The best screens for video projector in the UK 2023

The screen for video projector allows among other things to make professional presentations or enjoy a good movie. Its main advantage is its discretion, since it only unrolls when you use it. Choose the screen that suits your interior according to your needs and desires. With a fixed or retractable frame, to hang on the wall or with a tripod, find the screen for video projector adapted to your needs with our guide.

Celexon Basic 200 x 150 cm 1

Best value for money

Celexon Basic 200 x 150 cm

The best projector screen in 2021

This video projector screen is motorized and measures 200 x 150 cm. Compatible with 4:3 and 16:9 formats, it is easy to install. But the difference with a white wall is minimal.

96 £ on Amazon

With a native 4:3 aspect ratio, this projector screen measures 200 x 150 cm. This is still large enough for professional presentations as well as for watching movies at home. The installation is done quickly, preferably on the wall with plastic metal plugs depending on the strength of the material to be drilled. The screen works very well. The same applies to the radio frequency remote control and the wired control on the power cable.

The raising and lowering of the fabric is done without a sound. After unpacking, a strong smell of plastic can be felt and remain for 2 to 3 days. Concretely, the difference with a direct projection on a white wall is minimal. It is mainly due to the black edge which makes the images and videos stand out better.

Oray Mpp01 180 x 180 cm 2

Best value for money

Oray Mpp01 180 x 180 cm

The best entry-level projector screen

The canvas of this screen for manual projector is not judged by its appearance as the rendering of presentations is of high quality. This model will also complete your home theater if you lack space.

39,20 £ on Boulanger

With this 180 x 180 cm video projector screen, enjoy your content in large format. Very easy to install, it takes up an entire wall. With its flexible and sturdy fabric, the Oray Mpp01 is a safe investment. Its ability to roll up when not in use saves a lot of space.

Good to know, the roll-up of the screen is done manually by means of a small handle at the bottom. The installation of this screen for video projector on the ceiling or wall is easy. You just have to fix the casing with pegs and hooks to hold it. The casing is a very discreet white color, so it will blend in with your interior decor.

Oray Supergear HC 135 x 240 cm 3

Best value for money

Oray Supergear HC 135 x 240 cm

The best high-end projector screen

The Oray Supergear HC has a matte white projection surface to avoid glare, complemented by a black frame. This large projector screen will have little to envy from TVs.

199 £ on Boulanger

The large size of this manual projector screen makes for breathtaking life-size viewing. Watch your favorite videos, games, photos or sporting events as if you were using a home theater. The screen fabric ensures crisp, sharp images of amazing quality.

The screen is rolled up in an aluminum housing that can be installed either on the ceiling or on the wall with mounting brackets. Once the fabric is rolled up, the casing is discreet and blends in with the decor. And despite its size, the Oray Supergear HC saves a lot of space. And we like the adjustable opening to unroll the fabric just right.

Elgato Green Screen 148 x 180 cm 4


Elgato Green Screen 148 x 180 cm

A great projector screen

The Elgato Green Screen fulfills all the requirements of a green projector screen. Create your own studio with this screen as your main accessory.

128 £ on Boulanger

The Elgato Green Screen can be installed and uninstalled in no time. Unfolded, it offers a uniform, wrinkle-free, matte surface. It will be used for inlays during shooting, photography or video games. Suitable for both professionals and individuals, this 148 x 180 cm projector screen is also interesting for its size. After use, it can be quickly stored in its aluminum case, convenient for users with limited workspace.

A very interesting point to note about this video projector screen is its positioning on a stand. With this system, the Elgato Green Screen unfolds by means of a handle that you pull to the desired height. The X-frame at the back fixes it and keeps it firmly upright.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best projector screen

Any specific needs?

