The best overhead projectors in the UK 2023

The overhead projector is mainly used to display still images on a wall or a board. However, it has been quickly replaced by the new generation of video projectors. Would you like to enjoy the best of cinema in your living room and project your digital content in high definition? Find your happiness among the models of this comparison.

ViewSonic M1+

Best value for money

ViewSonic M1+

The best overhead projector in 2021

Forget about large projectors that are difficult to carry and install. The ViewSonic M1+, connected via Wi-Fi and particularly easy to handle, is the compact model you need.

272 £ on Amazon

With just a few simple steps, your images and videos are ready to be shown on the ViewSonic M1+. The stand has been designed to make it easy to place the overhead projector. An auto-correction feature ensures perfectly proportioned images, no matter where you place this compact overhead projector.

You won't need to untangle any cables. The overhead projector is powered by a battery with a maximum runtime of six hours. The device connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. A USB Type-C port is also integrated into the connectivity. Note that the ViewSonic M1+ can serve as a Bluetooth speaker that produces excellent sound for listening to your favorite tracks.

Artograph AR555-460 Tracer Noir

Best value for money

Artograph AR555-460 Tracer Black

The best entry-level overhead projector

The Artograph AR555-460 Tracer Black is a tool that allows you to enlarge by 14 times the size of a paper document while enjoying a very good projection quality.

77,46 £ on Amazon

Drawers, painters and other professionals working on paper will be delighted to use the Artograph AR555-460 Tracer Black. It is an episcope overhead projector whose role is to project an enlargement of a fixed representation on a vertical surface. The image placed on a 13 x 13 copy window can be enlarged up to 14 times. The 23 W lamp ensures the sharpness of the projection, whatever the brightness of the room in which it is carried out.

The details of a small image will be more visible and more easily reproduced. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get this practical device. The price of the Artograph AR555-460 Tracer Black is affordable for everyone.


Best value for money

Overhead projector XGIMI H2

The best high-end overhead projector

The XGIMI H2, a relatively compact model, projects your videos in Full HD on a very large 180" screen and integrates modern features such as Wi-Fi connectivity.

799 £ on Amazon

The XGIMI H2 overhead projector broadcasts your digital content with a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. This image quality is guaranteed on a screen size of up to 300 inches. Watch your streaming movies and video memories like in a movie theater without moving from your sofa. The XGIMI H2 will also please gamers who want to display their games on a giant screen without compromising on graphics.

The XGIMI H2 has modern connectivity (HDMI, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi) that allows easy pairing with smartphones, PCs or video game consoles (PS5, Xbox Series, Switch ...). The experience is completed by its integrated Harman Kardon speakers providing a sound of remarkable quality.

Vankyo Performance V630

A great alternative

Vankyo Performance V630

A 300-inch widescreen

With the Vankyo Performance V630, you can enjoy a true cinema experience without leaving your home. This overhead projector offers 1920 x 1080 px resolution with rich colors and realistic images.

152 £ on Cdiscount

You don't have to buy an expensive LED TV to watch your movies on an incredible big screen, warm and snug on your couch or in bed. The Vankyo Performance V630 does just that. Don't worry about image quality, this compact projector delivers 1080p with high resolution and 7000:1 contrast. The images projected on the huge screen will be of excellent quality, both sharp and immersive.

The Vankyo Performance V630 comes with a remote control for easy adjustment. This means you can frame the screen without having to touch the overhead projector. The trapezoid correction is included. With this model, watch your favorite movies and series on a screen of a maximum size of 50 to 300 inches.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best overhead projector

Any specific needs?

The best overhead projector in 2021

The best entry-level overhead projector

The best high-end overhead projector

A 300-inch widescreen

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Comparison table of the best overhead projectors

ViewSonic M1+
Artograph AR555-460 Tracer Noir
Vankyo Performance V630
ViewSonic M1+
Artograph AR555-460 Tracer Black
Overhead projector XGIMI H2
Vankyo Performance V630
Forget about large projectors that are difficult to carry and install. The ViewSonic M1+, connected via Wi-Fi and particularly easy to handle, is the compact model you need.
The Artograph AR555-460 Tracer Black is a tool that allows you to enlarge by 14 times the size of a paper document while enjoying a very good projection quality.
The XGIMI H2, a relatively compact model, projects your videos in Full HD on a very large 180" screen and integrates modern features such as Wi-Fi connectivity.
With the Vankyo Performance V630, you can enjoy a true cinema experience without leaving your home. This overhead projector offers 1920 x 1080 px resolution with rich colors and realistic images.
Maximum image size
100 inches
200 to 1400%
300 inches
300 inches
Projection distance
0.6 to 2.65 m
1.06 to 2.66 m
1.6 m - 9.2 m
Light output
125 ANSI lumens
1500 lumens
1350 ANSI lumens
6000 lumens
USB, HDMI, Airplay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DLNA
HDMI, USB, AV, micro SD slot, and audio port
Screen resolution
854 x 480 px
1920 x 1080 px
1920 x 1080p Full HD

