The best Percussion drills in the UK 2023

Having trouble drilling into your concrete walls and don't know what tool to get? Are you a carpenter and need new equipment? For a tool suitable for hard materials such as stone, light concrete or brick, the percussion drill is what you need. Despite the loud noise it makes, which can be solved by wearing quality hearing protection, it is very effective. Read our guide to find out more.

Makita HP457DWE10 1

Best value for money

Makita HP457DWE10

Best value for money

Supplied with 71 accessories, the Makita HP 457 DWE10 is a drill/driver with a lightweight and compact design. With a power of 400 W, the device offers a power up to 3250 rpm with a motor delivering up to 205 nm.

140 £ on Amazon

The Makita HP 457 DWE10 drill is lightweight at 960 grams and comes with a set of 71 accessories to ensure versatility features and convenience. It is an impact drill/driver with metal gears with 2 speeds reaching up to 3250 rpm. It has a 13 mm single-ring self-tightening chuck with precise torque adjustment in 16 positions plus a single drilling position and another with percussion.

Powered by 18 V, 1.5 Ah, and a power consumption of 400 W, the motor delivers a torque of up to 42 Nm. The drill has an ergonomic handle with Softgrip coating for a better grip. And for better control during use, the tool includes an electric brake and a direction-reversing trigger to ensure reliability and efficiency. The tool even features a patented 3 LED ring to ensure optimal lighting in dark areas.

Black & Decker - BEH710K 2

Best drill under 100€

Black & Decker - BEH710K

Best value for money

The 710W impact drill offers the perfect balance of powerful performance and a compact, easy-to-handle design that will suit both professionals and casual DIYers.

40,80 £ on Amazon

The motor of the Black & Decker BEH710K professional hammer drill has a variable speed and delivers 0-2,800 rpm: it ensures easy drilling of wood, metal and brick. Its integrated trigger lock switch is an ergonomic feature that makes it easy to control the unit during the hours of manipulation that await you.

Omega technology that supports the motor optimizes the longevity of the Black and Decker BEH710K by protecting it from overheating and frictional wear. Supplied with 4 drill bits, this professional impact drill is a great DIY ally that is both convenient and comfortable.

Makita - DLX2145TJ 3

Best of all

Makita - DLX2145TJ

Highest price range

Here you have a high-powered professional impact drill with 2 x 18V 5.0Ah LXT batteries and a quick charger. It's a great choice for professionals, but also for seasoned DIYers who like to do heavy duty work.

403 £ on Amazon

The Makita DLX2145TJ has a precise torque setting in 21 positions, a good compromise of precision for all types of work. The charging time of this tool is 46 minutes, with its two batteries this gives you the possibility to work well for a few hours without interruption. The device is equipped with infallible ergonomic technologies to ensure comfort during your manipulation: handle with Soft Grip coating, limit water and dust infiltration, motor protection, etc.

The Makita DLX2145TJ professional impact drill comes with two 18V 5Ah Li-Ion batteries that offer long run times between charge cycles and can be partially charged without damaging the cell.

BOSCH UniversalImpact 700 - 700 W 4

Best autonomy

BOSCH UniversalImpact 700 - 700 W

Excellent selection

We'll end with a well-known brand like Bosch. It offers an affordable price, and given its reputation, you won't be disappointed with the quality of the products.

85,63 £ on Amazon

The Bosch - UniversalImpact 700 is the perfect impact drill for any project. It offers a 30 mm drilling capacity in wood and 14 mm in masonry. It's compact, lightweight, and the function selector allows you to turn off the impact function when the material type is not suitable. Drilling with this brand doesn't require much effort, given the options it offers, and its light weight. You can also choose a corded or mobile drill, depending on your expectations.

The Bosch UniversalImpact 700 - 700 W is pretty much suitable for all DIY projects. In addition to being versatile, it is lightweight and powerful. It can handle any material you need to work with. And thanks to the Bosch Speed Preset function, which is specific to this brand, you have the possibility to adapt the drilling speed according to the type of material to be drilled. This drill weighs only 1.7 kg, which makes it very comfortable to use.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Percussion drill

Any specific needs?

