The best grinders 230 mm in the UK 2023

Steel, metal, concrete, cinder block, brick, marble... nothing resists the 230 mm grinders armed with a diamond disc. Indeed, this powerful electroportable tool cuts, grinds, scrapes and cuts off all the materials of big work without the least effort. Are you interested in purchasing such a tool? Read this buying guide dedicated to the best 230 mm grinders for professional or personal use of the moment.

Einhell TE-AG 230 Softgrip 1

Editor's Choice

Einhell TE-AG 230 Softgrip

The best 230mm grinder of 2021

Robust, powerful and versatile, this 230 mm angle grinder is the equipment you need to complete your renovation work. With a power of 2350 W, this beast will cut, trim, deburr and surface without ever faltering.

77,38 £ on Amazon

The Einhell TE-AG 230 is designed to meet the power and convenience needs of the most demanding professionals and DIYers. This 230mm angle grinder happens to be one of the most convenient on the market. This machine owes its amazing maneuverability to its overall ergonomics, but also to its pivoting main handle that promises maximum flexibility while working. Insensitive to vibrations, this grip will allow you to work longer without getting tired.

Made of metal, the flat gear head of this grinder optimizes power transfer, and reduces vibrations at the same time. This allows it to be used safely in tight or hard-to-reach places. Are you a novice in this field? Don't worry, because the soft-start function ensures a smooth start.

Trotec PAGS 10-230 2

The best cheap offer

Trotec PAGS 10-230

The best entry-level 230mm grinder

Despite its 2000 W, the PAGS 10-230 is a powerful 230 mm grinder that will let you do almost anything. No matter what materials you plan to cut or sand, it will be powerful and comfortable.

59,96 £ on Amazon

The Trotec PAGS 10-230 is a real powerhouse, allowing you to tackle the most demanding tasks with ease. Its cast aluminum drive head guarantees stability and provides more power with a speed of 6500 rpm regardless of the workload. When you choose this 230 mm grinder, expect to experience pure power.

Soft start, triple rotation head, tool-free adjustment, anti-vibration handle - Trotec has done everything to make this grinder suitable for both private and professional use. In addition, the on/off switch with start-up lock allows everyone to use the grinder with complete peace of mind. Based on the feedback of some consumers, the PAGS 10-230 is the grinder on which changing the cut-off wheel causes the least problems.

Makita DGA900PT2 3

The best high-end offer

Makita DGA900PT2

The best high-end 230mm grinder

Powered by two 18V lithium-ion batteries, the Makita DGA900PT2 delivers the same performance as its corded equivalent. Handy and powerful, this 230 mm grinder guarantees you an optimal work on site as well as at home.

524 £ on Cdiscount

The Makita DGA900PT2 has nothing to envy the 230 mm corded grinders when it comes to performance. While its two 18V lithium-ion batteries, protected from overheating, give it a good working autonomy, its brushless motor provides enough power to perform the most complex tasks. One thing is certain, this unit will drastically reduce the time you spend on a construction site.

The DGA900PT2 is a very reliable angle grinder. In order for it to be used by users from all walks of life, Makita has taken care to equip it with the best protection systems they can claim. These include a dead man's switch, electric brake, soft-start option and smooth start. The XPT technology protects the unit from water and dust infiltration. For more comfort, this model has a Soft Grip handle.

Bosch Professional GWS 22-230 JH 4

The best 230 mm grinder for construction sites

Bosch Professional GWS 22-230 JH

The best 230mm grinder for professional use

With this GWS 22-230 JH in your hands, you can cut, grind, deburr or chamfer any material in front of you with the greatest of ease. Ahead of its time, this 230 mm grinder is the ultimate in power and precision.

96,80 £ on Amazon

Despite its compact size, this 230 mm Bosch grinder is a powerhouse. With an idle speed of 6500 rpm, its 2200 W "Champion" motor allows it to cut and deburr the toughest of building materials. If you're looking for a 230 mm grinder that won't break down when you need it most, go for the GWS 22-230 JH. It also has everything you need for safety. Dead man's switch, soft start, restart conditioned by switch action, you will have the whole package.

