The best 18V cordless hammer drills in the UK 2023

Indeed, the cordless hammer drill can drill and screw in all types of materials. The percussion mode offers the ability to work on the hardest materials such as concrete, stone and brick. This makes it practical and very effective in the DIY field. Find yours through our buying guide.

Bosch Professional GSB 18V-55 cordless drill/driver 1

Best value for money

Bosch Professional GSB 18V-55 cordless drill/driver

The best 18V cordless drill/driver

The Bosch Professional GSB 18 V-55 ensures its pro quality with all-metal gearing and Electronic Cell protection technology. Supplied with a 35-piece accessory set, it offers a torque output of up to 55 nm.

171 £ on Amazon

The Bosch Professional GSB 18 V-55 stands out with interchangeable carbon brushes for safety and durability. It adopts an all-metal gearing and gearbox to ensure better drilling, percussion and face performance. The drill also features a cell protection system called ECP or Electronic Cell Protection to protect its battery from overcharging, overheating and deep discharge. And for added precision, it has an LED light that allows it to be used even in dark areas.

To its performance, the device announces a torque power of 28 Nm for soft application and 55 Nm in hard with 20 preset positions. It offers 2 speed levels, the first from 0 to 460 rpm and the second from 0 to 1800 rpm. In percussion mode, the drill is capable of providing a striking frequency of up to 27000 strokes per minute. Supplied with a 35-piece accessory set, the drill/driver consists of an autolock chuck with a capacity of 1.5 to 13 mm. Handy and light, the tool takes dimensions of 18.9 cm by 20.5 cm for a total weight of 1.6 kg.

18V cordless hammer drill-BLACK+DECKER BDCHD18K-QW 2

Best value for money

18V cordless hammer drill-BLACK+DECKER BDCHD18K-QW

The best entry-level 18V cordless drill/driver

The Black & Decker BDCHD 18K-QW drill/driver is the right tool for your needs: lightweight and very practical. It offers more than enough performance for drilling and screwing jobs in wood or metal.

80,80 £ on Amazon

Despite its small price tag, the BDCHD18K-QW impact drill has a very practical appearance for drilling and screwing in all types of materials. It has a compact and lightweight design and is equipped with a Grip coating for optimal handling and comfort. It is also equipped with an LED light to illuminate the drilling and screwing area. Supplied with an 18 V 1.5 Ah battery, the device has a tightening force with 10 levels of settings up to a maximum torque of 40 Nm.

Its chuck adopts a 2-ring mechanism with a maximum diameter of 10 mm. To its functions, the screwdriver drill provides 2 speed levels to choose from. The first one rotates at a speed up to 360 rpm and the second one up to 1400 rpm. In percussion mode the device provides a high performance in maximum impact power of 21000 cps/mn. As for its drilling capabilities, the tool allows a drilling diameter of up to 25 mm in wood, 10 mm in steel and 10 mm in concrete. Supplied with a storage case and a charger, the tool weighs 1.3 kg and measures 19.5 x 7.6 x 22.2 cm.

Bosch Professional - Cordless Drill GSB 18V-110 C 3

Best value for money

Bosch Professional - Cordless Drill GSB 18V-110 C

The best high-end 18V cordless drill/driver

Experience real power with the Bosch GSB 18V-110 C impact driver. For fast and efficient work, it has a carbon-free motor with a torque of 110 Nm.

383 £ on Amazon

The Bosch Professional 18V-110 C is distinguished by a mechanical safety disengagement function in the event of overloading or blocking the drilling. The device even has an integrated sensor system called "Kickback Control" that comes into action in case of acceleration and rotation failure around its axis. In addition to its functions, the Bosch device surprises with a built-in Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to customize and display information on its status via a smartphone or other.