Best value for money

Best value for money

Highest price range

Excellent selection

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Comparison table of the best Percussion drills

Excellent Inexpensive Top of the line Great choice
Makita HP457DWE10 5
Black & Decker - BEH710K 6
Makita - DLX2145TJ 7
BOSCH UniversalImpact 700 - 700 W 8
Makita HP457DWE10
Black & Decker - BEH710K
Makita - DLX2145TJ
BOSCH UniversalImpact 700 - 700 W
Supplied with 71 accessories, the Makita HP 457 DWE10 is a drill/driver with a lightweight and compact design. With a power of 400 W, the device offers a power up to 3250 rpm with a motor delivering up to 205 nm.
The 710W impact drill offers the perfect balance of powerful performance and a compact, easy-to-handle design that will suit both professionals and casual DIYers.
Here you have a high-powered professional impact drill with 2 x 18V 5.0Ah LXT batteries and a quick charger. It's a great choice for professionals, but also for seasoned DIYers who like to do heavy duty work.
We'll end with a well-known brand like Bosch. It offers an affordable price, and given its reputation, you won't be disappointed with the quality of the products.
0-400 rpm0-1400 rpm
2800 rpm
0 to 400 rpm
3000 rpm
Chuck type
13 mm single-ring self-tightening chuck
1 hand - 13 mm
Automatic chuck
1.7 kg
2 kg
2,3 kg
1.7 kg
Drilling capacity
Concrete: 13 mm - Steel: 13 mm - Wood: 36 mm
Beton: 13 mm; steel: 13 mm; wood: 25 mm
Concrete: 16 mm Ø max. Steel: 13 mm Ø max. Wood: 76 mm
Concrete: 14 mm; steel: 12 mm; wood: 30 mm
Black & Decker
Max. no-load speed
3250 rpm
2,900 rpm
2 years
2 years
2 years
2 years

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Buying guide - Percussion drill

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How to choose your Percussion drill

What criteria should I consider before buying?

#1 - Function

The choice should always be made according to your needs, and the frequency of use of the tool in question. Percussion drills can be simple drills, as they can be combined with a screwdriver, known as an impact screwdriver. Make your choice by taking into account the function(s) you want to have.

#2 - Frequency of use

A person has expectations when buying a specific product.

  • In the case of a collision drill, both DIY enthusiasts and home improvement enthusiasts will need this tool at specific times. So for infrequent occasions.
  • On the other hand, if you have to do small jobs quite often, there are models adapted to this need. So it is not necessary to take the heavy and expensive models, which are initially dedicated to professionals, carpenters or carpenters. And for the latter, the use of the tool will be very excessive. If you are in this category, you should choose high-performance drills.

#3 - Use

If you need a drill driver for :

  • Your DIY furniture, to install plasterboard or wood, ... Rest assured, it exists! We advise you to take a drill with two 12 to 14.4 V batteries, with a 10 mm self-tightening chuck. However, this model is not suitable for construction sites, no matter how much work is done by them.
  • Your daily work, it is better to take a drill screwdriver two batteries to 18 V / 2. The chuck in this case should be 13 mm, and over a minute it makes 1600 to 2000 revolutions, so in the 31,000 strokes.

To you great professionals who make your living in DIY or different types of installations, we may not be the best people to give you advice on what equipment you need for your daily life, but we still have some ideas that might inspire you. A 2-battery impact drill would be a great help. But unlike the other types mentioned above, we recommend the 18V /4, which can reach up to 2100 revolutions in one minute, with 31000 strokes. That's where its name impact driver came from.

#4 - Precision

If an impact driver lacks precision when drilling, then you have a very serious concern. For it is partly used by carpenters - carpenters for its precision ability. So make sure you do a test run when you buy it to avoid unpleasant surprises.

#5 - Warranty

If a brand offers you a guarantee for on the products they put on the market, it is because they are also the guarantee of the future of their company. These are not the brands that are going to deliver you a low quality product. There are also reseller stores that go down this path because they are certain of the quality of what they are reselling.

How to use an impact drill properly?

