The best PS4 wheels in the UK 2023

When it comes to gaming consoles, the PlayStation 4 is a must-have. As proof, 100 million copies have been sold in 2019. For racing games on this Japanese console, the steering wheel will offer better sensations than the Dualshock controller. In this guide, we propose nothing less than the best PS4 steering wheels on the market.

PS4 Steering Wheel - Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback 1

Best value for money

PS4 Steering Wheel - Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback

The best PS4 wheel in 2021

Experience the feeling of driving a real race car with this Thrustmaster steering wheel that is compatible with various media and consoles. A simple accessory with exceptional capabilities!

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The Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback steering wheel has all the options found on PS4 controllers. It is very versatile and adapts to the gamer's pace. With its 1080° TouchSense Immersion adjustable force feedback, it totally immerses you in the electrifying atmosphere of car racing.

This steering wheel is compatible with many T3PA and T3PA-PRO pedalboards as well as the optional Thrustmaster TH8A gearbox. It's sturdy, all-metal design makes it easy to attach to all kinds of mounts. It reacts well in turns thanks to its adjustable rotation system. No need to make different manipulations to play, since the console automatically recognizes the steering wheel.

Superdrive GS500 2

Best value for money

Superdrive GS500

The best entry-level PS4 wheel

The Superdrive GS500 has all the basic features for an immersive first racing experience. A simple, yet precise PS4 steering wheel.

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Superdrive delivers a racing wheel for those looking for quality on the cheap. This steering wheel with 270° rotation angle is the best option to have a realistic experience without breaking the bank. It has a suction cup mount and can be attached to all types of mounts. In addition, it has a paddle shifter, gas pedal and brake pedal.

With this racing wheel, tracks become easier to tackle thanks to its dual vibration motor with 3 sensitivity settings. It is compatible with recent consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch as well as PC and with many racing games such as GTA, V-Rally 4, Project Car, etc.

Logitech G29 Driving Force 3

Best value for money

Logitech G29 Driving Force

The best high-end PS4 wheel

Stylish, powerful and rugged. That's the best way to describe this Logitech steering wheel. It immerses you in the atmosphere of track simulations as if you were a real race car driver.

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Logitech hits hard with its high-end G29 racing wheel. Sleek look, stainless steel design material, this model has everything to please racing simulation enthusiasts. It offers a rare driving experience thanks to its 2-motor force feedback. Its leather-covered steering wheel ensures driving comfort during the sessions.

Ergonomically, this steering wheel comes with an adjustable pedal board, which makes driving even more realistic. You can use it with the recent PS4 and PS3 consoles as well as on PC and Mac. No more worries about hairpins or difficult turns, with this steering wheel that turns 900°.

Volant et pédales PS4/PS5 4

Licensed flyer

Volant et pédales PS4/PS5

The best licensed PS4 wheel

Fans of fast-paced racing will be thrilled with the steering wheel and pedals. Made by Sony especially for the PS4 and the upcoming PS5, this set offers incredible gameplay.

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For those looking for a steering wheel that is easy to install on newer consoles, this steering wheel and pedal set is the best option. Simply pair the steering wheel with the console and it will activate. Programmable buttons make it easy to operate and make simulations even more exciting.

Designed to fit the PS4 console, this steering wheel can also be used for Sony's brand new PS5. It features a 270° rotation angle and blind spot adjustment, all with the aim of giving gamers a more realistic and immersive driving experience. The steering wheel comes with suction cups, but can also be attached with clamps.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best PS4 steering wheel

Any specific needs?

The best PS4 wheel in 2021

The best entry-level PS4 wheel

The best high-end PS4 wheel

The best licensed PS4 wheel

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Comparison table of the best PS4 wheels

PS4 Steering Wheel - Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback 5
Superdrive GS500 6
Logitech G29 Driving Force 7
Volant et pédales PS4/PS5 8
PS4 Steering Wheel - Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback
Superdrive GS500
Logitech G29 Driving Force
Volant et pédales PS4/PS5
Experience the feeling of driving a real race car with this Thrustmaster steering wheel that is compatible with various media and consoles. A simple accessory with exceptional capabilities!
The Superdrive GS500 has all the basic features for an immersive first racing experience. A simple, yet precise PS4 steering wheel.
Stylish, powerful and rugged. That's the best way to describe this Logitech steering wheel. It immerses you in the atmosphere of track simulations as if you were a real race car driver.
Fans of fast-paced racing will be thrilled with the steering wheel and pedals. Made by Sony especially for the PS4 and the upcoming PS5, this set offers incredible gameplay.
Impeller diameter
28 cm
27 cm
PS4, PS3, PC
Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 7, PlayStation 4, Windows 2000
PS4, PS3, PC, Mac
PS4, PS5, PC
Return force
Double vibration
Double vibration
Double vibration
Support attachment
Rotation range

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Buying guide - PS4 steering wheel

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How to choose your PS4 steering wheel

Choosing a racing wheel is not very obvious, especially for a gamer looking for perfection. Each brand has its own specificity and a model can have a more improved version. Nevertheless, there are some criteria that should not be overlooked.