Over a tightening range of 1.5 to 13 mm, it allows a max drilling diameter of 82 mm for wood, 13 mm for steel and 16 mm for masonry. In terms of performance, the screwdriver offers a soft torque of 47 Nm, a hard torque of 85 Nm and a maximum torque of 110 Nm with 25 possible preset levels. The motor provides an idle speed on 2 speeds, the 1st up to 480 rpm and the 2nd up to 2100 rpm. Running on an 18 V 4 Ah battery, the drill is capable of providing a striking frequency up to 31500 cps/mn.

Dewalt DCD776C2-QW & Batterie XR 18V 4 Ah Li-Ion 4


Dewalt DCD776C2-QW & Batterie XR 18V 4 Ah Li-Ion

A great 18V cordless drill/driver

The Dewalt DCD776C2-QW is a compact and ergonomic impact drill perfect for routine work even in tight spaces. With a maximum torque of 70 Nm, it has 15 adjustment positions.

179 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best 18V cordless hammer drill

Any specific needs?

The best 18V cordless drill/driver

The best entry-level 18V cordless drill/driver

The best high-end 18V cordless drill/driver

A great 18V cordless drill/driver

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Comparison table of the best 18V cordless hammer drills

Bosch Professional GSB 18V-55 cordless drill/driver 5
18V cordless hammer drill-BLACK+DECKER BDCHD18K-QW 6
Bosch Professional - Cordless Drill GSB 18V-110 C 7
Dewalt DCD776C2-QW & Batterie XR 18V 4 Ah Li-Ion 8
Bosch Professional GSB 18V-55 cordless drill/driver
18V cordless hammer drill-BLACK+DECKER BDCHD18K-QW
Bosch Professional - Cordless Drill GSB 18V-110 C
Dewalt DCD776C2-QW & Batterie XR 18V 4 Ah Li-Ion
The Bosch Professional GSB 18 V-55 ensures its pro quality with all-metal gearing and Electronic Cell protection technology. Supplied with a 35-piece accessory set, it offers a torque output of up to 55 nm.
The Black & Decker BDCHD 18K-QW drill/driver is the right tool for your needs: lightweight and very practical. It offers more than enough performance for drilling and screwing jobs in wood or metal.
Experience real power with the Bosch GSB 18V-110 C impact driver. For fast and efficient work, it has a carbon-free motor with a torque of 110 Nm.
The Dewalt DCD776C2-QW is a compact and ergonomic impact drill perfect for routine work even in tight spaces. With a maximum torque of 70 Nm, it has 15 adjustment positions.
18 V - 2 Ah
18 V - 1.5 Ah
18 V - 4 Ah
18 V - 1.3 Ah & 18 V - 4 Ah
Maximum torque
55 Nm
40 Nm
110 Nm
42 Nm
Torque setting
20 positions
10 positions
25 positions
15 positions
Motor speed
0 to 460 rpm & 0 to 1,800 rpm
0 to 360 rpm & 0 to 1400 rpm
0 to 480 rpm & 0 to 2100 rpm
0 to 450 rpm & 0 to 1500 rpm
Impact frequency
27,000 cps/mn
21,000 cps/mn
31,500 cps/mn
25,500 cps/mn

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Buying guide - 18V cordless hammer drill

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How to choose your 18V cordless hammer drill

With the wide variety of impact drills on the market, choosing the right model and tool is not an easy task. To find the best one that suits our needs and meets our expectations, it is important to consider several criteria.

#1 - Battery current at 18 V

Opting for a battery with a voltage of 18 volts is ideal to ensure versatility in use on all types of materials, whether soft or hard.

Nevertheless, for more autonomy and power, it is essential to question the intensity of the battery of your impact drill. In this regard, it will be defined by the unit of measurement in ampere-hours or Ah.

In general, for optimum power and autonomy, try to find a device with an 18-volt battery with 1.3 Ah and above, or on average at 2 Ah. That is to say, the higher the intensity, the more powerful your impact driver drill will be for drilling or screwing and unscrewing on solid materials.