A DIY expert or someone who uses drills in their daily life would easily recognize a hammer drill, and more importantly will know how to identify the right one when purchasing. However, we will start from the beginning, without breaking a step, as there might be people who are just discovering the trade, or DYI lovers who have no notion on this subject.

First, keep your professional impact drill in a perpendicular position to your work surface. The settings differ depending on what you're drilling or screwing in. When it comes to speed, there are different levels. Keep in mind, however, that drilling at higher speeds results in less precision. As for the torque, there are a few standards of usage. For drilling, high torque allows the drill to turn faster if you're working on a small diameter; lower torque causes the drill to turn more slowly on hard material. For screwdriving, use lower torque.

The percussion function is necessarily optional depending on the work to be done. It could be detrimental to your work on softer materials, but it allows you to easily get through hard materials.

To top it all off, when you take a hectic device like the professional hammer drill into your hands, never neglect the usual safety precautions. Protect your eyes and hands first, because no one is safe from false manipulations that can cause injury. Another essential point: never try to combine incompatible accessories with your drill, as this could damage it.

That's how to get the most out of your professional hammer drill. Following these few rules will make your job easier.

The different types of Percussion drills

A person has expectations when buying a specific product. Both DIY enthusiasts and home improvement enthusiasts will need this tool at specific times. However, if you are required to do small jobs quite often, there are models adapted to this need. Generally, there are two types of impact drills, especially for professional use.

The corded impact drill

The first is the corded impact drill. This type of drill emphasizes especially its power, which is why it must always be connected to a power source. Therefore, it is necessary to check carefully whether the power cable is suitable for your needs. Especially if your work is at height and your power source might be far from the work area. So there is no need to rush, make sure that the length of the cable is sufficient for your needs. Otherwise, you're going to have to buy an extension cord.

The professional cordless impact drill

The main advantage of this type of drill is its mobility. You won't need a cable and worry about finding an electrical outlet like with the corded professional impact drill. This is a great advantage if sometimes you have to do work in non-electrified areas which makes this cordless tool much more convenient than others. Of course, it is not as powerful as the corded hammer drill, especially in terms of ergonomics. But it does come with two interchangeable batteries. So there are no limits to the accessibility of your work.

A percussion drill or a hammer drill

A percussion drill

Specialized in the transcription of thick materials, the percussion drill, professional or not, works from an electromechanical striking system. It is the friction between the two wheels installed inside that makes its intense persistent vibration. Logically, it is lighter in hand, and allows its user to handle it with a certain ease. A variable speed drive is included, so the drilling is quite adaptable to the type of material. Accidental slips are less and less possible. We recommend an impact drill if you are a carpenter or if you often do renovation work, as it is made to cover common uses.

A hammer drill

If you're dealing with tougher materials, get a hammer drill. It has the power to drill through materials like hard stone without any difficulty. This device has multiple functions, very useful for professionals in the trade, such as drilling, screwing, and even chiseling (offered by some models). The hammer drill is not difficult to find, it is often among the essential tools of large construction sites. It was created for strong materials, so you have to be very careful if you happen to use it on other less hard materials to avoid damaging them.


If you are looking for a tool for domestic use, we recommend the percussion drill. However, if the tool is intended for professional use, you need a more powerful tool for heavier work, taking a hammer drill is more appropriate.

Why choose an impact drill over another type of drill?

The wireless model is very popular because of its mobility. Wherever you go, whether your work site is in the city or in the countryside where there is no electricity. You don't risk losing customers because the rechargeable batteries can give you several hours of work, with the accessories that come with it.

Tough materials are no longer your limit with the collision drill. The extra strength built into it gives you incredible resistance to any type of material, so the impulse is more powerful. It's a new mechanism for your benefit.

Field technicians who handle frequent and different types of renovations always mention this aspect of versatility. An impact drill, especially a professional drill, is a tool that you should never forget when you go on site, among other DIY tools. With it, you can drill, screw and even use the chisel function.

A drill and screw machine ensures reliable and incredible precision in its drilling and screwing. You will only have to set up your device properly before starting the work, so that the features are suitable for the tasks at hand. If the settings are not done properly, a failure is possible, and the precision we are talking about will be questioned.

