The best evaporative air coolers in the UK 2023

With the hot season upon us and the heat wave looming, it's time to find the best possible option to bring more comfort and coolness into your home. Find the fan inefficient, but don't have the budget for an air conditioner? The best alternative is an evaporative air cooler. Discover our complete buying guide.

Uniprodo UNI_COOLER_03 1

Editor's Choice

Uniprodo UNI_COOLER_03

The best evaporative air cooler

The versatility of this evaporative air cooler is its greatest asset compared to similar items on the market. It can be used in both summer and winter as it also diffuses warm air.

100 £ on Amazon
Uniprodo UNI_COOLER_02 2

The best cheapest

Uniprodo UNI_COOLER_02

The best cheap evaporative air cooler

This unit effectively cools a room of up to 500 cubic meters. Equipped with swivel wheels, it can be moved anywhere in the house. Its advantage: it is economical with its 72 W.

79,20 £ on Amazon

Its operating principle is simple. Its 6-liter tank can hold cold water, or better yet, ice cubes. When the cooler is in operation, the water or ice evaporates into the surrounding air, producing a stream of cool air. There are oscillating fins on the front of the unit that can act as a fan. In the end, you will notice a drop of 3 to 5 degrees in the room temperature.

It should also be noted that this device can also be used as a humidifier thanks to the evaporation of water. The performance of the Evaporative Air Freshener is optimal with a humidity level of 40%. For more convenience, the device comes with a remote control with a range of 5 meters. In addition, its programmable operation gives it an autonomy of up to 12 hours. The air cooler comes with a remote control, two cold accumulators, and mounting accessories.

MW-Tools BVK800 3

The best high-end

MW-Tools BVK800

The best high-end evaporative air cooler

With its modern design, it effectively performs its functions as a fan and air cooler. In these hot weather, it will be welcome in rooms, living rooms and patios.

341 £ on Manomano

Made of strong, shockproof material, the air freshener fan has a large 85-liter water tank. You can fill the tank with cold water, but also with ice cubes for an even more refreshing effect. The water cools and evaporates as it flows over evaporation panels. The fan then distributes this cool air throughout the room. Since evaporation humidifies the air, it is recommended to use the unit in well ventilated rooms.

The adjustable fan can be operated even with an empty tank. Thanks to its 3 speeds, you can perfectly adjust the fan according to your preferences. The Tools-BVK800 air cooling fan is also very economical, consuming only 75 watts. The controls of the device are located on the front panel a button to turn on the cooler, and another for the fan, as well as a button to adjust the speed.

MW-Tools BVK400 4


MW-Tools BVK400

The powerful evaporative air cooler

Efficient, that's what we can say about this RAE. With a treatment capacity of 4000 cubic meters of air per hour, it will be easily adopted for workplaces like offices or workshops.

235 £ on Manomano

Depending on the setting, the Tools BVK400 air cooler lowers the room temperature by 3 to 8 degrees. Equipped with wheels, it can be moved to provide coolness where it is needed most, even on outdoor spaces such as terraces or even marquees. Its main advantage is that it does not use refrigerant gas. This device is also equipped with adjustable fins that work like a fan. They can operate at different speeds and independently of the cooler.

With dimensions of 680 x 420 x 1050 mm, the Tools BVK400 cooler is nevertheless compact and practical. It is equipped with a 45 liter water tank, which is more than enough for several days of work. The water level can be checked with the level gauge on the front of the unit.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best evaporative air cooler

Any specific needs?

The best evaporative air cooler

The best cheap evaporative air cooler

The best high-end evaporative air cooler

The powerful evaporative air cooler

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Comparison table of the best evaporative air coolers