#2 - Motor torque

At this level, it is a very important and essential criterion for buying an impact driver drill. The torque of the motor will define the strength and ability of your device to turn on the materials to be worked. It is expressed in Newton-meters or Nm. Its importance is characterized on the force of screwing and unscrewing or on the intensity of drilling in hard materials.

For the most part, to have an excellent quality screwdriver, it is recommended to choose a tool with a minimum torque of 40 Nm for satisfactory results. Some models will offer different levels of motor torque settings to ensure better control and versatility in use.

Most will offer 10 variable positions and others will even go as high as 20 settings.

#3 - Percussion frequency

The percussion mode is the criterion that distinguishes the impact drill from a conventional screwdriver. This one allows the tool to drill into solid, hard surfaces by emitting repeated blows. This mode is also referred to as the rate of impact per minute or strokes per minute in units of cps/min of the drill bit. This capacity will vary with each drill model.

But in general, the percussion frequency or stroke rate is between 2000 cps/min and 35000 cps/min. As a result, your drill will be very effective at drilling easily and quickly through solid surfaces such as concrete, cinder block or brick.

It is important to note that the higher the percussion frequency, the easier it will be to drill into sturdy materials.

#4 - Rotation speed and variable speed drive

The motor speed is also an essential criterion to allow you to drill through a wide variety of materials. In general, the motor speed is proportional to the power of the device, but in most cases this is not the case. The best impact drills usually have a maximum performance of 1400 rpm. The top of the range will have a capacity of up to even 3000 rpm.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to consider a variable speed drive on the tool in order to have the possibility to adjust the speed. It will allow a better control for more precision according to the targeted material and the defined diameter. Indeed, the speed is managed from the pressure exerted on the trigger of the drill or with the help of a knob for a predefined setting.

#5 - Comfort of use

The comfort of use is a crucial point in the choice of an impact screwdriver drill in order to allow ease of use. To do this, the device should be light and easy to hold.

It is mainly a question of weight and grip. For a power tool of this type, the weight must be adapted to the user's strength without generating fatigue over a long work session. For information, the average weight for an impact drill is between 1.5 kg and 3 kg maximum.

For an optimal grip, the tool must have an ergonomic and non-slip handle. And finally, the comfort of use will also depend on the features of your device. These are practical features such as safety systems, power variation, speed change with the possibility to lock the trigger for continuous drilling.

How do you care for your 18V cordless hammer drill to ensure its longevity?

At first glance, it is always important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Also, maintaining a cordless hammer drill does not take much time if you do it regularly.

In order to maintain the performance and proper functioning of your tool, try not to overwork it or overestimate its capabilities. This means that you should never overheat your tool. Think about taking breaks to cool it down. After each use, it is suggested to clean and dust the tool.

Then, always remove the battery to avoid self-discharge and recharge it when it is completely flat to ensure its longevity. As for storage, avoid damp areas and remember to store your cordless hammer drill in a dry and dust-free place.

The different types of 18V cordless hammer drills

With the growing evolution of technology, DIY tools have continued to progress, distinguishing themselves by their characteristics and functions. As far as impact drills are concerned, there are 3 main categories.

Cordless drill/driver

Compact, self-contained and as light as it is handy, the cordless impact drill is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. But beware, it should be noted that a cordless device will be quite limited in terms of power. But this does not mean that this type of device will not be effective in working with hard materials.

In fact, the best batteries for a cordless impact drill will give you good autonomy and power to get through your use.

In fact, the cordless impact driver is designed for jobs that do not require too much intense power. It will be perfect and ideal for jobs such as screwdriving and small jobs at home.

It stands out from other models because of its ability to quickly perform repetitive operations without having to worry about the sometimes annoying power cord.

Although it is efficient and very practical, working with a cordless hammer drill will require a little more patience. To do this, it is essential to have a model with a battery with a good voltage and excellent intensity.

