The 32 best must-see Netflix movies

As popular as OCS or Apple TV+, Netflix is an American platform that offers video on demand by subscription. Today, in the UK, it is gradually becoming part of the daily life of the French with a share of about 30% of the VOD (Video On Demand) market.

The interest of choosing Netflix lies in the fact that you have everything right away. All you have to do is connect to the Internet, go to Netflix, and launch the video you want to watch, instead of wasting your time looking for a movie with a valid link, free of rights, etc. Moreover, the quality is there and no ads will interrupt you throughout the movie.

The catalog of movies and series at Netflix is vast, so the choice can quickly turn into a headache. So if you want to have a good time in front of a captivating movie, but don't know which one to watch, enjoy a good dose of fright, laughter and emotion thanks to this selection of the best Netflix movies concocted especially for you.

Romantic comedies

The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time 1

The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time

Watch on Netflix

Before she starts college, Ella is spending the summer at her family beach house with her boyfriend Noah and best friend Lee in hopes of having the best time ever. That is until new alternatives about college make her think about what her heart really wants.

Yes day 2

Yes day

Watch on Netflix

Allison and Carlos are very particular about raising their three children. In order to bond with their little ones and look cooler, they finally agree to give them a whole day where they will say "yes" to all their requests. A must-see for the whole family! Laughter guaranteed!

A crazy Christmas 3

A crazy Christmas

Watch on Netflix

Luther Krank and his girlfriend Nora don't want to celebrate Christmas anymore and prefer to go on a cruise to the Caribbean. The neighbors are furious because the neighborhood won't have a chance to win the Christmas decorating contest if the Krank house stays the way it is. Available on DVD!

Desperados (2020) 4

Desperados (2020)

Watch on Netflix

Without news of her new boyfriend for days, Wes sends him a reproachful text message. A gesture that she quickly regrets when she discovers that he is in fact in a coma in Mexico. Desperate, she decides to go to Mexico with her two girlfriends to delete the message before her boyfriend reads it.


Batman begins 5

Batman begins

Watch on Netflix

You get to see Bruce Wayne's true beginnings in Batman Begins. This film tells the story of how he came to be what he is today. It talks about his personal experiences and feelings before he became a superhero. If we can allow this comparison, it is the Joker movie of Batman.

Gladiator 6


Watch on Netflix

A renowned peplum, Gladiator is worth seeing again with its great cast. We meet Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix among others to live a story of revenge that is a great revival in the world of cinema. The credit goes to Ridley Scott for this masterpiece.

Interstellar 7


Watch on Netflix

Interstellar is one of those films that is rich in storylines and ideas to convey. Viewers are hooked on a tangible story told through a somewhat scientific and fanciful style. In short, the film is about an interstellar journey undertaken with the intention of preserving human life.

Underworld awakening 8

Underworld awakening

Watch on Netflix

Selene, a fearless vampire warrior, embarks on a centuries-old battle between her people and the Lycans and werewolves. She is indeed one of the most effective slayers. She is infatuated with Corvin, a human who was bitten by a werewolf in a battle between the two clans.


Army of the Dead 9

Army of the Dead

Watch on Netflix

The adventure takes place in the midst of a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, in which a man gathers a group of mercenaries to attempt the ultimate gamble, venturing into the quarantine zone to perform the greatest feats ever attempted.

Panic Room 10

Panic Room

Watch on Netflix

Put a little scare into your evening with Panic Room. We dive into a story that is neither too terrifying nor too quiet with this thriller. Once again, David Fincher has done it right with the suspense.

Don't breathe (The house of darkness) 11

Don't breathe (The house of darkness)

Watch on Netflix

To escape his mother's violence and help his younger sister who is living a desperate life, Rocky robs houses with his two friends Alex and Money. But that's not enough to get out of Detroit, so the trio decides to rob a wealthy, lonely blind man who is far more dangerous than he lets on.

Death Note 12

Death Note

Watch on Netflix

All you have to do is write down a person's name in the death notebook and that person will die. A notebook that ends up in the hands of Light, a brilliant and very reserved high school student. He decides to become the death avenger by discreetly writing down the names of the most wanted unpunished murderers by the police.

