The best air coolers in the UK 2023

More efficient than a fan, and much less energy consuming than a mobile air conditioner, the air cooler is perfect for dealing with the heat wave. It has enough power to move air and evaporate water to make a room or the whole house cooler. Competition obliges, you will find many air coolers on the market. To help you make the right choice, here's our guide to this year's best models.

MVPower 3-in-1 65W 10L 1

Best value for money

MVPower 3-in-1 65W 10L

The best air cooler in 2021

The MVPower 3-in-1 65W 10L is arguably the best air cooler for this year. With this versatile unit, you can handle the heat wave with less money than you would spend on an air conditioner.

106 £ on Amazon

The MVPower 3-in-1 65W 10L has 3 main functions. Of course, this 65W air cooler cools the air in the room. But it also purifies and humidifies it. You will be able to set it on 3 speeds for each operating mode. Moreover, this model has a 10 L water tank. There are also 4 omnidirectional wheels at the bottom that make the device very easy to move from one room to another.

The MVPower 3-in-1 65W 10L also has a built-in timer, which can be programmed over an 8-hour range. This air cooler automatically shuts down when the timer runs out. Note that the device is delivered with a remote control, accompanied by 2 cold accumulators, which accentuate the freshness of the air distributed.

MVPower 3-in-1 60W 5.2L 2

Best value for money

MVPower 3-in-1 60W 5.2L

The best entry-level air cooler

The MVPower 3-in-1 60W 5.2L Air Cooler uses an innovative method to quickly cool a room. An excellent choice if you are looking for an efficient, compact and inexpensive device.

80 £ on Amazon

To cool the air in a room, the MVPower 3-in-1 60W 5.2L can rely on its 300 m³/h air flow, its 5.2 L tank and the cooling humidification principle. In addition to its safe and attractive appearance, this entry-level air freshener has an electronic control. We like the possibility to adjust the speed on 3 levels (low, medium, high). As far as the humidification function is concerned, you'll get the ice crystal refrigeration technique.

The MVPower 3-in-1 60W 5.2L comes with a remote control with a maximum range of 6 m and a reception angle of 60°. Theoretically, cool air can be felt within a 50-foot radius. Finally, the removable air filter and cooling pad make cleaning and maintenance easy. All you need is a soft brush and soapy water.

Haverland BAE 13L 3

Best premium value for value

Haverland BAE 13L

The best high-end air cooler

Looking for an attractive and powerful air cooler? The Haverland BAE 13L is for you. The unit is an excellent energy-saving alternative to air conditioners.

183 £ on Amazon

The Haverland BAE 13L air cooler features 2 operating modes and 8 air distribution speeds. It also has a humidification function, so it can be placed in any room to send cool air and mitigate the effects of heat waves. Very light and equipped with wheels, the unit can be moved easily from one place to another. In addition, there are handles for transportation.

The particularity of the Haverland BAE 13L is that it has an anti-insect function. Indeed, its UV rays eliminate mosquitoes and other insects on 35 m² around the device. This allows you to sleep peacefully. Finally, this air freshener has a programmable timer up to 12 hours, a water level indicator, 2 self-oscillating grills and a remote control to fine tune the settings.

Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart 4

Excellent airflow

Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart

The best value

We knew the Klarstein Skyscraper Ice, a reference on the market. Here is the lesser known but more efficient Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart, with the same features and controllable via Wi-Fi.

159 £ on Amazon

A 4-in-1 device, the Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart is a new reference in its category. This model stands out for its integrated Wi-Fi and dedicated app, which ensure precise 360° cooling. The air sweep is done by automatic vertical and horizontal oscillation. With an airflow of 450 m³/h in fan mode, the Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart sets the cooled air in motion to create a pleasant breeze that can be adjusted to 3 blast speeds.

The Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart's air freshener function is extremely effective. Water is evaporated from the 6-liter tank using the humidifier pad. Cold accumulators accentuate the freshness of the air, making it perceptible instantly, where an air conditioner takes at least 30 minutes. Finally, you can set the timer up to 9 hours continuously.

  • Performs well
  • Elegant design
  • Refreshes well
  • A little big compared to other models
Oneconcept Kingcool 5

Oneconcept Kingcool

The highest airflow

The Oneconcept Kingcool has a major advantage: its air flow rate reaches 2,340 m³/h, almost double that of the Haverland BAE 13 L. And its 8 L tank ensures 5 hours of continuous operation.

