The best sewing machines for beginners in the UK 2023

Sewing fascinates you and you want to start as a hobby or even as a professional. Invest in a sewing machine that is easy to use and can accompany you throughout your progress. With twin needle, automatic threading, mechanical, electronic, with or without screen, with or without pedal, the choice is vast. Follow this guide so you don't regret your purchase.

Machine à coudre pour débutant – Brother FS40 1

Best value for money

Machine à coudre pour débutant – Brother FS40

The best beginner sewing machine in 2021

The Brother FS40 is the right sewing machine for any novice sewer who is sure of his passion. Easy to use and full of features, it has everything to satisfy.

184 £ on Cdiscount

The Brother FS40 is an ultra complete sewing machine for both simple and large sewing projects on all types of fabrics. It features 40 stitches, 5 buttonholes including an automatic one-step buttonhole, a large backlit LCD screen and many accessories (cover, double needle, extra spool holder, etc.). The stitch length and width are fully adjustable to your needs. In addition, the manufacturer delivers this model with an ultra complete manual with an explanatory DVD.

Brother X14 2

Best value for money

Brother X14

The best entry-level beginner sewing machine

The X14 is the low-cost version of the FS40. With it, a novice sewer will quickly feel at ease thanks to its simplicity and the DVD tutorial delivered with the sewing machine.

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Designed for beginners, this small mechanical sewing machine offers simple and basic features. The Brother X14 can even sew different fabrics (thin, medium, elastic...), make stretch stitches and invisible hems. It is a low noise sewing machine with a flatbed bobbin allowing a quick set up and a twin needle use. Finally, this model comes with several accessories, including a buttonhole foot and a zipper foot, several bobbins and 3 spare needles. Remember to take a needle threader to make your life easier.

Brother CX70PE Patchwork Edition 3

Best value for money

Brother CX70PE Patchwork Edition

The best high-end beginner sewing machine

This sewing machine will make the simplest of creations as well as the most sophisticated and even patchwork work. A must have.

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Discover all the Brother know-how with this sewing machine for beginners. Functional and versatile, it allows for patchwork and offers 70 stitches. The free arm, automatic threading, the ability to sew with or without a rheostat and the large work surface due to the extension table allow novices to quickly perfect their skills. There is also a needle threader and a simplified bobbin threading system, LED lighting, a reverse button, a powerful feed system consisting of 6 feed dogs, a thread and stitch width and length adjustment.

Singer Initial 4


Singer Initial

The best alternative

The Singer Initiale is suitable for both beginners and expert needleworkers. You'll be amazed at its efficiency and the thickness of the fabrics it can sew.

104 £ on Cdiscount

The Singer brand needs no introduction. The model proposed here is a compromise between practical and recreational sewing. Functional and easy to handle, this sewing machine integrates 10 programs and 18 different stitches. It allows novices to darn a fabric or to make their own creations thanks to settings that can be learned in record time. Practical, the Singer Initiale is delivered with all possible accessories. Finally, the reverse function allows doubling the seams for optimal strength, and the thread tension can be adjusted to avoid unpleasant jams.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best sewing machine for beginners

Any specific needs?

The best beginner sewing machine in 2021

The best entry-level beginner sewing machine

The best high-end beginner sewing machine

The best alternative

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Comparison table of the best sewing machines for beginners

Machine à coudre pour débutant – Brother FS40 5
Brother X14 6
Brother CX70PE Patchwork Edition 7
Singer Initial 8
Machine à coudre pour débutant – Brother FS40
Brother X14
Brother CX70PE Patchwork Edition
Singer Initial
The Brother FS40 is the right sewing machine for any novice sewer who is sure of his passion. Easy to use and full of features, it has everything to satisfy.
The X14 is the low-cost version of the FS40. With it, a novice sewer will quickly feel at ease thanks to its simplicity and the DVD tutorial delivered with the sewing machine.
This sewing machine will make the simplest of creations as well as the most sophisticated and even patchwork work. A must have.
The Singer Initiale is suitable for both beginners and expert needleworkers. You'll be amazed at its efficiency and the thickness of the fabrics it can sew.
No saving of settings when restarting the machine, has difficulty working on fairly thick fabrics
Too basic, preset stitch length and width, can't adjust presser foot pressure
Impossibility to adjust the stitch width, the supplied instructions are not in French
40 W
50 W
85 W
70 W
7.5 kg
5.5 kg
5 kg
7,02 kg
For what levels?
Novice to confirmed
Novice only
Novice to confirmed
Novice to confirmed
Number of points
40 points
14 stitches
70 points
18 stitches

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Buying guide - sewing machine for beginners

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How to choose your sewing machine for beginners

Enjoy the pleasures of sewing to the full by investing in a sewing machine adapted to your needs, your desires and your ambitions.

#1 - The brand

The best brands of sewing machines for beginners available are Janome, Brother and Singer. The sewing machines marketed by these manufacturers have all been very well designed and easy to use for a beginner. When you buy from a reputable manufacturer, you get quality after-sales service.

#2 - The options

Most beginners make the mistake of buying a very basic sewing machine in the beginning, but once they gain some experience, they want other additional features that their basic sewing machine cannot provide. To that end, bet on a machine that can do variable stitch lengths, overlock stitches, offer the ability to switch to a double needle, adjustable presser foot pressure, automatic buttonhole, and accessories like the zipper foot and blind hem foot.

