The best salad spinners in the UK 2023

Making a good salad can be time consuming. But none of us want to spend too much time spinning a salad. That's why you need to take your time to choose a salad spinner that does its job properly. We have spent dozens of hours testing salad spinners to select the 5 best models.

Fiskars 1014433 1

Best value for money

Fiskars 1014433

The best salad spinner in 2021

The Fiskars spinner 1014433 has a capacity of 4 L. It ensures an easy and fast preparation of your salads. In addition, it is suitable for other kitchen uses.

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With a capacity of 4 L, the Fiskars 1014433 salad spinner provides you with a white colored bowl, which matches most cutlery. You can also use it for your seasonings or to hold other culinary preparations. The removable basket can be used as a colander if you can't find your own. Note the presence of a crank mechanism, which facilitates the handling of the spinner in addition to a handle on the lid and a non-slip base. Finally, this utensil is dishwasher safe or can be cleaned by hand.

Deliawinterfel 876879 2

Best value for money

Deliawinterfel 876879

The best entry-level salad spinner

Treat yourself to a versatile salad spinner without breaking the bank with the Deliawinterel 876879. With a capacity of 5 L, this model is very efficient.

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Given the price of this elegant spinner and its 5 L capacity, you will definitely get a good deal. The salad is spun by turning the handle on the removable lid. The clear, curved bowl makes an excellent salad bowl or seasoning container for other culinary preparations. Also, be aware that the Deliawinterfel 876879 salad spinner can double as a sieve. Don't doubt its plastic coating, which is sturdy enough to withstand drops and bumps.

Dynamic SD92SC 3

Best value for money

Dynamic SD92SC

The best high-end salad spinner

Big fan of salad? We recommend this 20 L Dynamic SD92SC salad spinner, big enough for a table of 10 people.

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The Dynamic SD92SC is massive and bulky. This is not surprising given its capacity of 20 L, enough to spin enough salad for 10 people or more. This salad spinner strikes the minds more by its technical characteristics, its practicality and its robustness than by its aesthetics. For this last point, we like or we don't like. Moreover, the Dynamic SD92SC is aimed at professionals and big salad consumers. Its stabilizing base and its reel add to the comfort of use of this big spinner.

Focovida Kitchen190121 4


Focovida Kitchen190121

The multi-function salad spinner

Large capacity, efficient spinning, practical handle and stabilization characterize the Focovida spinner. An accessory is included to cut vegetables and round fruits.

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The Focovida Kitchen190121 will please you. This salad spinner has a lot to offer. Starting with its 5L capacity. The easy-to-grip handle improves spinning with minimal effort. And the BPA-free plastic container is indiscriminate for hot and cold foods, and can be used to store food in the refrigerator. Four non-slip rubber rings at the base of the spinner ensure stability. Finally, you'll get a round vegetable and fruit slicer to perfect your salad.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best salad spinner

Any specific needs?

The best salad spinner in 2021

The best entry-level salad spinner

The best high-end salad spinner

The multi-function salad spinner

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Comparison table of the best salad spinners

Fiskars 1014433 5
Deliawinterfel 876879 6
Dynamic SD92SC 7
Focovida Kitchen190121 8
Fiskars 1014433
Deliawinterfel 876879
Dynamic SD92SC
Focovida Kitchen190121
The Fiskars spinner 1014433 has a capacity of 4 L. It ensures an easy and fast preparation of your salads. In addition, it is suitable for other kitchen uses.
Treat yourself to a versatile salad spinner without breaking the bank with the Deliawinterel 876879. With a capacity of 5 L, this model is very efficient.
Big fan of salad? We recommend this 20 L Dynamic SD92SC salad spinner, big enough for a table of 10 people.
Large capacity, efficient spinning, practical handle and stabilization characterize the Focovida spinner. An accessory is included to cut vegetables and round fruits.
4 L
5 L
20 L
5 L
Spinning system
Ease of use

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Buying guide - salad spinner

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How to choose your salad spinner

There are many models of salad spinners on the market. To help you find the best product, here are the criteria to consider.

#1 - The capacity

You should choose your salad spinner according to its capacity: are there many people in the house? Do you eat a large quantity of raw vegetables or salad at a time? On average, after analyzing your needs, the capacity of a salad spinner is five liters. With this volume, you can provide a generous amount of garnishes to your plates. But of course, there are larger or smaller models.

#2 - The spinning system

On the existing salad spinner models, the spinning is done according to different mechanisms. You'll find the wheel salad spinner, where you have to squeeze as you spin to quench the remaining moisture on your vegetables. There is also the plunger salad spinner, where you just press a button and the job is done. Finally, the hand-cranked salad spinner consists of manual work through rotating motions.

#3 - Ergonomics

In order to take pleasure in the various manipulations in the kitchen, always prefer a utensil that offers you the right comfort. For a salad spinner, the ideal weight to favor is around one kilo, depending on the accessories that accompany it. You can also find some multifunctional models that cut, slice, grate or remove the seeds from vegetables. Finally, opt for a salad spinner with a non-slip bottom and a pretty bowl that could be part of your place settings at the table.