83,20 £ on Amazon

The Oneconcept Kingcool air cooler is phenomenally powerful. Indeed, its air flow rate reaches 2 340 m³/h. It's quite simple, no other air cooler does better. Note also its 8 L water tank, which ensures a 5-hour autonomy, not to mention the programmable timer up to 7.5 hours. Use this model to refresh the air in your bedroom, living room or office by continuously spraying cold water. It can also be used to humidify and purify the air or as a space heater in winter.

Good to know, this air cooler has a separately controlled oscillation, which ensures a better distribution of air flow in the room. Let's not forget the fan function, adjustable on 3 speeds. The Oneconcept Kingcool also offers 2 additional modes, which reproduce the natural breeze by automatically changing the speed and turn off at night. This allows you to sleep peacefully.

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The best air cooler in 2021

The best entry-level air cooler

The best high-end air cooler

The best value

The highest airflow

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Comparison table of the best air coolers

MVPower 3-in-1 65W 10L 6
MVPower 3-in-1 60W 5.2L 7
Haverland BAE 13L 8
Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart 9
Oneconcept Kingcool 10
MVPower 3-in-1 65W 10L
MVPower 3-in-1 60W 5.2L
Haverland BAE 13L
Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart
Oneconcept Kingcool
The MVPower 3-in-1 65W 10L is arguably the best air cooler for this year. With this versatile unit, you can handle the heat wave with less money than you would spend on an air conditioner.
The MVPower 3-in-1 60W 5.2L Air Cooler uses an innovative method to quickly cool a room. An excellent choice if you are looking for an efficient, compact and inexpensive device.
Looking for an attractive and powerful air cooler? The Haverland BAE 13L is for you. The unit is an excellent energy-saving alternative to air conditioners.
We knew the Klarstein Skyscraper Ice, a reference on the market. Here is the lesser known but more efficient Klarstein Skytower 360° Smart, with the same features and controllable via Wi-Fi.
The Oneconcept Kingcool has a major advantage: its air flow rate reaches 2,340 m³/h, almost double that of the Haverland BAE 13 L. And its 8 L tank ensures 5 hours of continuous operation.
Air flow rate
330 m³/h
300 m³/h
1,300 m³/h
60 W
2,340 m³/h
Capacity of the tank
10 L
5.2 L
13 L
6 L
8 L
8 h
7.5 h
12 h
9 h
7.5 h
Air flow rates
Additional features
Purifier, humidifier
Fan, deodorizing humidifier
Fan, humidifier
Fan, ionizer, humidifier

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How to choose your air cooler

Here are the essential criteria to consider when choosing an air cooler.

#1 - The area of the room

Before buying a cooler, you should consider the size of the room you plan to use it in. This will determine the size, power and even the type of air cooler you need. Depending on the size of the room, the season and the humidity level, the most powerful models can lower the temperature by 4 to 6°C.

You may also want to buy one unit to cool multiple rooms, including the living room, bedroom, office... In this case, the trick is to consider the size of the largest room to determine which unit you need. This way, your air cooler won't lack power.

#2 - The air flow

This is the volume of air that is circulated in 1 hour. The larger the room, the higher the airflow rate will need to be. To make your life easier, it's best to choose a cooler on which the airflow rate is easily adjustable. This makes it possible to adapt it to various conditions. An efficient unit will need to be able to offer a flow rate of 250 to 450 m³/h with the ability to vary the flow.

#3 - The water tank

The larger the water tank, the longer the cooler will be able to operate. This criterion has a direct impact on the autonomy. For example, mini evaporative air fresheners have a tank capacity between 400 and 1,000 mL. This means you'll need to refill often. On the other hand, standard models can last 6 to 10 hours.

Determine the tank capacity you need based on the size of the room where you plan to install the air freshener. For home use, it should be no more than 8L. Also, make sure the unit is easy to refill. Finally, be aware that many coolers are sold with ice packs for a consistently cooler mist.

#4 - The noise level

The noise made by an air cooler matters a lot, especially if you plan to use your unit overnight. Ideally, the unit should make as little noise as possible to keep it quiet. However, you should be aware that a so-called silent cooler is either very compact or very expensive.

In this sense, there are many models of air fresheners of all ranges that are very well suited to night-time use or in the workplace. For these devices, the average sound level should be between 30 and 35 dB. For models intended for larger living areas, a level of 40 dB is acceptable.

