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The pattemouille, also known as ironing net, is a wet cloth that protects fragile textiles such as silk, cashmere, wool, or lace, during ironing. So, in order to prevent the iron from shining on your beautiful clothes, and leaving ugly marks, find the pattemouille that suits you among our comparative guide.

Brabantia 105487 Ironing Net 1

Editor's Choice

Brabantia 105487 Ironing Net

The best pattemat in 2021

Protect your clothes from the iron with this Brabantia ironing board. It is ideal for sensitive fabrics, including nylon and silk. It is transparent to ensure safe, easy and comfortable ironing.

4,60 £ on Amazon

Brabantia's protective ironing board is made of mesh to ensure the optimal safety of your most sensitive fabrics. Thanks to its transparent mesh, you can observe the quality of your ironing without having to lift the cloth each time. This way, your laundry will remain visible for a safe ironing, without any headaches.

This ironing net will also protect your clothes from shiny marks generated during ironing. Ideal for ironing sensitive fabrics such as silk, nylon, velvet and textured fabrics, this ironing board is steam permeable and can withstand high temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius/392 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rayen 6317 Clear Pattemouille 2


Rayen 6317 Clear Pattemouille

The best entry-level pattemat in 2021

Iron your fragile clothes safely with this transparent cloth. Used with a quality iron and machine washable, it will ensure pleasant and easy ironing.

2,43 £ on Amazon

It is a fabric measuring approximately 68 x 35 cm, large enough to iron comfortably on a large surface. Transparent, this cloth will allow you to easily remove the wrinkles from your clothes without having to lift the cloth each time to see the progress of your ironing.

Thanks to this pattemouille, your polyester or viscose clothes will be better ironed and protected during the ironing. The material will not stick to the soleplate of the iron because the pattemouille is thin enough to let the heat through. Although thin, the Rayen is nevertheless thick enough to do its job of protecting your clothes from burning. However, some users would have preferred it to be a little larger.

Dritz Silk 3

Top of the line

Dritz Silk

The best high-end pattemat in 2021

With this Dritz ironing board, you will have an ultra heat resistant ironing accessory. Made of silk, the product is of definite quality and allows the iron to slide well for a smooth ironing.

12,95 £ on Amazon

This translucent pattemouille made by the German brand Dritz will guarantee you ironing of certain quality. It is particularly effective on sensitive fabrics such as silk, nylon, perlon, corduroy and velvet. Thanks to this pattemouille, your textiles will be protected from burns and your ironing work will be more pleasant with an impeccable result.

Simply iron your garment, place it on a hanger in your closet and wait for the moment you wear it. By using this pattemouille, you will prevent the appearance of shiny areas on your textiles. For all that this product has to offer, sewers will especially love using it.

Wenko Ironing net 4

A great choice

Wenko Ironing net

A good value for money

Use this cloth for ironing delicate fabrics such as silk, linen and polyester. It prevents pressure and shine marks and can withstand heat up to 200°C.

7,77 £ on Amazon

With this pattemouille signed Wenko, you benefit from a product of 40 cm x 60 cm of dimensions for comfortable, pleasant and "accident-free" ironing sessions. Indeed, the fact that the pattemouille is translucent is a real plus. Thus, you will be able to see all the details of your linen throughout the ironing. This will prevent your iron from scratching the zippers and snaps on your clothes.

The item is very easy to use and wash for endless reuse. Apart from that, its featherweight of 220g combined with its easy folding makes it more manageable and transportable. With your portable iron and folding ironing board, you can take your pattemouille with you on your travels and during your vacations to be able to iron without constraint.

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Best pattemouille

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The best pattemat in 2021

The best entry-level pattemat in 2021

The best high-end pattemat in 2021

A good value for money

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Comparison table of the best pawpaw

The best Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Brabantia 105487 Ironing Net 5
Rayen 6317 Clear Pattemouille 6
Dritz Silk 7
Wenko Ironing net 8
Brabantia 105487 Ironing Net
Rayen 6317 Clear Pattemouille
Dritz Silk
Wenko Ironing net
Protect your clothes from the iron with this Brabantia ironing board. It is ideal for sensitive fabrics, including nylon and silk. It is transparent to ensure safe, easy and comfortable ironing.
Iron your fragile clothes safely with this transparent cloth. Used with a quality iron and machine washable, it will ensure pleasant and easy ironing.
With this Dritz ironing board, you will have an ultra heat resistant ironing accessory. Made of silk, the product is of definite quality and allows the iron to slide well for a smooth ironing.
Use this cloth for ironing delicate fabrics such as silk, linen and polyester. It prevents pressure and shine marks and can withstand heat up to 200°C.
30 x 20 x 10 cm
70 x 35 cm
22.2 x 14.9 x 0.3 cm
40 x 60 cm
Maximum operating temperature
200 °C
200 °C
Mesh fabric
Wood and plastic
Ideal for sensitive fabrics: silk, nylon, velvet, etc.
Delicate fabrics
Delicate fabrics
For ironing delicate fabrics such as silk, nylon, perlon and velvet

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How to choose your pattemouille

Faced with the wide range of references available on the market of pattems, here are some essential parameters to take into consideration to find a quality model.