#3 - Noise pollution

Do you need to sew in peace? If you like serenity, consider a computerized model and also consider putting a mat under the machine to better absorb sound and motion.

#4 - Engine power


power of a sewing machine motor is expressed in watts. The more powerful the motor, the easier and faster the sewing will be. The average power of the best sewing machines is around 50 watts. A low-powered sewing machine will have a hard time handling thick fabrics.

#5 - Speed of execution

If you plan to use your sewing machine very regularly or intensively, opt for a model that offers high speed. For example, entry-level sewing machines typically have a maximum speed of 600 stitches per minute, while more advanced models are capable of working at over 1,000 stitches/min. A machine with a speed of around 800 stitches per minute would be perfect.

Essential features for a beginner

  • Automatic threading

This feature helps to make it easier for a novice to learn how to use a sewing machine. With this option, the thread passes quickly through the eye of the needle. This allows the machine to be operational in just a few seconds.

  • The ability to adjust stitch width, stitch length and thread tension

Such features are very useful because they allow the sewing to be adapted to the type of work being processed.

  • The automatic stop stitch ensures a solid and impeccable finish.
  • The feeding claws are essential for a good hold of the fabric.
  • The presence of a free arm

The free arm guarantees a good freedom of movement, important when the gestures of the beginner sewer are still approximate.

  • The reverse function

The presence of this function makes it possible to sew without the rheostat.

  • The possibility to adjust the sewing speed and foot pressure

Good to know

Sewing is good for the brain. It stimulates creativity. This improves the brain's ability to develop new brain cells. Since mental deterioration is the result of a loss of connection between neurons, sewing promotes mental growth.

Mechanical or electronic sewing machine for a beginner?

Mechanical sewing machine

Mechanical sewing machines are less fragile and more stable. Thus, they are often recommended to start sewing without fear and risk. Repairs are usually quicker because parts are often easy to find and to tinker with. The settings are more flexible and you can adjust the stitches and thread tension with a dial. However, the controls on a machine sewing machine are certainly more flexible but also more complex. Handling a sewing machine takes time and a lot of patience for a beginner because nothing is automated.

Electronic sewing machine

The electronic sewing machines have an LCD display for easy selection and setting of stitches and for intuitive operation of the machine. This makes handling the machine faster and easier, especially for beginners. Electronic sewing machines usually offer a wide range of stitches. However, they are trickier because if the electronic board is faulty, you will have to change the machine as you will not be able to repair it. Parts are not always available from repairmen either. This also prolongs the repair time.


In conclusion, the electronic sewing machine far outweighs the mechanical version. If you are a beginner and don't want to get confused with setting up the machine, an electronic version will be a great choice for you as it offers more options and functionality that will make your job easier. The mechanical version has had its day. From now on, the new technology will make it easy to learn and progress quickly.

Good to know

Use the cans that came with your sewing machine. These are the best cans for your machine. However, there are also universal plastic or metal cans available in different sizes. Be sure to check that the size of the can you buy is the right size for your machine.


Learn to sew yourself

If you're more of a self-starter, you can learn at your own pace by taking free online lessons. These will guide you step by step, from sewing a straight line to adding elastics and buttonholes. The lessons offered for beginners are basic and easy, and you can learn as you go with sewing projects that motivate you.

Hide sewing errors


are several options for doing this. Make a flying flower. To do this, cut a long strip of fabric, sew along one edge and gather. It will start to wrap around itself and eventually form a flower. And that's it! Another method is to hide the seam defect with a lace, bow, ribbon or decorative button as well.

The choice of the tension of a sewing machine


dial settings range from 0 to 9. For this purpose, 4.5 is usually the "default" position for normal straight stitch sewing. This should work for most fabrics. If you are doing a zigzag or other width stitch, you will find that the bobbin thread is pulled up.

Adjusting the tension of the bobbin if it does not move


the bobbin case does not move, it means the bobbin tension is too high. To tighten the bobbin tension, turn the small bobbin case screw slightly clockwise, and counterclockwise to loosen the bobbin tension. A quarter turn or less is a good starting point.


What is the best sewing machine for beginners?

The best sewing machine for beginners depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are best for you.

Can a sewing machine do anything other than sew?

Sewing machines are not limited to sewing. The most advanced models can be used for embroidery, patchwork or quilting.

Can a sewing machine sew a zipper?

Absolutely. However, when it comes to invisible zippers, a special presser foot is required. It is usually supplied with the machine.

Is wanting to sew your own clothes a good technique for a beginner to learn to sew?

The idea of sewing your own garments from scratch can be daunting, but mastering how to sew each individual component of a garment and then put it all together afterwards is an easier way to frame the learning process. So take the time to practice and make samples so you can progress quickly.

Is it difficult to maintain a sewing machine?

No. In order to enjoy the performance of your sewing machine for as long as possible, store it in a cover well protected from light and dust when not in use. You should also consider contacting a professional to have it checked at least once a year. You should also know that some models need to be greased once a year.


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Machine à coudre pour débutant – Brother FS40
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Brother X14
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Brother CX70PE Patchwork Edition
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Singer Initial


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