The best projector screen in 2021

The best entry-level projector screen

The best high-end projector screen

A great projector screen

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Comparison table of the best screens for video projector

TOP OF THE TOP LOW COST Top of the range Interesting
Celexon Basic 200 x 150 cm 5
Oray Mpp01 180 x 180 cm 6
Oray Supergear HC 135 x 240 cm 7
Elgato Green Screen 148 x 180 cm 8
Celexon Basic 200 x 150 cm
Oray Mpp01 180 x 180 cm
Oray Supergear HC 135 x 240 cm
Elgato Green Screen 148 x 180 cm
This video projector screen is motorized and measures 200 x 150 cm. Compatible with 4:3 and 16:9 formats, it is easy to install. But the difference with a white wall is minimal.
The canvas of this screen for manual projector is not judged by its appearance as the rendering of presentations is of high quality. This model will also complete your home theater if you lack space.
The Oray Supergear HC has a matte white projection surface to avoid glare, complemented by a black frame. This large projector screen will have little to envy from TVs.
The Elgato Green Screen fulfills all the requirements of a green projector screen. Create your own studio with this screen as your main accessory.
200 x 150 cm
180 x 180 cm
135 x 240 cm
180 x 148 cm
Transportable screen
Wall mounting

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How to choose your projector screen

Whether you're looking to build a presentation area for a conference room or a large-scale movie theater, a high-quality projector screen is a key part of your toolbox. There are a number of criteria that will help you find the best projector screen.

#1 - Screen size

Determine the optimal screen size based on the size and layout of the room and the expected seating size. For wall placement, the best height takes into consideration the courtroom floor. The bottom of the screen should be at least four feet above the floor to allow the back row to see the screen. If you select an incorrect screen size, you will either end up with an image that overflows the screen or an image that does not fill the screen.

#2 - The fabric

You will need to select the best screen fabric for the job. There are a wide range of models that can handle different applications and environments, with their effectiveness depending on several factors, including the resolution of the media being used, the lighting and acoustic conditions, and the viewing angle of the audience. While this may seem like a complicated topic, understanding the purpose of the screen fabric makes your choice easier.

#3 - The features

Another simple way to narrow down your choices is to check out the features and retraction method that you find most convenient. You can choose from motorized electric projector screens that lower and retract with the push of a button. Manual projection screens extend and retract with a simple pull of the screen handle, much like a standard window shade. Fixed-frame projector screens are commonly used for solutions that require a permanent wall solution, such as a home theater or dedicated auditorium.

#4 - The right accessories

You also need to come to a decision on what accessories can accompany your new screen. Mounting brackets, projector mounts, cables, and remotes are just a few of the items you won't want to forget to complete your projection setup.

#5 - The type of screen

Select the type of screen you want. Determine whether you want a model that will be fixed like a fixed frame or a model that retracts and extends like a manual or motorized screen. For a portable projection, you will probably need a tripod, a projection screen or a screen specific to the quick-fold tabletop projector.

How to install a video projector screen?

An essential equipment to enjoy a good quality of light image in a cinema room, the screen for video projector plays an important role. It must therefore be well installed. The installation of this often motorized device is not complex. However, please note that the installation method varies from one model to another.

For a fixed video projection screen, it must be fixed on its support, which is the wall most often, using a suitable material. But the most practical and simple solution is the portable screen. Less cumbersome, it offers a gain of space in the room because it is enough to arrange it with a casing placed on the floor. It is also to be fixed to the ceiling or wall, as we do when fixing a curtain rod.

In addition, an electrical connection is required for a motorized installation. It is possible to hide the electrical wires that connect the power supply of the video projection screen motor and the power outlet with a trunking or a projection in the wall. A better way to hide unsightly elements is also the formwork. DIYers with a lot of experience in this area can do it well.

Remember also that the installation of a video projection screen must be done with the installation of an adequate home theater. Finally, the distance to be respected between the screen and the device will depend entirely on the quality of the resolution of the latter as well as the dimensions of the image you want.

Manual or motorized projection screen?

Manual projection screen

Usually placed on the ceiling, the manual projection screen consists of a fabric and a casing. It is designed to fit in both small and large rooms. The screen can be easily stored in its housing when not in use. This will save you extra space.

The manual projection screen is often reserved for occasional use. Its advantages are that it can be installed quickly with simple manipulations. You can adjust the height of the screen by grasping the central handle at the base. A small drawback is that this type of projection screen needs careful and regular maintenance to preserve its performance.