#1 - On-board technologies

The technology present on a PS4 compatible racing wheel is none other than force feedback. This is the second phase of feedback and is felt when the player takes a turn. It varies between models and suppliers, but it's best to choose an accessory with 1080° force feedback.

#2 - The quality

A great quality steering wheel should have a good diameter to allow the gamer to play comfortably. This is between 28 and 30 cm. Then there is the structure of the steering wheel itself. It is best to choose a steering wheel with a metal structure because plastic ones are fragile. The covering is part of the important quality criteria: leather, rubber, Alcantara, etc.

#3 - Accessories

The most important thing is the accessibility of the controls that are present on the steering wheel. They should be close to the steering wheel to ensure a more immersive feel. The pedals should be adjustable, especially in braking, and adapt to the behavior of each player. Generally, a PS4 racing wheel has a sequential gearbox that is activated by touching the small paddle next to the wheel. In addition to these basic accessories, higher-end models allow the connection of other items such as a headset or a USB stick.

#4 - Compatibility

As a

rule, a racing wheel comes with a software or driver that allows it to be coupled to a stand. So it's automatically compatible with a computer. But that's not often the case on consoles. Do a test to see whether or not the steering wheel is compatible with the console and that all the buttons and controls are functional.

#5 - The setting

Usually, the steering wheel is adjusted at the controls. It allows you to adapt the accessories to the player's driving. For a PS4 steering wheel, it is possible to update the settings on the site or on PlayStation Network.

What is a PS4 steering wheel?

A PS4 steering wheel is an accessory sold separately from the console and which allows you to drive a vehicle on a track or a road by simulation. In general, it is compatible with its predecessors such as the PS3 and can be easily linked to a PC. The oldest ones are wired, and the recent models are wireless. The latter come with a USB cable that allows you to charge them on the console or on a box.

A PS4 steering wheel must have a pedal set and a gear. In this case, the pedal set is made up of 3 pedals, like on manual drive cars. There are also models with a sequential gear ratio that have only 2 pedals.

It is also equipped with paddles and numerous control buttons for setting and adjusting the driving according to the gamer's wishes.

A PS4 steering wheel is a good alternative for professional drivers because it allows them to train to refine their driving skills, but it is mainly a means of entertainment for video game enthusiasts.

PS4 wheel or dualshock V2 controller?

PS4 Steering Wheel

For racing games, a PS4 steering wheel always offers unparalleled game play. They are real tools that allow you to handle the car well. And with the additional items like pedals and speed, it's even better.

However, handling a racing wheel is not easy if you are a novice. Some models are very sensitive to turning, which leads to a run off the road or an accident. It also needs to be fixed on a stand.

Dualshock V2 controller

Accessory supplied with the purchase of a console, the V2 controller is more versatile, because it adapts to any kind of game, whether it's a racing game or not. Moreover, you can play anywhere, as long as the distance between the console and the controller is respected. It also offers excellent handling and is very intuitive with some games.

Still, there are some options that are missing from the V2 controllers, especially in racing games and the feel is not the same. Racing games are also not playable with the analog stick because the car becomes uncontrollable.


Even if you're just starting out, it's best to use a PS4 steering wheel for racing games for more realism. The V2 controller can be a great help if you don't have a racing wheel, but the feel is not the same. It is recommended for adventure or combat or sports games.

The advantages of a ps4 steering wheel

Improved handling and control

A ps4 gaming wheel offers more control and better handling than your PlayStation controllers. With a ps4 steering wheel, you can make tight, fast turns, naturally control your speed, and even make quick adjustments with a more authentic driving experience. You can also make small moves, which a controller can't always offer. Still, there are a few rules you should try to follow to maximize comfort. For example, your seat height should be as low as possible or the opposite if you're playing Truck Simulator so that your legs are positioned forward.

Better accuracy

Your ps4 steering wheel can make even small movements and the wheel moves exactly as desired, depending on the model. This allows you to excel and perform better.