Excellent LOW COSTS Powerful
Uniprodo UNI_COOLER_03 5
Uniprodo UNI_COOLER_02 6
MW-Tools BVK800 7
MW-Tools BVK400 8
Uniprodo UNI_COOLER_03
Uniprodo UNI_COOLER_02
MW-Tools BVK800
MW-Tools BVK400
The versatility of this evaporative air cooler is its greatest asset compared to similar items on the market. It can be used in both summer and winter as it also diffuses warm air.
This unit effectively cools a room of up to 500 cubic meters. Equipped with swivel wheels, it can be moved anywhere in the house. Its advantage: it is economical with its 72 W.
With its modern design, it effectively performs its functions as a fan and air cooler. In these hot weather, it will be welcome in rooms, living rooms and patios.
Efficient, that's what we can say about this RAE. With a treatment capacity of 4000 cubic meters of air per hour, it will be easily adopted for workplaces like offices or workshops.
65 Watts
72 Watts
200 Watts
100 Watts
Tank capacity
6 l
6 l
85 l
45 l
400-700 m³/h
400-500 m³/h
8000 m³/h
4000 m³/h
39 x 33.5 x 75 cm
30 x 28 x 70.5 cm
75 x 48 x 135 cm
68 x 42 x 105 cm
Area coverage
700 m³
500 m³
80 m²
50 m²
Sound level
60 dB
60 dB
68 dB
64 dB

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Buying guide - evaporative air cooler

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How to choose your evaporative air cooler

In order to find the best evaporative air cooler for your needs and, above all, for your room configuration, it is important to determine the criteria for your choice.

#1 - The size of the room to be ventilated

The size of the room to be ventilated will dictate two parameters. The air cooling capacity depends first of all on the capacity of the water tank. The larger the room, the larger the tank will have to be to be able to cool the entire surface.

The air flow rate must also be taken into account. The larger the room, the more airflow the cooler will need to be able to provide.

#2 - The tank

With respect to the water tank, both its capacity, and the ability to put ice cubes or even ice bars in it, and its filling should be evaluated. If possible, it would be better to choose a removable tray. And that the tray is easy to fill and also especially to maintain in order to have a good life this one.

#3 - The surface of the cover

Before going to the store for the purchase, it is recommended to identify your real needs, and to take stock of the surface to cover, or rather the room, while taking into account the other rooms. After this little analysis, you can easily choose a device with the ideal surface adapted to your needs.

Indeed, by opting for an equipment intended to cover a surface of 20 m², you will not have the expected result in a room of 40 m².

#4 - The comfort of use

One of the important criteria to choose your evaporative air cooler concerns the comfort of use. This includes, among other things, the tank capacity, and the best option is to fill the equipment only once a day. Besides that, there is also the grip, hence the need to check the presence of wheels, allowing easy movement.

Finally, there is also the sound level, which as far as possible should not exceed 50 dB for more comfort.

#5 - Other functions

Other than these basic criteria, some details should be taken into account, including the options of ventilation only, adjustable tilt of the shutters, remote control or even air purifier. Otherwise, the commercial warranty is a criterion to consider to possibly foresee the conditions concerning the after-sales services or repairs in case of worries.

#6 - The power

The power also corresponds to the air flow, the more powerful a device is, the more humid the air is. For an evaporative air cooler, it is not necessary to choose a powerful device, insofar as power translates into increased energy consumption.

On the contrary, it is preferable to choose an appliance with energy class A (A, A+ or A++) to ensure the least ecological impact.

How does an evaporative air cooler work?


An economical facility

As the name implies, an air cooler cools the ambient air in a room, just like an air conditioner, for that matter. But the advantage is that it is significantly less expensive and more environmentally friendly. Less expensive, because it is easy to install, and immediately operational. Its simple design makes it easy to use, and parts can be replaced at a lower cost.

And by the way, the operation is not energy intensive. You'll find air coolers of all sizes on the market, depending on the size of the room where you're going to place it. The evaporative air cooler is environmentally friendly, as it does not emit carbon dioxide.


The mechanism

The simplified diagram of the air cooler includes a humidified pad through which warm room air enters. The air is then vented and exits the room as cool, moist air. The end result is that you'll have fresh air all the time. And to make it work, all you have to do is supply it with cold water, and that's it.

Maintenance of an EAR or bio air conditioner

The big advantage of an evaporative air cooler or EAC is also its easy maintenance. There's no need to call a specialist. Just dust the filter, pad and water tank regularly.

For optimal operation, and also to preserve health, certain precautions are recommended when using an evaporative air cooler. First of all, you should make sure to ventilate the room well, so that moisture does not accumulate. Also, for best performance, it is best not to let heat into the room. The effect of the air cooler will then be optimal.