Corded drill/driver

As its name suggests, a corded impact driver drill benefits from a mains power supply. For the majority of users, mains power is an indispensable aspect for full percussion function, and drilling on hard materials.

The advantage of the corded hammer drill is that it can be used for heavier work and even more so for intensive use. Here, it is no longer a question of considering the performance of a battery or its autonomy. A corded device will offer maximum power at all times with ad hoc torque and intensity as well as continuous.

The only disadvantage of a corded percussion device is that it requires a connection to electricity and a power cable. Some models, being very powerful, only have power cables limited in length and which will be restricted in mobility and among other things hinder when working at height.

Thermal drill/driver

The thermal impact drill defines a drilling device equipped with a heat engine. It is a gasoline-powered engine. Also known as a thermal auger, it was once used almost exclusively by carpenters to drill into wood. It is now used by professional gardeners and foresters.

This tool is primarily designed for drilling into wood and soil. In addition, the performance of a thermal drill is far superior to that of a cordless model. It is also defined as a self-portable tool with a power between 3 HP and 4.5 HP which will vary according to the work to be done.

Its main advantage is its power and its ability to drill in almost any type of material and even in very hard floors. Similar to a cordless model, its gasoline operation makes it an autonomous machine.

Its weak point is that it requires a lot of maintenance: cleaning and changing the spark plugs, as well as draining the engine in case of winterization. Compared to other drill models, it is much more expensive to buy, followed by the purchase of the different accessories it uses.

18V cordless hammer drill or 18V cordless drill

18V cordless hammer drill/driver

The impact driver drill is a central tool in the equipment of the do-it-yourselfer, whether you are an experienced or a beginner. The percussion function delivers high-frequency strikes in addition to rotation to drill through hard materials such as cinder block, brick and even lightweight concrete. Admittedly, impact drills are less powerful than a real drill for this type of masonry work, but for spot drilling, they can be quite sufficient.

The advantage with the impact drill is that it will be the best option for DIY jobs. It has several functions including drilling, screwing and unscrewing. Its structure is quite compact, self-contained and lightweight to ensure great comfort and maneuverability in use.

Its only drawback is that it is limited for lighter tasks. Although it is a versatile tool, the cordless impact driver drill will also perform less well on very hard materials such as high-density concrete or similar.

18V cordless drill

The drill works on the same principle as the drill, except that it will apply much more powerful blows to the bit. These blows, combined with the rotary motion, make it easier to drill through hard surfaces. For effortless drilling, there is no need to press on the drill, just let it do its job while maintaining a light and constant pressure on the bit.

Unlike a cordless hammer drill, the drill is widely used in masonry for finishing and drilling concrete or stone, etc. It is distinguished mainly by the chiseling function without the rotation of the chuck, only the blows will act like a jackhammer.

A quality cordless drill will be quite power hungry and requires a minimum battery of 18 V with a minimum intensity of 4 Ah. Its performance will be determined by the stroke rate per minute and the energy of the stroke expressed in joules. It adopts a type of chuck called SDS or Special Direct System designed for quick change of accessories without clamping.

Although the drill is a very powerful and efficient tool, it has limited functions that will not be suitable for screwing and unscrewing. For drilling functions on soft and less solid materials, it is necessary to change the SDS chuck to a conventional chuck. The second disadvantage is related to its rather heavy weight and the more intense vibration rates during use, which can be tiring.


Whether you choose a cordless impact driver or a cordless drill will depend on your needs and the work you plan to do. If you're looking for a versatile tool for everyday work, the impact driver will be the best choice.

While the cordless drill will be mainly intended for finishing work in the field of masonry and drilling in very hard materials such as stone or vibrated concrete.

Why choose an 18V cordless impact driver?

The cordless percussion drill is an essential tool for the realization of some DIY works. It has many advantages and will give you full satisfaction within the limits of your needs.