Insidious - The Last Key 13

Insidious - The Last Key

Watch on Netflix

While growing up in New Mexico, Elise Rainier is haunted by an evil, demonic spirit in her own home. Several years later, a family calls on Elise because of paranormal events they are experiencing. The demon that Elise was previously obsessed with seems to be back.

The conjuring 14

The conjuring

Watch on Netflix

This film tells the terrifying story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, world-renowned paranormal investigators. They have come to rescue a family haunted by a disturbing presence on their isolated farm. Forced to confront a demon of phenomenal strength, the Warrens face the most horrific case they have ever encountered.

Annabelle 15


Watch on Netflix

Summer 1969, the police rescue John and Mia who are attacked by a couple belonging to an evil cult. The assailant was shot while his companion slit her throat, leaving a few drops of blood in the eye of a doll. Possessed by a demon, the latter became the doll of evil.

The Nun 16

The Nun

Watch on Netflix

To the total consternation of the Church, a young nun commits suicide in a Romanian abbey. The Vatican then orders a priest and a novice to investigate. At the risk of their lives, the two clerics will face an evil force that will challenge their faith and threaten to destroy their souls.

The shining 17

The shining

Watch on Netflix

An undeniably impressive horror film, Shining is one of those works that stays with you for life. You never forget the experience you get from this story. Sensitive souls should refrain, this is pure horror-horror. Broken family, sinister atmosphere, maximum suspense, thrilling music are waiting for you.


Stop me if you can 18

Stop me if you can

Watch on Netflix

This film is the proof of Steven Spielberg's talent. He delivers a dramatic comedy that deserves your interest because of its sensational casting and its high level photography. The poster is shared between Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks for this time. Not to be missed!

The escapees 19

The escapees

Watch on Netflix

An adaptation of Stephen King's book, we know in advance that The Escaped is far from being boring. We stay focused from the beginning to the end and we don't want to miss any detail during the narration, despite the fact that the whole film takes place in prison. The director's talent is simply great.

The green line 20

The green line

Watch on Netflix

You will be seduced by Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan in this film, another adaptation of a Stephen King novel. Alternating sadness and comedy, it knows how to captivate you for minutes. See it again and again!

Action and adventure

Sweet Girl 21

Sweet Girl

Watch on Netflix

With the fight scenes, Jason Momoa plays a widower and caring father who seeks to avenge the death of his wife. Sweet Girl has enough interest to keep you entertained for almost 2 hours. It is appreciated for its moving story.

Mad Max Fury Road 22

Mad Max Fury Road

Watch on Netflix

Mad Max Fury Road proposes a chaos in which we immediately want to concentrate. The plot is there, as well as the action. And there is not so much room for unnecessary discussions. Another gem that you should enjoy until the end.

Men in Black 3 23

Men in Black 3

Watch on Netflix

The director has gone all out in this film. The special effects bring the story to life with fun characters and a determined alien in his revenge against Agent J and Agent K. Get ready for a series of time travels.

Baby driver 24

Baby driver

Watch on Netflix

This movie will please you if you are one of those who love chases and bad boy characters. And to top it all off, speed and speeding are added to decorate the scenario. This is a cool piece of cinema that you should check out.

Resident Evil 25

Resident Evil

Watch on Netflix

When the alarm sounded in an underground research laboratory, it was thought to be a simple evacuation drill. No one suspects that a dangerous virus is spreading at a phenomenal rate. Alice will try to save the world from this plague. There is plenty of action to go around.


Mission Aventures de la Famille Noël 26

Mission Aventures de la Famille Noël

Ghost in The Shell 27

Ghost in The Shell

Kung Fu Panda 28

Kung Fu Panda

Rango 29


L'étoile 30


Le Chat Potté 31

Le Chat Potté

Me, Ugly and Bad 32

Me, Ugly and Bad

Watch on Netflix

Despicable Me is one of the most successful animated films of 2010. Its success is such that it can not be absent from the top films in this category. As far as the story is concerned, it is the one of a small family composed with a father anxious to maintain his career as a villain and 3 wonderful little orphaned girls.


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