The icing on the cake is that this grinder comes with a protective cover, a lug wrench, a clamping nut, a clamping flange, a protective switch and an additional ergonomic handle. The only drawback is that the carrying case is not included, which is something that even the most discerning consumers will regret.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best grinder 230 mm

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The best 230mm grinder of 2021

The best entry-level 230mm grinder

The best high-end 230mm grinder

The best 230mm grinder for professional use

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Comparison table of the best grinders 230 mm

Einhell TE-AG 230 Softgrip 5
Trotec PAGS 10-230 6
Makita DGA900PT2 7
Bosch Professional GWS 22-230 JH 8
Einhell TE-AG 230 Softgrip
Trotec PAGS 10-230
Makita DGA900PT2
Bosch Professional GWS 22-230 JH
Robust, powerful and versatile, this 230 mm angle grinder is the equipment you need to complete your renovation work. With a power of 2350 W, this beast will cut, trim, deburr and surface without ever faltering.
Despite its 2000 W, the PAGS 10-230 is a powerful 230 mm grinder that will let you do almost anything. No matter what materials you plan to cut or sand, it will be powerful and comfortable.
Powered by two 18V lithium-ion batteries, the Makita DGA900PT2 delivers the same performance as its corded equivalent. Handy and powerful, this 230 mm grinder guarantees you an optimal work on site as well as at home.
With this GWS 22-230 JH in your hands, you can cut, grind, deburr or chamfer any material in front of you with the greatest of ease. Ahead of its time, this 230 mm grinder is the ultimate in power and precision.
230 V
230 V
36 V (2x 18V)
230 V
6.4 kg
6 kg
5.2 kg empty and 8 kg with the 2 batteries
5.2 kg
Number of turns
6500 rpm
6500 rpm
6000 rpm
6500 rpm
Comfort of use
2350 W
2000 W
Not communicated
2200 W

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Buying guide - grinder 230 mm

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How to choose your grinder 230 mm

To give you a chance to acquire the best 230mm grinder, these few criteria should be considered before purchase.

#1 - Motor power

The motor is the heart of this power tool. It is imperative that it is powerful enough for you to work efficiently. The machine power of 230 mm angle grinders varies from 2000 W to 2600 W. Although it is up to you to choose the power that best suits your personal or professional activities, a 2200 W machine will allow you to do all the work involved in a construction or demolition site with great ease.

#2 - Power supply

You will have to choose between two types of angle grinders, namely the corded model and the cordless model. The corded angle grinder has power to spare. It is the must-have for large jobs. However, this model cannot match the cordless models in terms of portability and flexibility of movement. Besides, technological advances in recent years mean that the batteries in 230mm angle grinders offer more and more autonomy.

#3 - Ergonomics

A 230mm angle grinder should be ergonomic and convenient to use. For regular use, the comfort level should be high enough. You must therefore pay attention to the elements that ensure a good grip of the device, as it is the case of removable handles, thanks to which you will be able to work in multiple positions. Knowing that the comfort of use is of poor quality on devices subject to strong vibrations, prefer a model that perfectly absorbs the sensations of hammering.

#4 - Ease of maintenance

As working with this tool is already quite tiring, prefer a 230 mm angle grinder that is easy to maintain. This will save you from spending hours cleaning the unit, an operation that you will actually do again after the next use. Remember, regular cleaning is the only way to keep the power and performance level of the unit at its peak.

#5 - Safety options

Never compromise on the safety options offered by a 230mm grinder. Remember that this device is still dangerous, especially when in the hands of an inexperienced person. So, see if the tool has a protective cover that should cover at least half the surface of the disc. This will act as a shield against splashes, sparks and even a possible disc break. The device must also be equipped with a dead man's switch and a soft start function.

How to recognize a 230 mm grinder and what makes it special?

Weighing an average of 5 kilos and with a powerful motor of 2000 W to 2600 W, the 230 mm grinder can easily work on all types of heavy duty materials that are known to be very resistant.

This power tool is easily recognized by its rotation axis which forms a right angle with the machine. It is from this mechanical feature that it gets its name of angle grinder. Thus positioned, the 230 mm grinder is more versatile. It can be used for a variety of jobs, especially since its disc can be switched with other elements in a few seconds. Construction professionals especially appreciate its high capacity to grind and cut high carbon steel.

Equipped with a thick disc adapted to the material to be worked, this equipment can be used for deburring, surfacing, stripping relatively thick sheets. It can also be used to adjust profiles or to surface chamfers and large steel tubes. The cutting depth of a 230 mm grinder is a maximum of 70 mm, which is enormous.