#4 - The coating

When it comes to

a salad spinner, you can choose between stainless steel, plastic or glass liners. If you pick a stainless steel salad spinner, you'll be banking on strength although it won't look very presentable outside your kitchen. The plastic-coated salad spinner, which is usually translucent in color, gives you a glimpse of your vegetables and allows you to quickly adjust the amount you need. It is also flexible in nature. The clear glass salad spinner, which is more fragile, will serve you both as a salad bowl due to its elegance.

#5 - The design

The design of the salad spinner, a no less important criterion, encompasses the outward appearance of the utensil, but also its efficiency. You will probably prefer a salad spinner with decorative feature in addition to its main purpose. The design and the ergonomic level are two criteria that are usually inseparable. If you buy a nice salad spinner but struggle to use it, you've spent money for nothing. Conversely, if you are well aware of the use but are not satisfied with the aesthetics, you will be less inclined to use it, especially in the presence of guests.

The salad spinner: a versatile utensil

The best salad spinners 9

The era of technological advances in which we live makes our daily lives so much easier through the creation of innovative tools and appliances related to housework, cooking or laundry. The salad spinner, a tool for rinsing and centrifuging salads and other vegetables, is becoming a must in the kitchen to save you from the tiresome and time-consuming task of washing by hand.

With the salad spinner, your lettuce leaves will be well cleaned, well drained and will keep their natural flavor. The spinner can also be used for other vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, green beans, leeks and endive, the principle being to preserve the taste of the food. With the salad spinner, you don't have to make a huge effort: the models on the market all offer practical options.

On a salad spinner, you will find at least one additional function. In addition to washing and drying your vegetables, the container can also be used as a salad bowl for serving raw vegetables at the table. Some salad spinner models also offer other vegetable processing options, such as grating or slicing. The bowl of the salad spinner can be completely detached from the system for other separate preparations: presentation of juice cocktail, fruit salad or mixing of various recipes.

Salad spinner or colander?

Salad spinner

The salad spinner does a precise job of keeping vegetables clean, fresh and full of flavour. In addition to this main function, some salad spinner models contain additional accessories that allow you to cut, slice, grate or shred. Finally, if you opt for an elegant glass model, you can serve your salad at the table straight away: after carefully spinning it, you only need to add the garnishes you have prepared and the bowl of the spinner itself will act as a salad bowl among your cutlery.


The colander, a classic utensil that you should also have, simply drains the vegetables, without removing too much of the excess water that remains and sometimes alters their flavour. Like the salad spinner, the colander, made of stainless steel or plastic, can be used for both hot and cold foods. However, its use is limited to the kitchen, it cannot be presented at the table. Be sure to drain your salad well before pouring it into the serving container so that the water does not overflow.


For a delicious and clean salad, you should use a salad spinner. A colander is still an essential kitchen tool for other foods such as pasta or cooked vegetables.


Do not fill the salad spinner

When you have finished washing your salad leaves, place the bowl containing your vegetable in the juicer properly and the lid in the right place for stable handling. Avoid overfilling the salad spinner so that you don't get poor results on processing your vegetables.

Storing your green food


you want to assign other tasks to your salad spinner, you should know that apart from spinning, it can just as easily serve as a container to store your vegetables well chilled before preparation. Just put them in the colander, cover and place in the fridge.

Making a work of art


probably don't expect your salad spinner to be a painting tool. Yes, you can enjoy this fun feature of the salad spinner by placing your paper on the bottom after filling it with a few dabs of paint in the colors of your choice. With that, turn on the salad spinner and let its movement make a lovely painting. Let the paper dry after you turn off the machine. This way you can make a collection of many masterpieces to satiate your inspirations.

Choose a multi-functional model


its inception until now, the salad spinner has gone through many stages in its evolution. Today, you can find salad spinner models that provide you with many other utilities, highly recommended for their economy and convenience.

To raise a dough


bowl of your salad spinner can be used as a container for the pause time of your pizza dough or bread dough. Place your dough in it and cover it.


What is the best salad spinner?

The best salad spinner depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Who invented the salad spinner?

Louis Lumière is said to have been the founder of the first spinning machine almost a century ago: he took his inspiration from a spinning top and transformed it into a salad basket. After this first step, many innovators intervened to make emerge a great multitude of models.

How to maintain your salad spinner?

Some salad spinners are dishwasher safe, but not all. To be safe, wash by hand with warm soapy water and a sponge: clean the basket, bowl and lid one by one, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Can all salad spinner models handle hot food?

To be sure, ask your dealer for advice if this detail is not mentioned on the instructions or on the box at the time of purchase.

What are the main advantages of using a salad spinner?

By opting for a salad spinner, you will be sure to eat a clean and healthy salad, free of insects, which has kept its natural crunch and has lost all risk of contamination.


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Fiskars 1014433
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Deliawinterfel 876879
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