#5 - Energy consumption

The performance of an electric appliance inevitably raises the question of energy consumption. The air cooler is no exception to the rule. And depending on how often it is used, it is a good idea to check the wattage to estimate the electrical energy consumption to ensure that the appliance remains economical enough. Therefore, an air cooler for a small room should have a power of about 60 W. For high performance, suitable for a larger area, you can choose a model with a power of 100 W.

How does an air cooler work?

The unit draws warm air into your home. By means of the blower this air passes through the absorbent pad moistened in the water tank. Thanks to the calories of the warm air, the water is transformed into vapor, which lowers the temperature of the ambient air.

For clarification, there are two ways an evaporative cooler delivers cool air: downflow and horizontal flow. Downflow models are the oldest. They are mounted on the roof or side of a building. Air is drawn into the unit, cooled and hydrated, and then discharged downward into the space being cooled.

Horizontal flow is defined as the horizontal blowing of cooled air from an air cooler. The most common models are wheeled, window mounted or portable. Recently, horizontal flow air coolers have become more popular because they are easier to access for maintenance.

The different types of air coolers

According to the surface to be cooled and the air flow rate of the device, we can classify the air coolers in 3 types: standard, mini and industrial models.

The standard air cooler

This is the most commonly used type. It is also the closest to a mobile air conditionerIt's also the closest to a water cooler, but much more environmentally friendly. Most often, the standard air freshener combines several functions: ionizer or air purifier, air humidifierfan, air cooler...

Suitable for an area of 20 to 50 m², the device is equipped with wheels, which makes it easier to move around given its rather large size. It is also important to know that this type of cooler is easy to use and often offers an excellent quality/price ratio.

To have fresh air without exploding electricity consumption, the standard air cooler is an excellent solution. More environmentally friendly than the mobile air conditionerIt is also a cheap alternative for almost the same performance.

The mini air cooler

The name of this type of device sums up its qualities. Lightweight and ultra-compact, the mini air freshener can be moved around easily and accompany you everywhere. You can even take it on a trip. Even camping enthusiasts will be delighted to have this portable model, which is also the cheapest on the market.

But as you'd expect, the "mini" label also sums up the shortcomings of this type of air cooler. It's impossible to ignore the small tank capacity, which means you'll have to refill it regularly. And don't forget that you need to place the unit close by and orient it correctly for optimum efficiency.

Some users may not need to cool the entire room, either because it's too expensive or because they're looking for more mobility. If you're one of those people, the cooler may be right for you. And it costs almost nothing!

The industrial air cooler

Unlike the 2 types mentioned above, the industrial air cooler is strongly discouraged in homes. They are mostly used in offices, factory workshops, stores and supermarkets, reception rooms... in short, buildings with surfaces of 100 m² or even much more.

Very energy consuming, this type of device is also expensive. Count more than 1,000 euros for a low-cost installation! However, the costs remain lower than those of an air conditioning. Finally, the industrial air cooler must be placed on the roof because of the vertical flow. This makes maintenance work more difficult.

If you have a mini-market, a workshop or offices to be cooled in summer, this type of device will save you money, unlike air conditioners. However, the acquisition, installation and maintenance costs are too high for domestic use.

Maintenance of an air cooler

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers are easy to maintain. However, maintenance must be performed at regular intervals to avoid turning the unit into a bacteria reservoir. Basically, maintenance consists of dusting and washing the filter, pad and tank.

Air cooler or air conditioner

Air cooler

Evaporative air coolers are very effective in cooling dry, stale air. Through their air circulation process, they can lower the temperature in a room or house by 1 to 5°C. It should be noted, however, that air coolers do not work well in climates with more than 60% humidity.

Air conditioner

For real cooling in the hot seasons, the air conditioner is very efficient. However, it cannot compete with the cooler in terms of consumption. Air conditioning requires more energy than cooling the air by evaporation. Many air conditioners use as much energy as 50 refrigerators! In addition, the refrigerant gases used contribute to the pollution of urban areas.


The cooler uses less energy to complete the cooling process. This means that you will pay less over the life of the evaporative cooling unit compared to an air conditioner of similar size and capacity. In some cases, these savings can be as much as 50%. Some brands even claim 75%!

Why buy an air cooler?


Unlike most air conditioners, the air cooler is very easy to move around. Many models are equipped with wheels and ergonomic handles. This means you can lift, roll or pull the unit as you wish.


Another important advantage of the air cooler is its size. The compact format saves a lot of space. For a standard model, the dimensions of the unit are small enough to easily fit in a closet. There are even portable, lightweight models that can be placed on a table or the dashboard of a vehicle.