Equipped with a diamond disc or a thin abrasive disc, the powerful angle grinder easily cuts rebar, U or I sections, metal rods and steel bars up to 30 mm in diameter. When it comes to dismantling or deconstructing metal assemblies and structural materials such as bricks and cinder blocks, there is no better tool than the 230 mm diameter angle grinder.

An angle grinder can be used for hours without the risk of overheating its motor. As soon as it is switched on, a turbine actively cools all its components. Openings at the rear of the housing draw in fresh air before directing it to vents at the front. Despite this ingenious cooling system, the unit should be properly cleaned after each use.

Pay attention to your safety!

There's no denying that using a 230 mm grinder is exhausting because of its weight. To avoid accidents, take short breaks every 2 hours. Another thing, the protective cover is insufficient against projections. So, wear gloves, goggles, earplugs and a helmet when you work.

The different types of grinders 230 mm

230 mm angle grinders are distinguished by the way they are powered. Also, you will have to choose between the 230 mm corded grinder and the 230 mm cordless grinder.

The 230 mm corded grinder

The 230 mm grinder is widely used in physical shops and on the internet. It is especially appreciated for its powerful motor that allows it to work on all building materials made of steel, metal, marble and concrete. The question of autonomy does not arise with this category of devices because it is permanently supplied with energy via an electrical socket.

Advantages: Once connected to the mains, you can get straight down to work. This device will allow you to be more efficient, because your attention will not be diverted by the constraints of the autonomy.

Disadvantages: The corded grinder must always be connected to an outlet, which is a major drawback. Its use is also limited by the length of the cable. For work at height, the corded model is not very practical.

Who is it for? The 230 mm corded grinder is perfect for anyone who needs a device that combines power and performance. This tool will be very useful for construction workers, experienced do-it-yourselfers, and iron artists.

The 230 mm cordless grinder

The 230mm cordless grinder is a fairly recent invention. It was designed to meet the mobility needs of construction workers. The self-contained battery offers the advantage of unconstrained use in locations away from power outlets. Rest assured, the grinders are as powerful as corded grinders.

Benefits: The 230mm cordless grinder is ideal for precision work at height. It will allow experienced users to perform a multitude of jobs in unconventional high places.

Disadvantages: In addition to its clearly limited battery life, the cordless grinder is difficult to handle, as the battery adds extra weight to the package.

Who is it for? The 230mm cordless grinder will be useful for people who need to do precision work outdoors or at height. It is also recommended for handymen and metalworkers.

230 mm grinder or 125 mm grinder?

Grinder 230 mm

The 230 mm grinder is heavy and very powerful. Its large discs can cut bricks, tiles, marble, concrete, as well as metal bars and steel sheets. This equipment is also very much in demand for making grooves in freshly built walls. It is mainly used for structural work, but also for all kinds of DIY work and iron works of art.

Grinder 125 mm

The 125 mm grinder is mainly used for grinding and cutting thin metal materials. It is also used for polishing, sanding and stripping of all kinds of building materials. In contrast to a 230 mm grinder, a 125 mm grinder is lighter, which makes it easier to handle.


For purely recreational use, a 125 mm grinder is best, as it can still cut thin steel bars. If you are an experienced DIYer, ironworker or construction worker, consider a larger, but more powerful 230 mm grinder.

Why invest in a 230 mm grinder?

It is versatile

The 230 mm grinder can be used for a multitude of jobs. Cutting, cutting off, brushing, polishing, filing... you can do it all as long as you have the right discs. On a construction site or at home, the grinder will always be very useful, especially since it is quite easy to handle despite its weight.

It is easy to handle

Whether it is powered by an electric wire or a battery, a 230 mm grinder is still a very pleasant tool to handle. Beginning handymen will not need more than a week to master the basics. For practical and safety reasons, just make sure the unit is equipped with a second handle and a protective cover.

It is effective

When equipped with the proper disc, the 230mm grinder is capable of cutting or surfacing the toughest materials used in construction, metal work and hobby work. Concrete, iron, steel, metal, marble, stone, nothing can resist the power of this tool.