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Buying guide - overhead projector

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How to choose your overhead projector

The choice of an overhead projector or a video projector is not made at random. It is essential to select the ideal device according to your needs and its technical characteristics. Don't worry, by taking into account the criteria listed below, you should be able to find the overhead projector that will satisfy you the best.

#1 - The light power

Whether it's an overhead projector or a video projector, the light output should be considered very carefully. If you plan to project visual content in a brightly lit room or outdoors, you should get a device that offers a high light output. This is expressed in Lumen (lm). The models on the market have a light output between 1500 Lumens and 4000 Lumens.

#2 - The practicality

A good overhead projector should be easy to handle, whether it is fixed or portable. Physical settings such as image correction, focus and zoom should be easy to set. If the device has different projection modes built in, you should have no trouble deploying them. The weight and size of the overhead projector also contribute to its ease of use, especially if it is a portable model.

#3 - The connectivity

The overhead projector must be connected to another device to display the content (photos or videos). The second device can be a computer, a smartphone, a storage device (USB key, hard drive...), a game console, a camera or a tablet. It is therefore necessary that the overhead projector has a connector adapted to the device with which you connect it. When in doubt, opt for a model that has full connectivity (HDMI, VGA, AV, USB).

#4 - The size


fixed use on the same platform, a heavy and large model may be suitable. Large overhead projectors are often more powerful. On the other hand, if you plan to move the device regularly, or even carry it from one place to another, a compact and portable model is more practical


#5 - The projection technique

The overhead projectors offered on the market mainly use 3 types of technologies: DLP, LCD and LCOS. The latter is considered the most efficient projection technique. The lamp technology should also be taken into account. The models available on the market are equipped with LED or Laser lamps.

How to install an overhead projector?

To install an overhead projector, you must carefully evaluate the distance between the device and the projection surface. Manufacturers establish a ratio that defines this distance. The ratio is between 1 and 2. For example, for a ratio of 1.5, the width of the image will grow by 1 meter if you move the projector back 1.5 meters. You will also have a zoom to adjust the size of the image.

You will then need to find the ideal height. Use the keystone correction to get a rectangular screen even when the overhead projector is too low or too high. If possible, place the device horizontally in relation to the screen to limit the use of keystone correction.

Avoid blocking the air inlets and outlets of the cabinet even if the OHP becomes noisy. Good ventilation limits the overheating of the lamp and motor during projection. You should also make sure that the device is placed on a flat surface to get a better image quality and avoid the risk of falling.

The different types of overhead projectors

Modern overhead projectors fall into two main categories: fixed and portable models. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages as you can see below.

Fixed overhead projector

The fixed overhead projector, as its name suggests, is designed to stay where you put it. It is large and weighs several pounds

. This weight and these important dimensions explain the sedentary nature of its use. Of course, you could, from time to time, move it. Nevertheless, moving it can be restrictive. Rather noisy, it is proposed at a rather high price.

In the past, it was the only type of overhead projector available to users. In fact, these fixed devices often have the best performance in terms of display quality. They are also quite expensive and are mainly used by professionals. The fixed overhead projector is mainly for professionals and users who project content in the same place.

Portable overhead projector

This type of overhead projector has appeared fairly recently. To display a portable character, these devices feature a small size housing. They are also much lighter. With a portable overhead projector, you will be able to change the projection location very regularly without the installation being a problem.

However, the reduction in size means a sacrifice of some functionality. Smaller overhead projectors can have reduced performance compared to fixed models. Nevertheless, technology has greatly improved the quality of their projections. So today, you can find a portable HD overhead projector quite easily at an affordable price. The portable overhead projector is mostly used in a home setting. Although professionals who project visual content in different locations may also need this type of device.

The episcope and diascope overhead projectors

The episcope overhead projector displays images printed on an opaque medium such as paper. The diascope overhead projector, on the other hand, projects images from transparent media such as slides.

Overhead projector or video projector?