#1 - Transparency

It is always good to be able to see how the creases on the linen you are ironing are changing. That's why you should choose a transparent ironing board. By ironing with a transparent peg, you will be able to see more easily if you have removed the wrinkles from your textile.

#2 - Size

If your peg is too small, it will be tedious for you to iron a large garment. It may even add unwanted creases. If your ironing board is too small, it will be tedious for you to iron a large garment, and may even add unwanted wrinkles.

#3 - Heat resistance

The main role of an ironing board is to protect both the fabric and the iron soleplate from melting. It is therefore preferable to use a fabric with a high melting point. And what better than 100% cotton for this. This material is less likely to melt or burn even with prolonged ironing.

#4 - Heat retention and transfer capability

When choosing an ironing fabric, choose one that transfers the right amount of heat. If the fabric doesn't let enough heat through, your iron won't do its job properly. If too much heat passes through the fibers of your ironing fabric, you could damage your fabric or leave unsightly marks on it. So if you're not sure, test the iron on a corner of your garment first to make sure it does what you want it to do.

#5 - Texture

If you're going to use your iron to iron thinner fabrics as well, choose one that's equally smooth. Your iron will glide over it more easily and leave no marks on the fabric.

Good to know

  • Before ironing a lace garment, wet it first with sugar water.
  • To properly iron knitted wool, iron the knitted fabric on the reverse side of the dry fabric with a steam iron or an iron set to the temperature of the fabric being ironed.
  • After ironing, always place your freshly ironed clothes on padded hangers.
  • Cashmere doesn't need ironing, but if it's still wrinkled after drying, iron it on low heat without lingering in one area.
  • For linen, immediately after washing, place your linen garment on a hanger and let it air dry. Once dry, iron your garment inside out using a clothes peg.

Always use a clothes peg when ironing :

  • wool
  • silk
  • delicate and fine fabrics
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • neoprene
  • PVC
  • Leather
  • oilcloth
  • difficult to press fabrics

Ideal ironing temperatures

If your iron has a Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scale, or if you want to know more precise temperatures for ironing different types of fabrics, follow these instructions:

  • Linen: 230°C/445°F
  • Triacetate: 200°C/390°F
  • Cotton: 204°C/400°F
  • Viscose/Rayon: 190°C/375°F
  • Wool: 148°C/300°F
  • Polyester: 148°C/300°F
  • Silk: 148°C/300°F
  • Acetate: 143°C/290°F
  • Acrylic: 135°C/275°F
  • Lycra/Spandex: 135°C/275°F
  • Nylon: 135°C/275°F

Commercial pattemouille or simple fabric?

Commercial Pattemouille

Commercial ironing boards come in a variety of sizes to make ironing sessions more comfortable and enjoyable. The material they are made of has been carefully chosen to guarantee safe and effortless ironing. In fact, since commercial pattems are generally transparent, you can adjust your ironing technique according to what you see. In addition, this accessory can be machine washed very well. Its maintenance is therefore not very constraining. In short, with a pattemouille, you can iron with complete peace of mind without having to worry about your fabric or pattemouille succumbing to the heat of the iron.

Single fabric

A simple cloth can also be used as a pattemouille. However, it must be cotton and seamless to be able to withstand the heat of the iron. It must also be wide enough to allow you to iron in total comfort. However, a simple fabric does not have the same thermoregulatory capacities as a commercial pattemouille unless it is 100% cotton. But even if you use cotton fabric as a damp cloth, you won't have peace of mind because you'll have to constantly check if you're ironing correctly or not, if the wrinkles are gone, etc. Please note that a simple fabric as a pattemouille will not guarantee a quality ironing of synthetic fabrics, delicate and fine fabrics and textiles particularly difficult to handle.


In short, both commercial ironing boards and simple cloths come in handy for ironing and protecting fragile textiles. However, if you want to do things properly, it is better to do it with the right tool. Nothing beats a commercial ironing board, which makes ironing sessions easier thanks to its ability to withstand very high temperatures and its transparent side, which allows you to see the state of the folds and the fabric to be ironed throughout the ironing process. In any case, a pattemouille must be used with an ironing board and an iron or a quality steam plant.

Why buy a pattemoon?

For a more efficient ironing

Unlike traditional ironing, ironing with a pattemouille allows for more efficient ironing. This is because the pattemouilles make it easier to smooth out even the thickest garments. Even linen or jeans will not resist! Dark colored textiles will not fade either.

For a more pleasant and less tiring ironing

People who work in the sewing world or who are passionate about sewing know very well that the pattemouille is a must for ironing fabrics with stubborn creases. You don't need to apply too much pressure for the creases to succumb to the heat of your iron. The proper technique is to iron without crushing the seams.