Energy savings

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers are much more economical. Indeed, its low power consumption does not impact too much on the operating costs. Some portable models even have built-in batteries with long autonomy.

The price

Air fresheners come in a wide range of prices to suit all budgets. You can get a good unit for as little as 50 euros. Depending on the user's needs and the desired additional functions, the price can vary between 150 and 600 euros. This is less expensive than an air conditioner and much more efficient than a fan.

Health benefits

An air cooler also has the function of reducing the humidity level in the room air. The most suitable humidity level for asthmatics is between 40 and 60%. When it rains, an environment that is too humid or too dry encourages asthma attacks.

The best brands of air coolers

In our opinion, the best brands of air coolers in 2022 are :


This German brand produces small and large household appliances for everyday use. What all of its appliances have in common is their quality/price ratio. If you don't plan to invest more than 250 euros in an air cooler while demanding quality, look into Klarstein.

Commercializing air coolers, Haverland is mainly positioned as a specialist in radiators. The brand also makes towel dryers that stand out from the crowd. As for its coolers, you can count on their robustness and practicality.

Specialist in household appliances, Robby stands out for the quality and reliability of its appliances, including its air coolers. For more than 25 years, the brand has not stopped evolving in order to satisfy its customers' needs. It is always looking to impress them aesthetically. Its products are also very sturdy!

You would be amazed at the variety of appliances that this brand offers! Like Klarstein, OneConcept makes a little bit of everything: vacuum cleaner, food processor, boiler, fan, air conditioner, washing machine, air cooler... Its super-powerful Kingcool 4-in-1 air cooler will not leave you indifferent.

A specialist in ventilation, Nexfan is one of the reference brands. Its products are totally innovative, some coolers embed a USB port and LED lighting. If you are looking for an affordable air conditioner or air cooler, do not hesitate to invest in one of this brand's models.

What is the price for an air cooler

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Make sure the room is well ventilated

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers are not as effective in an enclosed space. This is because they work by drawing air in, so it is necessary to allow a steady flow of air into the room by opening windows.

Remember to put ice in the water tank

Adding ice to the water in the reservoir will cool the buffers to the maximum. This will speed up the cooling of the air. However, be aware that this option is not effective in the long term. It is advisable to reserve it for extreme conditions.

Take care of the humidification pad

For better efficiency of your air freshener, it is recommended to change the humidification pad twice a year. Also, before storing the unit when the summer period is over, air dry the pad first to avoid any mold.

Apply the pre-cooling technique

Just run the pump, while you fill the water tank. In this way, the pads will moisten beforehand, and the air will be instantly cooled as soon as you turn on the fan.

Turn your fan into an air cooler

Generally, the fan does not lower the room temperature, it just stirs the air in the room. But if you place a bowl of ice cubes or a bottle of frozen water in front of your fan, it will allow it to diffuse cool air into your room.


Which air cooler should I choose?

The best air cooler depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

What maintenance is required on an air cooler?

Remove dirt to maintain performance and prevent the unit from breaking down. Cleaning should be done inside and out on a regular basis. Also maintain the motor by greasing it, to keep it running smoothly and quietly. Clean the air filter monthly to prevent dust from impacting the unit. Also clean the tank to ensure that the air is clean and of good quality.

How to recognize a silent air cooler?

Air coolers are usually automatically quiet; and of course quieter than other coolers such as air conditioners or fans. But to be sure, make sure it is less than 40 dB. For partial silence, it should be no more than 60 dB.

What type of water should I use for an air cooler?

Tap water is sufficient for an air cooler. To increase the freshness of the room, you can use ice water and/or add ice cubes. However, if the water contains too much limestone, it is advisable to mix it with some demineralised water. Otherwise, use distilled or demineralized water because minerals can leave white bacteria on your furniture when left in the air.

What is the average power consumption of an air cooler?

An air cooler is economical. Its consumption depends on its power but it goes from 70 W to 150 W, about the same consumption as a light bulb. For a use of 5 hours per day, it will consume no more than 40 kWh per year. A longer use does not go beyond 60 kWh. The device also consumes an average of 75 cL of water in 1 hour of operation.


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MVPower 3-in-1 65W 10L 11
MVPower 3-in-1 65W 10L
MVPower 3-in-1 60W 5.2L 12
MVPower 3-in-1 60W 5.2L
Haverland BAE 13L 13
Haverland BAE 13L
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