The different types of evaporative air coolers

The standard air cooler

The standard air freshener is the most popular type. It combines several options, including humidifier, air freshener, air ionizer and air purifier.

It is basically a mobile equipment, offering an easy use, which moreover, can be moved easily from one room to another to confer an optimal comfort while being low-polluting, that is to say very ecological.

This evaporative air cooler is suitable for cooling an area between 20 and 50 m². This device cannot be used in the whole house without being moved. In fact, since its coverage area cannot exceed 50 m², it must be installed in a room to cool it. Besides, it is rather cumbersome.

As a result, the use is quite limited, and is rather for small apartments for couple or small family.

The mini air cooler

The mini air cooler is the most practical alternative to avoid the clutter of an evaporative air cooler and the investment for an air conditioner. This type of equipment has the advantage of being compact, lightweight, and space-saving. Best of all, it can be part of your luggage while traveling.

When camping, it is a device that provides optimal comfort, both during the journey and in the tent or caravan. In addition, it is the cheapest model on the market today.

Due to its small size, you should not expect optimal freshness in a spacious room with a mini air cooler. In this case, this equipment is mainly used to cool small rooms, including studios or other rooms of less than 20 m².

The industrial air cooler

The industrial air cooler is a professional equipment to bring more freshness in supermarkets, business premises, reception rooms or even restaurants and large surfaces.

It is an ideal solution to avoid heat waves in these busy places, whether private or public, while purifying the air thanks to the ionizer. This type of device refreshes the room while increasing the relative humidity by 5 to 10%.

It provides clean air as it is equipped with a dust filter and a UV lamp to prevent microbial growth in the cooling water.

The industrial air cooler, although efficient, is not suitable for residential use. Given this aspect, the installation of this type of equipment can only be done by professionals.

Air cooler or air conditioner

Air cooler

The air cooler is an economical piece of equipment, both in terms of investment and operation. Easy to use, it is also particularly robust. Moreover, thanks to its wheels and carrying handles, it is easy to transport and move from one room to another, or even from one place to another. Best of all, it can be used even with the windows open, and above all, it doesn't cause any thermal shock.

The cooling effect of this equipment is limited to a maximum of 10°C, i.e. cool, but not cold. In a humid atmosphere, it becomes practically ineffective. Given the capacity of the tank, its autonomy is also limited, and once the pad is dry, it is necessary to refill the tank before benefiting again from the comfort provided. Finally, it cannot emit a precise temperature either.

Air conditioner

The air conditioner brings more comfort by making the interior of the house lose some degrees, while intervening in the management of humidity. The cost at the time of purchase is certainly quite expensive, but as you use it, you have a good return on investment. The air conditioner lasts for several years, you just have to maintain it regularly.

The air conditioner emits a noise not too comfortable to use. It produces heat, which must be evacuated, and in the absence of a dedicated hole, you must leave a window open to let the evacuation pipe pass. Besides that, it is also very energy consuming.


In short, it is important to remember that an air cooler is suitable for reducing the temperature in hot season. On the other hand, the air conditioner is suitable for more comfort in cold weather as well as in hot season.

Why buy an evaporative cooler?

To save space

Buying an evaporative air cooler is a space-saving solution for small apartments, houses and studios. Especially as the compact design means it can be placed in a small room without being bulky, and better still, can be moved from one place to another. Once the warm season is over, it can be stored in a closet or cellar to wait for the next season.

An ecological solution

The air cooler is also an ecological solution. Indeed, without refrigerant gas, and not energy consuming, it has a low ecological impact. This is because its operation is similar to using a fan with a wet towel, but with more stability and safety for users and children.

Less expensive

A bio air conditioner is significantly cheaper than a conventional air conditioner. Thanks to its simpler mechanism, it is offered on the market at a very affordable price with a level of performance 10 times higher than a fan and not blushing in front of entry-level air conditioners.

Easy to use

It is no longer necessary to carry out work in order to have a fresh air in summer. An evaporative air cooler will save you money and is quick and easy to install. All you have to do is fill the water tank and connect the water supply. Then turn on the bio air conditioner and enjoy your book.