Motorized projection screen

Having fun at home in a cinema atmosphere is now possible with a motorized projection screen. It is a projector screen equipped with a motor that allows the progressive and secure unrolling of its fabric. It is equipped with a box, a manual control, and a power cable.

Its advantages are multiple: it can work on several surfaces and not only on a fixed screen. It also displays larger objects that are more comfortable for the eyes. On the other hand, the use of a motorized projection screen requires a 220 V power supply. This requires a power supply close to its housing. In addition, the human retina can be quickly damaged by the beams emitted by the projector.


Choosing a motorized projection screen is best for unparalleled ease of use. But you should choose the manual projection screen if you plan to use it occasionally.

Why buy a projection screen for a video projector?

More control

A projector screen gives you more control than a bare wall. A perfectly smooth wall is great, but any minor imperfection could damage your projected image. Most screens have a black border around them, so you can frame your movies and TV shows. It also gives you a little more control over the amount of reflected light. And a screen with a matte coating will have a much easier time keeping ambient light from ruining your image.

More permanence

A screen is at least somewhat permanent. If you're projecting onto a bare wall in your home, for example, you're sometimes forced to move things around so that the projected image can be a little larger than it was. But if you use a screen, you don't have to move your projector to a new location very often.

More colors

Almost all video projector projection screens come in one of three colors: white, gray and black. But the best projector screen color really depends on where you're using it, how much light there is in the room, and how you'll be using it.

Screen Gain

A video projector screen works by reflecting the light from your projector back to the eyes of your audience. The brightness of the image reflected from the screen surface is measured in units of "gain", by measuring the reflectivity of that surface. The gain number represents a ratio of light reflected from a light source to a surface. A screen with a gain measurement greater than 1.0 infers that the image projected back off the surface is brighter than the image projected onto the surface.

More Features

Some screens are built with special features. These refer to a unique feature of a screen's design, implemented either to improve the projector's performance or to add an additional utility to the screen. These high-end features will help you take your home theater experience to the next level.


Find the ideal location for your screen

In order to enjoy your projection sessions, it is necessary to place the screen properly. Indeed, depending on the model, you will have the possibility to hang it, to fix it on the wall or to hide it in a piece of furniture such as a special cabinet. Also, be sure to take into consideration the size of the room where you want to install it so that it is placed at the right distance.

Hide connection cables for aesthetics and safety

In order to clear the view during the projection, make sure that there are no wires near your screen that could bother you. Also, make sure to hide them under the carpet for example or by installing a wand. However, the same goes for your own safety and that of your loved ones at the risk of tripping over a knot.

Increase image quality with simple but effective methods

Certainly, today's video projector screens have been carefully designed to ensure a good video rendering. But, it would be even better if you closed the doors and windows. This technique keeps the sunlight out of the room. Indeed, by doing this, you will avoid ending up with a backlight effect that would alter your vision.

Clean your screen regularly

It goes without saying that a screen, once installed, is exposed to different kinds of dirt such as dust. And yet, this could not only reduce the quality of the projected image but, in the long run, could damage it permanently. Therefore, wipe it with a cloth similar to those used for glasses. However, avoid soaking it with chemicals or corrosive products.

Make your own projector screen

For lack of means, if you do not have a screen, you have the possibility of converting a part of your wall to act as a screen. To do this, as long as your wall is colored, cover it with a white canvas. It is a solution both inexpensive and easy to achieve. Of course, the picture quality will not be as good as with a special screen, but it will allow you to watch your favorite movies in the meantime.


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Our selection
Celexon Basic 200 x 150 cm 9
Celexon Basic 200 x 150 cm
Oray Mpp01 180 x 180 cm 10
Oray Mpp01 180 x 180 cm
Oray Supergear HC 135 x 240 cm 11
Oray Supergear HC 135 x 240 cm
Elgato Green Screen 148 x 180 cm 12
Elgato Green Screen 148 x 180 cm


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