Realistic results

When you play driving simulation or racing games on your Playstation, you'll get more realistic results with a ps4 steering wheel. A game controller can only offer so much, with a few buttons, joysticks and triggers. A ps4 steering wheel, however, makes the game real as you steer, use pedals, and even shift gears like you would in a car.


A PS4 steering wheel doesn't have to be used only for PS4 games. Depending on your model, you can easily connect it to another platform like a PC or your Xbox. Don't worry, it will react the same way once adjusted.

Price flexibility

The PS4 wheel is a very good quality product at the right price. Although it falls behind giants like Logitech, the PlayStation model is a much better investment than the majority of entry-level products and is on par with many of its mid-range counterparts.

The best brands of PS4 wheels

In our opinion, the best brands of PS4 wheels in 2022 are :


It is a world-renowned brand in terms of accessories for gamers. It is a hit with professional gamers because not only does it offer many models of shuttlecocks with extraordinary performance, but its products are sold at competitive prices.

PS4 steering wheels from this supplier stand out for their high-end technology and sophistication. The brand is one of the pioneers in gaming products. With a Logitech steering wheel in your hand, you get a better grip and a surreal driving feel.

Just like its luxury cars, the firm's steering wheels are considered the grail in the gaming world. Advanced technology, great ergonomics and intuitive controls are just a few of the advantages Ferrari steering wheels offer. The firm has even released models that mimic the characteristics of a real F1 steering wheel.

Specialized in consumables for PC, this brand has been noticed for its very good quality racing wheels. These are compatible with all consoles and are sold at a low price.

This brand new brand has been able to stand up to the giants of video games with its original design products. If we only mention Wireless Racing Whelle for PS4 with the possibility of customization with a 270° rotation possibility.


Remove a detachable flywheel from the engine

The detachable flywheel is connected to the motor with screws. Just use a screwdriver to unscrew and remove the flywheel from the hub. Sometimes you will need to turn the flywheel a little to get it to come off. This is often the case with new products.

Loss of force feedback


models have a strong feedback force, but can also become too soft in a high temperature environment. In this case, you can activate the forced cooling mode which cools the motor instantly to allow you to regain a correct and regular force feedback.

Avoiding the force feedback problem


need to uncheck the "keep application suspended" box by going to Settings, then, Power Management settings and finally, Set available functions in rest mode. Also, avoid plugging or unplugging your wheel while the game is still running. This can cause a malfunction in the Force Feedback.

Changing the steering wheel angle on PS4


simple manipulation can change the steering wheel rotation angle on PS4. To do this, you need to press "Right D-pad" and "Mode" at the same time to add the rotation angle by one setting and to decrease "Left D-pad" and "Mode". Do this every time you restart.

Using a PS3 wheel on PS4


the steering wheel has been designed to fit the PS4, you just need to press the switch button and switch to PS4 for your steering wheel to be recognized by the console. But make sure the steering wheel is compatible.


What is the best PS4 steering wheel?

The best PS4 steering wheel depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

What is the best PS4 steering wheel mounting system?

Obviously, PS4 racing wheels have a built-in mounting system. But you can optimize this by purchasing a firmer, sturdier stand. It should be removable so that you can move it around as you please. The mount should be carefully chosen based on the force feedback.

How does the force feedback of a PS4 steering wheel work?

Force feedback is the vibration felt by the gamer when performing a maneuver, difficult or not. It's what gives the impression of being in a real car race. The steering wheel must offer a powerful, stable and quiet force feedback between 900 and 1080°. The most powerful force feedback is the "brushless".

How do I connect a PS4 wheel?

You can start playing as soon as the wheel is connected to the USB port on your console. If you're using a wireless device, you just need to pair the wheel to the console via Bluetooth. Everything you do with this accessory will be reported to the car you see on the screen. The pedals are used for braking, clutching/disengaging, and accelerating. However, the different specific manipulations depend on the supplier and the model.

How do I configure the PS4 wheel?

The auto-recognition mode is activated as soon as you start connecting the steering wheel to the console. You don't have to do anything except play the game itself; it's more of a setting than a configuration. Go to 'configuration' and then 'steering wheel settings'. Once in this tab, click on "Controls Setup". You can start customizing the settings to suit your level of play.


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PS4 Steering Wheel - Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback 9
PS4 Steering Wheel - Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback
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Superdrive GS500
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Logitech G29 Driving Force
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Volant et pédales PS4/PS5


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