Easy maintenance

No need to call a pro to maintain your equipment. On a bio air conditioner, you need to look after a few parts such as the exchangers, the water pump and the motor. These parts are available on the manufacturer's website, in specialized shops or online. Their replacement is within the reach of a beginner handyman because it is enough to replace them by following the manual except for the motor. If your equipment does not start, it will need to be diagnosed by a professional.

The best brands of evaporative air coolers

In our opinion, the best brands of evaporative air coolers in 2022 are :

One Concept
Black & Decker

Klarstein is a well-known and popular German brand for home appliances, offering a wide range of reliable air coolers that combine quality and affordability. It offers models for all categories, from entry-level to high-end, and of course mid-range.

This brand is not well known in the mainstream stores. Its selection of air fresheners is only sold online, but in the most reputable and reliable shops, with a proven track record. The products offered are especially well rated by buyers and still at very affordable prices.

Dyson is a British brand operating at the top end of the market, with expensive but stylish products. It stands out for the original options and variations it offers. Otherwise, you should always check the features as some products are called air fresheners and work like fans.

Known for manufacturing do-it-yourself and garden tools in its early days, Black & Decker has gradually expanded its catalogue to include equipment for professionals and homeowners, particularly in appliances. Thus, its line of air fresheners has an elegant design, but you won't have much choice.

De'Longhi is an Italian brand known for the quality of its appliances, while offering a fairly affordable price. Its catalogue of air fresheners is quite limited, but benefits from an unmatched quality, as it is equipped with an air purifier ionizer and a remote control to optimize its use.

What is the price for an evaporative air cooler

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 125 £
125 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram


Cooling the air as much as possible

The colder the water in the tank, the cooler the air that comes out. Adding ice cubes to the tank will ensure your comfort in the event of a heat wave. However, only use this trick in extreme heat, as long-term use can throw the system out of whack.

Be smart about filling the tank

As a general rule, the manufacturer's recommendations are to fill the tank with water first, then ice cubes or ice bars. Our advice represents the opposite, putting the ice packs in first, before filling with water. This trick allows you to put in more ice cubes without exceeding the limit.

Use cold water in the tank

When filling the tank, it is best to use very cold water, if possible even coming out of the refrigerator. In normal use, the bin should only be filled once a day. In case of intensive use, it is necessary to make sure that there is water in the tank to avoid the cooler to stop automatically in case of dry running.

Accelerate the action of your air cooler

To get the most out of your cooler as soon as possible, run the pump as soon as you fill the water tank. That way, the pad will be humidified long before the unit is turned on, and the air will already be cooled by the time you turn it on.

If you don't have an air freshener yet

Simulate the effect of an air cooler with your fan. Since the fan only stirs the air, the solution is to cool the air it stirs. Put a bowl of ice cubes or a bottle of very cold water in front of the fan. The air will then pass through these ice cubes, and it is already cooled that it will be diffused in the room.


How does an air cooler work?

The operation of an air cooler is based on a popular natural concept, cold evaporation. A ventilation system propels warm air through a cold water pad in the heart of the unit to evaporate the water, bringing out cold, moist air. In a progressive way, this principle makes it possible to decrease the temperature of a room to have more fresh air.

What airflow rate for an evaporative cooler?

The airflow rate is the amount of air the cooler releases per hour into a defined volume. The airflow rate depends on each cooler model, and many units allow you to adjust the airflow rate to your preference. The larger the area to be cooled, the greater the flow rate should be. A good air cooler will deliver a minimum of 250 cubic metres per hour, which is perfectly adequate for an average room.

How much temperature drop with an evaporative air cooler?

The principle of the air cooler is that it gives us a nice cool feeling, but it does not lower the temperature significantly. The air will be cooler near the unit, and as it moves away, it will be warmer. At the most, an efficient cooler will be able to lower the temperature of the room by 5°.

What is the difference between a fan and an air cooler?

The fan blows and stirs the air, giving you a cooler feeling without lowering the temperature in the room. The effect is pleasant if you are in the vicinity, but the air becomes dry and can cause irritation to the mucous membranes. The air freshener has a fan, but the difference is that the air that comes out is humid, saving you from these inconveniences.


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