Its versatility

Generally speaking, the cordless hammer drill is a tool that combines a double function. It is essential for drilling and screwing. Thus, it can be used in different jobs such as mounting a shelf, changing a door key, assembling or mounting any type of furniture kit, fixing a shelf or hanging a frame, etc.

The percussion mode even allows you to drill into a wide range of materials such as light concrete, cinder block or brick. All you have to do is attach a drill bit or a screwdriver tip to the mandarin depending on the operation to be performed.

Its ergonomics and handling

For a better grip, the impact drill has a grip on its handle. This coating ensures a better grip and allows you to work with peace of mind without the risk of dropping the machine.

It should be noted that some models even have an additional handle to ensure a firmer grip. Cordless drills have the advantage of being light and compact as well as powerful to reduce fatigue when using them in high or tight places and get the job done.

Its mobility

The special feature of the cordless impact driver is its mobility. With no power cord, it does not need to be plugged into a power outlet. In fact, the device is powered by a battery so that it can be used in isolated areas or outdoors as well as at heights. To do this, you just need to accompany your device with one or two powerful 18V batteries.

Its adaptability

The majority of cordless impact drills are equipped with variable speed control to adapt to different materials. For example, drilling metal requires a faster speed than drilling wood.

The torque power will also take advantage of different levels of settings to adapt to the types of work planned. As mentioned earlier, the percussion function will allow you to work in the field of masonry on hard materials in general.

Battery life and charging time

Indeed, the absence of a cord makes the 18V cordless hammer drill very practical. This aspect allows it to have an impressive autonomy thanks to a lithium-ion battery that offers the advantage of operating over a long period of time.

About its charging time, this will vary depending on the model. This is an advantage since it is quite short. In general, it does not require more than 3 hours to fully recharge the battery of the device.

The best brands of 18V cordless hammer drills

In our opinion, the best brands of 18V cordless hammer drills in 2022 are :

Black & Decker

Of German origin, the Bosch brand is above all a reference in the field of DIY and the home in its entirety. Indeed, it provides the best tools such as cordless and electric impact drills on the market. The German quality stands out especially within the modern, innovative and efficient models with great reliability.

The Black & Decker brand presents itself as one of the best value for money on the market accessible to the general public. Offering models that are always reliable and efficient, the brand's tools rank among the best sellers according to the ranges. Its products will be mainly intended for the home market.

Founded in 1924, the Dewalt brand has created tools at the base with the sole purpose of facilitating the work of do-it-yourselfers and workers by enjoying an excellent reference among professionals. It is especially recognized in the field of hand tools and electroportable DIY equipment. Currently a subsidiary of the Black & Decker group, it keeps its initial evolution plan with new technologies aiming at innovation and progressing at the level of user satisfaction.

Originally Japanese and present in more than 150 countries, the Makita brand is one of the world leaders in DIY power tool equipment. The brand makes its mark with reliable and robust as well as high-performance materials and equipment. If previously, it intended its products for professionals, recently, the brand has evolved in the need of the general public with excellent quality-price ratios.

TECCPO is a brand of American origin specialized in the sector of electroportable tools. It is concerned with developing products with a motto that announces that "technology creates power". Recognized as one of the best brands of power tools, its goal is to offer ergonomic devices that meet everyone's needs, including cordless impact drills.

What is the price for a 18V cordless hammer drill

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

75 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Changing the bit on an 18V cordless hammer drill

Hold your drill/driver firmly with one hand and with the other, rotate the chuck to the left to unscrew it to accommodate a bit of your choice. Push it into the opening and turn the chuck to the right to lock the bit in place.

Note that some newer machines have an automated clamping system called Auto-Lock. Other older models will require the use of a chuck wrench to open the rings and jaws holding the bit.

Maintaining the mechanical parts of your 18V cordless hammer drill

The mechanical parts, and especially the chuck, are often heavily greased by the manufacturers to ensure maximum lubrication and to avoid wear and tear of the parts.