Overhead projector

The overhead projector is limited to projecting frozen images. They can be printed or drawn on paper or on transparent media such as negatives and slides. Images in digital format are not included. Overhead projectors are used more and more rarely. Drawing artists and painters are the last to use this type of device to produce their work. The overhead projectors are therefore increasingly rare on the market.

Video projector

The video projector is newer than the overhead projector. This type of device displays digital images and videos stored in a computer, smartphone or storage device on a medium. They are more modern than the overhead projector and offer many more features.


The choice of the overhead projector is advised only if the realization of your tasks strictly requires this type of device. In other cases, prefer a video projector which will always be more versatile. Indeed, with the latter, you can broadcast slide shows, but also audiovisual content in all digital formats. Of course, the video projector costs a little more. But the benefits it can bring you are worth the cost.

Why buy an overhead projector?

Simple technology

An overhead projector relies on a bright lamp that sends an image through a lens and mirror assembly onto a screen. Except for the fan that cools the lamp, these devices have no moving parts. If you want to project movies and sound, an overhead projector will not meet your needs. Overhead projectors offer a simple service based on low-tech components and do not require you to acquire new technology or skills.

Equipment costs

Overhead projectors can cost anywhere from 10 to 50% of their LCD cousins. Both types use specialized lamps, but the price differential persists when you evaluate their parts head-to-head. In some cases, you can buy a new overhead projector for the price of an LCD projector lamp. If you're presenting material that doesn't require computer projection of a/v content, an overhead projector will save you money, both at the time of purchase and during its functional life.


Transparent film may cost more than regular office paper, but it's available at virtually any office supply store, local or on the web. If you prefer to buy environmentally friendly materials, look for transparencies with recycled content. Whether you use a laser or inkjet printer or direct your output to a networked color copier, you'll find a film product designed for your device. You can prepare your transparencies well in advance of your presentation and reuse them every time you give the same speech.


Because overhead projectors display everything you print on clear plastic sheets, their transparencies make it easy to annotate your presentation pages with comments you elicit from your audience or points of interest related to your data. With an inexpensive wax or grease pencil, you can write or draw on your transparencies during your speech and wipe off the notes with a tissue or paper towel.

Work on the fly

Overhead projectors are not just for showing stagnant, already finished material. With the special transparency paper, overhead projectors become a trainer, group organizer or brainstorming meeting leader's best friend. Employees can work in real time with an overhead projector, where one person stands in front of the projector and writes on the overhead, which immediately becomes visible to all other members of the audience.


Use a projector screen

You can project the images directly onto a wall. However, if you want to enjoy optimal image quality, it is advisable to use a video projector screen. This is a flexible plate specially dedicated to this type of projection device. All you have to do is hang it on the wall and you're done. There are also projection screens on stands that take up more space, but can be taken down when not in use.

Projection paint to improve image quality


you have some reservations about buying a projection screen, opt for projection paint. This is a special paint that allows you to have a high quality image projected directly onto a wall. This solution is suitable if you broadcast the images on the same place.

Limit keystone correction


keystone correction is ideal to have a straight display during projection. However, this feature has a direct impact on the sharpness of the images. It is therefore advised not to use too much the keystone correction to have beautiful images during projections.

Check lamp availability


lamp is a part that wears out very quickly on a video projector. To tell the truth, it is a real consumable that must be changed after a certain period of fairly short use. Before you buy an overhead projector, make sure the lamp is available, easy to find, and affordable in terms of price.

Use eco mode

Overhead projectors are power-hungry devices. This is especially true of models with very powerful lamps. Generally, an eco mode is proposed on these devices. This operating mode allows to limit energy consumption by reducing the light power of the lamp.


What is the best overhead projector?

The best overhead projector depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

How far away should I place my overhead projector?


distance between the projection surface and the overhead projector varies from one model to another. You have to consider the ratio indicated on the device. The lower the ratio, the less distance required between the screen and the device.

What is the average life of the lamp?


lamp of a video projector is generally used between 10,000 and 20,000 h. Its life span will depend mostly on how often the device is used.

Can I repair the lamp of an overhead projector?


the lamp must be changed once it fails. There is no repair solution for this consumable.

Can I use a projector outdoors?


, provided the lamp is powerful enough to provide a clear display in a lit area. Normally, the manufacturer indicates whether or not its projector is usable outdoors.


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ViewSonic M1+
ViewSonic M1+
Artograph AR555-460 Tracer Noir
Artograph AR555-460 Tracer Black
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