discouraged in homes and apartments. It is intended for professional and commercial premises of at least 100 m² such as offices, workshops, factories, stores, supermarkets, shopping malls or even reception rooms.

Silent industrial air coolers are energy consuming and also expensive. At least 1,000 euros is required for an entry-level model! However, the prices of industrial silent air coolers are still lower than those of an air conditioner.

Finally, because of the vertical airflow that characterizes the industrial silent air cooler, it must be arranged on the roof, which makes installation and maintenance relatively tedious.

Silent window air cooler

As its name suggests, a window silent air cooler is usually embedded in windows, in the same way as window air conditioners. It can also be placed on a stand or cart for easy movement.

Both standard and window silent air coolers are suitable for the same type of area, but some window silent air cooler models are slightly more powerful and suitable for spaces up to 20 square meters.

Silent air cooler or air conditioner

Silent air cooler or air conditioner

Silent air coolers cool the air using a basic principle: warm air is blown near cold water to lower the temperature. Silent air coolers need water to cool the room temperature and you can add ice cubes for a better cooling effect.

The main difference between a silent air cooler and an air conditioner is that air coolers rely on a motor and air conditioners rely on compressors to provide cool air. This is why air coolers are more energy efficient than air conditioners.

Air conditioner

The air conditioner is the most common cooling option in the world. It is suitable for all climates. Air conditioners rely on refrigerants, a chemical compound that can absorb heat. Air conditioners circulate and reuse the refrigerant with compressors to cool any insulated space.

There are many types of air conditioners specifically designed for every possible situation and climate. They are perfect for both domestic and commercial spaces.


Ultimately, silent air coolers consume less energy and do not use refrigerants, making them an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional air conditioners.

However, for those who live in humid areas, silent air coolers may not be the best option as they create more humidity which adds even more moisture to the air. On the other hand, air conditioners work well in almost all types of climates.

7 reasons to buy a silent air cooler ?

Energy efficiency

A silent air cooler consumes on average up to 10 times less energy than a traditional air conditioner, promising a significant reduction in electricity bills for consumers. Some silent air coolers are now also equipped with inverter technology which further reduces energy consumption.

The other advantage of inverter technology is that even if the voltage drops, the unit will continue to operate in the same way as before the drop.

Saving in all respects

Whether it's the initial purchase price, installation costs or operating and maintenance costs, a quiet air cooler will always be much cheaper than an air conditioner. When you invest in a silent air cooler, you are spending much less than you would have spent on an air conditioner and the margin is huge.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike air conditioners that use harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), silent air coolers use the natural process of evaporative cooling with zero carbon emissions, making them an environmentally friendly option.

Improved air quality

Quiet air coolers circulate cool air by drawing in warm air from outside and then cooling it. In addition, the circulating air is filtered and humid. So it's easy to breathe and the air also keeps your skin moisturized.

Easy to install

Unlike air conditioners that require professional installation and work as a fixed unit, silent air coolers don't need installation, you just fill the water tank and plug in the power cord. In addition, silent air coolers are extremely portable and can be moved with ease.

Easy to move

Most people opt for air fresheners because of their portability, those who are always on the move cannot commit to heavy and imposing devices.

Easy to maintain

Quiet air coolers are easy to maintain, thanks to their simple design. Its two main parts, a water pump and a motor, are easily replaceable in case of failure. Because the parts of a silent air cooler are not expensive or hard to find, you can also quickly repair and maintain them yourself.

The best brands of silent air coolers

In our opinion, the best brands of silent air coolers in 2022 are :


It is a German brand that manufactures and sells small and large appliances for everyday use. Klarstein is known for offering excellent appliances with an unbeatable price/quality ratio. In particular, the brand has been offering the best entry-level and mid-range silent air coolers on the market for a long time.

OneConcept is a brand that offers a wide range of household appliances, both large and small. These include vacuum cleaners, food processors, boilers, fans, air conditioners, washing machines and extremely quiet and efficient air coolers.

Haverland is primarily a specialist in radiators, but this brand also produces silent air coolers. The brand stands out for the robustness and practicality of its silent air coolers.

Robby is an appliance specialist that stands out for the quality and reliability of its products. Its silent air coolers are no exception. The brand has 25 years of experience during which it has never stopped evolving in order to satisfy the needs of its customers.

NexFan is a leading brand in home ventilation products. The brand always produces innovative products, and many of them integrate different technologies such as a USB port or LED lighting. If you are looking for a cheap air cooler, don't hesitate to choose a NextFan model.

What is the price for a silent air cooler

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

60 £ to 90 £
90 £ to 190 £
more than 190 £
Price range diagram


Ventilate the reception area

While air conditioners are effective in closed spaces, air coolers are less effective. Because air coolers work by drawing air in, it is necessary to allow a consistent and regular flow of air into the room. You can open the windows, for example.

Put ice in the water tank

Adding ice to the water in the tank is an effective way to increase the cooling efficiency of the silent air cooler. In fact, there are models with an ice compartment. However, this trick will only work if you are sitting very close to the unit. In the long run, however, adding ice will not help lower the temperature or humidity in the room.

Check your cooler regularly

It's important to have the air cooler checked before you use it. One of the first things to do is to clean the cooling pads. Over time, dust and pollen will accumulate on them. You can use a brush to clean the pads once a week.

If there is too much dust, it would be better to replace the pad. It is also important to clean the water tank and make sure there are no leaks.

Apply the pre-cooling technique

Just run the pump, while you fill the water tank. In this way, the pads will moisten beforehand, and the air will be instantly cooled as soon as you turn on the fan.

Place your air cooler in front of the window

Again, as we know that air coolers work on the principle of evaporative cooling, the faster the warm air comes in, the cooler air you will get. Once you position the air cooler in front of the window, you can adjust to improve the cooling.


How can I improve the performance of my silent air cooler?

Silent air coolers should not be used in enclosed spaces. Doors and windows should be open to allow air to circulate freely. A silent air cooler works best when placed near an open window, drawing in outside air and circulating it through the room before exiting through a window or door.

How is a silent air cooler different from a standard fan?

Normal fans use blades to circulate air through a room without providing cooling. Quiet air coolers use the natural process of water evaporation to cool hot air and use a powerful fan to distribute the freshly cooled air evenly. The temperature of the dry air can drop considerably as liquid water turns to vapor through the evaporation process.

Can silent air coolers be used outdoors?

Silent air coolers are available in a wide range of models for different environments, with models available for indoor and/or outdoor use. Outdoor silent air coolers are constructed with weather resistant materials, making them resistant to rain, sun and UV rays. Many larger outdoor models also come with a continuous water connection, allowing you to connect your garden hose for automatic tank refills and extended operation.

How do I maintain a silent air cooler?

To ensure optimum maintenance and extend the life of your cooler, after each use in evaporative cooling mode, switch to fan mode for 15 minutes before turning the unit off. This will ensure that the honeycomb cooling pad dries quickly and does not become a breeding ground for mould.


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OneConcept Kingcool
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Aigostar Olaf
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