A tool can be said to be efficient if and only if all manipulations are mastered. But since the collision drill is very easy to handle, you will not have trouble being efficient. In a short time after the first use, you will love drilling and screwing with the tool.

The best brands of Percussion drills

In our opinion, the best brands of Percussion drills in 2022 are :


Makita is a brand known for its ability to offer incredible value for money. And this is true no matter what product you are looking for. Your budget will always fit into their grid, while you won't be disappointed with the quality.

The Hitachi brand is internationally renowned. It has many subsidiaries all over the world, which allows it to seriously follow up all its production. It is thanks to its seriousness that the brand has been able to position itself on the international market.

Bosch has a great strength of creativity. It alone can offer an interesting panel of portable power tools especially for professionals. A brand very well known for its durability, resistance, performance and reliability.

If you are looking for quality, Milwaukee will meet your expectations. Besides, the brand is known for that. Its products are robust and perform well. This has allowed them to establish themselves on the international market.

As for the Stanley brand, it is able to offer you all the tools you need. Its product range is more than wide, and whatever your need for equipment, Stanley can always come to your aid.

What is the price for a Percussion drill

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

£ to £
£ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Consider the necessary protections

When you decide to use an equipment such as a drill, you should always be very careful when using it. A wrong handling can cause a dramatic accident, and that would be a shame. For starters, put on eye protection, so you can avoid accidental eyelid intrusions. Also, a hammer drill gives off a loud noise that requires the wearing of ear protection. And finally, put on gloves to feel comfortable when handling the device.

Prepare solutions for possible blockages

It is very likely that your drill will jam in the middle of work for some reason. What you need to do in this case is to place the switch so that the direction of rotation is in the opposite direction, and especially without forcing. You'll see that afterwards, it will be easy to retrieve the drill.

Put on the appropriate gear

Whenusing your impact drill, make sure you set the appropriate speed for the job you're going to do. For hard materials such as concrete, stone, etc., don't rush, instead, put on the slow speed. On the other hand, for softer materials, the speed should be high. Be aware that the width of the drill bit has a lot to do with the choice of speed of the device. The less wide it is, the higher the speed should be and vice versa.

For the tiles

Working on tiled walls, either whole or half, requires and even imposes operating measures. Even if the drill is percussion, this function is very likely to crack the tiles. So it's best to turn it off when drilling them, and then you can turn it back on when you feel your drill hit the wall.

When you are done

The life of an appliance depends on how you treat it. The impact drill is no exception. Don't put pressure on it, give it time to cool down when you're done. Once it's cooled down, you can unplug it from the power source (for corded drills), then put it away.


How to clean the mechanical parts of a drill? How to maintain the motor of a drill? How to maintain the battery of a drill? How to grease a drill?

Residue, debris, and different kinds of material can build up as you use your impact drill. Therefore, cleaning is necessary to extend the life of your drill. For a thorough cleaning, use a brush or a paintbrush. But ideally, you should get an onsite vacuum cleaner.

Prioritize themaintenance of your unit's motor so that you can keep it as long as possible. There's nothing too difficult, start by dusting the air vents of the drill. This will prevent overheating and improve its operation. Then, if you have an older generation drill, consider changing the motor at the first signs of wear to avoid completely damaging the tool.

For a corded drill, when starting or stopping, avoid pulling on the wire, do it via the plug. Also prevent false contact later. When storing it, wind the wires carefully without pulling them.

For a battery powered cordless drill, avoid self-discharge by removing the battery automatically when not in use. Don't forget that untimely recharging damages the batteries. So avoid recharging them when they are not flat. And don't use it until it's fully charged.

It's good to know that professional drills are lubricated right out of the box, so greasing is not necessary. However, models witha keyedchuck need it so that the parts have a better grip. Distribute the oil evenly inside the chuck, and feel free to loosen and retighten it for optimal application. The outside of the chuck should also be oiled with a rag.


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Makita HP457DWE10 9
Makita HP457DWE10
Black & Decker - BEH710K 10
Black & Decker - BEH710K
Makita - DLX2145TJ 11
Makita - DLX2145TJ
BOSCH UniversalImpact 700 - 700 W 12
BOSCH UniversalImpact 700 - 700 W


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