For a long-lasting finish

By using a pattemouille to iron your clothes, they will remain impeccable for a very long time. That's why designers never go without one. Fabrics ironed with a pattemouille are very well worked. After ironing, they should be placed on hangers to maintain this long-lasting effect. This way, you won't have to iron your clothes again when you wear them. Those who demand top quality ironing before leaving home will be pleased to have the pattemouille in their "arsenal".

To save time

A pattemouille is an excellent alternative for people who don't have the time and patience to spend too much time ironing their clothes. Indeed, since most pattems are transparent, you save precious time by ironing without having to lift the pattem to inspect the condition of your fabric. A clear peg will allow you to determine which parts of the fabric you are ironing still need to be touched up. And best of all, it avoids lingering over the same area because of its increased efficiency.

For safe ironing

The use of a pattemouille guarantees safe ironing sessions. This accessory protects your delicate clothes from the burns and shining effects of the iron. Moreover, you can iron with peace of mind knowing that the pattemouille can withstand very high temperatures of up to 250°C.

The best brands of pawpaw

In our opinion, the best brands of pawpaw in 2022 are :


Brabantia is a Dutch brand that has gained popularity in the manufacture of household equipment including ironing equipment and accessories. Brabantia constantly seeks to meet the specific needs of each household by offering innovative and functional items. It juggles both variety of designs, quality and affordability of its products.

Founded in 1959, German brand Leifheit offers products for cleaning, laundry care and kitchen accessories. The brand is most appreciated for the high quality of its products, its super responsive after-sales service and the high availability of its spare parts. In short, it's no wonder that Leifheit is one of the leading suppliers in the world of household products.

Daniplus is a German brand that is most appreciated on Amazon for its cleverly designed universal pattems. Suitable for irons up to 85 cm wide, its pegs are both effective and compatible with all kinds of iron brands on the market such as AEG Electrolux, Cordes, Miele, etc.

Wenko is a company that works in a wide variety of fields and offers for this purpose, all kinds of laundry, bathroom, kitchen, but also everyday items. The company is also known and appreciated for its laundry treatment products such as ironing boards, ironing pads and irons.

Rayen is a company that dedicates its know-how to ironing. To this end, it offers ironing, washing and drying products but also storage products used to facilitate the daily life of households. In addition, it offers kitchen, bathroom and cleaning products for a comfortable environment where life is good. This is a brand that knows how to combine innovation, decoration and practicality!

What is the price for a pattemouille

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

2 £ to 5 £
5 £ to 10 £
more than 10 £
Price range diagram


Maintain your iron

Clean the soleplate of your iron frequently with a damp sponge or cloth. If the soleplate of your iron has stubborn marks, clean it with white vinegar or Marseille soap. Finish the cleaning by wiping the soleplate with a slightly damp cloth.

Iron your shirts properly

When ironing a shirt, work from the outside in. Start at the collar first, then move to the cuffs and work your way up from there. You'll find that your ironing sessions will be easier.

Ease the work of your ironing board

To make your ironing jobs easier, consider softening your laundry during the washing process. This can be done by adding baking soda to the laundry rinse.

Good ironing techniques

When ironing, use the entire surface of your ironing board for maximum comfort and to better remove wrinkles from your clothes. Also, when ironing, most people make the mistake of pressing hard on areas with very stubborn creases. This is a bad habit that can cause the fabric to stretch. Also, avoid ironing the same area over and over again because you'll end up staining or even burning that part of the fabric.

Ironing small areas properly

To be able to iron small areas of a fabric just right with an iron, you're going to have to use the tip of the iron. For this, an iron with a fine tip will be more effective than any other iron on the market.


Is the pattemouille really useful?

The ironing board is very useful to protect fragile and dark colored textiles such as navy blue, black or dark colored jackets, shirts and jeans from lime deposits that can be released by the iron. Thanks to the pattemouille, your iron will not stick to the clothes you are ironing. Finally, if you ever set the wrong ironing temperature and it is much higher than the recommended ironing temperature of a fabric, the pattemouille will protect your laundry when ironing.

How to properly use a pattemouille?

To begin, first soak the pattemouille in water, then wring it out well so that the water does not run over the laundry to be ironed. Then carefully place your pattemouille on the textile to be ironed and set your iron to the temperature that corresponds to the type of textile you will be ironing. Iron on your pattemouille.

How to properly iron silk?

In order to iron a silk garment properly, you should not wait until the textile is dry. The right technique to adopt to facilitate the work of your pattemouille is rather to iron the garment while it is still wet, without crushing the seams. To do this, put the silk garment on its reverse side and program your iron on the temperature corresponding to the type of fabric you want to iron.

How to make a homemade pattemouille?

To do this, get a piece of fabric. Make sure it's cotton, large enough and free of seams. Next, dampen the fabric slightly by running it under tap water. Then, wring out the water so that the water does not run through the ironing cloth.


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Brabantia 105487 Ironing Net 9
Brabantia 105487 Ironing Net
Rayen 6317 Clear Pattemouille 10
Rayen 6317 Clear Pattemouille
Dritz Silk 11
Dritz Silk
Wenko Ironing net 12
Wenko Ironing net


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