It can be adapted to your activities

The use of a grinder stand will allow you to perform precise work, such as cutting a metal pipe with a chain or mitering a wooden profile for example. This ingenious stand turns your portable grinder into a stationary cutter. If you want to use the 230 mm grinder outside, simply remove it from the stand.

It is easy to maintain

You can find 230 mm grinders at all prices on the market. Nevertheless, refrain from buying excessively low-cost products, as they will need extensive maintenance after each use. This will wear you out in the long run. With a model from a reputable brand, maintenance will be a breeze.

The best brands of grinders 230 mm

In our opinion, the best brands of grinders 230 mm in 2022 are :

Black & Decker

Since 1964, Einhell has been one of the world's most creative manufacturers of power tools, handheld equipment and garden equipment. This is evident in its products, which are not only durable, but also easy to use. Einhell 230mm grinders are built to last.

With over 100 years of experience, Makita is one of the most influential manufacturers of power tools in the world. Among its long list of products sold is the 230mm grinder, which is known for its rock-solid power.

Mannesmann is one of the oldest tool manufacturers in the world. Part of the top 10 reference brands in the world, Mannesmann offers professionals and individuals the best 230 mm grinders, at competitive prices of course.

DeWalt is an empire that seduces by the quality, but also by the accessibility of its electroportable equipment. Just like the majority of its tools, its 230 grinder range incorporates the best safety options.

Black & Decker is a brand that needs no introduction, so popular is it around the world. Professionals and seasoned DIYers alike swear by Black & Decker grinders, for the simple reason that they are powerful and easy to use.

What is the price for a grinder 230 mm

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

75 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 400 £
more than 400 £
Price range diagram


Turn off the 230 mm grinder

The mounting of a disc on the rotary axis and the various adjustments must always be done with the machine unplugged, never forget it. Also, after each use, lay your 230 mm grinder on its back before unplugging it.

Consider the safety instructions

To avoid grinder malfunctions, always make sure that the voltage of the machine is compatible with that of the plug. This information is delivered on the packaging of all corded devices.

Protect yourself

Safety shoes, leather gloves, safety glasses and helmet are mandatory when handling a 230 mm grinder. If necessary, wear clothing with tapered sleeves to prevent them from getting caught in the disc.

Add the protective housing

To avoid catching metal or concrete spills in your face, take the time to adjust the position of the safety guard. If you have to rotate it while you're still working, don't touch it while the blade is still spinning.

Maintain your 230 mm grinder

Maintaining a 230 mm angle grinder is not difficult. To dislodge dust that has accumulated inside the unit, use a mechanical blower. If you don't have one, you have to do it manually. A cloth soaked in alcohol is recommended for a thorough cleaning. Don't forget to lubricate the ball bearings, drive shafts and the disc with mineral grease, preferably.


How to orientate the protection cover of a 230 mm grinder?

The protective cover can be adjusted manually. To do so, simply loosen the flange with a wrench and make the necessary adjustments. Positioned in the right place, the cover will channel the projections towards the opposite direction from where you are. Be careful! This operation must always be done with the unit unplugged, as there is a risk of serious injury.

What can you do with a 230 mm grinder?

The 230mm grinder is a versatile tool that is in high demand on a construction or demolition site. This single device can be used to cut steel bars, cut through marble blocks, surface granite blocks, deburr metal pipes - in short, it can do almost anything. The 230mm grinder can even disjoint a brick wall with the right disc.

How to clean a 230 mm grinder?

Cleaning a 230mm grinder should be done after each use. Before storing it in your toolbox, dust it with a power blower if you have one. Otherwise, clean it with an alcohol-soaked cloth. To optimize the unit's longevity, don't forget to lubricate its metal parts with mineral grease, like the ball bearing and drive shaft.

How to use a 230 mm grinder properly?

Finding the best working angle between you and your machine is the secret to using a 230mm grinder well. This will help you work comfortably, and not get splatter. Also remember to position the guard properly and secure the disc before working. Always remember to change the blade when it starts to lose its edge. Trying to use a worn disc can lead to accidents.


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Einhell TE-AG 230 Softgrip 9
Einhell TE-AG 230 Softgrip
Trotec PAGS 10-230 10
Trotec PAGS 10-230
Makita DGA900PT2 11
Makita DGA900PT2
Bosch Professional GWS 22-230 JH 12
Bosch Professional GWS 22-230 JH


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