To maintain the performance of your cordless impact driver, do not allow wood dust to accumulate after each use. At this point to get rid of it, you can opt for a vacuum cleaner or blower. And try to clean your entire unit with a brush or small brush to keep the dust from collecting everywhere.

The accumulation of dust and chips on the mechanical parts of your tool will quickly turn into a paste causing jams on some parts. You can opt from time to time for a complete cleaning with a penetrating oil such as WD40 that retains lubricating properties while offering strong degreasing and cleaning power.

Using the tool in relation to its two functions

For a good use of your impact driver drill, the first step will be to install the battery on the device. Then afterwards, install the drill or screwdriver bit in the chuck.

And depending on the use or the type of material to be worked on, it is recommended to adjust the torque of your device to offer great precision and an optimal result.

When screwing, always start by priming your hole with a screwdriver to position the screw properly. And depending on the drill, adjust the depth of the drill bit in the chuck according to the desired hole depth. When applying, start your operation on a slow speed, then gradually accelerate for better control of the device.

Sharpening a knife with your hammer drill

With the power of rotation of the drill-driver, it is possible to sharpen a knife or a blade. To do this, simply follow these steps:

First measure the width of the drill head, then cut a strip of sandpaper according to the resulting dimensions, taking care to ensure that the length is sufficient to cover the entire surface of the drill head.

Secondly, apply hot glue to the central surface of the drill head in a zigzag pattern to ensure a secure fit and then wrap the sanding paper strip around the head. All that's left is to switch on your device to sharpen your knife.

Twisting wires with a hammer drill

Twisting two or more wires is a tiring and time-consuming operation, depending on the length. With a drill/driver, this operation can be done in less time.

The first step is to make sure that the wires are not tangled and spread them out in their entire length on the floor or on a table. The second step is to insert the ends of the wires into the mandrel of the machine. To ensure that the wires are secure, tighten the clamping ring manually and set the tool speed to minimum.

And to do this turn the tool on until the wires are twisted to a length of your choice.


Can I drill with a simple electric screwdriver?

If you have a powerful enough model or similar to a drill, you can drill all materials, except for large diameter holes. But it will be necessary to equip yourself with drills adapted to the material. It will also be necessary to make sure to position the rotation control in the direction of the screwing to adapt to the structure of the drill bit at the drilling.

What is a safety clutch?

It can happen that a drill bit or a drill bit gets stuck during a drilling. The gear will then disassociate from the chuck. With this function, the drill will turn in a vacuum without driving the tool. At this level, this function will prevent the motor from overheating and any type of malfunction in the application. The safety gear also helps to avoid the shock to the wrist generated by the jerk of your drill at the time of malfunctioning at the drill.

What is the principle of the percussion function of a drill/driver?

The percussion function allows the release of two toothed wheels, which, by rubbing against each other, will transmit a vibration to the drill bit. To this end, the drill/driver will provide a powerful enough strike rate accompanied by a rotational speed to perforate solid materials such as light concrete or cinder block. But beware, it is advisable to hold the drill firmly when in percussion mode to avoid expanding the intended drilling diameter.

How to drill on the length of the wood?

The easiest way is to start with a drill bit with a minimum diameter to establish a straight guide hole. And then use single spiral or twist bits of progressive diameters up to a size of your choice. It is always recommended that you start your drilling at a slow speed, then keep the tool in the axis of the hole while maintaining continuous pressure and then pull the drill out while accelerating slightly. This process will prevent you from breaking the wood and get a perfect result.


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Bosch Professional GSB 18V-55 cordless drill/driver 9
Bosch Professional GSB 18V-55 cordless drill/driver
18V cordless hammer drill-BLACK+DECKER BDCHD18K-QW 10
18V cordless hammer drill-BLACK+DECKER BDCHD18K-QW
Bosch Professional - Cordless Drill GSB 18V-110 C 11
Bosch Professional - Cordless Drill GSB 18V-110 C
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